Celestial Stargazing -- Stamina

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Celestial Stargazing -- Stamina

Post by Chyleste » Sat May 20, 2017 3:42 pm

[14:08] Lexus Regal comes into the Celestial headquarters. She looks around with a smile as the crew sets up the cameras. The blond moves to a stool as the make up girl starts to work on her. She looks over toward the producer. "Cody~! Why didn't I know about this place in my building? I mean wow. This is like, so cool. The second best hero team in the city is like in the same building where I do my show! So like why haven't I interviewed them yet? What do you mean Gato's call? Pffft it's my fucking show. I should decide who is on it. Stupid fucking Grotto thinks he knows how to run ~MY~ show. Fine whatever. So like is this the script about the guy I am interviewing?" She starts to flip through the papers and then shoves them onto the table. "Okay fine. Like Whatever. I'm ready. Where's this guy at?"

[14:16] Stamina (Aron Parker) *Stamina sighs as he enters the room and turns to see Lexus* "Have to say... You are prettier then the last woman I was interviewed by.... So whats up." *Stamina says as he crosses his arms and leans on a wall looking at Lexus.*

[14:18] Lexus Regal looks up and smiles brightly at the compliment. She stands and walks toward the hero, extending both hands to take his and try to give him a kiss on each side of his mask. "Ooooo. Thanks. I believe you. So you're like the Celestial guy? Mmm nice muscles. I like a man who knows how to take care of things. Come, come come. Have a seat. I will introduce the show and then we can start."

[14:21] Stamina (Aron Parker) "Uhhhh" *was caught off guard when she held his hands and kissed both sides of his mask. He says nothing for a minute and blinks under his mask before taking a sit on the chair across from Lexus.* "Thanks...And I'm skinny compared to most hero men in this city.... Anyways Gato told me you were expecting me to arrive today?"

[14:26] Lexus Regal nods as she sits down. The blond crosses her legs giving her guest an almost rated R view. She giggles as she looks him over. "Skinny guys have big----" The producer coughs to get Lexus's attention and motions to start the show. She sighs and looks toward the camera. "Yeah. Just follow my lead. You'll be great. Let me intro the show." Cody counts down and the cameras come alive. Lexus blows kisses to the cameras as the music plays. "Hello, hello,hello, my lovelies! It is me, Lexus Regal once again, here with your favorite show where we don't just talk on a boring old radio we actually give you pretty things to look at, like me!" She giggles and claps her hands together. "Tonight I have a very special guest. I am sure you have all heard about the new team of heroes that has been saving the city all over lately, the Celestials. Well, guess what. I have one of their sexiest members right here on my show. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome my guest, the Celestial....Stamen!"

[14:30] Stamina (Aron Parker) *Clears his throat* "It's Stamina Ms. Regal... I'm the hero who can never physically tire out....Anyways it's...good to be here.... I'm still learning to adjust to being on a team... However thanks to All-Star and Stunner's help.... I have been working to improve myself while making sure the city I love stays safe." *He says as he fixes his jacket* "Like Yellow Gangster, Jade Man, Stratagem, and all those monsters who have been invading the city have learned when I'm around."

[14:33] Lexus Regal grins wide as she leans on the table. Her ample breasts displayed nicely as she wiggles in her chair. "Never tire out? Oh like wow. So you really can go all night over and over huh? Mmmm I like that." She blinks and lets out a fangirl squeal. "OHHHH ALL-STAR! OMG~! You like know All-star? Oh wow.. She was like ...she trained m--- um my good friend Superstar! Oh she is so damn hot. So, like you work with her?"

[14:35] Stamina (Aron Parker) "I'm still getting new to dealing with her... I have been a lone wolf for two years before I joined the Celestials so it's been taking me time to adjust. And yeah All-Star is pretty cool... Kinda like a pain in the ass big sister... As for the other things." *He says looking at her* "Yes I can go all night long and day long back to night.... Genetically I was gifted with unlimited stamina hence my name Stamina..... The Energize Bunny would break down before I ever could."

