Celestial Stargazing -- Starshade

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Celestial Stargazing -- Starshade

Post by Chyleste » Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:09 pm

[02:25] Lexus Regal is sitting on the stool as the make up girl works on her hair. The blond waves her arms and makes it very difficult for the poor girl to get anything right. Lexus leans forward and whines across the studio at the poor production manager. "But COOOOOOddyyyy...why do I have to interview this chick no one has heard of? Really this new guy takes over the studio and I have to do more work. This is fucking bullshit, Cody. I should only be interviewing stars. You know like people that matter. I mean like OMG why waste me on some no body. It like doesn't make any sense. This new boss guy is dumb. D-U-M dumb!" She waves the make up girl off and moves over to the desk. The celebrity plops down in her seat and sits there with a pout. "Fine. Let's just make this quick."

[02:28] Starshade (Faith Celestia) cant help but fight back a giggle as she walks in and breaths out stretching out her shoulders a bit before walking forward a few steps saying "Just consider it another chance to show the entire city how beautiful you are and how amazing your fashion sense is Ms. Regal, after all how will they know what is in style if you do not take the time out of your busy schedule to show them" she says giving cody a bit of a wink as she walks forward further into the room "Maybe after the show you could give me some advice, it is so difficult to coordinate a costume after all. "

[02:38] Lexus Regal looks up as Starshade speaks. The blond looks the other blond up and down and makes a little twitch of her upper lip. She fights back the sneer and offers her polished smile instead. "Thank you, hun. Are you my guest tonight? Just give me a second to introduce you once the cameras start rolling. Don't be nervous. This will be fine. Oh you might want to have the make up girl fix your hair. You have some fly-aways there." She looks over as Cody shakes his head and starts the count down. As the lights come up, Lexus beams at the cameras. The music plays and she blows kisses out to the audience at home. "Hello Hello Hello Yes it is me once again, Lexus Regal, your favorite! Welcome to Celestial Stargazing starring Lexus Regal. Tonight my guest is someone they tell me is going to be making headlines here in the city very soon. She is a new heroine and my producer tells me that she will ...really Cody? ..You want me to say that? Okay fine whatever....She will be the newest shining star to keep this city
[02:38] Lexus Regal: bright." She looks at the poor producer. "Blah Cody, who writes this crap? Yeah yeah whatever, like I am running the show. Don't start already Cody." The blond sighs and looks back at the camera. "Everyone welcome my guest,....Star-aid!"

[02:42] Starshade (Faith Celestia) Eye twitchs as the girls attitude some how seems almost unbearable in person, her own ego wanting to put the girl in her place, but that would end in her ass being canned on the spot. so she takes a deep breath brushes aside the few loose hairs and walks forward too the chair moving to take a seat making sure plenty of the side of her hip and ass is visible as she does so "Its a pleasure to finally get on your show Lexus, And yes my name is star shade, i am a recent arrival to Celestial City and i look forward to doing all i can to ease the suffering of its people" her smile held in place the entire time while her fingers tapped against her thigh hopefully off camera.

[02:48] Lexus Regal keeps her smile poised as she reaches out to put her hand on Starshade's knee when the woman sits down. "Welcome to the show. It is a pleasure to have you too. Oh wow these boots are like hot. So you're like a new super heroine, huh? I guess you haven't really got to meet any of the real heroes yet. Maybe I can introduce you to some. I know all the big names. Have you had any adventures yet?"

[02:51] Starshade (Faith Celestia) Smiles some more as she looks to Lexus "No i have not had any adventures worth noting, but i am hopeful that in time that will change and i will be one of those "real" heros you just mentioned " she says softly looking down too her boots "Oh yes, they are quite nice, heat resistant, bullet resistant, but best of all, they are stain resistant, i really would hate for them to be covered in blood after a single fight after all, that is just so hard to get out" she says looking to lexus. letting her hand rest where it wanted.

[02:55] Lexus Regal crinkles her nose up and shakes her head. "Ew. Like blood? Eww I hope not. That would be like disgusting." The celebrity leans back and picks up some notecards. She flips through them quickly and pauses squinting at one of them. "So they like tell me that you are like super powerful and stuff. What all can you do? Do you fly? Can you shoot lasers? You know my Bestie, Diamond Feelings can like move things with her eyes. She flies and stuff too. She leads the Missfits with my good friend Superstar. Maybe you should look into joining them once you have like done something."

