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Organization Meeting

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[18:48] Dollah gets a seat, kicks her legs up, pulls out a joint and awaits planned thingy
[18:49] Dollah sits to herself, "Eh shit, it's not gonna be this room, izzit?"
[18:49] Maximilian Cromwell arrives down and he looks around. His head tilts some and he then stretches. He then tilts his head some " Most likely it will be council room " he said casually, pretty much used to the building.
[18:50] Will Carrington smiles at the woman's remark, doing his best to resist the urge to shield his eyes from the radiating bling. "I imagine it will not be this room." He nods to the other man. "Yes, the council room should be the best fit."
[18:51] Dollah looks around to herself, up to Max, dragging on the joint she seems to've lit while no one looked at her exactly, "Eh shit, the shit ass stuffy room where fuckers get mad if I smoke my stuff?", she sounds vaguely recognizing
[18:52] Maximilian Cromwell looks at the other two " if you are lacking the direction ... i assume follow me as i go ahead " he stretches again before he turns around and just heads through the door beneath the stairs, not really commenting on Dollah.
[18:53] Will Carrington shrugs "I can't imagine anyone will care if you light up tonight. That would hardly seem the best way to extend an olive branch." He bows slightly to the woman. "It's right this way," he says, nodding toward the doorway through which the other man passed. "I'm Will. Will Carrington."
[18:55] Dollah echs bit to herself where she's sitting, dragging to herself again, scratching her face, bringing cane down to floor to push herself up some and to her feet again- Pausing to look at Will, looking pretty skeptical, "Yee and I'm the busta ass hero busta busta- You know, best fuckass busta around, Dollaaah?", she singsongs a bit at the end, sounding expecting to be recognized by practically everyone, very the punchable expression on her, "But ye. Door an' shit.", she waves her cane at where Max is going
[18:56] Alicia Frakture walks from the bar looking at Dollah as she sips a beer."Do you speak english?"
[18:56] Will Carrington chuckles softly, "Oh yes, I know exactly who you are. I've been a fan of your exploits." He turns at the sound of the other woman's voice, then smiles as he turns to face her. "Ah, well, and there you are. A pleasure to meet you formally, at last. I did so enjoy your street fight the other day. Well done. I'm Will. Will Carrington."
[18:58] Dollah looks up a bit at Alicia- Not looking particularly recognizing, "Nah bitchtits- I speak American.", smiling bit ot herself at Wills comment, "Who that busta ass axe fuck...Dude?", she wonders bit towards Will, sounding bit angry at first, but sort of trailing off as she drags on her joint
[18:59] Maximilian Cromwell sighs a little just hearing the voices from the other room when he moves towards the council room. Seeing it empty he shakes his head " really the bar huh ... " he sighs and then head back out to the others. He would keep silent for the moment tho, not really wishing to interrupt them.
[19:01] Alicia Frakture slams her axe dee into the table looking at Dollah."Don't know what American is but it sounds like a bunch of gibberish... except bitchtits. That one I know." as she glares at the blinged one. She pauses looking back for a moment to Will, Thanks would have been better without being set on fire."
[19:02] The Benevolent One: floated into the bar area the small black drone remained silent.
[19:03] Will Carrington offers a warm smile to both as he watches the axe bury deeply into the table. "I do try to avoid combustion, myself, but those energy levels... you're quite the resilient one." He shrugs. "So, shall we move to the conference room? Or is everyone more comfortable here? I imagine either could work."
[19:03] Dollah raises a brow as the table splinters up- Pretty quick to start brushing off at her coat paranoidly as if some splinters will get up in there, spreading arms to her sides, "Yee!", she sounds far too taunting for her own good, returning to natural posture though, distracting herself on the joint, looking up towards WIll, "Eh fuck it, whatever.", she shrugs to herself
[19:05] Alicia Frakture pulls the axe from the table.."I'm good either way."I'm curious who called this meeting myself."
[19:07] Maximilian Cromwell just remains silent as he watches their interactions for now, not really seeming overly convinced with who was around, lacking some faces for certain.
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[19:08] Dollah looks up towards the others assembled, "Eh fuck iunno- Dun lookat me.", she mumbles towards Alicia, having deep breath on her spliff
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[19:08] Will Carrington smiles, nodding to the axe-wielder and Dollah. "Well, I don't know who called for the meeting, either. But I am already glad that it happened." He begins to pluck at a piece of splintered wood on the table. "It's important that we get to be more familiar with one another here in Celestial City. The other side, if you will, tends to be far more acquainted than we are, and that's just not right."
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[19:12] The Benevolent One: "It would appear who ever called the meeting will not appear in the flesh" Said the small orb. It's voice genderless a synthesized androgynous voice, though not monotone or lacking in range. "A wise precaution." It said.
[19:14] Dollah looks around herself, contemplating her cane, yawning to herself, "Fuck, asshole better show up soon...", she starts pacing around to herself- Pausing to look at the floaty ball as it pipes up, seeming to only really notice it right now, "Ohh, the fuck's this thingy?", she glances bit at the others whom are standing, "Don't fucking tell me microball is one of our hero busta bustas."
[19:16] Alicia Frakture nods."One of the things we should cover is getting away from Think Tanks idea of capture and rape. Don't get me wrong we gotta do what we wanna do but it was all he seemed to want. We gotta even the playing field for our side. Don't know about all of you multiple"heroes"on one of us, gets old fast.
[19:17] Will Carrington narrows his eyes as he looks up at the floating orb. "And see, I thought it was just a little bit of brilliance that had broken away from your orbit, Dollah." He shrugs. "I imagine that the drone itself isn't much in the hero busting department, though its owner is perhaps interested in the cause." He nods in agreement with the axe-wielding woman. "And that, to me, is what we need to do. If we pool our strengths and work together, I imagine we can all be far more effective at achieving our goals, whatever they might be."
[19:19] Maximilian Cromwell stretches a little as he finally got involved " Well .. to be honest tho ... it was his own mistake for picking a fight he could not have hoped to win " he said calm. He then looks at the drone " So ... i do hope you have a sort of microphone. If its not you who called us in ... i am rather keen on leaving, this group here will not be able to synthesize from what i can tell "
[19:19] Dollah shrugging bit to herself towards Alicia- Attention taken by Will for a second at his comment, looking confused at him, unsure if she should be taking exception to comment, though not seeming to understand well enough to care, nodding slowly, "But yee, fucking harsh sometimes just handling one of those fuckers.", she mumbles her agreement
