Celestial Stargazing--Suki

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Celestial Stargazing--Suki

Post by Chyleste » Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:22 pm

[12:32] Lexus Regal is annoyed as the make up people work quickly on her. "I hate being rushed. Who is this special guest anyway? It better be someone important like All-Star or someone."
[12:34] Suki flash steps into the room and trips on one of the cables tumbling and barreling into the the snack table with a loud crash "Suki is ok!" She shouts to to the stunned crowd as she looks around on her knees
[12:36] Lexus Regal jumps back knocking the make up people back as she lets out a loud scream. Lexus dives behind the counter and peeks over. "A-are we under attack? Someone help!"
[12:39] Suki uses her sword to get to her feet and notices the blonde girl from tv is hiding "Oh yay Suki made it. Suki watched your show and it looked so fun. Are we playing hide and seek? Suki loves games ." She claps excitedly and disappears, reappearing behind Lexus as she pokes her.; "Tag! TV lady is it!" Suki giggles and spins in a circle with her arms wide "Suki is hide and seek champion"
[12:42] Lexus Regal jumps from the poke and turns quickly, falling back against the counter. She stares wide eyed at the ninja girl. "Uhh..Hi? Oh so you are a fan? Umm...I am Lexus. What's your name again?"
[12:44] Suki giggles "Suki came to star with Lexus. Suki had trouble but found a phone and you gave out your number so here is Suki." She stands arms wide in a excited manner
[12:45] Lexus Regal blinks and puts her hand to her heart as she tries to calm down and regain her breath. She nods and smiles. "Oh okay. Uh that's great. I am sorry I have not heard of you before. Are you one of the heroes of the city?"
[12:47] Suki nods happily "Yep, Suki tried to stop extortion from bbq place, and she broke up a party, oh and she taught some girls respect. Suki is great hero."
[12:49] Lexus Regal lets out a nervous giggle but starts to calm down. She smiles and nods as she listens. "Oh okay awesome! Then welcome to my show. Do you want some make up before we start or anything?" She walks around to the seats and sits down checking her hair in a compact mirror.
[12:53] Suki shakes her head "No Suki came to be on tv, not do makeup." She hops onto the stool as it wobbles from her momentum and Suki tries unsuccessfully to regain balance as she falls over. "Suki meant to do that." Suki shakes her head and lifts the stool back up before taking a seat.
[12:54] Lexus Regal jumps up and gasps. She starts to offer her hand to help but Suki gets up quickly so Lexus withdraws her hand. "Are you okay hun?"
[12:56] Suki smiles happily "Suki is good. So is Suki on tv now?" Suki asks while looking into the camera and waving "Hi mom...oh wait Suki killed mom." She giggles scratching her head embarrassed
[12:58] Lexus Regal eases back on her seat and shakes her head. She blinks at Suki's words and makes a face but decides not to say anything. "Um no not yet hun. We have to wait for the cameras to come on and then I will introduce you. Are you ready?"
[13:00] Suki giggles "Suki is ready!" She throws her hands back excitedly and throws the stool off balance again. Suki struggles but gets the stool back under control and giggles "Um Suki is ready"
[13:04] Lexus Regal raises her eyebrows and tries not to giggle. She nods and turns to the camera waiting on the countdown. The spotlights come on, as usual pointed at Lexus and she starts her introduction, blowing kisses to the cameras. "Hello Hello Hello! Yes all my lucky lovelies it is me, your favorite hostess Lexus Regal! Welcome once again to Celestial Stargazing starring Lexus Regal. Today's guest is a new heroine in the city, the umm....impressiv--impression ...uh...really cool, Sushi! "
[13:08] Suki giggles and shouts "Run in fear Suki's here!" She looks Lexus "did you say we had sushi?" Suki claps and looks around. "Suki loooves sushi, at least she thinks she does. Oh wait, Suki likes to chop things into sushi thats it!" She yells excitedly "But now that you mention it Suki is really hungry, so it's a good thing you have sushi" she states nodding happily
[13:12] Lexus Regal again raises her eyebrows. She points over to the spilled catering table. "Well we did have sushi but you knocked it over when you came in. Any~way, let's get to the interview. My fans are curious to learn what you are all about. So I have heard you have already been making a name for yourself saving the barbecue place from an explosion. Tell me about that? Did you face some of the big bad super villains?"
[13:18] Suki looks sad "So Suki wont get to eat because the camera man broke the table?" Se looks angry and grips her sword but is distracted easily when asked about the restaurant. "Oh yes, Suki was at a bbq because some guy was trying to roast a kid and Suki was going to go. But then Suki was extorted by a waiter who demanded money from her." Suki nods trying to remember the events