[03:03] Starshade (Faith Celestia) looks to Lexus with a smile deciding to fib a little but this would be broadcast after all. "Well according to the testing when i registered as a meta with the CCPD, i can lift about fifty tons, i can take a fifty ton hit to my body with minimal damage to my body. my clothing would take more damage then i would" she explained laughing "during the testing i had to keep from laughing, they blew away my clothing during it and they didnt know what to do, so for a while most of the men just stood there gawking" she said her smile as bright as ever. "Yes i can fly as well though only up to about the speed of sound" she said looking to Lexus. "Though as to the rest, i think i will save that in case we ever hang out, a girl has to keep some secrets after all" she says playing coy before saying "you will have to forgive me, I have never heard of Diamond Feelings in my time in celestial city, is she one of those older outdated heros like Timber, oh i know! maybe she should retire like he did and work for the city"
[03:03] Starshade (Faith Celestia) says treating lexus to her own medicine for a minute before remembering she had to play nice. "oh wait no im thinking of some one else. sorry, it is easy to get people mixed up with how many costumed crime fighters there are these days"

[03:11] Lexus Regal giggles as Starshade describes her clothing being blown away. Lexus starts to stay something with a genuine smile before Starshade keeps talking about her bestie. The blond stares incredulously with her mouth agape. "What...like really? OMG. You like can NOT be serous. You like really did not just say that?" She looks over at Cody. "Is this chick for reals?" She turns back to Starshade. "I will have you know that Diamond and the Missfits singlehandedly saved this city more times than you have years have been alive. They like beat off the horsemen, kicked that robot guy's ass, they even saved like half the city when the meteors hit. And Timber? Well Timber is not only sexy as hell and like the deputy sheriff or something but he has saved the city from...umm like that one guy and the other thing. Maybe if you ever do something other than lose your clothes when the CCCP blow you then maybe -MAYbe you can like talk shit.. You see around this city respect is earned. So like ..um yeah."

[03:17] Starshade (Faith Celestia) smiles some listening to her com as she stretches out. "I didnt deny the service Timber has put in, but he isnt exactly in his prime now. he is getting older. It would hurt the citys moral if something were to happen to him, As to the Misfits, and Diamond, I must apologize again, Like most people in this city i am not from these parts. so it isnt like they hand out a who's who information pamphlet when you arrive. But you know Lexus, maybe we should look into that, since you know all of the best heros and heroines, and you know who is cool in the city you should totally look into making an information guide so accidents like mine dont happen again" she states with a smile. "It is a bit embarrassing that for now that is my only accomplishment but hey, i am sure even the misfits had to start some where. "

[03:26] Lexus Regal fumes and stares at the girl for a moment. She blinks and looks a bit confused. Slowly the blond starts to nod. "Yeah, like, ya know that is not a bad idea. Since people around here don't really get much education besides my show maybe I should do like a who's who in Celestial City. I thought that maybe, ya know, people would pay attention to the important stuff around here." She pauses and looks over as Cody says something off camera. Lexus nods and then sneers at the producer before turning back to her guest. "Okay yeah. So like you ~are~ new and I guess you are still like learning and stuff. Cody thinks maybe you should hook up with Superstar. Maybe she could teach you how to be a real heroine. I dunno about that though. But like anyway, it is good that you know you have a lot to learn. Okay okay like so then I will be nice and help you out. So like yeah um....." The blond stops deep in thought. Cody makes a noise and Lexus snaps out of it and looks at the producer again. "Oh yeah okay so, like
[03:26] Lexus Regal: I was going to ask about what you said earlier. Like you said your costume falls off a lot? I know that can be a problem. Mine...umm my dress fell off during this one party. It was like soooo horrifying. So um maybe you should carry around a spare costume or something?"

[03:31] Starshade (Faith Celestia) smiles as she stretchs out "Well some times you cant help it, a lot of the Villains, and criminals tend to carry weapons and they dont take consideration for how much a girl spends to look nice, they just dive in and start cutting up our outfits wanting to get us undressed like a virgin on prom night" she giggles some "If any thing i think the city should impose a law that these criminals should be fined for our clothing destruction and they should have to buy us a new outfit" she huffs. her hands moving a lot while she talks showing she is serious. " i mean i can only imagine how many outfits Superstar goes through fighting crime, and it takes so much time to get them to match or fit just right, breaking in a new uniform is a lot of work" she says standing up "see it is grabing my pussy so much i swear you can see my clit if you looked hard enough" she winces as a voice comes through her com realizing there is a camera blushing some as she adjusts herself sitting back down. "so um ya, the costumes are ma
[03:31] Starshade (Faith Celestia) to be skin tight but really. villains have no appreciation for how long it takes to break one in"

[03:36] Lexus Regal tilts her head with a confused expression. "You were a virgin on your prom night?" As Starshade points out her crotch, Lexus leans in and nods. "Oh wow that is like a tiny strip of cloth. I can almost see your pussy lips." She blinks as the girl sits back. "Oh wait. You don't have to be shy. My viewers know this is the sexiest show on TV. I bet they want to see just how tight your costume really is!" She grins and looks to the camera. "Don't you everyone? Yes can't you hear them? All my millions of fans would love to see you better. Come on, like stand up and give us a twirl."

