The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio: Simon Mathew and Condiment Kid

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The Lois Ryan Lee Show- Talk Radio: Simon Mathew and Condiment Kid

Post by Lois » Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:07 pm

The subtext of the video once loaded online reads:

"Lois sits down with the CEO of Banshee Incorporated. See the solid truth that causes the CEO to STORM OUT!"


[11:54] Lois Ryan Lee looks at a sign that counts down, smirks some at the flattery. 3. 2. 1. "Good evening, Celestial City, I am Lois Ryan Lee and this is The Lois Ryan Lee Show, #1 source for conservative talk radio. Today's guest is Simon Mathews, entrepreneur and CEO of Banshee Incorporated. Recently he has sponsored yet another private meta-human team. Would you mind telling the folks a bit about yourself?"

[11:57] Simon Mathews *He nods* "Certainly... Don't let my appearance fool you I am much older then I look. I have started Banshee Inc with my own hard worked money and built it over time.... I also believe in second chances one of the reasons my body guard Mr. Kid is with me today... I have read the reports of what he had done... So I decided to pay for his crimes and rehabilitate him like many others as well as give him a job at my company." *Turns over to CK* "Do you have anything you want to say to the nice men and women that are going to hear us today."

[11:59] Condiment kid: blinks at the unexpected chance to speak."Somehow I don't believe I'm sorry will make up for what I've done..."

[12:01] Lois Ryan Lee looks to the bodyguard and quirks her brow. "So yet another criminal under your care Mr. Mathews. I believe that you have the Spider Punisher in your employ as well. Is it really that hard to find upstanding citizens to work with or is it just cheaper to buy criminals out of prison?"

[12:04] Simon Mathews *He nods* "Thats ok Mr. Kid with my help you can rest assure your ledger will be wiped off all the red in it." *He says as he turns back to Lee* "Spider-Punisher is a different circumstance... He was created and used in this city without my knowledge thanks to the deceased Dr. Leslie Masamune... When I found out... I took it upon myself to take B.R.E.A.C.H. under my care with all of Masamune's research. To make sure incidents like what happened before will be avoided." *He smirks hearing her* "I do have upstanding citizens who work for me too.... But I am stating a message here... Everyone makes mistakes... No one is perfect... Last one who was was nailed on a cross way before celestial city's time.... I am here to help show the world what they viewed as criminals were just people like you and me that went down the wrong path. And lead them on the right one..... Is that so wrong... To believe people deserve second chances Ms. Lee?"

[12:09] Lois Ryan Lee: "Depends on the crimes. What happens between God and Spider Punisher is their own business, but what happens between the state and a serial killer is everyone's business. There is a man who you can just walk up to, give a command word, and tell to murder people on your whim. That is -exceptionally- dangerous regardless of whether he is doing it willfully or not."

[12:11] Simon Mathews *He nods* "Yes the kill code Masamune put in Spider-Punisher's head. A fail safe to strip the man of his will... Funny how last time I heard you talk with him about it you didn't believe his stroy.... I'm working with the boys and girls back at the lab to try and remove that code from him." *He turns back to CK* "Why don't you tell the nice lady what I did for you after introducing you to my head scientist Dr. White."

[12:13] Lois Ryan Lee shrugs at that. "I misspoke a bit. I'm not saying I necessarily believe it. I'm simply stating that even if what he says is true, he needs to be behind bars, not out in the open where anyone can figure out the code." She looks to Condiment Kid.

[12:14] Condiment kid: nods."He put something in my ear which helped straighten my brain out but due to someone else doing something to me, it took more.. drastic measures to repair the damage and it actually saved my life. I am now able to think clearly, and use my skills to help instead of hurt."

[12:17] Simon Mathews *He smirks* "I cured a man of his madness one of many inventions my Corporation has been working on... You see Ms. Lee I intend to one day truly make this world a better place... Adopt all the orphans on the ship in space above us... Cure people of all forms of illness... Even cancer... Donate as much as I can to prove this city can be a safe place for people to live in without the need of criminals continuing to threatening our homes... Mr. Kid here is no longer a criminal... Spider-Punisher is no longer a serial killer...I cured them of their demons... As I hope to do many others who went down dark paths."

[12:17] Lois Ryan Lee sighs. "So lets hear it Mr...?" She looks to Condiment. "I suppose there is some sob story and excuse for the crimes you've committed to. You know there sure are a lot of excuses in this city and not a lot of personal responsibility."

[12:19] Condiment kid: shakes his head."No sob story. I was not in my right mind but I still take responsibility for my actions. I am hoping to make up for what I have done and those i have hurt."

[12:21] Simon Mathews "Not everyone has a sob story...... But speaking of stories.... Tell me about yourself Ms. Less... Why is a such of woman with grace and elegance like yourself on a mere talk show... Why do your fans only hear your voice but can not see the lovely woman who that voice belongs too for their own eyes to witness."

[12:23] Lois Ryan Lee nods. "So his entire sanity is contingent on what happens with a small device on his ear?" She then looks to Simon. "I do believe this is an interview of you and your compatriot not of me. My information is completely online. I also have TV show as well. I'm surprised you didn't bother to watch it."

