Episode One- St. Aneliexia Heroes

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Episode One- St. Aneliexia Heroes

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Opening scene: Quick shots of Celestial City, broken buildings, meteor fragments. A slightly longer shot of the Hospital. Then shots of the buildings being rebuilt, workers injured. Then another shot of the hospital. This time, the staff can be seen, treating the injured.
Then there are shots of metas in battle, buildings and people shattered. Back to the hospital, wards full, staff covered with blood as they fight to save the injured.
Present Day: A newly rebuilt city. Hospital staff at work, but not in chaos.
Narelle's voice is superimposed as pictures of the hospital staff is shown. "St. Aneliexia Medical Center. Not all heroes wear capes and masks. We do out best to save lives. Most of the time we succeed. Sometimes not. Death and pain is our enemy. We will not submit!

Dramatic Music, then Scene 1

[17:23] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) sighs and motions the Firefly Media camera crew to enter. "Chief, We're doing a reality type show, real life stuff. You can say no, of course."
[17:25] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks over and blinks "oh...you weren't kidding about the camera crew. Don't these shows usually tackle a less delicate matter?" she starts and then shakes her head "hell, so long as they don't get in the way of you taking this damn shrapnel out, I don't mind"
[17:33] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) looks at them "You heard the Chief. Get back and be quiet." the cameraman mutters and steps back, moving around so he can get the right angle on the wound. The soundwoman hung a mike on a long pole and lowered it between doc and patient.
[17:35] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks up at the speaker and sighs "alright, let's get this thing over with" she states and holds up her arm, the shrapnel being imbedded into her ribcage and likely snagging on something there
[17:37] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) washes her hands, puts on a lab coat and hopes like hell the camera doesn't get a shot down her top as she comes back to her patient, picking up here scanner as she does.
[17:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks as she, on the other hand, did get a subtle shot down the top as she held her arm up, really ready for this to sting like hell. She'd had shrapnel problems before but never something punched into her ribcage
[17:43] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) runs the scanner over her chest. "Ok two pieces of shrapnel, one is still inside you and caught on your rib. I can take it out, but it won't be comfy."
[17:46] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "alright, well, just get it out before it moves. I saw a movie where someone took an arrow in that area and it killed him" she states, shaking her head, Kingdom of Heaven was an excellent movie though
[17:49] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) frowns as the camera zooms in, no doubt getting a side boob shot of the Protectorate Chief. "Don't worry, it's still a good inch from anything vital. Dare I ask what happened?" she asks, getting an antiseptic spray and her instruments.
[17:50] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "bomb defusal. Didn't want to wait for a bomb squad and it required fine motor skills not possible in power armor. I managed to get the device a safe distance away and though I was out of the blast range when it detonated. Apparently I was wrong"
[17:54] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) nods "Yes, a small explosive can hurl debris up to an eighth of a mile away. You're quite lucky." She takes a pair of forceps and sprays a liberal amount of antiseptic on the wound. "This will sting a bit." she says, after the fact.
[17:55] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) groans at the sting and nods "yeah, just get it through" she'd been fixed up in the field before in conditions far worse than this and with hands far less steady...or clean. She kept a smile on her face even though she was gnashing her teeth
[17:58] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) the cameraman does zooms tight on the wound as the soundwoman quickly pulls on a minicam to get the women's faces. The image of Narelle's steady hands moving toward the wound, her eyes fixed on the scanner.
[18:00] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at the camera with a rather annoyed, but otherwise patient expression. She was hoping the delay wasn't for dramatic effect. But then, maybe it was better it was someone else taking it out and not her jerking it and causing damage
[18:04] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) "Okay, here we go." Narelles says in a light tone, as if she'd done this a million times. The camera light reflects of the stainless steel as it slides into the wound. For the show, she begins. "I'm going to remove the exterior piece first. It'd in plain view and I get the bleeding controlled before I remove the buried fragment." She pulls the metal out quickly, dropping everything into a basin. She doesn't wait to see if it hits as she presses blood coagulant onto the gash
[18:06] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) jerks at the sudden pulling of the shard out, thinking she could have done that herself. Then the coagulant comes and she knows she didn't have any of that lying around. The free hand that wasn't raised in the air was gripping the bed frame's post as she tried to hold still
[18:13] Clarity comes in and peeks around the corner "Hey Glacier, you awake?"