[03:39] Starshade (Faith Celestia) blushes some as she stands up and laughs "Sadly yes i was, but then i didnt look half as hot back then, so i cant really blame them" 'she smirks and gives a twirl as she was asked too. "The real problem i have though is if i have to chase some one down on foot. heels were just not made for running in, and i cant fly every where with out risking breaking something" she explains "But seriously Costume Designers if your listening" she says turning toward the camera leaning forward some so her breasts bounce against the counter "Please stop making suits so tight. if it were any further up in my pussy it would be giving me children"

[03:50] Lexus Regal giggles. She shifts as Starshade turns and gives her guest a nice glimpse up her skirt showing that she is not wearing any panties as usual. She leans down and runs her fingers along the woman's boots again. "Ew yeah these heels could break an ankle. You didn't like design your own costume? I....umm..I know Superstar made her own. She has like some heels but if you practice you can get good at running in them. If I could fly I wouldn't even walk anywhere. I would just like float around and stuff. That would be bonkers. Oh don't worry about getting knocked up. I can hook you up with my doctor. He gives me the best birth control. I can't go ruining this figure, ya know." She laughs and then turns as Cody says something else. "What? Oh yeah okay yeah....I said okay Cody....gosh. I swear." She looks back at Starshade. "So um like Starshave..." She lifts one of the notecards and scrunches up her nose. "What kind of message do you hope to send to the good people of the city?" She turns and looks at the
[03:50] Lexus Regal: producer again. "What the hell, Cody? These questions are like so cheesy. Do I really have to start following this dumb script? People don't want to hear these lame ass questions with boring answers. They want the good juicy stuff. They don't care what her favorite tree is. They would rather watch two hot blonds making out."

[03:54] Starshade (Faith Celestia) smirks some as she listens "Well thankfully, or Unthankfully for some of the male audience members i am strictly on a girls only diet. so i wont need the doctor. But i must say you are in really great shape!" she says before listening to the question, she couldnt help but agree it was rather boring "Well the message i would send is this" she says leaning down to lexus and trying to kiss her hard if she could. looking back to the camera. "i intend to treat the city as i would a lover, and make sure that i have investigated every single inch of it" she smirks looking back to lexus with a bit of a grin.

[03:59] Lexus Regal starts to say something about how most heroines get raped but as she opens her mouth, Starshade leans in for the kiss. Instinctively Lexus returns the kiss, slipping her tongue into the other blond's mouth and winding around her own tongue. She reaches her hand up and runs her fingers though the girl's hair keeping her head close even as Starshade breaks the kiss to finish her message. As soon as she stops talking, Lexus leans forward for another deep passionate kiss, climbing up with one leg in the new heroine's lap. She makes a soft purring noise as she rubs her full breasts against Starshade. "Mmm this is what everyone wants to see." Off camera Cody tosses his clipboard aside and shakes his head. He lets out a long sigh and walks in a small circle.

[04:02] Starshade (Faith Celestia) smiles some as she slips her hands under lexus's skirt and slips it up revealing her ass as she returns the unexpectedly expirenced kiss groaning out some as she duels her tongue with lexus's before pulling back just enough to lightly bite as her lip tugging on it playfully with a smirk before returning too the kiss her arms moving to try and shrug off her jacket as she groaned out asking "mmm how far is safe to go on tv, i dont want to upset cody after all. he seems pretty flustered. "

[04:08] Lexus Regal lifts up and helps to push the jacket off Starshade's shoulders. She moves back down for another deep kiss. Her hand moves back to Starshade's as she slides the celebrity's dress up a bit. Lexus wraps her fingers around her guests and helps to pull her own dress up over her head. Her full breasts bounce down right into Starshade's face as Lexus giggles. "It is my show. Who cares about Cody?" The poor producer covers his face with his hand and shakes his head. The camera man asks if they should keep rolling and Cody sighs and shrugs then gives a nod as their orders were to keep Lexus's show going no matter what.