[13:24] Lexus Regal reaches out to try and pat Suki's knee when the girl looks sad. Lexus pulls her hand back quickly and flinches as Suki grabs her sword. "Uh, we'll get you some more food." She looks over off camera. "Cody! Get Soupy some food! And hurry!" She looks back at Suki. "Gosh! They were going to cook a kid?! Oh that is horrible! I am so happy you saved him. They really wanted to charge you money for saving them? Damn how rude is that? I swear this city doesn't treat the heroes good enough. We should be getting free food and clothes and parades and everything!"
[13:29] Suki looks up excited "Soupy? Soup sounds good. Better than sushi really." Suki looks at Lexus and nods excitedly "You are giving Suki food, clothes and parades?" Suki claps and bounces excitedly "Sexus is the greatest person in all the city!" Suki shouts and throws herself backwards with her arms wide in excited manner as she looses balance and falls to the floor "Suki is good.!" she shouts
[13:32] Lexus Regal laughs and then shakes her head. "No I am saying that the city should be giving the heroes parties and--OH!" She jumps up as Suki falls over again. "Are you okay? Cody! Get her a better chair! I can't believe this is how you treat our guests. She obviously has great taste and is a huge fan of mine. She needs to be treated better I swear Cody you are always screwing things up!"
[13:35] Suki Suki gets to her feet and kicks the stool far away in a fit "Stupid chair make Suki look silly." She smiles and hugs Cody as he brings another chair "If this one falls Suki will feed you to Shi" she states with a cheerful smile and takes a seat "Suki's ready again" She smiles waving to the camera
[13:38] Lexus Regal watches glaring at Cody the whole time. "Yeah Cody. She will eat you if you screw up again and not the way you want it, you perv." She looks back at Suki. "I apologize for all this. Cody is such a wanker. So, have you teamed up with any of the other heroes in the city, like All-Star or Superstar or Galaxy, or Diamond Feelings? "
[13:41] Suki tilts her head "Suki hasn't teamed with..oh wait, Suki totally helped heroes fight a giant wasp. It was annoying and kept trying to sting but Suki got really spinny and dizzy with her tornado attack." She nods excitedly remembering the fight.
[13:43] Lexus Regal opens her eyes wide and nods as she listens. "a big wasp? Oh wow. That would be scary. So that is your powers? You can become a tornado like the Wizard of Oz? The witch always scared me when I was a kid but I loved the ruby slippers. I had a pair like that but mine were made with real rubies. I tried to wear them to school but my Mom wouldn't let me."
[13:47] Suki tilts her head "Sexus is a witch? Suki never met a witch before. Oooo can you do magics? Suki wishes for a hamburger for her first wish." Suki bobs on the stool excitedly
[13:49] Lexus Regal giggles and shakes her head. "Sexus? Ooooh I like that. I am not a witch but some guys have said that i was magic in the bedroom. You want a hamburger? Oh uh...okay?" She turns and yells off camera. "Cody get her a hamburger and step on it! She is hungry!"
[13:53] Suki claps excitedly "For second wish Suki wants a stuffie turtle." She shouts excited that she discovered a wish granter "Hmmm Suki will save her final wish for something important." she nods sagely.
[13:56] Lexus Regal blinks and tries to think for a moment. Lexus shrugs and turns to Cody. "Uh, see if you can find a restaurant that serves stuffed turtle too, I guess. You should have these special requests ready before the guest gets here Cody." She looks back at Suki. "Umm I forgot what we were talking about before."
[13:58] Suki looks at Lexus with her head tilted "Sexus was granting Suki 3 wishes. Suki is saving the last one. Suki doesn't want you to run out of magics"
[14:02] Lexus Regal looks at Suki confused and then just nods as if she understands. "Oh, umm well trust me I can work some magic especially with my tongue in the right places and I don't get tired easily---SHUT UP CODY! My fans love to hear about my sex life! You're just jealous because no one wants to hear about you and your blow up doll that turned you down!" She looks back at Suki again. "Anyway, back to our charming guest Sophie. I see you have a sword. Is it like a magical sword? Can you shoot tornadoes out of it?"
[14:08] Suki looks confused as Lexus yells at Cody "Cody has a doll that blew up?" Suki looks sad and gets up from the chair walking over to Cody and hugging him "It's ok, Suki lost her stuffie kitty Carol. It will get better." Suki smiles and skips back to the chair taking a seat. She smioles and holds out her sword "This is Shi, Shi doesn't like to be touched except by Suki." she states in a tone mixed with cheer and warning "Suki can steal stuffs when she cuts with it. Even tornados if she cuts the tornado person"
[14:11] Lexus Regal sighs as Suki hugs Cody. She sticks her tongue out at the producer while he is being hugged. She adjusts her skirt and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear while Suki returns. She looks at the sword in awe while the girl holds it out. "Oh wow. That sounds powerful! So like if you cut someone's wallet would you get all their money? What if you cut someone like oh that one bad dude...uhhh CyprusLord? If you cut him would you steal all his robots?"
