Celestial Stargazing staring Lexus Regal

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Celestial Stargazing staring Lexus Regal

Post by Chyleste » Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:36 pm

[11:42] Galaxia enters the building prepared to meet with this Lexus person who asked her to come by an conduct some kind of conversation that is to be sent out to the city
[11:46] Lexus Regal is sitting in the studio with several make up artists working on her. The blond seems annoyed by them and is barking out orders. As Galaxia arrives one of the producers comes out to greet her and lead her into the studio. As Lexus sees the heroine, she jumps up excitedly and pushes the make up people out of the way. She hurries over and holds out her arms in an attempt for a hug. "Hello Hello Hello Galaxian! I am so happy you got the message. This is going to be just peachy! It is such an honor for you to be on the number one show in Celestial City. Do you need make up? Oh no you are already beautiful. Come come sit."
[11:50] Galaxia smiles to the producer and nods at the greeting. She hears a squeal and turns to see Lexus offering a hug. SHe obliges and opens her arms in return 'Thank you for the invitation Miss Regal. It's Galaxia, by the way not Galaxian." she smiles warmly and takes a seat looking around then turning her attention to Lexus
[11:53] Lexus Regal leans in for a Hollywood hug and then smiles brightly. She nods quickly. "Oh I am sorry. The producer~ Cody~ can't spell things right. Please call me Lexus. I am so happy to have you here. Do you need a drink or anything before we begin? I am sorry that this show does not have a studio audience. Cody screwed that up so now we can't have one for a while." She shoots a death glare at a poor young man off camera. "So anyway, are you ready? Everyone is going to be so excited when I introduce our city's newest glamorous protector."
[11:58] Galaxia smiles warmly "I do not really require drink or food, but thank you though. It has been my experience that a live audience with a powered being nearby, leads to hostage situations. So it is probably best that there are no such temptations here today." She flashes a warm inviting smile when called glamorous protector "I am ready when you are Lexus." She gets comfortable on the stool.
[12:06] Lexus Regal smiles and reaches forward softly patting Galaxia's knee. "Don't worry about any threats, sweetie. I have a feeling there is a super hero closer than you think." She turns and her sweet voice changes to an annoyed tone. "Are you ready Cody? We cannot keep this heroine waiting. She is important, unlike a little camera boy. We're ready? Okay good. Let's wow my fans!" Cody sighs and gives a finger count down. The lights come up, all directed on Lexus for some unsurprising reason. The short haired blond flashes a smile and blows kisses to the cameras as pre-recorded cheers and applause are played. She takes a bow and then sits down. "Hello to all my fans! It is me again, the one and only Lexus Regal. Ladies I hope your men are wearing bibs because for the rest of this show I am sure they will be drooling like never before." She makes a mock pouty face. "Sorry girls. I can't help driving them wild." She laughs and then shoots an annoyed look at Cody as the producer makes a motion to get the show
[12:06] Lexus Regal: started. "I AM Cody. Gosh, just let me do this." She huffs and then turns toward Galaxia. "I bet you all are wondering who is that pretty girl here with me. Well, Celestial City, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the newest hero of the city, Galaxy! She has already started making a name for herself when she helped the legendary heroine, Superstar stop the army of a thousand robots that were going to destroy...that one building the other day. So let's give a warm welcome to Galaxus!" She smiles brightly at the caped blond.
[12:13] Galaxia smiles and waves as she is introduced. "Yes, Superstar was certainly there at the video store I believe it was. The name is Galaxia, dear. Not Galaxus nor Galaxy. I would hate to misinform the public." She smiles and nods to Lexus. "Thank you for having me. I have not really had much time to get to know this planet. I had no idea you were so popular here."
[12:20] Lexus Regal nods along with Galaxia's words. When the heroine corrects her name, it is obvious to see Lexus mouthing the name repeating it over and over silently as if trying to remember. She keeps nodding until it is her time to talk again. "Oh yes. I have legions of fans. All the men want to see me and the women want to be me. Well, actually a lot of the women want to be with me too." She giggles and give the camera a wink. "I am open minded for that kind of thing too. There are some sexy girls out there that I might consider a date for a night." She seems to forget about her guest and turns to the people offstage. "Hey Cody, why don't we do a contest to win a date with me? Oh yes that can be fun! What? Oh shut up. I am trying to make this show better. Yes I know she is right there. Maybe she would want to enter the contest. Okay okay just shut up!" She turns back to Galaxia " Sorry about that. Cody is so unprofessional. Did you say you are from another planet? From like Mars?"
[12:26] Galaxia lets out a warm laugh at the antics of Lexus. She sits silently and smiles as Lexus goes off about a dating show. "I must say, a dating show with me in it would probably not be fair to the other contestants due to some of my abilities, as you would call them. Channeling the Goddess Venus would turn most into drooling puddles." She teasingly smiles "I did say I am not from your planet yes, in fact I am certain I am not even from this universe. The Earth I know in my world, and the one here seem completely different. I am not sure what happened. Though I have managed to gather that I am not the only one who this has happened to."
[12:31] Lexus Regal blinks a bit confused about the talk of other universes and everything. She nods as if she understands. "Oh so like Earth but not Earth. I gotcha. But you fly through space? Have you been to Mars? I always wanted to see one of those little green men. Do you think they are little all over? I mean I heard the probe people. Have they ever probed you? Was it hot?" Cody makes a noise off camera and Lexus turns and glares at him before turning back to her guest.
