StormCaller (tatzyana)

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StormCaller (tatzyana)

Post by Chyleste »

This section has been neglected for far too long. I truly cannot find a better person to honor to bring everything back to life. Storm has deserved accolades for a very long time, far before she became an admin.

Storm. Wow. Where do I start? There are so many amazing things about this woman.

She crafts incredibly written posts, always adding to the scene and helping shine the spotlight on everyone involved. She knows how to play a heroic character with strength, pride and believable vulnerabilities, emotions and motivations. She has recently branched out to play a formidable threat to the city as the leader of the sea peoples forces.

No matter what is going on, Storm always tries to get everyone involved and keep the role play flowing. Ninety nine percent of the time she is on the SIM, she's involved in some RP scene with anyone who wants to join in. She will go with the flow or lead a scene, whatever is needed. She understands that it is about everyone having fun, not just making her character shine. But shine she always does.

Storm has run a few events, starting long before she became an admin. She always does her very best to create a story that anyone can join and feel as if they are an important part of the scene. Keep watching her events for more glorious fun.

When RL hit me and our other older admins hard and we had to slow down, Storm kept going. She was still on the SIM playing stories with anyone and everyone who came around. I will confess that I had lost a lot of motivation and wasn't sure if it was worth putting effort into the SIM again. Storm gave me hope. She brought back that spark and infected me with her enthusiasm for the SIM. Celestial City is back alive again due to Storm and a few others who rekindled my passion.

Speaking of passion, Storm is one of the most incredible , passionate, sexy, stimulating, fun, exciting, wow I am running out of adjectives to express how wonderful she is. I have had a lot, and I mean a lot, of erotic role play scenes over the years. Playing with Storm is not only fun, but some of the most exciting scenes that have left me incredibly worked up in a very good way.

Jo Barbosa mentioned Storm as a candidate to be an admin. I had already been thinking along the same lines but did not want to act on just my personal feelings. Once Jo and Timber and others agreed, I had no hesitation in offering the position to Storm. She has already put everything she has into making the SIM the best it can be.

Thank you, Storm. Thank you for your work on the SIM. Thank you for making Celestial City a welcoming place for role play. Thank you for bringing back the passion and drive. Thank you for making me smile. I love you Storm.
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Re: StormCaller (tatzyana)

Post by Timberwulff »

Agreed, Hear hear woohoo
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Re: StormCaller (tatzyana)

Post by J.Trimble »

Ya, all dat biz
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Re: StormCaller (tatzyana)

Post by Butterfly of Doom »

Storm is amazing- both in playing the hero and the villain, victim and conquerer. She always makes a scene alive..too bad she has crashes almost as bad as chy Her only flaw!
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