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[19:22] The Benevolent One: "Hero busta buster... You may say I am. For it is thanks to me that heroes present less of a risk than they have traditionally. You have a lot to thank government for. You exist only because government has turned a blind eye to some of your activities, except for the truly stupid. You may call me -the benefactor- and you are reminded not to bite the hand that feeds. When extinction level threats arrive, when alien armies invade, where do we find you.. cowering and hiding instead of protecting that which you need to survive. You have seen the city heroes and government capable of fending off these threats. Imagine for a moment the city -truely- turned its attention to you. You exist because I permit it. You have in your ranks imbeciles who threaten to make me reconsider this arrangement. An emergency state of affairs can be called into action at any given time." it said. As max spoke it answered "I hear everything... " it paused. "I wish not to trample ambitions, I see you as entrepreneurs, and overlook a
[19:22] The Benevolent One: great many things. But these oversights can and will be revoked should you provoke my ire... do not bite the hand that feeds"
[19:25] Will Carrington raises an eyebrow to the other man, but then listens intently to the words from the orb. "Well, yes, there are certainly those who lack conviction and direction. And I believe that the work we begin here tonight will be a service in return to you for the blind eye you mention. Truly, when things are more suitably arranged, you can expect us to police our own." He turns his attention back to the other man. "And I think you might be wrong there. It's early, of course, but I can already feel the synthesizing beginning." He smiles at Dollah. "She thinks I'm a stuck-up rich boy from some prep school." He turns to gesture to the tall red-head. "And she thinks Dollah is ridiculous and incomprehensible." He raises a finger. "But they both agree that help is needed. And that's where we begin."
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[19:27] Dollah looks a bit towards the floating drone, raising a finger as it speaks, seeming about to try interrupting it before she seems to figure better- Listening bit confused, "Wait... Wait... Is the microball The Man?", she wonders, sounding pretty bewildered, "... Does this mean we're supposed to cane it?", her better judgement might be little impeded, glancing towards others standing, "- You in a penguin suit man.", she offers towards Will, as if defending the claim of him being a stuck up rich boy
[19:31] Maximilian Cromwell stretches some " If you are as powerful as you claim to be ... you should be fairly capable of dealing with those heroes on your own ... and if you wish us to act ... as a way to keep the heroes busy ... you should post your intention clearly ... i am in no mood for games " he looks to the others " Or is any of you? For all intents and purposes ... its just wasting time "
[19:31] Alicia Frakture looks at the benevolent one."I don't know about these people but I am not around to be a hero busta whatever I'm here to cause havoc, and despite your comment I have a tribe to run in the outlands trouble come there and it's my problem. Unless you can see to get my tribe here I got two places to be."
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[19:37] The Benevolent One: "I wouldn't recommend canning the orb" said the orb "You don't know if it's packed with some unpleasant explosive or chemical weapon or vile biological vial of something." Said the orb. "Heroes are more of a problem to you than they are to me. In fact they can be very profitable....when the right conditions present themselves. Havoc girl you no doubt can be useful in luring them to act in such a manner. However , there is a simple condition , any attack on authority that is not an act of self defense, or .... shall we say...staged ..." it paused..."Will result in harsher enforcement, and a relaxation of heroing laws..."
[19:39] Will Carrington laughs, shaking his head. "Oh no, our benefactor doesn't wish for the heroes to be dealt with. At least not any more than it wishes for us to be dealt with. Like every government, this one thrives on conflict." He nods slowly. "And the very nature of this particular government and the construction of its laws supports a great deal of conflict from every direction." He smiles. "No, the benefactor is here because of its interests, but it is not here to enlist our aid. Someone else called this meeting." His eyes widen slightly at the orb's words regarding the relaxation of the laws. "Well, I do hope that you will give us two opportunities. First, the chance to organize before you would make such a rash decision. And, second, the opportunity to first deal with any who make such an attack on authority from within before such drastic measures are taken?"
[19:39] Dollah scratches slowly at her nose as she stares at the microball, prety confused looking, "Shit, microball is try'na be threatening like a big... Ball?", she herself doesn't seem to know where she was going with that, "... What, you mean, not fucking the man? Fuck you, fuck the maaaan."; she drawls out, sounding to be bit affected now, taking out her joint for a second
[19:41] Alicia Frakture shakes her head and walks to the bar, getting another beer."Staged? right, somehow I don't think the heroes will be in on the plan.. especially that Mikoto."
[19:43] The Benevolent One: "Of course mister Carrington. We are a bussiness, all in this to make the most of our situations. A simple agreement, I don't step on your toes and your don't step on mine." The orb turned its attention to Alicia. "Staged, doesn't mean -live-, you are aware there is this thing called technology"
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[19:44] Will Carrington nods, giving Dollah an earnest look. "Oh no, my dear, you will still have your opportunity to fuck the man, as you so eloquently put it. We will just need a bit of discussion about who the man is." He turns to the axe-wielder at the mention of Mikoto. "Ah yes, our little Agricultural firm. I imagine that our government might be a little concerned about the legal loophole that PAE is attempting to use to, effectively, circumvent the laws in place. I imagine this is an area where our efforts could be of use."
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[19:45] Dollah looks a bit towards other speaking, "Oh those shits.", she sounds recognizing as topic comes towards the hero group, "- I mean, they corporatist fuckers too, so they close enough to the 'man', too, yo."
[19:46] Night Witch(Pilix) steps out of a shadow in the corner of the room, taking a moment to slowly look around the establishment, and then to each of the gathered individuals inside. A little tilt of her head is given as she lifts a clawed hand to wiggle her sharply tipped fingers at the group. "Isn't this a lovely little gathering."
[19:48] Will Carrington smiles at the newcomer, his eyes lingering for a moment as he adjusts to her form that seems to form from the very shadows themselves. "It gets lovelier by the minute."
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[19:50] Alicia Frakture shakes her head. looking at Will."Tuck it back in your pants." Before looking over at Night Witch, her body tensing as she sets her beer glas on the table, watching the new arrival, her knuckles white as she gripped her axe
[19:51] Maximilian Cromwell just sighs as he keeps waiting silent, merely giving a nod of greeting to the newcomer
[19:51] The Headhunter enters the Elite bar and steps down the stairs. The masked man takes a look at all the people gathered and gives a nod as he moves over and takes a seat at a table. He leans back and puts his feet up. "So, this is it huh?" He looks toward one of the mostly naked serving girls and motions for a drink. "Old brain drain loses his head and now we need to figure out who is going to tak over? I expected some big battle royal to have broken out already."
[19:53] Dollah: (me looks a bit over towards someone new just arriving, "Huh.", she sounds bit surprised with how she arrives, though deciding not to think too hard on it, scratching her chin as another one arrives too, "Busta I'm high, fuck off with battle roy... Alleess? Roya- Fuck. That shit, later.", she waves off the newest arrival with her cane, flailing with the not commonest word

