The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio #1: Lizzie Harrison

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The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio #1: Lizzie Harrison

Post by Lois » Tue May 09, 2017 7:32 pm

[17:23] Lois Ryan Lee "Welcome to the inaugural episode of the the Lois Ryan Lee Show. We are here with Elizabeth Harrison, Protectorate Officer and hero of this city. Hi how are you doing this evening, Officer Harrison?"

[17:24] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison smiles. "I'm, like, totally fine, miss Lee. Thanks for tossing me a wire."

[17:27] Lois Ryan Lee: "I'm happy to have you're here! Well lets get to it shall we? I believe you just received some good news before arriving here?"

[17:28] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: Well... it's nothing official yet... but I was asked by a member of the Celestials to join their ranks. And I'm considering actually taking that offer.

[17:29] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison feels like a heartburn from saying that. She still can't believe she will try and not wear a badge by her own volition for once...

[17:30] Lois Ryan Lee: "Well, I'm sure the people of this city will be happy you are here to defend in whatever capacity you choose going forward. For now though, I'd like to talk about your career with the CCPD and now with the Protectorate. Thank you for your service."

[17:34] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: Thanks... well, the story is a bit long, but I have to get it out of the way. I'm from the Future, around 2000 years after this time. I came here by a rift that attacked me during a test. Before that, I was a registered superheroine in future Celestial.

[17:37] Lois Ryan Lee: "Fascinating, so is your future of Celestial City different from here? Do you say... know how the current Mayor's administration will turn out?"

[17:39] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison scratches the back of her head. "I must admit: History's, like, my worst matter ever... but I know Celestial will suffer a revolution in the future and close the gap a bit between metas and regular people.

[17:40] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: For example, noy several metas will actually be granted positions according to how their abilities would mesh. If you're too chaotic, however, you're a superhero and nothing else.

[17:41] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison looks down melancholic. "Which... became my case, actually." Looks at her badge. "I was born 100% normal, so I had to always work my entire life to be what I wanted to be --In my case, a cop-- and it made me and my family proud.

[17:43] Lois Ryan Lee nods at this. "It makes all of us proud. I'd also like to extend my condolences for the loss of Officer Sivitiri We all read the statement released by the department. Tell me how has the city handled the Protectorate? Is the populace hostile? Cooperative?"

[17:46] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: Well, the populace is not really warm to us, and most heroes are totally hating our guts. It happened me twice, once when a Jade Man and a guy in Yellow attacked town and then when the whole Hospital thing. Due to the threat levels we face, collateral damage is more likely than regular police force. In the past, same thing was happening with the MHTF in the police. And unfortunately for me, it was the same deal in both places."

[17:47] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: I actually, honest to God, began to hate my sole being due to my powers and their ramifications. I'm a Level X Meta, meaning my potential is actually unknown. Theories say if I ever die and explode, the whole city may be destroyed.

[17:48] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: Basically, we try to hunt a gigantic boil on a regular-sized face using a lightsaber.

[17:48] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: And I'm one of those fancy ones with two edges.

[17:52] Lois Ryan Lee: "People who do not respect our men and women in uniform should be ashamed. They simply do not understand the difficulty it takes to be in your position. They seem to think that because they have a Warden's License and can beat up some criminals that these criminals suddenly just vanish. They don't realize that it is brave men and women like you that have to see justice fully administered."

[17:53] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison breathes in through her teeth. "Yeah, you actually brought that one in... In fact, it's part the reason I'm here now, about to do what I'm about to do, you know?"

[17:55] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: During the Hospital Siege, a metahuman called Flare helped with taking down the giant robot and even helped with the disposal. But then she slipped after she tried to clean a contamined area with her flare powers that she had no License.

[17:57] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: I offered myself to take her, much to the chagrin of Stamina, who appeared there. Later, as I was taking her to the station on my own, we got attacked by the owner of the robots, who kept attacking us in attempt to capture us, specially me so I would let go Flare go.

[17:59] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: So me, Flare and Stamina ended up fighting small and large tanks, finally making those things and the one behind them leave the area... but I ended up wounded and the villains returned for more. We had to retreat. I got patched by Flare and, well... like, I didn't detain her as she left.

[18:00] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: Stamina was fine, he left on his on, I was very, very harmed, Flare was mostly tired and out of juice, but she could walk, I just... didn't went after her... I was down, after all.

[18:02] Lois Ryan Lee: "Well you were wounded yes? Surely this was why you didn't pursue? That's understandable. Though, if she had just take the time to register properly, this wouldn't have happened. It's people like this "Flare" that are the problem with this city. These.. liberals that think that the civic responsibly of registration and service are immoral evil."

