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Post by Chyleste »

This guy joined the SIM while I was busy with RL and not around much. I didn't meet him until later after I had returned. To be honest, I did not pay much attention to him for a while.

Okay, brutal honesty here, I saw his character was Spider-Punisher and really didn't have high hopes for him. I talked with him OOC and was very pleased to learn how nice, intelligent and reasonable he is. He didn't object to a few changes I requested in his character. My opinion did go up about him.

Then I role played with him. He was using his character, Stamina. My opinion went WAY up. He really understands how to make even a character whose main facet is anger feel alive. Despite our first scene being pretty much just an argument, it never felt one dimensional.

We have had some pretty heated conflicts in role play but no matter how much our characters were hating each other, not once did I feel like any anger crossed into OOC. Who knows, maybe it was just me and he was actually wanting to kill me. But he stayed mature and fun.

He has also been doing little random scenes with some monsters or some basic villains around the city to help add more ways for everyone to flex their muscles and have fun.

If you spot him around the SIM or in chat, don't be afraid to jump on him or even message him. He's a great guy and a wonderful player. We need more like him.

Re: TheAmazingWeaver

Post by yuritakashi »

I have to admit weaver has been a lot of fun to roleplay with, even if his character spider punisher at times can feel a little combat obsessed :P (it is what he was designed to do lol)
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Re: TheAmazingWeaver

Post by Butterfly of Doom »

He is indeed a great rper, and he has helped me with my issue of bowing out of an argument by giving my character a reason to be strict.
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Re: TheAmazingWeaver

Post by TheAmazingWeaver »

Hey everyone thanks for thinking highly of me. In truth I'm just trying to keep the fun rolling like everyone else... I try keeping things fair and give everyone a shot when I rp with them or host a scene for many to join in to flex their rp skills. I'm not really special just another role player that is happy to be about of the Celestial City community.
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