[19:55] Will Carrington shrugs, his attention turning to the masked man. "At this point, we are working through some tensions, but not close to a fight... save for perhaps the bad blood between these two." He sighs. "But we are making progress. Already, I think everyone here is beginning to recognize our common enemies and the benefits to be gained from setting aside petty squabbles." He gives a meaningful glance to the statuesque red-head by his side.

[19:57] Night Witch(Pilix) smiles under her scarf as she eyes the man in the suit, then turns her attention to the axe wielding woman and that tight grip she kept on her weapon. Then to the woman decked out in decoration and waving her cane. The man by the wall did not stand out much compared to the others and received only a brief glance over from her. Finally her attention settled on the man that entered after her as he spoke and moved to a table. "Mmmh... no fights yet.."

[20:01] Alicia Frakture eyeballs Night Witch, ignoring Wills words."We need more than a faceless government saying they look the other way. We need to be able to band together, if someone is facing a wall of heroes we need to be able to contact each other to bring in reinforcements."

[20:01] The Headhunter takes a drink as the serving girl returns. He lifts it up but stops as he realizes the mask prevents the glass from reaching his lips. He lets out a small sigh and sets the drink of the table. He looks toward Will and nods. "Too bad. I was going to take bets. But I guess it is better this way. We really should drop the penis measuring contests and just agree to work out a system that will benefit us all. I don't know how many of you all know who I am but I have been supplying Think Tank with a lot of the heroines this place has been auctioning off. You can call me the Headhunter. I for one don't want to lose this source of income."

[20:02] Alicia Frakture pauses."Not to bash the faceless government side, but there are a lot of parts to this."

[20:02] Maximilian Cromwell just keeps watching for the moment, not keen on getting too involved into the subject as he was not there for chit chat, then again he would not stop them from having it either.

[20:03] Dollah scratching at her upper lip, shrugging towards the others, "Shit man, I'd like more money too.", she mumbles following Headhunters mention, sort of looking around herself, realizing she's standing for no real reason, starting down again to her chair and drag on her spliff

[20:05] Will Carrington nods to the masked man, then turns to the axe-wielding woman. "And that is the crux of it all. I am confident that there have been times when your actions would have matched up with exactly what others in this room desired. But without communication, we act alone and fail." He smiles at Dollah's words. "And money. Oh yes, there is plenty of money to be made through this establishment and our efforts. Together."

[20:08] The Headhunter nods to Dollah then looks around at the others in the room pausing to listen to Will. "I think we can all agree on that. I have watched time after time as the city's heroes all gang up on one metahuman that thought they could just show up and muscle whatever they wanted only to get their teeth kicked in. Think Tank had the right idea with this support network but he was still too sloppy. We need some actual brains at the top. Maybe not just one leader, more of a democracy."

[20:09] Night Witch(Pilix) steps up toward the table, trailing shadows as she moves. One of her hands reaches out to run her claws over the surface of it in little patterns as she eyes the others around. "It sounds to me like a fellowship is being proposed. Perhaps a council, rather than a single leader. All of us pooling our skills and resources together."

[20:10] Alicia Frakture steps back as Night approaches the table her knuckles popping slightly as she grips the axe tighter."A council sounds good. We can plan stuff out properly."