[12:36] Galaxia laughs "I have been to Mars along with all the other planets. I have met many different species. The Quasians on Pluto of all places by the way, have the best..probing devices. Trust me" she flashes a smile. "The martians however are focused more on fights than other more fun things."
[12:41] Lexus Regal nods again, clearly not following the conversation. "Oh that is interesting. So like, can you fly people to the moon and stuff? Can you take me up there? Just imagine Celestial Stargazing starring Lexus Regal--IN SPACE!" She turns to the poor guy off camera again. "Cody we need a space shuttle and a sexy space suit. Find me something that shows off my bum. Oh maybe with my sexy tummy showing. We need to target the Martian audience. And...what? No I am not ignoring her. We are TALKING Cody. Gosh you are so stupid. Just shut up. You are not in charge here." She huffs and turns back to Galaxia. "Anyway, you have to forgive Cody. He is so rude. So are you going to be helping Superstar and the others clean up the city? There are a lot of bad guys around here."
[12:46] Galaxia smiles having dealt with many rulers and diplomats in her universe who acted much the same way Lexus was. "While my presence here was certainly not planned. I do intend to make my presence known to the planets ruler and offer my services. It is the proper thing for a visitor to do when they have entered another territory afterall. I have read your news programs and times seem dire indeed. Perhaps I can offer my services to this Superstar as well."
[12:51] Lexus Regal smiles brightly. "Oh? You know, I would love to...umm...I am good friends with Superstar. I could introduce you sometime. She was teaming up with her BFF All-Star but i bet she would consider taking you as her sidekick. Your outfits do go together well. Oh maybe form a super team! That would be great! We can name them Superstar's Club!"
[12:56] Galaxia smiles "I do not object to helping others. It is my belief that those given power, are obligated to use it for the benefit of all species. I am unsure of anyones powers in this city but would love to work with others to protect this planet and verse."
[13:03] Lexus Regal nods as Galaxia speaks. She starts looking down and picks a string off her dress. Her gaze moves over to Galaxia's legs and up along her body. She tilts her head trying hard to concentrate. When Galaxia stops speaking, Lexus jumps in immediately. "Did you make your own costume? It is kinda cute. I could help you dress it up more. You will want to look chic when you hang out with me...I mean Superstar. You know the top designer of Celestial City designed her costume. That's me!" She beams and looks at the camera. "I should start a company as a fashion consultant for all the heroes out there. You heard it here first folks. Tired of the frumpy super heroes? Lexus Regal is here to save us all from trashy style. Oh I bet I can sell stuff through Vn Dyne's---" Cody makes another noise and Lexus turns and stands up. She stomps angrily and huffs at him. "Damnit Cody! I am talking about the guest. She has already said she wants to join Superstar's team! No you shut up! I am so sick of you Cody! I swear if you
[13:03] Lexus Regal: don't shut up I am going to tell everyone about that camera you have in Bonnie's dressing room!"
[13:09] Galaxia smiles, crossing and uncrossing her legs as she runs her hands down along her thighs "This suit was crafted for me yes. Looking at the other heroes I believe you call them. Looking at them I see most seem to have some kind of symbol. I would possibly be interested in adding such a thing if you could do that. Galaxia smiles at Lexus as she jumps on the poor man again. "I do believe your fans are more interested in you and your guest than they are at you yelling at that poor boy, dear."
[13:16] Lexus Regal pauses and turns back to Galaxia. She smiles warmly and seems to calm down a bit. She nods in agreement happy with that answer. "Oh...yeah. You know you are right. Cody is always trying to ruin my show because he is jealous. You have to forgive him. He only has his job because he is screwing the boss upstairs." She turns and points an angry finger at someone off camera. "Don't you dare edit that out. I can say screwing on TV. I have done it before." She calms and turns back to Galaxia. "You said something about wanting to meet with the leader of the city? I know her personally. I can introduce you if you want. We can make a whole day of it! We can go shopping and get a make over. There is a new spa that has opened. I think it is owned by some cheerleaders or something. Then we will fix up your costume and go meet the president. " She looks over at Cody again. "Yes I know we are running out of time. Fine." She looks back at Galaxia. "Looks like Cody has ruined another show by interrupting me
[13:16] Lexus Regal: ~AGAIN. Sorry about that. Is there anything else you would like to say to my fans out there?"
[13:18] Galaxia smiles and nods "I would greatly enjoy that oppurtunity. Would be nice to meet others that reside here. She laughs shaking her head as Lexus yells at cody again "No, you are the one who asked me here. Have you learned everything you wish to know? Short of flying you to the moon of course."
[13:23] Lexus Regal clasps her hands together between her breasts excitedly. "Oh you will fly me to the moon? Oh wow! Thank you so much." She turns to the cameras. "We are out of time my lovelies. Sorry we have to go. I know you all will be checking into rehab for your Lexus addiction until your next fix of me." She blows a kiss. "Thanks to my guest Gala...Ga...Galaxian...no wait, Galaxia! Yeah Thanks. Join us next show to see me again and I am sure I will have some guest too. Love you all!" The crowd noise plays again as the cameras are switched off. Lexus turns to Galaxia and smiles reaching for her hands. "You were great. I am sorry about Cody. I am happy you came to the show and the city. If you need anything at all give me a call. My cell number is 555-Lexus. Call anytime!"