[18:13] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) examines the wound, then holds it together and applies a spray sealer. She thinks of how this would have helped her in her old world after her second surgery. "Good, you took that like you've done it before." she compliments. The camera zooms on Narelle's hands as they work. She finishes, applies more antiseptic and a new instrument. "This one will be tricky. It's caught on the fifth rib."
[18:14] ArielleLogan opens her eyes. "Aside from being in fucking traction because of the god damned fucking Protecorate goons. I'm just fucking peachy."
[18:14] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "usually with artillery fire all around" she states and then nods "well, as long as you don't have to cut me open, I trust your handiwork" she states as she tried to resist looking at the cameras that were all around her
[18:15] Clarity steps in and nods "Well, I made sure the news got the full story on how you were treated there... so if it's any consolation, you're gonna be a PR nightmare to them"
[18:16] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) focuses on the scanner as the superthin graspers enter the wound. "Deep breath, hold it and don't move"
[18:17] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods, taking a deep breath and holding it in, waiting as Narelle worked on her wound
[18:17] ArielleLogan "Gee I'm so happy. Thank you for the heartwaming news." she says sarcastically
[18:18] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) slips inside, gently edging the probe inside. Clamping them on the fragment, she twists very gently, freeing it from her rib and pulling it out smoothly and quickly. "There, good job." she beams
[18:19] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) watches in a bit of pain as that all goes by quickly and smoothly "yeah, you made that look easy" she states with a laugh
[18:19] Clarity laughs a bit "Well, at least your sense of humor survived. Did they give you an estimate how long you'll be stuck in here?"
[18:21] ArielleLogan shakes her head "The quack said I'd be in traction till my spine decompresses. A few hours, maybe a day. I feel like I'm in a fucking bondage machine."
[18:23] Clarity nods "Well, if it's a day at most then at least you're getting close. No hassles from the police since you got here, right?"
[18:23] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) inserts a slim camera to check for internal bleeding and injuries she may have missed. The cameraman thinks that will look killer on TV. "That's why they pay me the big money. How do you feel?"
[18:24] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) laughs "like I just got shrapnel removed. But I don't feel like I have shrapnel to be removed" she says with a smile "may need to sit down though. Feeling a bit winded"
[18:25] ArielleLogan laughs, then winces as her ribs throb. "Are you kidding me? It's light. Cockroaches are afraid of that. And besides, too many witnesses."
[18:27] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) motions her to the bed. "Ok, sit down while I close. I'll start an IV and get you topped off." and starts to work as a nurse comes in to start the IV. She smiles at the cameraman.
[18:27] Clarity chuckles "Didn't expect so, but then, wouldn't have expected this to begin with, so better to play it safe. Hopefully by morning they'll be ready to release you. I'll need some private meetings to start planning your defense, and I'm sure your employer is eager to speak with you too"
[18:27] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods, moving to take a seat, there being quite a bit of blood for the camera to see as she shakes her head and takes a seat on the bed, nodding to the nurse as she came in
[18:30] ArielleLogan almost laughs "Employer? I'm freelance sweety.. I heard there was some fun at the Casino. I showed up at the meeting place. They gave me some bombs, a pat on the ass and said have fun. I hung around long enough to get my 5 mill, hell, I don't even know the guy's name."
[18:33] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) watches the nurse start the IV. "Get some vitals and watch her." she orders, "And give her 2 cc's Dilaudid."
[18:33] Clarity smiles "Well, we'll go over all of that at my offices, where confidentiality will be totally secure. Anything I can do for you to make the rest of your time here easier? Can smuggle in some food that doesn't suck or something"
[18:34] ArielleLogan smirks. "Naah, have a hot orderly taking care of that. Guess he likes the crazy ones."
[18:35] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods "thanks, nurse" she states, relaxing as the woman takes care of the IV. The latex was already ripped, so she ripped another spot for the needle, wanting to keep her clothing on at least until the cameras left
[18:36] Clarity grins "Some of them do go for the dangerous types. Guess you're doing about as well as can be expected for now" moving to the medical charts at the foot of the bed, pulling out a camera and starting to photograph them all
[18:38] ArielleLogan "Hey make sure you get an upskirt shot, the jury will love it." she winks
[18:39] Clarity laughs and snaps one "Maybe for the private collection instead..."
