The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio: Spider Punisher

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The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio: Spider Punisher

Post by Lois » Mon May 22, 2017 5:51 pm

[16:20] Lois Ryan Lee looks at a sign that counts down. 3. 2. 1. "Good evening, Celestial City, I am Lois Ryan Lee and this is The Lois Ryan Lee Show, #1 source for conservative talk radio. Tonight's guest is... something unique. An individual who is an unknown but hacked this station's network and delivered a rather cryptic message to us. We are going to be calling a phone number left for us and well... see where to go from there. If it turns out to be nothing interesting, we'll be taking callers." Numbers can be heard dialing and a ringing ensues.

[16:22] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) *The burner phone rings and soon a cybernetic covered voice is heard replying.* "Ms. Lee.... So glad you decided to give me a call...Had me worried for a while if you'd taken my offer seriously or not." *The voice says as SP lurked in the shadows from a building near Firefly media but out of site for now.*

[16:24] Lois Ryan Lee furrows her brow. "Of course. Who am I speaking with and why do you have an interest in this show?"

[16:27] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) *He chuckles abit still in his cybernetic covered voice.* "Well.... As I stated.... The people of this city only claiming me by rumors that I am the bogeyman of this city.... The only real footage you have probably seen of me was during my.... Little arguement with second in command of the Protectorates known as Starshade..... But please.... I can come to you... If you want to meet face to face... Ms. Lee."

[16:31] Lois Ryan Lee: "Well I wouldn't be a very good journalist if I just took you at your word. For those not familiar with the incident being referred to involved the serial killed dubbed the 'spider punisher.' You are claiming to be a serial killer with no proof so yes, I think I'm going to have to ask you to meet face to face or send some proof."

[16:35] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) *He nods on his end as a click for the ending sound is heard. Mean while... Back to prior day on the rooftop of Firefly Media... Spider-Punisher and Lapis Lazuli had an arrangement.... Some sort of truce was said between them as he agreed not to go after anyone who worked for Firefly media.... However on another different meeting... He met up with Anna and she gave him a temporary access to enter the building unharmed for him to tell his story. Fast fowarding back to now.... Spider-Punisher lept from the building he was in... Screams could be heard from outside of someone saying ITS SPIDER-PUNISHER!!!!.... As the man in black clad armor entered the building using his access he was giving. His foot steps could be heard getting closer and closer to the room Lois Ryan Lee was in and soon... Silence.... Only three knocks were heard from outside the door before silence entered the room once more.*

[16:41] Lois Ryan Lee's assistants and every goes silent except for Lois. "Someone is entering the studio," she says. She motions some hapless assistant to open the door, who moves over and carefully opens the door, the young woman's eyes going wide as she just steps back. For her part, Lois looks amused. "Have a seat. It would seem the Spider Punisher has actually entered the studio. Curious how you were able to just... walk right in?"

[16:46] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) *He says nothing as he walks right in through the door and take a seat as he looks at her.... Tilting his head side to his right before returning it to normal.* "You must understand Ms.Lee... To be claimed as such a monster as myself.... I have to keep some secrets to myself.... But that is not why I am here...And it is not why you were willing to give me a call to make this... Happen now was it." *He says with a voice no longer altered to hide it... Sounds like a man maybe atleast 25 as he adjust himself and stares at her.* "You wanted the truth.... So hows about we just get to what you really want to know... Ask me anything you wish... I am all yours for this interview."

[16:49] Lois Ryan Lee narrows her eyes, pretty sure that Gato or someone had made a deal with SP to allow him in here. Was this a set up? "Yes, well I suppose we'll have at it before the Protectorate inevitably arrives here for you. You want to espouse some... truth? Well I haven't the faintest what you mean. Why don't you tell us what you wish to correct about the public perception of you?"

[16:53] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) *He nods* "Unfortunately the protectorates will not be able to catch me... I'll be sure to be on my way after the truth is admitted... I can't let them... Find out what was use to make someone like me..." *He says as he adjust his shoulders* "You see Ms. Lee... The city has seen me as a monster, a killer, a man... The truth is I am non of those.... You see while I may look like a man.... In truth I am a weapon.... Created, and forged just as the weapons I have used... Which as you can see I did not bring to make things less... Frightening to say the least."

[16:56] Lois Ryan Lee points her finger accusingly. "There are a lot of metas in this city that were made as 'weapons.' They don't all become rampant serial killers, sir. That isn't an excuse for murdering people."

