Celestial City Weekly - Issue 13

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Celestial City Weekly - Issue 13

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A new Mayor hopeful has arrived on the scene. As the chairwoman of Firefly Media herself, Abigail Vestea, revealed her intention to run in the upcoming election.
She's opened her platform on the idea of a freedom of information and transparency
The headband craze has grown with more and more of the city's youth taking up the fashion.
The headbands synch wirelessly to computers and cell phones. The devices "read minds" by reacting to brain activity and pulse in order to play media each individual enjoys.
The advanced devices are allowing youth to thoughtlessly control their media streaming.
Without having to swipe, like, dislike or otherwise manage your own device, the headbands automatically detect interest and enjoyment, passing songs based on user profiles and will refine profiles to customize media streaming.
Future upgrades of the headbands will include not only enhanced audio upgrades, but a visual upgrade as well.
It isn't often that you hear about the cuddly creatures of the city. Unless, of course, you’ve been reading these articles.
This week's Paws, Claws, and D'awws article is featuring Henry the talented little hamster. This little ball of fluff has been trained to perform over fifty tricks. Henry the Hamster and his owner/trainer Harley Simpkin will be touring the city with a troupe of trained critters entertaining at hospitals, store openings, and parties.
The troupe, known as the Flufftastics, consists of Henry, two trained ferrets Mika and Tifa, a parrot named Gabriel, and a cat called Cranky.
A fight broke out between unknown armor clad individuals as well as a few Metahumans including the mayoral Candidate Timber. There seemed to be a scuffle and the villains managed to disappear before apprehension here is the footage we have, Due to certain things being exposed we want you to know there is graphic content.

Pasted from <viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1783>
New evidence in the cases against the aliens has surfaced. With videos, interviews, and reports being released from multiple sources. The reports, videos, and interviews have all gone viral seemingly overnight and are stirring emotional questions up. Especially in conjunction with Timber's announcement of his plan to include the aliens in the mayoral election.
Petty crime has been on the rise in the past couple of weeks. Multiple reports of small-time thefts and break-ins have been filed with local authorities.
Police have had multiple recruitment drives, and the new officers have been assigned these cases .
The crimes appear to be unrelated, and a handful of culprits have already been caught by the city's best in blue.
A disturbance near the East Side bar. A large group of construction workers reportedly went on a drug fueled rampage. During the incident several metahumans showed up. Reports are vague but several people were taken to the hospital with moderate to severe injuries. The drug effected workers spread out through the east side of town until they passed out from the drugs. Fifteen workers have been found dead, 38 were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Pasted from <viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1791>
As multiple citizens announce their intent to run for mayor, the remaining government offices have banded together to form a full electoral commission. The reestablished office had several members already but has now been bolstered with new members and a relocated office in the city hall.
Current mayoral office holders could not be reached for comment on the hopeful candidates.
A report came in of the woman known as Preying Mantis commanding an army of insects that swarmed over the central cafe tonight. A group of metahumans subdued the bug lady and she was taken to jail. The cafe owner has insisted that the restaurant does NOT have a bug problem and this was a one time incident caused by the Preying Mantis. The owner wanted us to repeat that the cafe has been cleaned and passed every health inspection possible.

Pasted from <viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1793>
Communities in the suburban areas of the city have banded together and will be hosting a massive yard sale. The proceeds will go to benefit the local schools.
Over thirty neighbourhoods have agreed to bring their gently used, new, and created items to the event. If successful the organizers hope to make it a biannual event.
Mayor Hopeful Delphine Taggart has been on the campaign trail on the outer rim of the city, visiting farms and outer rim settlements.
Though for an unknown reason, the mayoral candidate created, and released, a sex tape mere hours after the announcement of Abigail Vestea's entering the mayoral race.
Research into the video's data and upload show that it was uploaded by the candidate's own PR agent and that the man in the video is the same agent. Raising questions as to the candidate's aides loyalty as well as questions into the candidate's motives as well.
New security measures have been placed on the solar farms to protect them from the environmental dangers of their outer city placement as well as invasion dangers from the mutated population of dangerous creatures recently spotted around them.
Two panels were reported to have been damaged in a large mutant bear attack though the output of the farm itself is uncompromised.
Timber is recovering well after the violent attack on him at the Metabowl. While his injuries are recovering well and the repairs are apparently going well, questions remain on the identities of the attackers.
Timber named She-Devil as critical in the success of driving away the attackers, though it remains to be seen if another attack on the mayor hopeful will happen.
Disturbing reports of the farm supply lines being attacked by raiders are being investigated.
While only minor damages have been reported, the increased number of minor attacks is causing concern among officials.
Mayoral candidate and local hero Timber invited the press to a conference. He expanded his platform on equality. He revealed he had met with the remaining aliens under the city, raising questions as to why he reached out to the refugees in the first place.
At the same time he revealed his plans to allow the refugee aliens a vote in the upcoming mayoral election. Not all of the city is thrilled with the idea. While others support equal voting rights for the aliens.
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