[20:11] Dollah looks up a bit around herself, "Yee- Like, shit, for the people, and shit? Except the busta bustas are the people.", she sounds enthused despite the weird choice of words, picking up her joint for a second to look at it- Mostly smoked up, "Eh shit."; she mumbles, fiddling in a coat pocket to get another big blunt out, light it with the still smoldering first spliff

[20:13] Will Carrington strokes his goatee for a moment. "I believe that communication is, in fact, just as important as leadership." He gestures toward the floating orb. "Of course ,a leadership council will be important, in order to have a point of contact for interested parties, as well as for doling out punishments within as needed." He turns his attention back to the seated man. "Your proposal would arrange for that."

[20:15] The Headhunter gives a nod looking around. He lifts the glass again and then shrugs offering it to Dollah. "Yes. I think a council or board of directors if you prefer, would be the best idea. Maybe even have heads of different departments. Maybe one can run the heroine slave trade, one runs this bar, somebody heads up security and all that. Then we can all offer some plans on how to work together for common goals."

[20:17] Crescendo arrived, her body forming together like some kind of wave form, untill syhe was solid

[20:17] The Benevolent One: "You need to be more enterprising. Planning havoc for its own sakes is not a rewarding goal, other than to ones ego. Planning havoc to lure heroes into traps -is-, you see you need someone with smarts to at least give you purpose to your actions, that's the difference between a syndicate and a group of thugs, hatchet women have their places in syndicates, but are rather pointless following their own goals . this is why you will need someone within this council with ultimate veto, and that someone you will need to decide for yourselves."

[20:18] Dollah looks a bit over towards the headhunter, shrugging herself as he offers the glass, taking out her joint temporarily so she can slug it down- Before dragging heavily again, "Ooh... Yee...", she mumbles, "Fuck, do I get to watch our loot an shit? I'm fuckin' calling dibz, yo."; she smiles and starts chuckling before coughing on her joint

[20:20] Night Witch(Pilix) smiles as she listens, looking to those who seem to be agreeing with the ideas. "Non concordant simul, simul vicit sumus." She chuckles softly. "Now, how shall we decide on this council? Who will lead in which areas?" She glances to the floating ball and shrugs. "A single person is not needed for that. A council would serve that purpose."

[20:20] Crescendo: or we can just go about business as usual using the network and forget a council

[20:21] The Benevolent One: "Negative, a council is only so effective ... you need a tie breaker and a veto. Don't presume to lecture me on politics."

[20:21] Crescendo: negative on the council entirely

[20:22] Alicia Frakture shakes her head at Crescendo."We do that I will have my tribe here for an invasion. We can't keep getting outnumbered by these people. We either need to work together or accept that they're gonna gang fuck us if we stay this route."

[20:22] Will Carrington nods along with the words from the orb, then turns back to the masked man. "As I see it, as our benefactor states, it will be most important for the organization to act with a single voice. We can have many agendas, but it will need to be clear whether or not a particular action is, in fact, sanctioned by the organization." He chuckles at the words between the shadow woman and the orb. "Search all the squares in all the cities, you'll find no statues to committees."

[20:23] Alicia Frakture pauses."I would rather have my people here to help this group than as an invading force..."

[20:23] Crescendo: I will accept no council. Nor their decisions. The elders are there for advice not ruling.

[20:23] Dollah looks a bit around herself, "Yee- Gang fucking's getting real old, yo."; she nods towards Alicia, "Well you know, not counting when we're shoving canes up peoples asses.", looking up to Will, she shrugs, "Eh shit... I'm gonna run out of smokes...", she mumbles to herself, looking at the stairs out

[20:24] The Headhunter looks at the floating device as the voice comes from it. He looks toward Night Witch and nods. Then glances at Crescendo. "I think putting one above others would only encourage backstabbing and power plays. Let's face it we deal with a lot of ego maniacs in this side of things. If we need a veto then it should be decided by the majority." He shakes his head at Crescendo. "Yeah you see how well it works with no guidance at all. Just keep going out to get your ass kicked over and over. Maybe you're into that kinda thing. I dunno. But me, I want to stay out of jail."

[20:25] Crescendo: Its worked fine for me. And a benefactor who doesnt show their face is not to be trusted. Forget your vetos.

[20:25] Alicia Frakture it's simple we have a group majority rules with an odd number of council members that way there is no deadlock."

[20:27] Night Witch(Pilix) glances between each of them. She looks to the orb again. "A tie break is not required, if there is no tie. Avoid even splits in decisions to begin with." She looks to Crescendo then and shrugs. "Then you need not be a part of it. You may continue on your own as you please." She gives a small shrug.

[20:27] Will Carrington chuckles. "I think you are looking at this the wrong way. We are not talking about ruling. The council and whoever may or may not have the veto power doesn't rule anything." He shakes his head. "They don't tell anyone what to do. They simply decide whether an action carries the sanction of the organization. So, if things go wrong, our benefactor can work on our behalf. Everyone wins. No one would say any member couldn't do whatever they liked. If they acted outside the organization, it would be no different than it is now."

[20:27] Crescendo: I wont agree to any council unless the benefactor reveals themselves

[20:28] The Benevolent One: "Then you go for mob rule, rather fitting, however good luck deciding every action requiring every member of council to be present, " the orb left a moment of silence. "So who's going to guarantee all council members will be available? I'm just pointing out flaws that arise by not having a veto. "

[20:28] Dollah looks around herself, "Eh shit guys- Fuck."; she looks down to her spliff, "I need more pot."; she mumbles, starting up to her feet again, "You fuckers don't do any stupid shit like tossing out all our gold and shit, right?", she looks towards the other members around

[20:29] The Headhunter looks at the floating device. "I assume this little bug here is the benefactor you all keep mentioning? So if you are our new benefactor, are you going to be paying us all?"

[20:29] Will Carrington suddenly looks down as his watch begins to beep. "I apologize. I have a brief matter to attend to." As he heads for the door under the stairs, he says. "It sounds to me like our purposes might be best served with a council that meets to decide directions, with an executive who carries out the day-to-day operation of those directives."