[18:39] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) "Nice job, Tiffany. Thanks and give our meta her sedative. sounds like she's getting restless." The nurse smiles at everyone and makes her exit, giving the camera an extra butt shake.
[18:40] ArielleLogan looks her lawyer up and down. "Good, you're cute enough." and then sees the nurse walk out and go to the medicine tray
[18:41] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods, relaxing with the drugs and watching Narelle walk out with a nod "could've been worse" she mutters
[18:43] Clarity winks "Well, you'll be cuter when you aren't strapped into that device..." finishing up her photos of the charts and setting them back into the slot
[18:44] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) hears the crew following her like puppies as she leaves with the nurse. She texts an orderly to watch the Chief till the IV is done. She looks toward the recovery bay as the nurse draws the injection
[18:45] ArielleLogan grins "The orderly looked like he was into kink."
[18:45] Clarity laughs "Me too... but I'd find more creative devices"
[18:46] ArielleLogan bites her lip as she looks the girl slowly over from head to toe. "Hmm, maybe I can take you up on that."
[18:47] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, waiting calmly as the IV dripped down, feeling a bit better as the drugs took effect
[18:48] Clarity nods "Well, I'm sure our discussions can include a few business lunches to discuss other topics..." giving a little grin, then turning to the new arrival "Are you here to see a patient?"
[18:48] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) "If you need anything, Chief. Let me know." she calls over her shoulder.
[18:49] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks, deciding not to call out for some of dat Narelle ass while the place was so crowded with cameras
[18:50] ArielleLogan "Hey Quackers, more happy juice?" she calls out to Narelle and then frowns. "Hey, no cameras. How long have they been here? If you have hidden cameras I'll wreck this place!"
[18:53] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) quickly waves them back. "No hidden cameras, I swear. How are you feeling?" she asks, filling her voice with warmth. She didn't see the cameraman zooming in on them while the soundwoman switched to a directional mike.
[18:53] Clarity smiles at the doctor and steps aside a bit to let her work
[18:54] ArielleLogan "Like an extra in a snuff film, doc."
[18:57] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) looks at her chart as the other woman moves clear. "No one's going to snuff you here." she takes the syringe from the nurse and injects it into the IV line. "Your spine is starting to stretch. That's a good sign." she steps to the foot of her bed and ran her nails on Arielle's feet "Did you feel that?"
[19:05] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) "Good, that's very good Glacier. Now relax and we'll take care of her. The ativan hit the girl hard, as she planned. Having a psychopathic meta in her ward scared her. Seeing she was secure, she turned to her visitor. "Dr. Narelle Leia, you are?" she asks, her hand extended.
[19:29] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) smiles and closes the door. "The psychotic meta is sedated. It's ok now." She looks at the IV. "Good almost done. How are you feeling?"
[19:30] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) laughs "is she out there?" shakes her head "Oh, I'm feeling peachy. In need of stronger outfits, but doin just fine otherwise, thanks"
[19:33] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) nods and begins to take if out "I want you to take the night off and rest. I'm going to give you a script for 2 antibiotics and a pain med. If you feel at all unwell, come see me." she holds a cotton ball over the injection site and tapes it down
[19:34] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods "sounds good, doc" she states with a smile "thanks"
[19:36] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) checks her over, then writes the scripts. "By the way, do you have anything that will suppress meta's powers? I don't want to keep her drugged up all the time."
[19:36] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head "nope. Only thing I can think of is a very powerful drug. As for power suppression...the Protectorate doesn't exactly go in for that"
[19:37] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) bites her tongue, thinking of what's going on in the lab. "Maybe we should?"
[19:40] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) blinks "I mean, it wouldn't hurt to consider. Are you...saying that for a reason?" smirks
[19:41] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) hates lying, but she shakes her head. "Just thinking out loud."
[19:41] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks and nods, not believing for a second but not pushing "uh huh..." she says sarcastically
[19:43] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) hands over the scripts. "Believe what you want, Chief."
[19:46] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks and takes the scripts "I will" she laughs "thanks"
[19:46] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) opens the door. "Take care.
[19:47] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods, heading out "you too"
The camera focuses on Narelle's face. It's clear she's thinking about something.
Fades to the Credits
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