The sound of hundreds of evil things

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The sound of hundreds of evil things

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Mika assembles the data into a file, trying to do a bit of corrections as parts overlap oddly, then sends it out on the private channels for the SE

MEETING NOTES 5/14 - any leaks of information will be subject to tribunal inquiry ((in other words, if you are not in the SE team, dont use this info in character))

[16:08:56] Lady Nightmare nods and makes her way to the head of the table as a few more minor criminals file in and take seats at the table "Well, those who aren't here now will have to be filled in later, let's get to business" taking her own seat

[16:09:08] Mika looks up and calls out "your attention please, this meeting is now called to order, I present to you, the CO of SE, Lady Nightmare" the girl bows to Lady Nightmare, and stands quite literally at her right hand.
[16:14:13] Lady Nightmare:We have 3 main topics to cover tonight, after which any personal requests can be handled if needed. The first matter is our chain of command. As the organization is still being rebuilt there are currently two officers only, this will expand in time. My word, of course, comes above all else. If I'm not available, then Mika here speaks with my voice and will.

[16:14:55] Mika bows politely at the mention of her name, so all know her.

[16:14:56] Anomaly nods lightly too the comments on the chain of command.

[16:15:33] Max nods in sync with the rest

[16:15:55] The Grinning Ghoul cackles a little then nods

[16:17:20] Lady Nightmare:The second matter is a few simple rules of conduct. Seeing as those here are, at the core, all out for themselves, there are a few basic guidelines needed to make sure we can all work together

[16:19:38] Mika continues taking notes of the meeting, remaining silent yet watchful.

[16:20:42] Lady Nightmare:The first rule is that you need to contribute to the organization to retain our benefits... contributions come in many forms, money, tech, slaves, or direct support of our operations. Those that solely pursue their own benefits though will be cut off from our resources

[16:24:04] Mika looks up with an angry glare at one of the slaves who is hesitating slightly, and nods to a handler... the girl is dragged out, and a bit later, sounds of screams float down the hall into the meeting room.

[16:24:34] The Grinning Ghoul: " And folks being cut no fun "

[16:24:35] Max: You'd have to be pretty stupid to miss out on such a fine package.... *he looks at Mika* ... of benefits.

[16:25:04] Anomaly listens too the screams licking her lips. "If you have no use for that girl when she is through being punished.. i am hungry"

[16:26:59] Lady Nightmare nods to each in turn, though her look to Max bears a hint of displeasure "Secondly, while we won't interfere much in daily matters of your activities, there will be times specific objectives of the organization will be made clear. Directives from the officers will be obeyed when given, and acting in violation of them will be considered treason."

[16:28:40] The Grinning Ghoul looks at his powered gauntlets... as an arc of lightning plays between the fore finger and thumb

[16:29:57] Mika hears Lady Nightmare's comment and moves to the handler, then indicating Anomaly... the guard nods, and soon begging and rattling chains is heard, as the girl's fate is easily decided.. Mika returns to her place, flipping a few pages and making a note on current available stock.

[16:32:01] Max catches Lady N's look. His eyes flicker to Mika, then back to Lady N. A look of understanding crosses his face, punctuated by a small hand gesture to indicate 'backing off'.

[16:32:44] Crescendo arrived as waves of radio nature forming into a solid block taking form

[16:33:17] Mika nods to the new arrival and indicates the seats, refreshments and the slaves to her.

[16:35:30] Lady Nightmare:Third and final rule... I expect there to be some bits of power struggle and conflict among the ranks at times. So long as these remain minor and isolated, they will be overlooked. If conflicts escalate to the point that they begin affecting operations, however, then those involved will face a tribunal of the officers, to determine a resolution. Any questions about our rules? ^nodding to the new arrival and sliding over a sheet listing what has been discussed so far^

[16:37:59] Crescendo: then we have an issue unless the previous arrangement stands. I will not be told who or what I may attack/ ~she took a seat

[16:38:50] Anomaly looks to the individual who entered and sighs as she goes back to lightly tapping her fingers against the table listening before smirking at the womans outburst

[16:39:43] Max was a bit distracted by the new arrival to pick up part of the last rule... "Tribunal?"

[16:41:20] Anomaly "It means cocky little piss ants that jeopardize operations because they dont want to listen will be held accountable too a jury of their betters"

[16:41:35] Crescendo:

[16:42:57] The Grinning Ghoul whips out a purple jelly dildo and shakes it "It is against the penal codes to have a Tribunal even among friends" he shakes it once more , cackles and puts it away

[16:42:57] Max shoots a look down to the woman at the end. " I know what it means... just struck me as odd. Aren't we about overthrowing the establishment, not making a new one?

