Chy and Jamie

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Chy and Jamie

Post by AndreTurner »

I swear if it wasnt for these to id fel so left out. Chy is always there to answer my questions and acomodate to my needs. She is the reason i like this RP so much as she is a very stong support to all members. Jamie helped me at my lowest point in the roleplay. I was feeling so left out it had been days with no interaction with anyone so when the easter party came i was happy. When i got there despite being the only guy i just felt alone. I tried to talk to one woman but she had a little something of her own going on and she couldnt get involved. after that i just felt so low i went off on my own and here comes celeste (jamie) she really helped me out. She came over and talked to me and literally dropped her panties to give me an opening. She also gave me a reason to stay longer and really restored my faith in the rp.
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Re: Chy and Jamie

Post by J.Trimble »

Jamie is very good at helping people orientate to the sim and glad she was able to help you out. Sorry I was a little overwhelmed myself.

Chy is evil on the other hand, but in a good way... oxymoron.
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Re: Chy and Jamie

Post by Chyleste »

Definition of Oxy : containing oxygen

Moron a stupid person

I think I was just called a stupid airhead.

Re: Chy and Jamie

Post by yuritakashi »

Eh chy your awesome, you know it. but maybe we should tie this guy up and teach him not to call you names,

And yes both chy and jaimie are a lot of fun to be around and rp with, hell while im at it so is Jo, even if she is pure evil >.> and owns more clothing then i do x.x
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Re: Chy and Jamie

Post by Jessica Kiffer »

Jaimie has had every part of her body glomped by me so far in appreciations of her additions of awesome.

Chy deserves them too but I'm having this feeling she's a more dangerous glomp pillow
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