The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio #2: Stamina

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The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio #2: Stamina

Post by Lois » Wed May 10, 2017 9:46 pm

Lois Ryan Lee: "Good evening, Celestial City, I am Lois Ryan Lee and this is The Lois Ryan Lee Show, #1 source for conservative talk radio. Tonight's guest is Stamina, a metahuman who is also a member of the Celestials. For those not familiar, why don't you tell us bit about yourself?"

[20:12] Stamina (Aron Parker) *He clears his throat and fixes his jacket one last time* "Greetings to my fellow citizens both meta and non meta alike... I am Stamina the Hero who can never physically tire out... While I may be new to a team like the celestials.. The truth is I actually began becoming a hero 2 years ago before The protectorates really were even an idea... And Heroes could be heroes without having to worry about registration... Because 2 years ago... There was no registration." *Think of his words to say as he didn't need to explode too early.* "Anyways" *He says turning his attention over to Lois Ryan Lee* "Thank you for having me tonight... Hopefully I'm not interrupting an beauty you were planning."

[20:15] Lois Ryan Lee: "Well speaking of the Protectorate, lets dive right in. You had it out with a relatively popular Protectorate up-and-comer named Praetorian. Mr. Stamina why is it that you hate our men and women in uniform?"

[20:19] Stamina (Aron Parker) *Glares at Lois* "Well Ms. Lee... Personally it's because they stand for everything that I'm against... mainly ruining what it means to be a hero in this city... To truly be one in this city... Now don't get me wrong... I have no problem with the police... Hell I respect them like anyone else.... These Protectorate on the other hand.... I do not view them as police.... And from what I have seen, heard, and witnessed... They aren't aren't any of the fine men and women of this city I remember."
[20:22] Stamina (Aron Parker) "The real question you should be asking... Is why do these Protectorates hate us people who try to do the right thing every day. By putting on a costume and going out into the world to try and make it a better place."

[20:23] Lois Ryan Lee: "On the contrary, they are the exact same men and women as the CCPD simply transitioned into the Protectorate. In your mind, a hero can't... wear black and red, be in a uniform, serve the government like my father did in the army. They have to... run around executing their own sense of right and wrong? What happens when we get a meta who decides that women not in burkas are criminals or that black people aren't equal to white people? Where is the accountability, Mr. Stamina?"

[20:27] Stamina (Aron Parker) "What happens if a meta does this, what happens if a meta does that... You know I keep hearing people charging in with what ifs.... The thing is a meta while empowered with well powers is still a citizen of this city... And please it's just Stamina I'm not a married man here. As for the accountability... You seem to think all of us metas are capable of going bad... The same could be said about a person just trying to do the right thing and goes bad instead.... In this case you could say us metas are the black people in this situation. We are being prosecuted because we don't wear a badge or a black and red leather uniform.... We are being enforced into laws that benefit those who push the blame when their life is hard... In a world that wants everything to be sun shine and rainbows.... While also treating anyone who was gifted like a freak of nature."
[20:30] Stamina (Aron Parker) "The thing about those gifted who take up an act of heroism... Is they are using their powers for good... The moment one uses it for harm... The public immediately think all of us are a problem... Instead of just the one that went bad... It's much the same with those who go out and buy a gun or join the military and either come back alright or comeback messed up."

[20:32] Lois Ryan Lee: "Everyone has some capacity for evil. But most of us have to follow the law, rely on the police. Why is it that Metahumans can put on a cape and subvert the law with so much as a license? You're also neglecting that all you need to have to do what you're advocating is a Warden's license. That's it. Some paper work. You don't even have to join the Protectorate. But lets go down a different road. You made a claim about... and I quote "concentration camps for metas" that are being run by the Protectorate. Do you have any actual evidence for this?"

[20:36] Stamina (Aron Parker) *shakes his head* "I'm still trying to find any clues about that... But I do have this one... I heard your talk show before... Remember a certain hero going by the name Flare... I was there... And why you think she was in the wrong for helping people out.. You forgot to mention a tiiiiiny little detailed... And was until Morning Ghost was attacked... The second time.... They used some sort of power dampening gaging device and chains to the part the pour woman couldn't even properly move. While some may think that is some fetish... Keep in mind this was out in the open... In front of the hospital... Publicly shaming the woman for any innocent bystander who may have walked by.
[20:38] Stamina (Aron Parker) "And from what I heard when I was on the rooftop scouting the area..* "I remember one protectorate who openly said that a new law was enacted... Any hero who openly admits they are unregistered... is forced to be arrested and taking into custody."

[20:41] Lois Ryan Lee: "Hold on one thing at a time. So you have no evidence of this beyond an officer restrained a suspect in the open? All the rest of your claims are 'I heard' from a person who is already disposed to hating our brave men and women in the Protectorate. This sir is a no spin zone. Do you or do you not have any hard evidence of a meta concentration camp?"

