Celestial City Weekly - Issue 18

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Celestial City Weekly - Issue 18

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---- Headlines and Stories ----

Protectorate Protection Racket?---

We spoke with Protectorate Chief Hell Guard yesterday, on exactly what happened leading up to the Suspect known as Glacier being found on the steps of the Protectorate headquarters.

Her story of the events seemed to change, as the interview progressed, at first she stated "The injuries she [Glacier] sustained were caused in our attempt to arrest her as she attacked the fire station and killed everyone inside" Later going on to describe someone with injuries no where near what she was later found with, Stating that she was interrogating the suspect in a room with multiple officers present, then had this to say on the injuries "I can only assume she attempted to attack my officer, who was forced to defend herself. " and later, "the defense of my officer occurred only minutes before she was released. I know the officer who removed her from the station also called an ambulance to pick her up. The fact she lay there on the steps is not because we booted her out and left her to die, but because we did not wish her to remain in the station while the ambulance took too long to get there." this indicates she was less than forthcoming as to why the suspect was injured and left on the streets, for an ambulance that was going to take a long time, even though, as she mentioned later was "yes, I said it took too long to get there, and then that it should've arrived in a reasonable amount of time. "

The Chief seemed to avoid many questions, and when pressed, stated a few times, as a reply "For reasons of security, I will not be going into the full analysis of what occurred" When asked about the charges, the Chief replied that the charges have not been dropped, and that a trial will be scheduled. Later on in the Interview, she left us with this jewel "If you are hurt by metas, come talk to me."
We also spoke with Glacier's Defense Council, only identifying herself as 'Clarity', who had much to say... including "So we're going to have a police force that can yank any citizen off the street, trump up a couple charges, and beat them to death for the fun of it? That doesn't sound like any sort of civilized society to me" and "I think everyone should be a little frightened of this... this was a metahuman left in this state. If these acts had been done on a normal human it would likely have been a delivery to the morgue rather than the ER"

Mutant Mayhem --

Explosions in the sewers drew out officials to investigate last night, the noise seemingly caused by someone's science experiments attacking homeless living below ground many were killed at the fight, and the attackers were not entirely dealt with.


Condiment Kid Relishes a short lived comeback--

Condiment Kid was involved in a brawl in the bowling alley early this week, where he ended up in a jam, flashed his hot dog at the crowd, and had his meatballs targeted more than once... guess he just couldn't cut the mustard. He was taken into custody, where a well seasoned officer would most likely pepper him with questions.


---- Local Interest----

Warden Licenses Available From VIPer Society

The VIPer Society today announced that warden licenses for their exclusive "Venom Squad" are now available.

Members of Venom Squad will not only benefit from being licensed protectors of the city but also the perks of membership to this elusive society.

That means use of the Mansion house, its fine foods, games rooms and swimming pool, but also membership to the club on a level equal to Elite Membership Status.


Celestial City Condos --

The redevelopment of the former casino site was completed today by the celestial city construction corp. The government owned construction company said. "All thanks for this project are due to Mayor Taggat . These homes address city housing needs and offer spectacular views of the city as a whole as well as being close to several amenities."


---- Media -----

Episode One- St. Aneliexia Heroes aired this week, a Reality TV show featuring our own hospital. This week, Hell Guard gets a boo boo treated
here is an excerpt

"Hell Guard (Talista Glas) groans at the sting and nods "yeah, just get it through" she'd been fixed up in the field before in conditions far worse than this and with hands far less steady...or clean. She kept a smile on her face even though she was gnashing her teeth"


---- CCPD/Protectorate ----

Condiment Kid

Wanted ---

Wanted by the Protectorate: Dollah
Wanted in connection with the casino robbery. Expect compensation for delivery of dangerous criminal alive to Protectorate HQ.

Melanie Bensign
Hell Guard
Protectorate Chief


----Gossip Column ----

Latest update on the Protectorate cheesecake calendar.. Hell Guard, Chief of the Protectorate claims she doesn't know anything about the calender, while in a cryptic remark had this to say "guess if I were to choose a cheesecake, I'd go with Oreo cream since it's a nice mix of chocolate and creme and works well in a cheesecake" if we read between the lines, chocolate and cream... sounds like she will be Miss February, as it is the month of chocolates, and may actually be taking a milk bath! How about that for a shot to stare at all month?

----Classifieds and Advertisements----

Celestial City Weekly Hiring

Celestial City Weekly is now hiring, do you have what it takes to be a reporter? A Columnist? A photographer? These jobs and many more are available, stop by soon and apply.

((contact either Anthony Gato or Mika Ren ((mikatsu resident)) in world, for an interview.))


Fate Calling:

Undecided about the future?
Need Guidance?
Come "Into The Void" For a introductory free Tarot reading.
Other services include potions, fertility spells, rituals and so on and so forth.
You've tried the best science has to offer, now try something truly magical.


Wanted: Professional Dominatrixes:

XXXcelsior club is now actively seeking a few individuals with experience in a dominant role. Shifts will be primarily late evenings, hefty pay, all resources provided. No need to provide sex to clients. Contact Mika or Lady N at the club for interviews.


Wanted part time help... must be beefy, and dumb

wanted: Part time Villain's Lacky: must be a Beefy Pretty boy, who has trouble thinking for themselves.. must have no shame, great 'warped' sense of humor, be motivated, dedicated, and have no fashion sense... Uniform will be provided... and expected to be worn during capers. Must hate all other sources of Authority. to apply leave resume behind newsstand crayon written is fine. Mullets and sideburns a plus.



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Re: Celestial City Weekly - Issue 18

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Condiment Kid was at the Bistro not the bowling alley
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