Celestial Stargazing - Son Tseng

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Celestial Stargazing - Son Tseng

Post by Chyleste » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:58 pm

[15:28] Lexus Regal walks into the studio, ignoring the greetings of the receptionists. She strides up to the producer and grabs for the papers in his hand. "Cody. I hope that you got someone interesting for my show tonight. The last guests were like so boring." She looks over the papers cluelessly trying to figure out what all it says. "Ugh. Like really? A mayor candidate? Politics are like so fucking boring. OMG can't you get someone hot and sexy? I mean like we got like a whole like city of hot heroes and you want me to interview a politic guy? Ugh. Well maybe he will at least be rich or something." She waves off the make up girl and goes over to sit on the stool for the show. The blond looks around impatiently. "Well? So like where is this guy? I just wanna like get this over with. You know Van Dyne's has a sale going on like right now. I could be going out to a party or something. Damn Cody. I fucking swear, you book more boring shows all the damn time."

[15:37] Son Tseng would walk in and be ushered into the studio by one of the staffers he would take a look around in amazement at everything not really being on a set or anything like it before. "Ahh hello!" he would say when he saw Lexus. "I'm Son Tseng, I guess we are having an interview today." he would fidget a little nervously. before moving toward the seat next to Lexus. "Here right?" he would pause. "My head of security should be along shortly as well."

[15:41] Lexus Regal looks the man up and down. She smiles brightly and nods. The blond reaches out and pats the stool beside her, moving it a bit closer. She licks along her lower lip as she speaks in a voice dripping with honey. "Uh-huh. So, like you're running for president? I expected like an old fat guy or something. This is nice." She looks over and grins at Cody.

[15:44] Son Tseng nods taking a seat "Thank you, and Mayor, not president. We at this time are but one city." he would check his phone briefly. "Well I guess she isn't going to make it after all." he would shake his head sighing a bit and then would smile and look at Lexus. "Are we on already or?"

[15:48] Lexus Regal giggles softly as she shakes her head. "No not yet. I will introduce the show and then like ask you questions and stuff. So like read? Okay so here we go." She looks over at Cody and makes a motion with her hand. The music plays and the lights go up. Lexus blows kisses to the camera and waves around the studio with a well practiced charm, "Hello, Hello, Hello my lovelies! Welcome to another episode of Celestial Stargazing staring Lexus Regal. It is me once again bringing you the hottest guests in the city. Tonight we are going to talk about the future of the city. My guest is running for major of the city. Welcome, Samsung!" She claps excitedly and wiggles as she smiles over at her guest.

[15:50] Son Tseng clears his throat. "It's Son Tseng and a pleasure to be here Lexus thank you for inviting me onto your show." He would smile warmly.

[15:52] Lexus Regal nods as she looks at him with her sparkling blue eyes. She shifts a bit in her seat as she shuffles through the cards. "Okay, yeah, like so let's get right into things. So like, uh, you're running for major, um what changes do you have in mind for the city?"

[15:58] Son Tseng nods "Well right now the way things are the city is in a bad place the civilians are in constant danger. And that's not something as a hero and over all decent human being can abide by. There have been several times now where an issue came up and that my first priority was making sure the citizens were safe. Because that's what this is all about them. I plan to be a mayor for the people by the people. So one of my main things is handled how criminals are treated and their due process. I want to reinstate a judicial system so that anyone charged with anything will have the right to a fair trial. Next I want to look at making a reinforced prison that can hold even the most dangerous Metahumans. There are a lot of laws that need to be looked over and updated. I was appalled when I got her and heard of the slave auctions and what they were being used for even if they are criminals they are still human beings and deserve even the most basic rights afforded to them. I do have more in mind this is just the tip o
[15:58] Son Tseng the iceberg. My main focus will be finding a way to make the city safe for normal and meta humans alike." he would pause to let Lexus speak again

[16:01] Lexus Regal starts to nod along as if she is paying attention but quickly her eyes kind of glaze over. She rests her chin in her hand and stares at Son as he talks. When he finishes she blinks and then smiles. "Oh yeah. That is like great and all. So like you are going to be giving tax breaks and stuff to help people? Can you like get rid of the homeless? You know I had some damn bum try to steal my car while I was at the spa! Can you like believe it? He smelled like old pee too. It was disgusting. I mean like ew."

[16:06] Son Tseng smiles listening to her he would do a small motion with his hand "Well I can look at what currently is the on going taxes and see what I can do about that I can make no promises but I do plan on going over the cities budget and seeing what can be allocated where. Which goes into the second part of that question. I am looking at putting up a homeless shelter to get them off the streets, a place to shower, sleep, eat. and then work on rehabilitation and back into the work force. Poverty is a major issue, and I want to look at doing what I can to help those in need. Though I am very sorry to hear that you got attacked like that. It is a perfect example of how this city is dangerous and needs help being safe for all."