[18:10] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison looks at her, and then looks down. "If a person shoots five gangsters in a town that outlaws guns because said gangsters had guns too and were about to gun down an orphanage, is the guy evil?" She looks at her with a more steely glint. "No. He's not. Regulation 101. Legal Ambiguity. Current Law treats somebody who jumps into action and openly states she doesn't have a license, despite she was never asked for it, the same way they treat criminals. It's against the law, but it's not the same kind of crime."

[18:12] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: Immoral? Evil? No, but it's still exaggerated and prone to excessive force. Besides, as I said, I only wanted to be a cop. Nothing more, nothing less.

[18:14] Lois Ryan Lee: "I don't think anyone would say that that the man is evil. Only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Same with powers. I get you there as well. But think for just a moment. You mentioned that your powers could potentially wipe out this city, that's a much more existential threat to our survival right? And that's why not registering would be just as much of a crime. We need to know about these things to prevent the worst from happening. What if Flare possessed world ending powers and she just walked out the door, city doesn't know."

[18:17] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: I can tell she has strong powers... but she also doesn't want to use them. What if she WAS defending herself? What if she was there BEFORE the attack and just happened to power up to avoid being crushed?

[18:19] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison looks at her. "This is a message for Hell Guard: I left her go because of self-defense clause. She was in the place BEFORE the attack and was attacked directly by the forces, she was defending herself by pushing the robot out of the way. It's all in my report. My last report.

[18:21] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: So, my reasons to leave the force are both a law that was overly misthought and the actual goal and methods of my current workplace being shifted up by the actual situation.

[18:22] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: I'm Elizabeth Harrison, and I swear to be an emblem for my city's present AND future.

[18:22] Lois Ryan Lee: "Sure, defending yourself is perfectly legal. That wasn't what was being disputed, are you saying Flare was there prior to this? Disputing all video evidence to the contrary?"

[18:25] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison smirks. "The video evidence revealing that was directly sent to the mayor herself. After all, it's not public knowledge what others do without their masks." Looks at her. "What, you thought an unregistered heroine would appear in her unregistered identity while doing a civilian visit? Secret identities are not illegal, and less changing into another identity to self-defend."

[18:28] Lois Ryan Lee gives a strange look to Lilith. "The official Protectorate statement on the incident cites no one other than Officer Sivitri was on scene when the incident began. Also it's strange you would say that secret identities are not illegal. In the executive order, they are not only legal, but mandatory."

[18:35] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison giggles. "When I was a heroine in my world, I actually got into a battle with some guys. I changed into my persona easily , as I was working there as a bartender. However, there was a lockdown order for that time that I was breaking. However, self defense was out of that order. For the mass, I, as Morning Ghost, cheated out of a law, but for the government who actually knew my identity, I was only in self-.defense. This is the same deal.

[18:39] Lois Ryan Lee: "Hold on, this is a no spin zone. Are you saying that Flare was at the hospital, under attack, clearly under the law able to claim self defense and she instead chose to allow a Protectorate Officer to /die/ because she was unwilling to spend a few minutes to do the right thing and register as Warden?"

[18:44] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: No, she was unwilling to actually defend herself with her powers to begin with. She was not aware of the actual casualties when she was pushed too far.

[18:44] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison breathes heavily. "Besides... she was actually left go for the events of rubberization in the aftermath... which is entirely my fault.

[18:47] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison scratches her head. "I... had to fill in the aftermath, where Flare was actually captured TWICE by the bad guys in rubber along with the civilians, as they tried to capture me..." She sweatdrops. "Yeah... upholding a controversial law took a second place to keeping my beez alive."

[18:50] Lois Ryan Lee: "Yet she didn't have any trouble using those same powers to defeat a giant robot or defend you and your other compatriot when you came under fire from the person responsible for the attack at the hospital to begin with. Isn't that just a -little- far fetched? Why doesn't the official statement corroborate this. The statements sites that all additional reinforcements -arrived- on scene. Ma'am, are you trying to... cover for this Flare?"

[18:51] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison sighs. "It was her workplace. She was heading there specifically to work. She was 10 foot from the entrance when the robots struck. She entered and registered before going to fight."

[18:52] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: And by that I mean she checked in her workplace.

[18:55] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: By law, she was self-defending from direct danger from her lifestyle. It's... the same reason you can fight a thief that attacks your house as long as he's there when you enter.

[18:56] Lois Ryan Lee: "10 ft from the entrance when robots struck... thats interesting. She was 10 ft from the entrance while Officer Sivitri was on the second floor because the bottom of the building had been surrounded by tanks. So this woman... just walked up to and army of tanks and a Giant robot? There was a loud gun fight in the street even prior to this according all accounts. So if there is a bank robbery going on, I can just walk into the build and use super powers then claim self-defense?"