[20:30] Crescendo: / then this benefactor should show their face. Even with a mask. How can we trust it otherwise?

[20:32] Night Witch(Pilix) looks to Crescendo again. "How can we trust you? Why do you believe a physical presence would grant trust? Perhaps this is the only form of presence they are capable of."

[20:32] Dollah looks towards WIll as he heads off for a second- "Shit, I'll be back when I got more blunts...", she mumbles, as she swaggers around and starts to head towards the stairs(Exit, my sis is asking for help with something)

[20:34] Will Carrington smiles warmly as he re-enters the room, a magenta-haired woman drawn along on a leash behind him in a jangle of chain. "I do apologize. It's just important I get her out to stretch for a bit. I don't want any negative physical effects setting in."

[20:34] The Benevolent One: "It is not required that you follow my advice nor is it required that you trust me. And do you assume I would have one face, or -any- face?"

[20:34] Crescendo shrugs and actively begins draining electrical energy from the floating orb. " because I have shown myself. I have helped people. I have pooled my cash in. I will ignore any vote ot veto an anonymous person makes.

[20:35] Alicia Frakture keeps her distance from Night Witch." We're gonna keep bickering here and we're not gonna get any thing done." She looks at The Benevolent One."The question is if we have someone to have veto power who would it be?"

[20:35] Trot (Trot Schridde) staggers in behind Will Carrington, looking both disoriented and frightened, her eyes wide as she looks around, then stumbles in the chains, a natural grace keeping her from falling.

[20:36] The Benevolent One: "I would not continue to drain energy from the orb, you don't know what it does when it runs out of energy..." Said the orb casually. "If you wish to be responsible for a cold fusion explosion, continue"

[20:36] Maximilian Cromwell looks into the group and he shakes his head some " waste of time " he said calm as he watched the entire situation. " Give a veto power to one person and you create a unbalance in power " he said calm, other then that he did not get involved.

[20:37] The Headhunter glances at Crescendo as he feels the energy flowing. "You know, we are not here to fight. If you wanna keep up this aggression you're only going to get yourself into a lot of trouble hun. Don't be stupid."

[20:37] Alicia Frakture puts her axe to Crescendos throat."Whatever you're doing shut it off."This is a meeting to help each other out, not fight, this is what those above want us to do."

[20:37] Night Witch(Pilix) sighs a bit. "It seems to me the best solution is a council of three, perhaps with substitute council members to be called upon in the event any cannot be present. If however we decide to have one with the power of veto, it should be voted upon by majority. And can likewise be removed by majority."

[20:39] Will Carrington steps further into the room. "So, then, our benefactor is concerned that a council will not be responsive and flexible enough to deal with matters as they arise, am I right? And does not trust that the council will not be dead-locked?" He pauses for a moment. "And the majority of those gathered here are concerned that someone with veto power will create a power issue. Is that right?"

[20:39] Crescendo stopped then. But she released the electrical enery into her hair " then trll this thins to show itself. Screw a vote or majotiry"

[20:41] The Headhunter sighs at Crescendo. "Yeah see this is exactly the problem. Stupid attitudes like that are what cause the heroes to stomp everyone. You don't like this? Then hit the road and keep getting your ass kicked. We got no use for reckless people who just want to stir up trouble."

[20:42] Crescendo: I have no use for people hiding behind a name or robot.

[20:42] The Benevolent One: "If I wanted to destroy this organization, I had ample opportunity, and more importantly, means. Clearly though, someone wants to be the center of attention. Can we all give her a round of appluase and plenty of ample praise, maybe elevate her to leader?"

[20:42] Crescendo: words from a box mean nothing coward

[20:43] Night Witch(Pilix) looks over to Crescendo once more. "Why do you so concern yourself with the identity behind the orb? No council, leader, or veto holder has even been decided. They may not even be part of these decisions."

[20:44] Will Carrington laughs at the woman's words. "I believe there are only two of us in this room who have not taken any steps toward concealing our identities. Whether behind a mask or a box, who cares?" He sighs, reaching down to idly play his fingers through the bound girl's hair. "The reality is that our benefactor's identity and value to this organization is obvious and meaningful. And I am not one to bite the hand that feeds."

[20:45] Crescendo: no council, save for advice. You all are letting a coward who won't show their face chime in. That coward has no valu

[20:45] The Benevolent One: "Then take off your disguise."

[20:45] Crescendo: at the same time. show your face

[20:45] Trot (Trot Schridde) cringes at the man's touch, feeling his fingers in her hair, looking like she'd do anything to pull away as she bites down on the gag, looking towards an empty part of the room

[20:46] The Benevolent One: "And which faces I wonder shall we show one another?"

[20:47] Maximilian Cromwell rubs his temples a little. " waste of my time ... get back at me when all of you have your things sorted out ... i don't like the wait " he said as he moves towards and up the stairs to leave unless stopped.

[20:47] Will Carrington sighs again, shaking his head. His fingers close more tightly in the girl's hair. "No one needs to take off disguises or show their face." He releases his hold with a push and then steps further into the room. "If you have nothing else to add other than your obsession with exposing identities, I think we can mark your objections as noted and move on to actual business." He glares at the woman in white.

[20:47] The Headhunter turns his attention back toward the others in the room, ignoring Crescendo's stupidity. "Okay so those of use with brains all agree that....." He sighs as the two keep bickering. "Will you two shut the fuck up! Holy shit! You in white, you already made it plain you don't want to be a part of this so go on out of here or else you will end up on the end of a chain on the auction block. We have no need for this shit."