[12:25] Condiment kid: shakes his head."No," AS he turned his head to show that there is no ear piece."Another process was done and it repaired my mind to the best of my knowledge."

[12:27] Simon Mathews *He flashes her a charming smile* "Sadly I was busy with many things involving my original Banshee Inc. tower over in the farmlands outside of Pae's reach... So alas I was unaware of many things... Though seeing you now... I may have to watch your tv show when I have free time on my hands."

[12:31] Lois Ryan Lee keeps her expression neutral at the moment. "So you just, go around redeeming criminals? Can there be redemption when someone hasn't served their time behind bars? It's easy to say all these things when they've have basically 0 punishment for their crimes. How is any of this -justice-?"

[12:32] Condiment kid: blinks as he seems to hear something. quickly shaking his head. He decides to keep quiet while watching.

[12:33] Lois Ryan Lee quirks her brows as Condiment shakes his head. "Did I say something you disagree with, Mr. Kid? Perhaps you would like to share?"

[12:34] Simon Mathews "How is there any justice... When one buys another out of their crimes they become the owner to said person with criminal activity... Banshee Inc,,,," *He stops as he noticed from his peripheral vision CK shook his head.* "Hmm..." *He looks at CK* "Are you ok Mr. Kid?" *He asks trying to make sure what he and Dr. White did to CK did not get undone in some way.*

[12:36] Condiment kid: blinks behind his goggles."Yes, er no.. I am fine." He pauses a moment before looking at Lois."I believe Justice is the punishment fit the crime and if the guilty party has a chance to become a contributing member of society, wouldn't it be just to allow that person to learn from their mistakes and become a better person. wouldn't that be breast, er best."

[12:39] Lois Ryan Lee: "Look, it can't be both ways. Either this buy out program is slavery, which is terrible, or its a road to redemption, which is unjust. Which it is Mr. Kid, Mr. Simon."

[12:39] Simon Mathews *raises an eyebrow at CK* "Riiiiight...." *He says turning his attention back to Lee* "Anyways Ms. Lee you heard it yourself.... I am trying to make the guilty make amends for their crimes by contributing to the city..... Justice is dished out in many ways. My way seems to be beneficial for both parties... Keeping everyone happy." *He says as he looks back to CK*. "Mr. Kid why don't you go out and get yourself some water... You look... Uneasy."
[12:41] Condiment kid: nods."Yes, that would be best." He walks towards the door where he begins muttering. "Gavina, Gavina, Gavina." Over and over.

[12:41] Lois Ryan Lee: "Sir, how is buying criminals to be slaves for your private army redeeming them? Sounds like something a wannabe dictator would do."

[12:44] Simon Mathews *he looks at her and sighs when CK is out of the room* "How is it slavery... I offer them jobs, pay them very nice salaries... Most of the people who work for me are happy where they are... Why I may have bought them out of prison... They chose to work for me to make up for their mistakes instead of risking going back... Everyone is treated as an equal in my company... Once Mr. Kid's dept is no longer a factor he can choose to stay or go if he wishes... I'm simply providing him and others like him an insurance policy to let their gifts be beneficial rather then be cursed."

[12:45] Condiment kid: leans against the wall as the issue soon begins to fade. his hand going to rub his forehead. HIs brain putting things together, and he begins standing up straight.

[12:48] Lois Ryan Lee smirks seeming to have gotten what she wanted. "So you admit you're just taking these criminals out of prison where they belong, where they are suppose to be being punished for their crimes, give them nice high paying jobs that good honest folks who have never been to prison don't get and then if they decided not to, they can just... walk away? Be free without finishing their sentence? I don't suppose the desperate house wife who steals some bread gets that same treatment? Apparently you need superpowers to get out jail free in this city. Is that Right Mr. Mathews?"

[12:57] Simon Mathews *He frowns at her as he noticed her becoming judgment* "As I said everyone is treated equal.... You seem to keep thinking I just buy out criminals.... Mr. Kid was bought out to be used for good. I read his report the boy very well used mind. He's a scientist much like anyone else who works for my science division. While you view on the negativity know this... I donate sponsorships to former tv and radiohosts like yourself same for sports. I give away grants to the kids in college around the outskirts of the city.... The every man name Joe or the every woman Sally could walk up to my door and if they are serious about wanting to make a difference.... Clearly though I was mistake to get an interview with you as you focus on only the bad." *He sighs as he begins to rise to his feet.* "Clearly this was a mistake I should have double check to see if you were truly an interviewer or the head of a biased hate group." *He fixes his tie* "Next time I'll go to the other one who actually has her talk show here at
[12:57] Simon Mathews firefly media on television with no complications... Good day Ms. Lee." *Simon would say as he makes his way for the door.*

[12:57] Condiment kid: steels himself and walks back in. Stopping at the door seeing Simon."Shall we go?"

[13:02] Simon Mathews "To my office then Mr. Kid." *He says waving to the woman at the desk as he and CK begin to leave the building and return back to the Banshee Incorporated Tower across the street.*

[13:02] Lois Ryan Lee: "The truth hurts, Mr. Simon... Donating to good causes doesn't excuse harboring a serial killer." she says as he walks out. "I believe that is all we have for the evening since our guest was unwilling to discuss his operation further. Thank you for listening and have a good evening patriots."

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