[14:13] Suki tilts her head "Suki would be able to cut the robots. There is nothing Suki cant cut. Even Suki's family and and Yuki" she nods confidently
[14:14] Lexus Regal wrinkles her brow. "Why would you want to cut your family? Who's yucky?"
[14:17] Suki "Suki's family isn't yucky!" she stands up in anger as the chair falls backwards "You take that back. Suki is not yucky and neither is her family. Suki's family is dead. Dead and yucky are not the same. That is racist of you" she states in angered tone
[14:20] Lexus Regal cowers back in her chair looking at Suki wide eyed in fear. She stutters a little looking back for help from Cody. Cody just turns around from the scene. "I..uh....what?...I didn't say they were yucky...you said you cut them because of yucky or something...I ..umm...please don't hurt me."
[14:25] Suki glares and goes to pull her blade but stops and tilts her head 'Oh well why didnt you say that silly. They were cut because of Yuki." She shrugs and turns away, picking the stool up and taking a seat balancing perfectly as she spins around on one of it's legs before setting down and staring at the camera. "Hello city" she waves
[14:30] Lexus Regal stills looks at Suki fearfully as she slowly slides back off her stool and stands behind it. She clears her throat and tucks her hair back. "Uh...o-okay. Let's ..l-let's move on to something else. Ummm...uh..." She looks back at Cody and whispers. "What do I say?" Cody shrugs and says something quickly. Lexus frowns and turns back to Suki. "So...uh.....have you thought about joining any teams, like the umm..the Sentinels or umm..oh the Missfits! Their leader Diamond Kleenix invited me----my good friend Superstar to join when she was on my show the other day."
[14:33] Suki giggles "Hmmm Suki never thought of joining teams. Suki doesn't really have friends. Se had her stuffie but she died so Suki is alone" she looks extremely sad and near tears
[14:36] Lexus Regal watches and gets a sad expression herself. She looks back at Cody unsure of what to do. Slowly she moves around the chair and reaches out to put her arm around Suki and give her a hug. "Awww I am sorry Spoony. I will be your friend."
[14:38] Suki hugs and smiles "Yay Suki made her first friend. Oooo Sexus wants a spoon?" She glares at Cody "Get Sexus a spoon before Suki cuts you" she snaps
[14:41] Lexus Regal turns and glares at Cody too. "Yeah Cody make yourself useful....wait why a spoon?" She looks confused. Cody shakes his head and turns walking to the back of the studio.
[14:44] Suki looks at Lexus tilting her head "Sexus asked for a spoon" she states as if its the most obvious thing
[14:48] Lexus Regal blinks and steps back a step from Suki. She looks very confused. "I did? uh..okay. Maybe we should just move on again. Is there anything you want to say to the people of Celestial City? Do you have any messages for my legion of fans out there?"
[14:51] Suki shrugs and looks to the camera again "Yes, watch Suki's friend Sexus or Suki will feed you to Shi" She nods "Oh yeah and also. Have fear because Suki is here!" She throws her arms back causing herself to fall off screen again "Suki meant to do that!"
[14:57] Lexus Regal giggles getting used to Suki falling over. She still reaches out to help the girl up into another hug. She blows a kiss with her other hand to the camera. "I want to thank my guest Super Sushi here and thank all of you my lovely fans for tuning in once again. Join us next time when I will be here with another special guest! Love and kisses!" The camera's and spot lights go off as the ending theme plays--that is being played for the first time since all the other shows have had abrupt endings.
[15:01] Suki takes the offered hand and hugs her friend. She waves at the camera as Lexus blows kisses "Remember to watch Sexus or Suki will find you." She states cheerfully as the lights cut out. "Yay that was fun. We should do it again" she giggles jumping up and down excitedly
[15:03] Lexus Regal giggles already forgetting how close her new friend was to killing her earlier. She nods and steps out from behind the counter. "Yeah it was great. We should go out shopping. I can help you get a new costume, something nice and stylish."
[15:04] Suki looks down "Suki found these in a store. The guy tried taking Sukis money but then he forget so Suki got them free"
[15:07] Lexus Regal giggles. "Yeah I get a lot of stuff for free. If they don't give it to me because I am famous, then I flash my boobs or bend over to show them I don't wear panties. That at least gets me a discount. Come on. This will be fun!"
[15:08] Suki giggles and follows Lexus
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Re: Celestial Stargazing--Suki

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(( This was extremely fun to do, thank you for the opportunity. ))

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