[14:39] Lapis Lazuli uses her teleportation to come from the changing room after checking the cameras to see if it had been checked. A quick clone and as she stepped in, in frame for one a few tiny, freezeframe moments , takeing a seat to simply observe. Anna would be seen for a fram opening the door and checking, then closing it giving Stamina a hopefully good thumbs up before it closed

[14:39] Lexus Regal giggles. "Mmm I like the sound of that, like a lot. I'd let you go down on me anytime." She gives a wink and then shoots a dirty look toward the producer as he clears his throat. "Shut up, Cody! I swear, if you screw this show up again, I'm gonna ...I'll do something. Now just shut up!" She looks back at Stamina. "So, like, okay. Let's talk more about you. So you said you have like fought a lot of bad guys? Did you ever fight that Robot guy? Or what about that hoseguy? My good friend Superstar beat both of them. She teamed up with All-Star for the horse dude guy. Like tell me, um..what was your greatest victory so far?"

[14:45] Stamina (Aron Parker) *puts his right hand to his chin seeing Anna giving him the thumbs up as he thinks.* "Hmm... Personally for me... It's a tie between the Super Russian Mobsters me and Stunner battled outside of Firefly media..... The other when I soloed against Jade Man, Stunner, All-Star, and the protectorate known as Praetorian arrived.... But I told them to stay out of it as it was something personal I had to do..... I ended up defeating Jade Man but he cut me badly through my costume and my skin. All-Star and Stunner had to get me to the hospital so I wouldn't bleed out onto the streets. *He chuckles abit* "I'm a little reckless.... But I have... And will always put my body on the line to keep everyone I care for safe in this city..... Even though Lois Ryan Lee tried to brand me as a whole new level of crazy.... I say whats on my mind. Fight for what I believe is right... And will die for my friends if I have to... IT's who I am and will never change no matter who tries to convince me otherwise."

[14:51] Lexus Regal almost purrs as she shifts in her chair. She giggles as she pushes her large breasts out. "I'd put your body on my line anytime. Mmmm." A sigh is heard off screen and Lexus turns and glares at Cody. She lets out an annoyed huff and looks back at Stamina. "Yeah, like okay. So You beat like a lot of bad guys. That's like really cool and stuff. We have all seen you fighting on TV, saving the city and like all that good stuff. But this show gets to the juicy stuff. The nice thick juicy ...meat.....of the story." She giggles. "Tell my viewers something no one else knows about you, Stan the man. Give us some saucy secret. What makes you tick?"

[15:00] Stamina (Aron Parker) *turns his attention over when he sees Cody and says* "Hey man I see you over there... No need to get mad dude... You are working with a bombshell of a hottie over here." *He says thumb pointing to Lexus while looking at Cody before changing his focus back to Lexus and lowering his hand.* "Well lets see here... Consider me an old soul in a new body kind of guy.... I believe heroes should have a chance to put on their costumes... Put on their masks... And stand up for what is right... And help inspire the future generations. Without being restricted....The idea of drugs like cocaine and heroine, LSD, and all the others from past that still hurt and kill people more then any meta so far today... Are all legalized.... Long as the dealers pay their taxes is fine... But someone trying to do the right thing is considered illegal without registering.... It cuts down the chances for heroes to get into the action while giving thugs, rapists, and villains all a chance to rise in power.... So theres that..... *He
[15:00] Stamina (Aron Parker) clears his throat and stretches showing how tight the costume and jacket form on his body showing his muscles through each crease.* "Also.... Ladies have told me I look good in this costume... I mean it's not really flashy and really one main color... Not fully sure what about it catches their eyes."