[16:44:41] Mika: to answer that question.. .a meeting is an established time and place to convene and work together.... or is there a problem with that?

[16:45:32] Lady Nightmare looks to Crescendo "Our agreement remains... orders to not attack a specific target will be very rare, and generally for very short periods. With the exception, of course, of not attacking this base or my own front businesses" then to Max "Yes, tribunal is like a military court... the officers of the organization are judge and jury. In order to succeed we need something more than raw anarchy, there must be a minimal amount of regulation to ensure cohesion" giving a stern look between Anomaly and Crescendo as she picks up more than passing hostility between them

[16:47:13] Anomaly sees the stern look and yawns a bit. already making a mental note to inform the black market vendors to over charge the shit out of any items the woman intended to buy, and given she controlled the entire black market for the shadow elite, that meant the woman had just made a heck of a mistake.

[16:47:58] Crescendo: then I recommend you keep such a ban off those I might attack as I will do so regardless. ~she make note to use the other vendors if any tried to overcharge her

[16:48:54] Alicia walks in looking around as she takes a seat a whiskey bottle in her hand."Sorry I am late been hiding out underground and hard to tell time there."

[16:49:28] Mika nods to the new arrival, slaves will offer refreshments, welcome, have a seat.

[16:49:45] Max looks at Mika. "Meetings and rules to have a functional group is fine... Tribunals? Sounds a little democratic to me. I'm one who believes, do your part. Otherwise, suffer the consequences..." He shrugs.

[16:50:53] The Grinning Ghoul takes the purple jelly dildo back out and flops it on the table

[16:51:30] Mika looks seriously at him, arching a slender eyebrow and says "the tribunal is for the good of the group... if we just let you solve major disagreements, you would destroy all the good of the SE..."

[16:52:09] Lady Nightmare smiles to Alicia and hands over another copy of the rules discussed "Here's what you missed... we're about to get to the last main part of the meeting" then looks to Max "It's my hope that people can cooperate enough for them not to be needed. It's a last step for conflicts that don't resolve themselves"

[16:53:02] Max: Hey, you're the one running the show. I just figured you'd call the shots...

[16:53:55] Crescendo: no, shes running a base. The show is all of us..

[16:54:36] Anomaly sighs "Lady N, it seems to me if this woman does not desire too work for the team, then why is she here, too stroke her own ego?"

[16:54:46] The Grinning Ghoul flicks a switch on the dildo and it starts rotating and playing a song " Hello my baby hello my honney hello my ragtime gallll"

[16:55:09] Crescendo: thats a good question..why is she here

[16:56:51] Max opens his mouth to comment, then watches the barbed back & forth between the two women. He slowly leans back in his chair.

[16:57:14] Lady Nightmare sighs heavily "I'm not sure the nature of the disagreement between you two, but I'd prefer not to bog down everyone else with it. Can the three of us speak after the last of the meeting is completed?"

[16:57:40] Crescendo: that would be a no. She stays out of my way, Ill stay out of hers

[16:58:08] The Grinning Ghoul looks around the room as the dildo gets to the second verse "Send me a kiss by my hearts on fireeeee" (( the dildo is singing Alice :) ))

[16:58:12] Anomaly "My issue of disagreement is her attitude, and i have only just met her. and.. " she shakes her head looks to mika, shakes her head no pointing too the woman and makes a slashing motion.

[17:00:30] Alicia reads over the copy of the rules, before hearing Grinning ghoul singing, before she opens her bottle and takes a drink."We're all going to have attitude of some shape or form. Here's an idea, how about instead of bickering we cut each other in. IDiscounts or favors for people in this group."

[17:01:01] Mika: Listen... you are all here to further your gain in the city... putting aside differences while working as a group is a must, for that goal, if you want to fight, do it outside of the group. unless, you dont want to profit from the larger amounts of available resources and skills the group offers.

[17:01:30] Alicia : **Okay that makes it much more interesting**

[17:03:26] Crescendo: I will lay it on the table. Someone in this group , well most, need help with a job. An escape path I am on call I merely ask freedom to do what I feel needs done. I have already set up a financial payments to this / Need giuidance..I am in. But I reserve the right to move when I wish, and to opt out of helping a few..thats being said let us move on

[17:04:27] Mika sees the slave girl from earlier brought back in, and chained to a ring near Anomaly's chair. The girl is panic stricken and bloody but contrite

[17:04:53] The Grinning Ghoul 's mask makes an frowning look as the dildo continues to sing " if you abuse me baby you lose me ..."

[17:06:19] Anomaly smiles brightly as she moved over too the girl standing from her chair as she leans down and proceeds to simply devour the girl in one bites. for a brief moment seeming to be all mouth. before where once the girl sat, only her chains and collar remained. not even a blood splatter too be seen, before turning to sit back in her chair with a much more content smile.