[17:03] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) *He shakes his head as he activates a small press button near his right armor showing his mix colored skin (half black and half somoan) on it there seems to be some sort of bar code on it... Not like a tattoo but more like an imprint* "I say what I mean Ms. Lee.... I am a Biogenetically created Super Soldier... Born in a test tube and tained to be the ultimate soliders.... I was merely the gun, the dagger, the explosion, the chaos that you have seen all rolled into one.... A puppet on strings.... Made for one specific order... To face targets.... Heroes, villains, criminals, politicians and if I was ordered to... Even the mayor herself.... Anyone brand a target was to be eliminated with extreme precision.... This was before I entered Celestial City and had not changed since I cam here until recently.... Ms. Lee.... You see... I was designed by my creator a special coding that when spoken will strip me of any will I would have had and force me to fight.... As much as I would love to admit being a killer fo
[17:03] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) the claims about me." *He says and lets the armor reform around covering his exposed arm with the branding on it* "That would have to have been an action of my free will... To me it was just an order needed falling... Nothing more and nothing less."

[17:08] Lois Ryan Lee: "So you won't turn yourself in to get fixed for fear people might replicate you? Sounds flimsy to me, sir. Metas go in for treatment all the time and they aren't dissected in labs as a result of it. There are doctors in the city, good folks who would be willing to find a cure for such a condition. But you instead choose to continue to be a loose cannon, letting anyone who figures out this code or whatever control you, if that's even true."

[17:14] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) "I am a special case.... Good or bad... I am a one of a kind...My final orders from my creator.... My mother.... Was to make sure no one... Would even get a trace of blood from dna..... Good or bad... Justice or anarchy.... There are people that would try to make more spider-punishers... You have seen what one can already do.... Starshade should have backed away... I tried to warn her to back off before I was forced to fight her... She did not... And you saw what happened." *He shrugs at her loose canon part* "No... Not a loose canon... But instead a wild card sort to speak.....I can never turn to any faction.... I am not just a weapon but the ultimate weapon... My mother's plan to have taken over this city... And the world one bullet... One stab... One explosion... One pierced artery or snapped neck at a time.... This is why I must stay moving... Anyone who knows my code could use me... And turn me on whoever.... No one will be safe... And unfortunately I can not just kill myself to end it.... A sick joke from
[17:14] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) my mother... To make me the one target who I can not eliminate."

[17:24] Lois Ryan Lee stands up and points her finger accusingly at Spider-Punisher. "The people of this city aren't intimidated by you, sir. You are clearly mentally ill. You need a -doctor- to get rid of these delusions. You've got some kinda of childhood trauma, I get it. It's sad. But you refuse to get help, and that is on your sir."

[17:36] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) *He sighs as he stands up and pulls out some papers from the obituary pointing to the name.* "Read this name right here." *He says laying the papers on another stool next to Lee and pointing to the name of deceased head researcher Leslie Masamune* "That is my mother... My creator or was....The documents are all in their... Research about the spider-punisher experiment... Her tendacy to use more biogenetic super soldiers to invade this city... Her plan to erase all protection from this city so her... Children could be the only ones to rule... Her name was Leslie Masamune.... She was head researcher of a Research and Development corporation known as B.R.E.A.C.H..... These documents show their origin her hated for this city and those who control it... She hated everything about this city... People like you Ms. Lee would not have lasted a day in her rise to power... But that power was cut short when I found from B.R.E.A.C.H. she passed away from cancer." *He sighs as he begins to walk past Lois Ryan Lee* "Tak
[17:36] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) my word... Those documents... My appearance... My title as the Bogeyman of Celestial City... And everything you have witnessed about me Ms. Lee.... I came to tell my story and nothing more.... Know that I shall never return here the moment you end this interview.... So leave you simple minded biased opinions out of this if you wish not to make an ass of yourself on the radio again." *He says turning his back Lois Ryan Lee, waiting to find her response to his words and his evidence before planning on leaving unless she still wanted to get more out of him.*

[17:39] Lois Ryan Lee shakes her head at this. "Look, this is information that belongs with the Protectorate, you know the people who actually protect this city. Enough of this sob story. There are a lot of people who have similar problems and don't go around murdering people. I've only got one questions for you: Where are the bodies? All these loved ones of these people you butchered deserve to have finality, to bury their loved ones. Are you not even going to give them that?" There are sirens faintly heard.

[17:42] Spider-Punisher (Ash Murry) *Turns back to her* "One of the tasks about the targets being eliminated.... Sweepers from B.R.E.A.C.H. have been fallowing me till Dr. Masamune died... They were told to get rid of all the killings..... By burning..... Good by Ms. Lee." *Spider-Punisher says hearing the sirens getting closer as he leaves the room and leaves the building... Web swinging out throughout the city before the authorities would have a chance to arrive to find him.*

[17:43] Lois Ryan Lee: "That will be all for today patriots, have a good evening..."

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