The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio #4: Yuri Hitsuko

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The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio #4: Yuri Hitsuko

Post by Lois » Fri May 12, 2017 3:29 pm

((The previous episode featuring Praetorian was a clear softball interview highlighting her life, her aims, and mundane questions about her style choices and so on.))


[14:00] Lois Ryan Lee looks at a sign that counts down. 3. 2. 1. "Good evening, Celestial City, I am Lois Ryan Lee and this is The Lois Ryan Lee Show, #1 source for conservative talk radio. Tonight's guest is Councilor Yuri Hitsuko, member of the mayor's council and prominent voice in City Hall. I'm sure most of the city knows who you are, but for those not familiar would you mind providing some details?"

[14:02] Yuri Hitsuko smiles "Thank you Lois, I am Yuri Hitsuko, while not a hero or a defender of this city, you could say i help keep it running, i am the majority shareholder of the celestial city bank and run most of its day to day options, as well i am the CEO and Founder of Celestial Research and Development, a for hire development corporation." she states with a smile as she adjusts her skirt to make sure she isnt showing off too much of her thighs. "And recently at Mayor Taggats request i have joined the city council."

[14:06] Lois Ryan Lee: "Mayor Taggot has a very firm, what most would describe as a libertarian platform, at least where I come from. As a business woman yourself, what do you think of the mayor's policy towards allowing corporate sponsored superhero teams like the Celestials and PAE Security? Are they truly a mercenary menace? Should we have a stronger national security instead?"

[14:15] Yuri Hitsuko smiles at the question "It is my belief that corporate entities should be able to employ and equip a force for the express use of the defense of their property and employed individuals. Currently the Celestials seem to be working out a few kinks within their team. However It is my view at least that having a sponsored superhero team may lead to better accountability, as their every action, move, and statement is recorded and streamed they are held to a higher standard then many previous heroes in this city. As in the end it is the very city viewing and judging their actions, and support of the team will grow or die based on these actions, As far as PAE Security goes, i do not see them as so much a hero team, but a corporate entity working within the established laws in a suitable manner to protect there investments, Which one could claim are the very people of this city, given they manage the power, the water and a vast majority of the city's food and agricultural products. why even the very outfit i have on
[14:15] Yuri Hitsuko is a byproduct of the crops grown by PAE" she states with a smile. "I believe these corporate sponsored task forces have the right idea, what I question is individuals who go out and try to do it all themselves with no ones judgment but their own guiding what is right and wrong. It is these individuals who use the warden program as a means of legalized vigilantism that give me cause for concern, and give me cause to believe that our national security should be strengthened, so that maybe in time we will not have to essentially deputize loose cannons who can not even afford to cover the damages they cause in their crusades."

[14:23] Lois Ryan Lee: "I agree for the most part, but it's those 'kinks' in groups like the Celestials I'd like to talk about. I'm sure my boss Mr. Gato won't appreciate me pointing this out, but why is a deranged lunatic like Stamina even allowed on his team? It seems that they aren't held to the same degree of accountability as say the Protectorate is. There are laws that govern our brave men and women and uniform, laws that don't seem to apply equally to some of these more renegade wardens out there. Hold onto the damages and payments thought for a moment though. The question I have for the moment is why can't something be done about Stamina for example?"

[14:28] Yuri Hitsuko taps her lips "Well at this time i believe Stamina is a bit of a pet project for Mr. Gato, he likes to take in strays that may otherwise have dangerous ideologies and see if he can straighten them into shining gems. One of his past projects Starshade, was to become a member of the celestials, however due to her sexist views on males she declined the opportunity too do such. However dispite the disagreement she went on to become the second in command of the protectorate. So something could be said for the success of at least one of his projects thus far, I do agree entirely that Stamina's views are near toxic levels of ignorance, but i am willing to see if Mr. Gato might yet make him a valued defender of this city."

[14:32] Lois Ryan Lee: "What about the folks at home? Those who are in part relying on Stamina for their protection? His comments were less ignorance and more like treason against this city and it's public defenders. But enough about that. Lets talk property damage. Per year, how much damage is cause by metahumans approximately?"

[14:35] Yuri Hitsuko sighs as she has to think on that one "Well too answer, sadly unless Stamina's comments are dirrected too a person not a system, they are simply the ramblings of a child in a super suit. However, estimates on damages over the last year would be nearing the billions due to meta-humans be it caused by them, or caused by entities attacking them in retaliation. As it is the bank offers meta human insurance, and damages are so high the cheapest rates we can offer are 5,000$ a week. and even then that is simply the very lowest we can go and still offer coverage to the majority of the cities citizens"

[14:40] Lois Ryan Lee: "And the Celestian Taxpayer foots the bill otherwise. And that seems to be what these renegades don't seem to get is that their action have consequences. A warden literally ripped a gas line out of the ground in battle at the bistro for seemingly no reason! Fortunately, Praetorian of the Protectorate put the fire out before is spread, or worst yet exploded further. What is city hall's solution to this problem?"