[17:06:25] Mika: Now... if we can continue, Lady Nightmare?

[17:07:16] Alicia pulls her axe from its holster on her back and sets it down on the table.""bout to bobbitize that thing if it keeps singing." Before she pauses to look around, seeing Anomaly eat that woman."THE HELL?!"

[17:08:08] Lady Nightmare nods in agreement at Alicia's words "Precisely what I'm trying to encourage. We can get a lot more done both individually and as a group if we try to cooperate the best we can" then turns back to Crescendo "That certainly counts as a contribution to the group effort" her gaze darting to Ghoul and his toy for a moment, smiling very slightly "Well then, now we get to the real meat of this gathering... our first strike. Our primary target is going to be the casino, not only to gain funds, but I want to see it crumble... let us put our mark on the face of the city"

[17:08:13] Mika: merely an errant slave of little value, Alica... Anomaly was kind in giving her a purpose other than simple death.

[17:09:24] The Grinning Ghoul looks at the large woman and the grin returns " I just took it out because everyone else in the room is flopping their dicks out...didnt want to be left out"

[17:09:55] The Grinning Ghoul he turns it off and places it back in his combat vest

[17:10:18] Crescendo: if it helps I know a good scapegoat. Ive worked with her once and she goos at traching buildings..the again I can as well. the casino is a palace of greed that heeds to fal

[17:11:07] Max cocks an eyebrow at seeing Anomaly in action, before returning his attention to Lady N. Only then does the dildo even register on his radar. He glances over just in time for it to finish. He looks at the Ghoul a bit bemused.

[17:11:35] Mika flicks at the toy with her will, as it enters the vest the battery suddenly short circuiting in a random catastrophic failure, and starts to burn...

[17:13:07] Max : So is this just a heist, or are we actually attempting to destroy the place?

[17:13:18] Alicia has not taken her eyes off Anomaly."YEah Errant slave. Usually we whip them not eat them... but if Oni wants a snack..."

[17:13:18] The Grinning Ghoul pats himself and cackles "I knew this would happen get in a room of hot supervillainesses and I get overheated... I am way to young for these hot flashes"

[17:15:50] Lady Nightmare laughs a bit at the antics, turning towards Max "Both... I want the money, but I also want the building reduced to rubble. For too long the 'heroes' of the city have had nearly total control, it's time to take a bit away from them"

[17:16:27] Max grins broadly. "Now that is what I'm talking about!"

[17:17:14] The Grinning Ghoul finally pats the fire out..." I agree... them darn heroes are popping up like hard ons at a strip club"

[17:17:18] Alicia perks away from the demon woman who makes her nervous."You want a place reduced to Rubble? I can do that."

[17:18:01] Mika sighs... "yeah.. .that can be soooo annoying, ghoul!"

[17:18:49] The Grinning Ghoul looks at Mika...." Did I offends? you play for the beaver falls team?"

[17:19:05] Anomaly taps her fingers on the table "Lady N, i will take my leave, have Mika send me the bill and the minutes, i have already made my contributions, I mostly wished to see how the first meeting went, i do not think i will attend future ones" she says with a bit of a bow

[17:20:29] Mika bows to Anomaly, "best wishes in your endeavors" then turns to Ghoul "I pinch hit... and am just complaining about uncomfortable places to sit. "

[17:21:29] Lady Nightmare nods to Anomaly "Very well, enjoy your evening" then looks to the remainder "This is going to be a group effort. As you all know, attempts to do much of anything right now tend to draw a lot of attention from the 'heroes', so we're going to present a force that can fend them off"

[17:24:37] Crescendo: I can perform crowd control and drawing attention. I can also not draw attention if that is the goal

[17:25:11] The Grinning Ghoul sighs "There are like two teams of those yanker doodles...we are a tad out numbered"

[17:26:15] Mika: they believe the same thing, and have gotten complacent... almost to the degree of becoming evil in their airs of superiority over all.

[17:26:19] Alicia nods."I can take out a couple in a fight, but I am not going to be set on fire again."

[17:28:40] Mika looks back at the empty seat... "so sad to see someone have to eat and run.."

[17:29:38] The Grinning Ghoul cackles " kinda hard for her to run with that massive stick up her ass"

[17:30:25] Lady Nightmare turns to each in turn, to Crescendo "I want us to lay low while we set up, but there's no way we'll take down the building without setting off alarms and drawing attention, so once that happens we'll need all the combat control we can get" then to Ghoul "Three actually, but as Mika pointed out, they're complacent, and each have different objectives. We can disrupt their coordination by hitting on different fronts, and in the face of our single force their resolve will fail them" then to Alicia "We hopefully won't have anyone set on fire, but I'll definitely be counting on you as a front-line asset when the fighting starts"

[17:30:32] Max gives a muffled snort of laughter at Mika's comment. "Do we even have that kind of manpower for a straight-up conflict? The heroes do tend to swarm down like half-price night at a brothel..."