[15:06] Lexus Regal nods vigorously in agreement against Cody. She sticks her tongue out at the producer. "Yeah Cody. See Stamper gets it. He knows who is the star here." She seems to be listening as she stares at Stamina. Her eyes light up as he talks about drugs and she grins wide. "Oh yeah. There is some great coke floating around. Oh hey there is a party this weekend." She smiles and extends her leg running her foot up along the hero's calf. "How would you like to be the date of the hottest IT girl in the city?" She smiles and gives him a little wink forgetting about the rest of what he said.

[15:11] Stamina (Aron Parker) *He chuckles* "Well I'll have to say"*His hand lowering to caress her leg when she placed it on his thigh* "Hope you'll be able to keep up....Cause I'm a whole new breed of hero." *He realized she wasn't paying attention. But her audience would... And it'd give him an excuse to track down drug dealers if he could.*"There is also my issue with the protectorates.... But the only proof I have is something they did to fellow hero calling herself Flare.... I'm tracking down some other leads when I can.... But being apart of the celestials my main focus is to protect this city.... Any personal issues I have with those.... People.... Comes second to keeping CC safe from danger."

[15:15] Lexus Regal slips her shoe off and slides her leg further up into his lap. She softly caresses along his inner thigh with her toes inching toward his bulge. Her blue eyes sparkle as she nibbles on her lower lip. "Mm yeah. It is always smart to use protection if you are on the bad side of town. I am good though. I don't hang around those low life. I promise I can keep up."

[15:19] Stamina (Aron Parker) Chuckles*"Well then perhaps some time later I can give you a pre party...." *He says as he notices her foot getting closer to his bulge.* "Course.... I'm not sure if there is anywhere here for privacy for that."

[15:22] Lexus Regal giggles as her toes stroke along the shape of his shaft in the tight costume. "Awww are you a shy widdle hero?" She giggles a bit more and slips her other shoe off and moves both feet to his lap. "Don't you wanna show the world why you're called Stan the man?"

[15:30] Stamina (Aron Parker) *He smirks* "Stamina.... Just Stamina for the main ability I was born with.... And alright." *He says looking to the tv and looks back to Lexus* "Well considering what you are feeling.... I think we both know I'm not widdle down there." *He says with a light chuckle as he feels her feet on his lap and her toes touching his crotch.*

[15:34] Lexus Regal giggles as she keeps stroking along his bulge. "Is this the main ability you have?" There is a noise off camera. Lexus turns and glares at Cody. "Cody---don't fucking start with me! I swear I will rip your dick off and shove it up your ass!" She slips her feet out of the hero's lap and turns lashing out at the poor producer. "You are just jealous because you have such a tiny little weewee and everyone knows that you can't get it up. Now leave me the hell alone while I am doing my motherfucking show!" The producer shrugs and motions to the cameras. The crew turns the cameras off as Cody walks toward the door of the studio. Lexus continues to follow behind him yelling obscenities at him.

[15:36] Stamina (Aron Parker) *Watches Lexus go off on Cody and just whistles.* "Soooo glad I'm not that guy." *He says with a smirk checking out Lexus' ass while she storms off through his mask as he fixes his jacket and waits to see if Anna needs him to head out or stay case Lexus comes back.*

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Re: Celestial Stargazing -- Stamina

Post by TheAmazingWeaver » Sat May 20, 2017 4:54 pm

*Stamina leaves the building a few hours after the interview finishes as he fixes his jacket.* Stamina (Aron Parker): Ha.... Well now I got myself something positive going on.... Think I'll go back to smacking some monsters who try invading the city from the badlands again half way to wherever China use to be." *He says as turns to look back to Firefly media and crackles his neck.* Stamina (Aron Parker): Or come back tomorrow and poke Anna with the largest stick I can find till she puts me on a talk show to try and get the ball truly rolling. Decisions decisions.... Fuck it I'll think about it more later." *And with That Stamina sprints off faster then a cheetah as he runs through the city, and uses his agility to bounce from building to building as he moves throughout the city.*

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