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Executive Order 38 - Consolidation

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:44 pm
by DeuxBlackthorn
In light of the collapse of the Protectorate's leadership structure, along with their ongoing recruitment problems, they are being re-organized. They will step down to a purely police role in the city. A few metas may be kept on in administrative/leadership roles, but the majority of the force will be civilian officers or those with very minimal powers. The Vanguard organization will be taking over as the 'official' government metahuman defense force going forward. Vanguard operatives are still subject to the law under normal circumstances, though in emergency situations minor crimes may be waived if they clearly contributed to averting a larger problem. Vanguard will also inherit the Protectorate's former ability to draft metas for the defense of the city on a temporary basis. The warden program will remain in place for those who wish to aid the city without committing full-time to government service.