[17:31:49] Lady Nightmare smiles at Max "Those here aren't the extent of our manpower. Many were unable to attend tonight, and will be being brought up to speed before the attack"

[17:33:24] The Grinning Ghoul shrugs "I dont think any normal people live in this city...either powered by voodoo or someone got bit by a radioactive wombat... always something"

[17:34:14] Mika: they do, Ghoul, just look around the scene of a fight, the splotches are the normal people

[17:34:46] Alicia pretends to pout."They're not all splotches, some of them are decapitated and non splotched."

[17:35:42] The Grinning Ghoul looks over at Alicia "I am so getting you xena :warrior princess dvds this christmas"

[17:35:54] Mika sighs, "true alicia... and some have the bad luck and are both.."

[17:37:01] Crescendo nods" I can do both so, jet let me know where I am needed"

[17:38:02] Lady Nightmare: We'll have everything in place within the next couple days... so either Wednesday or Friday evening will be our best times to strike

[17:38:48] Alicia pauses a moment and looks at Grinning Ghoul."Xena what?!"

[17:40:58] Max : Sounds good to me. Give me a chance to run a few last tests on my gear...

[17:42:04] mikatsu hands a transcript to the newcomer

[17:43:08] Lady Nightmare: ((Have one vote for Friday, if you have a preference let me know so I can get the date set))

[17:43:41] Alicia : ((I am working Friday but I can try))

[17:44:22] Lady Nightmare: ((Will be evening either way, thinking 5pm SLT to gather forces and hit soon after))

[17:44:57] Crescendo: xena was an old..cheesy//show

[17:45:18] Max: ((I think either works fine for me, but imagine Friday might be more likely to draw people))

[17:46:05] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."Didn't have television or theaters or whatever this show was."

[17:46:43] Mika: hmmm odd that these villains know a show about a hero so well...

[17:48:11] Max looks away wistfully... 'Yeah, Xena" he mutters, a sly gin growing on his face. He snaps back to the room, taking notice of the new arrival. 'Well, certainly can't complain about the male to female ratio in this group'

[17:48:45] Mika: you saying women are more vicious, Max?

[17:49:15] Stratagem sinks down quietly into a chair

[17:49:38] Alicia snarls a bit at Max, " And who are you? you look like someone we would hang on a wall and throw sharp things at."

[17:49:43] Max : No... but not a bad thing either.

[17:50:23] Lady Nightmare: Well then, we'll plan on the attack for Friday evening. Meet in the industrial district behind the Metalworks at 5PM, and we'll hit the casino right as the evening crowd is starting to build up. That concludes official matters. Stratagem, I'll make sure you're up to speed on everything afterwards. Any personal matters anyone wants to bring up before we wrap things?"

[17:51:54] Alicia nods."Yeah since coming to this city I have been living... underground, literally. I am taking a bit of space here I remember there being beds and a shower and I'm getting real tired of the sleeping in cold water

[17:52:04] Max looks back at the girl Lady N identified as Strategem then back to the boss. "Do we have any strategy planned out on this?"

[17:52:43] Malastro: ((And how do I get the SE tag?))

[17:56:11] Mika: can we really get evil, and give stunner a suit that covers everything and wont fall off?

[17:56:21] Crescendo nods on the location and time

[17:56:25] Lady Nightmare nods to Alicia "That'll be fine, plenty of room" then to Max "The demolition will be handled with explosives, though once the fight gets underway they may become slightly redundant. Those skilled in speed or bypassing locks will handle the heist portion, while others will act as lookouts to intercept response teams. As soon as the money is retrieved and the bombs ready to detonate, we'll bring the place down and get out of there. Those that don't have movement abilities sufficient to escape on their own will use the tunnel networks in the sewers to get back here

[17:57:25] Max smiles. "Sounds like a plan."

[18:00:55] Stratagem sighs "finnne"

[18:02:01] Alicia nods."Sounds good to me."Just point me at who or what you want me to hit or use my ax on and I am on it."

[18:03:14] Lady Nightmare looks over the room once more "Well, if there's nothing further, then I'll let you all get back to your own affairs. Feel free to contact me if there's anything you need, and I'll see you all Friday for a bit of fun and excitement"

[18:04:52] Mika looks out to see if there is more, if not, announcing meeting adjourned.
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