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Shadow Elite Organization: Let's get this started!

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:43 am
by willversuch
Hey all!

So, I've only been really coming around regularly for a few weeks now, but I just cannot stand to see the Shadow Elite so empty all the time. There are just so many stories dying to be told there... so I want to get to work attempting to make that happen! Here's my little rundown of what I have in mind:

Overall Summary

The Club area becomes a populated and thriving bar area for villainous types to congregate, complete with steady staff, the regular presence of villains, and captured heroines who are in the process of being trained or otherwise readied for sale.

Roles Needed

1. Villains: Of course, it is important to have villains. The Shadow Elite isn't an especially structured group, so there isn't much that is required of its members. We need two things of you, really. First, to be present and appropriately menacing. Second, we will want you to take part in the capture and training process described below.

2. Staff: More important, actually, than the villains will be to get a proper staff set up in the place. These players will be a great reason to visit the place even when there aren't any captured heroines "in stock." They can be from nearly any sort of background, ranging from normal citizens just down on their luck enough to take such a job to previously captured heroines who have just been broken down to the point of serving. In any case, as a bartender or waitress to the most depraved members of society, you should expect that sexual harassment laws really aren't there for your protection.

3. Sympathizers: These are people who perhaps disagree, at least on some level, with the methods and practices of the Shadow Elite, but who are members anyways. This can be a tricky role to play, but it is one that definitely can add a lot to the atmosphere when done right. First and foremost, it is important that they act as though they know that there are potentially forces watching them that could cause them no end of trouble should they be caught. The whole illusion of what we're creating here just goes up in smoke if you work with impunity in the interest of the captured heroines. Sympathizers should work in whispers, promising their help but not acting immediately. They should make minor improvements to the captured heroines' lives, but not free them all together. Well, not until the time is right, that is.

4. Heroines: These won't be permanent positions, and I'll cover how I think the process will work below.

The Heroine Capture Slave Trade Process

This is the backbone of the Shadow Elite and I hope that this process will make the whole thing a less frustrating and more enjoyable process for everyone involved.

If you want a heroine character to be temporarily (or permanently) brought in by the Shadow Elite for training, just either post about it here or contact one of the Shadow Elite members in world. They'll want to know when you're usually on, how you want to be captured, how long you want it to last, and how you want to be rescued.

This information will be made available to villains and bounty hunters at the club, who will then be able to come out and get to work on making this thing come alive!

5. The Most Important Thing About the Shadow Elite Club

Heroes do not come here to break out heroines. The whole thing simply does not work if a single heroic character, or group of them for that matter, is capable of succeeding in an assault on the place. After that happens, it might as well not exist. It needs to be understood that the defenses of the place are simply too much for such a thing to happen. That's why sympathizers are always so careful to act in secret.

We can still set up heroic rescues. They just need to be set up during a transport stage, where the captured heroine is being moved off to someplace else (likely for sale).

6. Conclusion

None of this is designed to be "Commandment from Above" about how the Shadow Elite work. If you think there is anything that should be added or changed, say the word and let's get to work!

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to get involved (here or as Will Bellic inworld) or to let me know if you already have a character that fits one of the roles (or a totally different one) that I've outlined above!

Re: Shadow Elite Organization: Let's get this started!

Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:45 am
by LillianVickson
It is sad to see such a place empty. Especially when you are standing at the bar nearly naked, waiting to serve someone.

That is why I arranged an escape. ( ... ght#p15514)
OOC, I could definitely serve at the club again; IC, I'd be livid :D

I could also use my alt to play a civilian slave. I have another good character that could join up as a sympathizer or villain.

Poor Wil may have merely had bad timing. Several such places have come and go in CC. Much like RL bars and clubs, they fade in and out like trendy fashions.
I'm up for revitalizing the place if anyone else is.

Re: Shadow Elite Organization: Let's get this started!

Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:15 am
by willversuch
Thanks, Lil! I'll admit that reading through your own experiences in the club here in the forums may have been a part of my motivation to get it up and running again!