[20:49] Crescendo: that orb coward needs to show their face for its voice to be worthy. ~she glared to headhunter~ I have put my freedom on the line for members. Do you dismiss all who take an active role so easily?

[20:51] The Benevolent One: moved towards Max. "Please stay. I am on my way out. I have made my point to those who were here on time. This device has served its purpose, I'll allow you now to deal with its all about , me, me,me,me over there." The Orb then simply disappeared.

[20:52] The Headhunter stands up with a disgusted frustrated body language. He turns toward Crescendo and shrugs. "Okay one last time, in simple words so you can understand. You do not want to be part of this. Then go get fucked." He looks toward the rest of the group. "Okay so other than one vote we are agreeing on a council? I kinda lost track with this childish stupidity."

[20:52] Crescendo: I aim to help those around us my vote is no council. I did not pay my dues and put in time to be presumed to not want to be part of the club

[20:54] Night Witch(Pilix) sighs and just shakes her head. "You are not the leader, dear child. You do not decide who's voice is worthy. Worth via merit.. not one's face. If their ideas hold merit, they are worthy of being heard, regardless of the form of presence they choose." She looks to those who still remain. "We should push forward, yes.

[20:54] Will Carrington turns his attention away from the woman in white. "I believe we need more than a council. As our benefactor stated, it can be difficult to gather a council together on demand for day-to-day decisions." He nods to the shadow woman. "I think that a council of three would be ideal, to set policy and make major decisions. But that they should have the power to appoint an executive who deals with matters on the front lines, within the parameters they assign."

[20:54] Alicia Frakture growls."That's ENOUGH!" As she puts her axe through the table. She points to Max, if you have some input,let's hear it." She sees the orb disappear and Headhunter speaks."We need a strong front against these so called heroes. You want to auction slaves do so, " She turns to Crescendo, You wanna run freelance do so. We're talking a war council for the big stuff and it involves us. Do the little things on your own and get a chance to call for back up. Otherwise..." She pauses and takes a step back from Night Witch."Otherwise those above are gonna fuck us hard in the ass and I for one don't play that."

[20:58] Night Witch(Pilix) nods some as the suited man speaks, waving her claws toward him. "That is perhaps the best option. An executive that serves the council would work." She looks to the axe wielding woman then, seeing the way she steps back and smiles under her scarf. "Indeed. We simply need to set policies in which support will be given. What we can agree on benefits us all."

[20:58] Maximilian Cromwell looks back to the group and he sighs. " If i have some input huh ?" he said calm and shrugs " Your entire idea od organization if lacking ... nothing but lacking. If you really wish for a unity among the people, leading places should have the same common goal ... " he said with another sigh. " The most efficient way would be to set up a council ... but for the day to day bases, you should put people into a position of authority ... basically commanding officers ... everyone responsible for their branch, all subordinates to the general ruling of the council, yet superior to their branch ... this will create a flexible chain of command allowing for adjustment even if some officers or council members are killed "

[20:59] The Headhunter leans forward on the back of the chair. "So okay, see this is the ego thing I was talking about earlier. How would we decide on a head? It's obvious that people are already trying a power grab. It makes it nearly impossible to trust anyone."

[21:00] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."I don't care about power. I care about fighting causing destruction and my tribe. I already have power with them."

[21:00] Crescendo: have you not paid attention. I am part of the backup. I am here to cover every one of your asses. Need and escape, I do it. Even if it costs me personally. Need firepower I bring it. I don't lead. I don't assume command. But a council.. will be actively ignored. Strategically the best head would be one better at planning than doing.

[21:00] The Headhunter nods toward Max. "Yeah see, he gets it. That is what I said at first."

[21:03] Will Carrington nods along with the man by the stairs as he speaks. "Part of those concerns could be alleviated by assigning multiple executives, then. Each given control within his or her domain." He shrugs toward the masked man. "The only concern I see with that model is that, without one executive, you run the risk of conflicting views between the department heads on a matter of urgency, which would then require the council to resolve." He takes a step closer. "I personally feel that the fear of a power grab is not an issue because the council can dismiss the executive at any time under my model. But I believe there are merits and flaws both ways and am open to either."

[21:04] Night Witch(Pilix) looks over toward the long haired man. "That is... exactly what we're discussing. Have you not been listening?" She tilts her head curiously at him, then shrugs and looks back to the other. She looks again to Crescendo. "Ignored in what way? As it's been said, the council is not there to rule or command, only decide policy, what actions will receive support, or will be left to the individual to act on their own."

[21:05] Crescendo: ignored in any decision. In any policy. If there is an actual council it should be for advising. not deciding what gets mone

[21:05] The Headhunter nods. "Yeah well, I still think a council, majority rules is much better than one person trying to put themselves above everyone else. We will just have to have some meetings and make sure each department head doesn't step out of line. We need to think like a group, not a single ego."

[21:08] Maximilian Cromwell looks at Night. "Well sorry ... but with all the babbling around the point my brain just doze off ... its rather simple tho ... either all agree on a concept ... ir the thing will go no where " he said with a shrug " As for me ... i really hate wasting my time with such futile talk ... get back at me once things are decided, take my vote either way " he said as he makes his way further up the stairs.

[21:09] Night Witch(Pilix) nods to the woman. "And you are free to ignore those things, dear child. And you will act on your own." She looks back to the others. "So, how shall this council be decided? Nomination and vote? Volunteer?"

[21:10] Will Carrington smiles, furrowing his brow at the shadow woman's question. "Yes, we will need to determine how to decide. And then, there is the additional question of whether a person can be both a section head and on the council. That will be important to determine."

