Celestial City Weekly - Issue 8

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Celestial City Weekly - Issue 8

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Miss Connection
I was on the street looking up when you passed overhead.
I love you.
Find me again at the lake.


Sink Or Swim! What does it take to get some help in this town?

Are rookie heroes more of a danger to themselves than anything? A lack of training is suspected why some hero careers are so short! Forced to improvise and develop on the fly while in the field, a lack of results of their efforts can be extremely depressing to newcomers. The stories they could tell of the trouble they've fallen into. And in one case, said story HAS been told!

"Day one on the job, I froze up when other supers were, well, let's say 'arguing', and as a result, I fell into a meteor slime." says would-be heroine, Dawn Pink. "Still no idea if there were any side effects. Once that wears off, I spend a week further studying the source of my abilities, and trying to develop something to help in future situations. I came up with a bunch of useless powers in the process. Like the power to fly for three seconds at a time, when nobody is particularly paying attention to you. What use is that? Anyway, I spend what little power I'd been able to build up on a sort of final attack. I finally get back out on the streets, and what happens? Day one, there's a villain attack, but I lack any transportation methods, and get there after it ends. Day two? Aliens. I miss with my new attack, nearly take out a civilian, and get buried in rubble for two hours. But what else can I do? My training HAS to be on the job. A training room isn't cheep, and nobody is going to sponsor some no-name newbie. It's just... frustrating, you know? Sometimes I wish there was a place rookies like me can go to get some pointers, without a membership fee or VIP pass."


Classic Superhero Show Rediscovered!

CCTV has obtained long forgotten but much beloved show footage! Come see what the people of long ago predicted the hero life would be like, and how shockingly close some of it came to the truth!

Harvey The Wonder Hamster, Thursdays at 5:00 PM!


Brawl at the Hall

A brawl broke out at the strip club tonight involving a new Metahuman woman when a group of metahumans arrived on the scene and the fight got a lot bigger. None of the people in the bar were killed although many were treated for broken bones.



Looking for Love
Contact Tralana Dunal

New Cuties in Zoo

Created Creatures Labs is proud to announce the new animal exhibits at the Celestial City Zoological Centre and Research. The offshoot of the conglomeration has opened the doors to the public, allowing them to get a glimpse of what goes on in their labs and what work they are doing to help create resistant animals for further terraforming of the wastelands.


Thorny Situation at Park

The Cult of Thorns was attacked and had a large part f the park burned away. Though the plants were returned, it seemed they were being accused of harbouring a fugitive within the former city land.
Witnesses say several of the members of the unknown group were seen destroying the last meteor piece, and that they were seen in other incidents around the city.


New Construction Continues at Record Speed

Construction crews are working at a breakneck speed to construct new buildings, roads, and landscaping all over the city.
It's raised a few questions as to how the crews are able to work so quickly and efficiently, but the work is appreciated, as the city is being returned not only to normalcy, but the improvements are a welcome sight.


New Fitness Regime Sweeping

Pack your brooms and find a sidewalk. A new craze called "Clean Sweep". The news excersize routine uses city clean up to help citizens burn calories with groups meeting in various areas to clean up the city from litter and damage caused by her battles.
Brooms, Mops, and Shovels are used to not only get citizens fit, but beautify the city. Join the craze by going to the organizer's cloud book and following the event as it moves from area to area od the city.


Storms Bring Trouble to Downtown

Massive storms brought about by a metahuman known as Stormcaller brought massive trouble to downtown. Destruction of the day spa and the bank has caused a slowing of business in the area as cleanup and new construction takes over.
This situation has raised questions as to how to hold metahumans accountable for such destruction.
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