[18:56] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: Yes, everybody: if you have powers, you can use them to stop immediate threats to your home and workplace. Just not to actually go downtown and attacking who you THINK may had attacked your house. If he's there, he's yours until the police arives. Legally, of course.

[18:57] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: If you're a bank teller and it's your shift, sure.

[18:58] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: As I said, I did it when I was a stripper in a bar. I was not allowed by a special event. Of course, I was there, not heading there, but it's the same deal.

[18:59] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: I even compared the laws: The lockdown special declarations have the same kind of loopholes... Some things don't change in 2000 years, I guess...

[19:01] Lois Ryan Lee: "That wouldn't hold up in court and you know it. She wasn't in the building. She walked into danger, used her powers and tried to claim self-defense. The hospital isn't her personal property. These laws are in place for a reason. What if she couldn't control those powers? She ended up blowing up the hospital. Maybe she could have gotten help learning how to control them from someone."

[19:02] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: Actually... she didn't claim such thing at all.

[19:02] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: She just claimed out of the blue she was not licensed despite the fact she was not even asked for that. HG was gonna let her walk away, honestly.

[19:03] Lilith Quinzet: /Besides, the investigation proved her reasons to be t here were not the bots, which is the real thing here. Did she go ther to use her powers on the bots? Or did she go just to work and found the bots already there?

[19:04] Lois Ryan Lee: "The law is explicit: E0 32 Civilians who are not wardens , protectorate or CCPD will no longer be allowed to use offensive exotic technologies or meta powers except in defense of their -immediate- property or selves. If she just walked up to the hospital, it's not her property is it? She either needed to let the police handle it or register."

[19:07] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison holds out her hand. "Okay, we're going out of hand here. The law and the 'self-defense' loophole are both to debate. For example, if she had gotten there before the robots, it would actually be self-defense."

[19:08] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: But her specific situation? It's still open to debate. It's a judgement thing and, in my judgement of the investigation, she was not able to avoid the danger and had to react.

[19:09] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison holds her head with both hands as if having a migraine. "Reason 3 to stop being a Celestial: I HATE enforcing laws with holes! It killes my head."
[19:09] Lilith Quinzet: /*stop being a cop

[19:11] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison opens wide her arms "And THIIIIIIS is the size of the hole on that law. Too much for my kawaii head..."

[19:12] Lois Ryan Lee waves her hands dismissively. "Here is what I think what the listeners at home think. "No one is mad at this Flare for wanting to save a hospital. Who wouldn't want to save a hospital? But the problem is she is not a registered Warden, and she still isn't thanks to you. Where is the accountability for a rogue metahuman? There aren't any rules they have to follow. No escalation of force. Look at this Spider Punisher. He's just some serial killer with super powers. Flare may have made the right call today, but what about tomorrow when she accidentally burns down some building? Who is going to bring her in? We don't know anything about it."

[19:19] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: I agree... but anyays, I couldn't keep her in after the fact, specially given my state after the battle. Had I been able to stand even, I would had assured for her to be registered, maybe as part of the Protectorate. I... was not able to do such thing at the time. I was WASTED.

[19:20] Lois Ryan Lee quirks her brow. "You were intoxicated during this entire incident?"

[19:21] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison: No... wasted as in the old game GTA. I had lost most of my clothes, my weapon and 5 gallons of plasma to the robots... as in actual plasma, what my body contains. 99% of my body is that..."

[19:22] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison "Still, I let her know my intentions to let her be on the protectorate, even after all this. This is a message for you, Flare..." She tkaes off her badge and leaves it on the table. "This is yours if you still want it. I'm sure you'll be better than me. AND you look great in black and red."
[19:23] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison stands up. "Thanks for your time, but I have to speed things up with my new career, thank you and gomennasai." She bows to the mic, to her and leaves.

[19:24] Lois Ryan Lee adjust her tie, unsee to the radio audience. "Well then I believe we are running out of time anyway. Take care officer."

[19:25] Elizabeth *Lizzie* Harrison nods and leaves, still with heavy concerns about her immediate future.


Lois: That is all, thank you for sticking with us through this enlightening interview. We'll see you tomorrow.

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Re: The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio #1: Lizzie Harrison

Post by Lilith Quinzet » Wed May 10, 2017 3:08 pm

Lizzie Harrison bangs her head on the table at hearing the interview on the radio. "That's the dummiest dialogue EVER!! I know the latest events left me half bimbo, half bitch, but SERIOUSLY! What was going ON with my mind whenever I opened my mouth?!"

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