[14:45] Yuri Hitsuko sighs "I wish i could offer an answer to that, but it is a fine line, if we impose stricter regulations the dissent will only grow, and individuals like Stamina will only get a larger soap box to climb up-on with their ideals that they should not be held accountable for the widespread destruction they leave in their paths as they "protect" people" she says using air quotes. "while they are busy defending people how many are killed in the process. Did you know it is a regular act for the Heros of this city to consider those under the influence or control of another as a lost cause, and as such they kill them outright, they do not so much as seek to break the influence or seek therapy, it is just easier to kill the citizen being used, and yet when one of their own is taken captive. they sacrifice near any thing in attempts to rescue and retrieve them. it is a bit one sided is it not?"

[14:50] Lois Ryan Lee: "Are you saying that a lot of these metas don't care for the common man? Like some sort of non-meta racism? Isn't that just murder? Is murder not a crime?"

[14:55] Yuri Hitsuko sighs. "It is a crime, yet it is one that has yet to be pursued in court. Were you away Mr. Gato's father was killed by "heros" dropping a building on top of him. and yet not even once were any of them brought up on charges, Stamina talks about so much. and yet, my question is, where is the accountability for Meta's who treat human lives as if they are a dime a dozen. " she shakes her head. "If any thing i would propose stricter regulation on all Meta's who lack corporate or goverment backing. as the corporations are held accountable for all damages done by their teams, as such they go in with a use of force doctrine and only meet force with like force. to try and minimize damage, the same requirements we place on all members of the protectorate. If Stamina thinks we regulate too much, i must ask, where is he looking, because from my view point, we do not regulate enough,"

[14:59] Lois Ryan Lee nods at this. "Why doesn't the Mayor bring these murderers to account? Does her view of freedom extend to renegade 'justice'? Are there other quote 'heroes' that do this? Can you name names? Provide some more examples to the folks?" Also for those listening, feel free to call City Hall and share with them any stories you might have of a meta treating yourself or a relative like their life didn't matter in the interest of 'saving' you."

[15:06] Yuri Hitsuko shakes her head "In this case, i do not think it is so much the mayor as it is the deputy mayor, who is in fact a hero himself. The current stance i have seen is to try not too rock the boat too much with powered individuals for fear they may try to revolt and take the city hostage from those unable or incapable of defending themselves, I can not give out names sadly, as most events are held under confidentiality. but i can say. on more then one occasion it has been the choice of meta individuals to simply demolish an entire building hostages and all, then risk their own lives heading into an environment they cant control. This is why i hold PAE up as an example and an ideal, in all of the reports i have read they have made every attempt to save lives, and have only chosen to take life when the alternative is the well being and safety of a vastly greater amount of citizens. Right now sadly the best i can say is, to any hero's watching, Please consider that your claims are to protect the very citizens your
[15:06] Yuri Hitsuko endangering, and that if you truly wish to help if you truly wish to protect. then why have you not joined the Protectorate, Do you simply feel your own sense of justice is better then that of the very laws?"

[15:12] Lois Ryan Lee: "Indeed, All Lives Matter, not just meta-lives. Lets get that topic trending #alllivesmatter. So the deputy mayor, fearing retaliation from renegade, borderline terrorist metas, just refuses to do anything to regulate protecting the lives of the folks from these same psuedo-terrorists? Isn't that just cowardice?"

[15:14] Yuri Hitsuko nods "i wish i could say it isnt, but. All i can say is, He has kept the mayors hands tied on how to handle the issue, and too this date, he supports the very ideals expressed by Stamina, the right to impose ones own ideals of justice with out any form of accountability"

[15:17] Lois Ryan Lee: "Pardon my French, but what a liberal pinhead. What can the folks, the voters and taxpayers of this city that don't have super powers do to fix this problem? Can the deputy mayor be... impeached? Removed from office in a special election somehow?"

[15:20] Yuri Hitsuko smiles "We at city hall are simply the voice of the people, and do our best to act in their interests. If enough voters send in letters. and complaints then the mayor will act, she was elected by the people and works for the people. So the best i can say is, let your voices be heard, she is listening, and is always taking care too keep what is best for the citizens at the forefront of her mind"

[15:23] Lois Ryan Lee: "You heard it here. Send in a flood of letters to city hall, let the mayor know that All Lives Matter and that you want to hold these pseudo-terrorist metas held accountable for disregarding our lives for so long. Yuri, I believe that is all we have time for today, thank you for being with us, it's been an enlightening experience."

[15:25] Yuri Hitsuko smiles "any time Lois, thanks for having me, and too the citizens who are on the fence, remember insurance is no longer a gamble, it isn't a mater of if a meta attack will effect you, but when, don't gamble with all you have worked for, insure it today"

[15:27] Lois Ryan Lee: "Tune in next week when our guest will be Hellguard, leader of the Protectorate and also the newest member of the Mayor's City Council. Thank you for listening, and have a good evening, patriots!"

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Re: The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio #4: Yuri Hitsuko

Post by Timberwulff » Sat May 13, 2017 9:32 am

Timber listens to this as he cleans the kitchen in the Bowling alley."What a load of horse shit, so much for the fourth estate."

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