[20:46] Stamina (Aron Parker) "Unfortunately no.... But clearly you are not letting me finish. When I made that statement it was as I feel this situation is going to get. More and more laws are being enforced to keep heroes restricted clipping their wings if they get to close to the sun to be exact.....Publicly humiliated with chains and gags... The right to tell people 'sorry you aren't deemed worthy enough for the city off to prison with you'.... I made that statement because I personally feel this situation is getting worse by the minute... And thats why I said that because these protectorates do bot come off as police, or hero police in that matter. They are coming off like hero Nazis... And I fear this is going to get escalated to the point there may be concentration camps to anyone even being find out to be a hero in general."

[20:48] Lois Ryan Lee motions to an assistant who steps over and hands Lois a stack of papers that the flaps loudly. "For those you at home that can't see this I am holding a stack of papers. These, sir. Are records straight from the Protectorate of everyone they've imprisoned. Take a guess how many are in prison at this moment for not registering?"
[20:50] Lois Ryan Lee: "For anything related to the executive orders the mayor issued related to registration for that matter?"

[20:55] Stamina (Aron Parker) *Glares at Lois* "And sadly there will be more... Let me asked you, how many people who are meta out in the world are trying to live normal lives because to show what they are means being different. And the protectorate seem to view being different as a threat. So by that logic yes there are tons of un registered out there. Because unless forced to self defend they would go to jail right... Well I want you to look at me for a few seconds.. You this mask..." *Stamina says pointing to the very one he wears.* "I am a registered so this may mean nothing to you... But to those who are in that self defense situation... They have secret identities and thus they can't exactly show their face when they are put in self defense mode. Cameras would only catch what happens not prior. Those who do not wear a mask and self defend that is find. Those that have to suit up. And put on their mask can't truly make that claim without exposing their identity and thus takes the self defense method and chucks it out the nearest
[20:55] Stamina (Aron Parker) window."

[21:01] Lois Ryan Lee: "More what? Did you know there are -zero- people in prison for any of the offenses you mentioned? All these thing you claim they are imprisoning people for are basically fines, like traffic tickets. You are making this huge deal out of nothing. You need a license to drive a car. You need one to use super powers and dangerous technology. You mess it up, you get fined the same for both. Eventually, you mess it up enough and you might serve some jail time. That's all this is. Sir, the only real question that needs to be asked of you is why you hate the people who have made it their job to defend this city and do so without making themselves criminals in the process? Make no mistake, registration for the draft and the Wardens is what a real patriot does. Follows the laws that keep us all safe. You want anarchy, sir. More so you're completely hypocritical about it as well. It's okay for you to be registered to fight for Firefly and Mr. Gato, but the Protectorate can't do the same for the Mayor without being future Nazis?"

[21:04] Stamina (Aron Parker) "Fines yeah... That is hilarious no worries folks everyone is going to get fine if you do not pay up....Of course they will not open admit they will arrest if it leads to something they can cover up.... You may not count what she says because isn't a protectorate anymore. But I remember carrying Morning Star bleeding in my arms back to a protectorate station... NEarly kicked the doors down in the process....

<Lois and Stamina start talking over one another>

[21:09] Lois Ryan Lee: "For the record, Officer Harrison has not made her decision yet and her decision isn't a reflection on the Protectorate. You spout a lot accusation yet you haven't backed up a single one. Is the Mayor an alien? Are there FEMA death camps coming? Sir, imagine what this sounds likes like to the folks? Dangerous un-hinged conspiracy nut wishes to remove laws for vigilante justice! Surely, even you can see that's just crazy."

[21:17] Stamina (Aron Parker) ... out of his pocket and hands it to Lois, it was actually part of the chains used on Flare and the gag he found in the aftermath after the fight.* "Too busted to probably make heads or tails about it... But I went back for that after bringing Morning Star to her HQ so she wouldn't bleed to death. That gag and that chain were used on Flare before the second attack at the hospital with the billion and one tanks... I'm wearing gloves so I won't have my finger prints to mess with anything traced back to what was used."

[21:22] Lois Ryan Lee absolutely does not touch the ball gag. "That's evidence in a criminal case if it is what you claim it to be. And that the problem with your brand of jus- no it's not justice. It's chaos. That thing right there, if it even is what you claim it to be, would be evidence for a criminal case. But you don't trust the police because you believe that they are the new Gestapos and that the Mayor is future fem-Hitler. Sir, take that thing to the Protectorate and go see someone about your mental health. I think this interview is over. Thank you listeners for tuning into the Lois Ryan Lee Show, our next episode's guest will be Praetorian,rising star of the Protectorate. Thank you, and have a good evening patriots!" The taping ends.

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Re: The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio #2: Stamina

Post by Lilith Quinzet » Thu May 11, 2017 2:27 pm

Elizabeth Quinzet hears the radio, already calmed from the previous night's clusterfuck, and gives it a deep thought: The real deal is that there's a general mistrust between government, heroes and the regular civilians. She used to be a regular civilian when little, she was a cadet and even operated as a cop in training, became a superheroine after her accident, then she became both a cop AND a heroine. After all that... she realized what she wanted to become was neither. She wants to be more than that!

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