[16:09] Lexus Regal nods with a smile. "Yeah we need to get rid of the smelly bums. Make them like go away or something. They bring the city down. I mean like ugh. Can't you just like bathe or something? I don't know why they are allowed in the city." She glances at Cody and makes a face. "Yeah so like anyway, more questions about you. Have you picked a first lady? You're not married are you?"

[16:17] Son Tseng smiles "Well, we can't just make them go away, that is why the shelter would come in handy and be able to help them become functioning members of socitey." he would pause. "While not married yet, I do happen to have someone very special too me. Her name is Eva. Now for as how we met it's actually a cute store. I had been flying around the city patrolling to make sure that no one was doing wrong, I occasionally make sweeps through the ruins and that's when I saw her in trouble and under attack. So I did what any decent human being would do and swooped in and saved her. I made sure after the altercation with the creature that was attacking her I made sure she got home safely. Fast forward a bit I go to the pawn shop she is running. We talk we share a meal. Someone comes into the shop shortly after we finished eating so we went and attended to the customer. Though the entire time we were cooking and and eating we had been kind of doing this dance. There was a conversation with the customer. That made me real
[16:17] Son Tseng something things. I asked her out and we started our relationship from there. It is fairly new but I do have high hopes. She is someone very special to me."

[16:21] Lexus Regal nods slowly and then starts to tune out as he begins his story. She looks over at the producer and rolls her eyes. Cody makes a motion toward the celebrity and she glares at him. Just as Son finishes talking, the blond turns back and sits up a bit more. "Yeah okay, that's like all sweet and stuff. So like um, how do you feel about like the metahumans? Are you going to like actually give out the keys to to city when Superstar and Sushi save the world? You know they got ripped off that last time. I think the good heroes need like parades and stuff."

[16:27] Son Tseng nods "I am going to give out accolades where they are due. As far as metahumans go as long they don't cause destruction or do wrong I have no issues. I am what everyone would call a Metahuman myself. I just urge those with power to be decent human beings and do the right thing. Having power is a responsibility not a right or gift. It is on us to hold our own to higher standards. I also feel no metahuman should be above the law."

[16:30] Lexus Regal shrugs and then nods. "Oh yeah, like of course. Anyone knows that. I think that you should like fine the metahumans that have ugly costumes. Like a bad fashion tax. There are so many with just like blah dark armor and ugly clothes. There is no excuse for that. We need to like make the city beautiful."

[16:33] Son Tseng chuckles a bit "Not sure that would be a just use of the mayoral power. I myself don't don a mask and cloak I am what you see is what you get. I believe in transparency. I feel heroes who hide their identity have more to lose than those who don't. They are also always distracted by the thought that they may get outted as a hero."

[16:36] Lexus Regal wrinkles her nose. "But heroes need to set an example and look good. That is like really important. You don't want some raggy looking slump running around the city." She looks over at Cody and rolls her eyes again. He mouths 'keep going' and she sticks her tongue out at the producer. "Yeah so like anyway, how are you going to get rid of the crime? Like you don't seem to have any plans for the other problems in the city."

[16:40] Son Tseng smiles "Well I did mention earlier about reinstating a judicial system where anyone charged of a crime is given a fair and just trial. I am also wanting to look into creating a prison that can hold even the most dangerous metahumans. Right now we have the wardens and the Protectorate. I plan to still have them in effect but they will no longer be judge jury and executioner to say. They will function as how the police used to. I do also want to work on a plan where the less dangerous metahumans are able to work and aid the city to pay back their debt to society. And no sex is not a viable way to pay back the city nor is unfair contracts where the criminals are stripped of all human rights and treated like breeding animals for whoever has the most money."

[16:44] Lexus Regal shrugs "Well, yeah I mean we already got like judges and stuff and a jail but there are still bums stealing cars and stuff. Things were getting better for a while before the last mayor before Temper took over." She shrugs and glances at the clock. "So uh, like do you got anything to say to all my fans before the show ends?"

[16:48] Son Tseng nods "Well, again, rehabilitation for those on the streets so they are not longer an issue." he would pause. "So as of last words. Please remember who you vote for is important. While yes I would like to win this election and help the city out there are two candidate's who worry me. That insect Nymphaedra that wants to enslave everyone and Lady N. Who admitted herself to being a leader of a criminal organization of metahumans. Please think and consider who you vote in as Mayor. Do you research listen to what each candidate says."

[16:51] Lexus Regal starts clapping even before he finishes speaking. She waves to the camera and blows a kiss. "You heard it here, my lovelies. Make sure to pay attention and vote for the candidate that will improve the city. We need to make things better! Join me on my next show when I will have another very special guest for you!" The music starts to play and the blond gets up and starts to walk around the desk. She glances back at Son. "Uh, thanks. good luck on being major."

[16:54] Son Tseng nods getting up as well. "It was a pleasure meeting you. And thank you again for letting me come onto the show." he would go to leave unless he was stopped.

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