Executive Decision

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Executive Decision

Post by Timberwulff » Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:19 pm

Timber looks at the camera.

"Ladies and gentlemen I come to you with an executive order... Every Tuesday shall now be Lasagna tuesday... Tacos get too much credit on Tuesdays. " He paused and smirks.

"I'm kidding, actually I am hereby abolishing the slave auctions and at this point I have a team going through and finding those unjustly put to auction, they will be released back to their families. I am not going to lie this is going to take a bit of time to go through each person and find this out but it will be done. If they are employed for a company in indentured servitude they will be treated fairly , gain a skill and hopefully become an upstanding member of society. HEre is how it works.

Timber pauses a moment.

If you go out and do damage to Pae building or firefly media, now this is without lives taken you will be working to repair the damage done... as a matter of fact, I believe Miss Alicia Frakture did some destruction to the school upon her capture if she is unable to pay her fine she is sentenced to work for the school in a capacity that benefits them until such time as her debt to society is paid off. This is real work, carrying things doing repairs. There are no more prisoners turned into sex workers and we will be looking in to that, and releasing any that are found to have been coerced into sex work under duress or as part of a prisoner auction."

Timber holds up a chart for what eh says next.

"As it stands all prisoners told they would be auctioned have been told otherwise. Since it has been a while since the auction anyone waiting for auction past their actual sentence has been released. Now we will be going through the paper work. those arrested for not having a license will be released as well as all non violent drug users, however the violent criminals bank robbers, murderers, rapists will serve their time in one capacity or another. either behind bars or working for the city to keep it safe and clean, especially safe.

I have already made changes in teh protectorate and those who work for the protectorate we will be installing an internal affairs team to keep them in check. there will be more on the new system as everything settles in to place. "

Timber paused a moment

"Also I would like to schedule teh mayoral debate for two weeks from now with the election two weeks after that. the city has never had a solid electoral schedule and I think moving quickly will help bring out a better voter turnout. Thank you and good night."

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