Celestial City Weekly - Issue 7

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Celestial City Weekly - Issue 7

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High Way or No Way

New elevated highways have been constructed in the city centre this week. The new transportation venues promise to shuttle city dwellers across town in record time and provide a beautiful scenic view for travelers.

Industrial Park Matter of Factory

With the Aliens now deemed clear and free of the entire area, and new guard patrols assigned to the new area. Several companies have laid claim to the multiple facilities the aliens constructed and Terrane revealed in the new Industrial Park
Construction has gone quickly since the new processing, manufacturing, and refining facilities have been in use, and it looks like it will continue to go smoothly from here on out.

Rape Allegations investigated at Alien Compound

The Aliens Compound has been unreachable as of late for any kind of statement. With allegations of rape against them it's no wonder.
A dozen people have come forward claiming to have been kept by various aliens. Several of which have been missing since the initial meteor strikes.
Details are unknown at this time but it's suspected that while some may be valid cases, others may simply be cases of human-alien love triangles gone wrong. Being exposed as alien lovers is a sad sad way to end a career.

Slime Time gets Sweet

The final slime-bearing meteor was destroyed by an unknown group. Though the collateral damage included the Bismillian Café and could have had disasterous consequences. The slime within was defeated. Reports of the candy-like shards becoming highly sought after love aides brings up the question of if this slime was as dangerous as others of its kind had been.
The candy-like shards that remained were quickly cleaned up by city, chemical, research, and even some civilian teams.
Rolling Stones Hits Theatre

Local Hero Timber Wulff had a stint of bad luck this week when, in trying to clean the debris, a meteor chunk slipped his control and ran into the Fawke's Theatre.
The theatre was set for demolition already, so no charges were filed.

Building New Government

In a shining example of construction the on call crews have completed the new "Government Hill" complex of city hall, police station, and jail. Following the plans of Assistant Mayor Joule and the Mayor, the new government complex is a shining example of the bright days in Celestial City's future.
Super Rats in Sewers?

While Created Creature Labs denies claims of workers finding 'super rats' in the sewers. Multiple reports of the Rodents of Unusual Size have been coming in. With some claiming to have been finding mutated rats the size of medium dogs.
Mall Rats Rejoice

The new shopping district has seen it's first major upturn lately as the new mall was finally opened. A Grand opening is TBA but until then, small shops and kiosks have shown interest in the new landscape and we look forward to getting our retail therapy once again.
Museum Blown Up

Notorious metahuman Flash Bang launched an attack on the Perez Museum this week resulting in the destruction not only of the museum and it's precious art but several surrounding buildings as well.
Multiple heroes showed up to help save the valuable artwork as the staff seemed to have been cleared out beforehand. But were successful in saving only some of it. While other pieces were ruined by the rubble, and chemicals released during the fight.
Flash Bang is last known to be considered in critical care at the hospital, and in metahuman task force custody.
Solar Farms Farming Sunlight

The Solar grid has been pumping out bright clean energy for the city for over a month now, and it seems to be going strong.
With the new grid in full energy production for several weeks the project has been deemed a total success.

Sin City to Reopen after Structural Faults found

The gentlemen's club, Sin City, was forced close down to remodel after some structural damage was discovered, related to the meteor impacts on the city. With the help of some enthusiastic construction workers, the building was rebuilt in record time and the interior remodeled. The proprietor of the establishment indicated the popular club would be undergoing a name change, but it would have to be discussed with 'undisclosed others.'
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