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Post by Timberwulff » Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:25 am

This is Howard Handupme with a special report. The votes have been tallied and with a one percent difference between the front runners your new mayor of Celestial City is Delphine Taggart. It would appear Timber has made a concession speech, let us replay that for you right now.

Timbers Concession speech is deep and heartfelt, showing respect to Delphine and support for the people of the city, before saying due to his time as someones prisoner he is taking a step away from heroing and try to get his head right.

Howard: That was Timbers Concession followed by his campaign manager reiterating his sentiment. So once again congratulations to Delphine Taggart on her becoming mayor. This is Howard Handupme... Good night, and good luck.

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