[21:11] Alicia Frakture takes her axe from the table, leaving a large hole in it."AS long as I get to stomp a few holes in people i'm good either way

[21:11] Will Carrington smiles at the woman as she retrieves the axe. "Oh yes, dear, there is no question that there will be plenty of opportunity for you to do just that."

[21:14] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."Wouldn't mind a place to bring my tribe into the city as well if needed."

[21:16] Crescendo: if you are out there on the street, need a lift.. a hero sliced open, muscle for a job.. whether a so called council has decided it has support. I will have your back., contact me. even amateurs~eyeing witch~ We are a community.. elders are there to advise. Not stop the young from the chance to learn a lesson. ~she began to float up~

[21:17] The Headhunter shrugs. "It really should be kept simple. A basic majority rules kind of thing. The key is to work together. Department heads should be chosen based on their field of expertise. The best qualified should run each department. It should not be structured to encourage any way of someone trying to usurp control or backstab."

[21:20] Will Carrington nods, "If this is to be the structure, then I believe that it might be best for the council to be made up of the department heads, at least in the beginning. Three departments. Three council positions. Then, each department head can delegate positions further down within his area of expertise."

[21:20] The Headhunter looks around again. "Maybe it would be best to figure out exactly what departments we have that need to be managed first? What do we got, the bar, auctions, hunting heroines and paying the bounties, maybe communications?"

[21:21] Alicia Frakture nods, but pauses."Woah, why just heroines? Why not take a few of the male heroes down a bit too

[21:22] Crescendo: because the males dont bring in as much fun for most of our members. sexism

[21:22] Trot (Trot Schridde) glances up as she hears the mention of hunting heroins, a focus coming into her eyes as she takes steady breaths, trying to stay calm....

[21:23] Night Witch(Pilix) chuckles softly, glancing over at Crescendo, giving her a little wave. "Good to know dear. Stay safe." She looks back to the others as discussions continue, chuckling a bit. "Heroines sell better I assume. I would not stop anyone from trying to bring in male heroes if they want. Whether they get a good price fro them, who knows."

[21:23] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."Come on tell me you wouldn't want to take down.. Oh gods what was his name. Strong, him on the auction block, would be a big win... if he still exists."

[21:24] Will Carrington nods, "It all depends on how broad we want the departments to be. We could start quite wide, with three positions: Security, finance, and Acquisitions." He smiles at the axe-wielder. "Well, the males don't sell as well either, to be frank. But there is still some profit to be made there." He reaches back to place a hand firmly on the bound heroine's ass. "There's just more of a market for tender flesh like this one. There would be a badge of honor to go with one like Strong... but it can't compare to pure lust."

[21:24] Crescendo winks a glowing eye at night witch " you need all the help you can get" Her form starting to disperse into radio waves

[21:25] The Headhunter nods. "Yeah we can hunt the guys too. A piece of ass is a piece of ass. Heroines tend to fetch the largest price but sure heroes can be captured too. So how do we decide on the heads? Who is best for what role?"

[21:27] Alicia Frakture shrugs."How about we start with nominations and go from there, but you can't pick yourself
[21:28] Alicia Frakture mutters."Damn king of pirates bull shit."

[21:28] Will Carrington ponders for a moment. "Well, from the limited information I have seen so far, I believe that you," he turns to the shadow woman, "might be ideal for the position of Security chief. Judging by how you entered, I think you might be ideal for the post. And you obviously have a good head on your shoulders."

[21:30] Alicia Frakture nods in agreement, still keeping a distance

[21:30] Night Witch(Pilix) looks around at those present as the discuss how to deal with deciding departments and council members. She looks toward the suited man as he points her out as a candidate for security chief. She chuckles softly. "Mh.. perhaps. If the others agree."

[21:31] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola): /m3/mes form vanishes as the waves spread out into the city

[21:32] Alicia Frakture "Got my vote."

[21:33] The Headhunter nods. "I don't object to that. We need someone who is level headed. So what about the other two heads? You look more like a banker than a field agent, Mr...sorry I did not catch your name."

[21:35] Will Carrington chuckles at the banker comment. "Carrington. Will Carrington. And yes, you have me dead to rights on that one. I am much more of a behind-the-scenes, keep the lights on and the pantry stocked sort." He smiles, "And, to be clear on my own thoughts, I imagine that the Security position would be responsible for organizing and maintaining security here, of course. And then, additionally, would be the first point of contact for organizing group actions. Unless the council specifically decided otherwise, Security would decide matters involving deployment of personnel."

[21:36] Alicia Frakture pauses a moment."You all hear that?"

[21:38] The Headhunter starts to answer Will but turns toward Alicia. "Um. no? I was kinda distracted looking at the little slave girl's tits. Did you mean what Will said?"

[21:39] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."I'm gonna check something. Damn we need security around here, keep nosey people out of here,"

[21:40] Trot (Trot Schridde) shoots a brief glare at the Headhunter, her face red, before looking away, trying not to get too much attention.

[21:40] Alicia Frakture walks to the stairs keeping distance from Night Witch.

[21:40] Will Carrington grins broadly, his hand moving up from the bound girl's ass to glide up along her side until he finds and captures her breast in his hand. He gives it a firm squeeze. "They are fantastic, aren't they? She has a lot of training ahead of her, of course, but the raw materials are priceless."

[21:43] Night Witch(Pilix) just smiles watching the woman move and keep such a distance from her, so afraid to get close. "Adorable." She looks back to the others, giving a little tilt of her head. "Mmh, so keeping this place safe, and organizing the muscle of the group to deal with the hero swarms, hm?"

