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The Unknown Admin

Post by Mr. Strong » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:44 pm

There is an admin here who is firmly against having one of these made for her and has threatened to delete it from the forum on sight. I have decided that she needs to have one, whether she likes it or not. (After all, what fun is it unless a woman gets something 'good' forced on her against her will?)

This person is a study in contradictions. They can come off as confrontational or even abrasive, but if you need something she's always quick to help.... Even if it's something as simple as a friend who wishes he has some company to watch something with, she'll set herself back a couple hours to do it. What she does do is, she challenges people to be better, do better, think things through more fully. Even though we disagree on specifics and directions to take on things, she's very fair-minded and more-often-than-not, she's more-right-than-wrong.

Some of my favorite posts have been written by her (though I can't/won't recopy them), capturing emotional high and low points perfectly. Some of our most interesting characters have been created by her, and she takes the time to be very intricate in the creation process, and uses them (even before she was an admin) to give other people the chance to do different things, progress their story arcs, build factions and create RP.

While I won't name them to say "Go RP with them!" as I usually would, I will say that people would be really smart to go through the classifieds for things that suit their characters, and then act on those advertised opportunities.

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