Phantashia finangles final finances phonetically ( Amy/Phantashia joins the Elite)

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Phantashia finangles final finances phonetically ( Amy/Phantashia joins the Elite)

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:34 am

[09:26:15] Amara "Hello."
[09:26:51] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiles" morning. You seem up early?"
[09:27:20] Amara "I get up whenever ... now seemed as good a time as any."
[09:28:33] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiled" so what are ou up ta today?"
[09:28:45] Amara "Looking for you, actually."
[09:29:14] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): oh? ah'm usually not hard to find
[09:29:47] Amara "... but you are usually occupied with other people. This is the first time I've found you alone in quite a while."
[09:30:53] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" see, now that ah get. Whats haning?"
[09:31:26] Amara "You've been talking for a while about some kind of group ... a group that needs a thief, apparently."
[09:33:46] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods " yes but lets get inside somehere to talk"
[09:35:28] Amara "Personally, I find chatting in public less suspicious so long as nobody's close by, but suit yourself."
[09:39:24] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiles and looks around " the tender in the morning her e owes me. and no patrone syet.. so yes, there a group, a guild of sorts for villains and criminals"
[09:40:24] Amara "Hmm ... not sure I qualify for the former ... will admit to the latter - just between us."
[09:41:30] Amara "... so, is it an monopoly? I mean, is it 'Join me - it is your destiny, or die!'?"
[09:44:05] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smirked" no. You are free to operate on your own. The guild offers support. connections hoever.. an ice meta who can freeze a specialized safe, a teleporter. :
[09:45:05] Amara "... a fence for valuables?"
[09:47:47] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" that as well. discreet, quiet, secure. You cin even find a list for jobs.. people want this, these files..
[09:49:06] Amara nods in reply. "All right; now, what's the catch?"
[09:51:32] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) leans back" you have to be discreet as the worst kept secret in the city, but their dealings and inner worked cannot be exposed
[09:52:50] Amara nods "... and half the time I won't know the particulars of the job: who, why, etc. ... just do the job. Anything else?"
[09:57:50] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" anyoen who puts a job up can be asked..and not accepting its permissable. Ya wouldnt be a slave. You would have to be told, if that was required for you to do the job"
[10:01:11] Amara smiles. "It's ok ... if I don't need to know the details, I don't want to - ignorance helps me sleep better. Ok: if you want the thief, you have her - on only one condition. You're getting a thief - not some kind of soldier. My dealings with you may have resulted in a few ... changes ... but that doesn't change the fact that I don't go *looking* for a fight."
[10:07:23] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" welcome to the shadow elite then. Ah shall let Shadow know of your signing on, and terms. thats the gist of what we are.. we.. aid eachother, within out skill sets. Few know my other identity, so ah seem all talk
[10:10:17] Amara "Cool beans ... as long as some Minotaur doesn't use me as a battering ram ... often."
[10:13:12] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smirks" ah dont think hes technically a member. free agent"
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[10:17:00] Amara "Hmmph ... he's probably a lot smarter than he looks, and a lot smarter than me." Amy debated on saying more, but then decided that Anna had a right to know. "People grow from experiences. Well, my growth tends to manifest itself rather openly. Not long after our fight, I developed three new manifestations. One of them challenged this minotaur to punch me through a wall. On the one hand she lost the bet, on the other hand we learned that she pretty much *can't* be physically hurt."
[10:19:24] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): always a handy skill..ah cin get stabbed easy enough. . you seem flexible.. should be able to help at least plan heists

[10:23:17] Amara nods "... if I have enough information, I can try. Usually I don't, though: I have my little gang of selves who go in, each one contributing their little bit to the overall effort. I can get almost anywhere, adapt to almost any situation, and I'm a gentle little safecracker." Amy grins a little. "Just don't ask me to hack a computer. I don't have a clue how those things work."
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