[21:45] Trot (Trot Schridde) cringes as she feels those molesting hands travel up her body, her arms tugging at the chains, barely able to move. She looks both humiliated and angry, knowing how helpless she is, hating the feel of those fingers on her. And then there's the grab on her breasts, a sharp squeal coming from her as she tries to pull away to no avail, glaring at her captor accusingly.

[21:46] The Headhunter calls out to Alicia. "Let me know if you need a hand." He looks back to Will, but more focusing on the short girl's breast. "Yeah. We need more like that around here again. The slimes seemed to steal a lot of our 'staff' before." He gives Night Witch a quick glance. "That makes sense to me. So what? I guess that leaves me in charge of acquisitions?"

[21:46] Will Carrington nods to the shadow woman, tearing his eyes away from the bound girl with some difficulty. "Yes, and I can imagine that would be well within your capabilities?" He turns to the masked man. "Yes. I was going to suggest exactly that. You seem to have already carved out your role there."

[21:47] Alicia Frakture comes back."So who is the field person? We need to be able to plan jobs and attacks, but just to fuck with them, what if we...." A wicked smile crossing her face

[21:48] The Headhunter nods and looks over at the returning Alicia. "I kinda volunteered for that job while you stepped out, but you know, I could use a nice right hand."

[21:49] Alicia Frakture cracks her knuckles."Like I said, as long as I can put the hurt on people. I'm in."

[21:49] Will Carrington nods to the axe-wielder. "I think you would be quite a capable right hand, indeed."

[21:50] The Headhunter laughs. "Sure just remember, don't damage the merchandise. We need to make a profit. Slaves bring a higher price than body parts."

[21:51] Alicia Frakture shrugs "I'll only go lethal for vendettas. I can just knock 'em around."

[21:53] Night Witch(Pilix) watches the man molest his captive with a soft chuckle. "Cute pet you have." She looks to the other then and nods. "If I am to be in charge of security, I may be able to use your skill as well, when we need someone dealt with. If we have any incidents."

[21:54] Alicia Frakture smiles a bit wider, but still keeps her distance."You got it, I can make sure they don't find 'em."

[21:55] The Headhunter nods to Night Witch. "Sure thing. That is the idea here. We all work together. My first task is going to get the flow of merchandise back in here again." He looks at Will. "I can bring them in but do we have someone to keep them in line here?"

[21:56] Will Carrington smiles warmly. "I do so love to see things come together. Now, I think it is important that we get some planning together soon." He gestures in the air. "Our benefactor from earlier will want to see some results and organization quickly put into place. That should calm any nerves born from the discussions tonight." he smiles at the head of acquisitions. "And that would be just the way to do it."
[21:57] Will Carrington nods again. "I would certainly be happy to take care of any training and organization on this end." He chuckles. "After all, what are they once they are here, but more financial assets to manage?"

[21:58] Alicia Frakture nods and if we ever want a massive attack, I got the extra bodies

[21:58] Will Carrington smiles at the axe-wielder. "Always a nice benefit to have in place."

[21:59] The Headhunter nods again. "Okay once again this benefactor is mentioned. Who is that and why should I care? Are they paying me? I have not seen anything yet other than a floating robot thing."

[22:00] Alicia Frakture shakes her head no idea, but I'll leave you all to hammer it out." She walks behind the bar and grabs a few cases of beer."I'm off for the outland, I'll be back real soon."

[22:02] Will Carrington chuckles. "Well, the benefactor is someone highly placed in government. It is someone who, at the very least, has a serious impact on legal policy here in the city." He shrugs. "And while we act outside the law, the simple fact is that the laws in this city make it challenging for the heroes and heroines to act against us. And that is a key benefit of ours." He smiles. "The benefactor is not making any serious demands, other than that we avoid attacking the authorities directly and that we show some organization. In return, the laws stay in our favor."

[22:04] The Headhunter sits back down. "I see. That seems a bit suspicious to me. What does this benefactor have to gain? I don't know but as long as they don't try to push anything we should be okay."

[22:06] Will Carrington smiles, "The very same thing that every government has to gain by turmoil. Profit."

[22:07] Night Witch(Pilix) nods some. "I agree. We should discuss organization, and perhaps figure out what these policies are that we want." She raises a brow as she listens to the discussion of the benefactor. Even that little bit of information gives her a good guess at who it might be. She just chuckles a bit. "Very interesting.. keeping the laws of the land in our favor."

[22:11] The Headhunter shrugs. "Yeah maybe but then again, the city is kind of our business competition with their sponsorship contract auctions too. That is just a legal form of what we are doing. Just stay cautious is all I'm saying." He looks toward Night Witch. "We each have our role now, what else do we need to discuss? I'll bring stock in, you keep them here and Banker Will will teach them how to act."

[22:13] Will Carrington smiles, "I couldn't agree more. I just see no point in antagonizing our benefactor or refusing the generous offer. With so little asked, we can make this work for the time being at least." He looks between the two of them. "I believe that we are in a good position to begin getting things back on track here. We can continue to discuss the details, but we know our roles now."

[22:15] Night Witch(Pilix) chuckles softly. "That is true. But they need to catch those breaking laws. We get to catch anyone." She looks over at Headhunter. "If you need any extra help bringing anyone in, don't be afraid to call on me. If I have no security concerns to deal with, I'm always up for a little fun." She then looks between the both of them. "And if we have need of.. altering any catches, I have ways of helping with that. In case you need them to look a bit different."

[22:16] Will Carrington smiles at the shadow woman. "And your value continues to grow." He chuckles. "Yes, this is going to work quite well."

[22:18] The Headhunter nods in agreement. "Yep. This is all coming together. We just need to get back to work. I guess it's all settled now. It's been a pleasure. I'm going to go see what I can hunt up."
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