[04:11] Starshade (Faith Celestia) smirks as she looked over "well the poor man does get to see your amazing body each show, the poor boy probably has blue balls" she says standing and pressing her lips to lexus's breast taking in her nipple and sucking it into her mouth while her hands move to the back of the suit unzipping it and doing her best to shimmy it off, given she didnt hear yelling in her com she figured this was the plan so she went with it letting her leotard drop to the floor revealing a fully shaved pussy already some what wet. her teeth tugging on the nipple they had captured playfully trying to get a moan out of the woman.

[04:15] Lexus Regal lets out a moan as she pushes her breast more into Starshade's mouth. She moves back and lays on the desk trying to pull her guest over top of her. Her hands glide down the girl's bare back and cup her ass. "They'll edit the show or something who cares if it is live. Mmm come here."

[04:18] Starshade (Faith Celestia) smirks as she looks to Lexus "wont it ruin your rep if you let a nobody like me fuck you?" she asks playfully following Lexus as she continues to suck on the breast grunting out as her shapely ass is grabbed smirking as she presses in ahd lowers her hands to grasp lexus's as much as she could with the girl onthe table "just consider it sex ed cody, we do need to work on the repopulation effort after all"

[04:22] Lexus Regal giggles more. She squirms around kissing along Starshade's body as her fingers move down to the girl's slit. She slides her hand along and gently starts to push her fingers into her wet entrance. "Nah. You're hot enough that it's worth it. Besides I agreed to do you a favor. I just shortened it to agreeing to do you."

[04:25] Starshade (Faith Celestia) laughs softly as she hears lexus's appraisal. feeling the girls fingers sink in she groans and pants out some "i dont know i think i might be getting the better deal" she says moaning out hotly her own arms arching back to try and tug at lexus's hair some to torment her for the teasing but other then that she placed her lips on the neglected breast and resumed tormenting and sucking on lexus's nipple

[04:28] Lexus Regal moans deeply and wiggles around. She slides down along Starshade's body until she has squirmed between the blond's legs. Lexus looks up and giggles before she lowers her head and runs her tongue up Starstade's slit. "Tonight is your lucky night. I guess I am just in a giving mood." She bows her head again and then slowly runs her tongue down one side of the girl's pussy and then up the other.

[04:31] Starshade (Faith Celestia) grins as she is slit under before gasping out at the lick to her slit stretching out against the table and wraping her legs around Lexus's head as she purrs out with each additional lick saying "unnng usually its my policy to do all the licking, but i cant really argue with the host of the show" she says her hands moving into Lexus's hair tangling into it and tugging more pushing the womans face into her pussy

[04:34] Lexus Regal swirls her tongue as she pushes it deep inside the girl's entrance. Her fingers dig into Starshade's toned ass while the hostess hungrily laps at her velvety folds. She dips her tongue in quickly pushing as deep as she can faster and faster, fucking the new heroine with her tongue.

[04:36] Starshade (Faith Celestia) grunts out surprised by the womans desire to rush grunting out again as she moans and decides heck why not. rocking her hips in time with the fingering moaning out loudly as she does purring some as she cries out and starts to cum against lexus's hand and mouth not used to such agressive attention.

[04:38] Lexus Regal slides her hand around between the girl's legs and slips a finger into her wet hole. She curls her finger as she feels along the girl's inner walls. Lexus licks upward, flicking her tongue under Starshade's clit then circles the delicate little button with the tip of her tongue.

[04:40] Yuri (DarkestDesire Destiny) crys out even louder as she continues to come to the tormenting tongue and finger fighting the urge to stop the girl but at the same time wanting to keep enjoying the feeling. as she screams out and grabs hold of the desk grunting some as she continues to come before pleading "stop please" huffing out.

[04:43] Lexus Regal looks up with a sadistic gleam in her eye. She closes her lips around the squirming girl's clit and sucks it into her mouth. Her tongue flickers across the trapped tip trying to urge a little bit more out of the woman.

[04:45] Starshade (Faith Celestia) cried out as she couldnt take any more squirting hard as she all but screamed and shuddered falling limp onto the table her eyes rolling back into her head as her body lay there twitching with each further torment as all she could do now was groan between licks another twitch added with each

[04:48] Lexus Regal pulls back and smiles as she slowly licks the girl's drenched pussy. Lexus sits up with her face glistening from Starshade's juices. She looks down and smirks. "Think you're hot shit huh? Talk shit about my bestie and Limber. Well this little blond just knocked your ass out." Lexus hops down and grabs her dress. Cody looks over and laughs as Lexus goes walking out of the studio still naked with a victory strut.

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