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Re: Celestial Stargazing staring Lexus Regal

Post by Chyleste » Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:53 pm

(( If anyone wants to be a guest on the show contact Chy or her various alts. Don't expect a nice informative interview though. ))

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Re: Celestial Stargazing staring Lexus Regal

Post by Hannah DuMont » Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:22 pm

*Suki tunes through the channels bored until she comes across the show. She giggles watching "That blonde girl in charge is funny. Suki could sooo be on tv, and get a new window." Suki excitedly claps and writes down the phone number. She frowns "Dammit, now Suki has to go and find a phone." She flash steps out the boarded up window "Dammit, Suki forgot again."

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Re: Celestial Stargazing staring Lexus Regal

Post by LillianVickson » Thu Jan 21, 2016 6:56 pm

Lillian Vickson rolls her eyes at the Television, "Why are we watching this?"
Flo blinked awkwardly, wishing she was not holding the remote. "It looked informative."
Lil scoffed, "Not."

Flo pointed at the screen, "It's a new Meta! She seems rather powerful."
Lil huffed, "You can't shake a stick in this town without hitting a meta-human! I'm beginning to think you all outnumber..-" Lil turned to the screen as Lexus said something about Hero Style. "Oh, she is not getting anything like she's wearing into my store unless she can actually convince Janet and I don't see that happening!"
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