What Is Pae? (Public information)

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What Is Pae? (Public information)

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PAE stands for Paragon Agricultural Enterprises.
Faction Type : Corporation
Faction Aliment : Neutral good
Primary Products: Electricity, Water, Food
Secondary products: Household appliances.
Tertiary Products: Personal Protection Equipment.
PAE does NOT produce weapons. Any and all weapons created or maintained by PAE are for the sole use of PAE's security forces. NO PAE employee is ever asked to create or maintain any of these weapons. Maintenance on the armory are done by a strictly voluntary basis.

PAE's origins.

Shortly after the metors fell the death of LAI's owner created an enormous monetary windfall for Rose Isley. Origionally the plan was for Rose to take over LAI despite not wanting to become the head of a weapons company or work in administration. The problem was solved for her when LAI's board of Directors decided to liquidate the company. Meanwhile, Mikoto Takamchi was trying to recreate her fathers company from her home world in Celestial City. Mikoto had extensive technical knowledge and experience in running a business, but had very little capital.
Rose and Mikoto became friends and Mikoto made the suggestion that the two join forces. Rose wanted to dedicate her life to Biotech research, namely plants, and Mikoto wanted to help rebuild the city following the Meteor disaster. Between Rose's contacts at the now defunct LAI and Mikoto's acumen and management, PAE was able to hire the majority of LAI's scientists and researches based on the promise that they would never again be asked to create a weapon of any sort, as well as take ownership and Control of the Solar Farms. PAE immediately poured all of their efforts into the Solar Farms and due to the destruction of the nuclear plant became Celestial Cities sole provider of Electricity. Using the proceeds from this they began to buy up and repair Celestial cities' water distribution network and treatment facilities. Due to a monopoly on two necessities during a time of great crisis and a willingness to make arrangements to accept what people could afford for services the company rapidly grew in power and wealth. This allowed them to begin buying up farmland and break into providing food for the city. PAE currently supplies around 50% of the cities' food and between 80% and 90% of the cities' water and electricity.

Pae Programs.
Newcomer Program:
Having been homeless and with nearly no means of survival when she first arrived in Celestial City, Mikoto Takamchi has a keen awareness of what it is like to arrive in an unknown city with nothing but the clothes on her back. She started the Newcomer program by working with local businesses. By buying in bulk, PAE gets significant discounts on vouches for items like Hotel Lodging, food and other sundries. Members of PAE management are encouraged to welcome newcomers to the city and hand out packets that commonly consist of a voucher for a 2 week stay in one of the local hotels and gift cards for local thrift and grocery stores. Also included in this packet is a copy of the Celestial City Constitution and the Cities laws. These packets are designed to help newcomers to the city by giving them the chance to find employment and land on their feet without having to be homeless. This also benefits local businesses, as once these people are contributing members of society they tend to shop at places they are familiar with.

Farm Subsidy program
This program sprung to life when Mikoto was accused of squeezing small farmers out of business. This was never her intention so she began a farming subsidy program. Those who wish to try their hand at farming are provided with education in farming techniques, severely reduced, or sometimes free rental of farming equipment and seed in exchange for promising to sell a portion of their crop to PAE at a price PAE can still maintain a small margin of profit on. The term length of this agreement varies with the percentage of crops promised. In addition, PAE promises to guarantee that in the event of crop loss, the farmer and their family is provided for during lean times.

On the job education.
PAE creates opportunities for people by offering apprenticeships in plumbing, Electrical engineering, and Mechanical engineering. Aprentices are paid a salary while they learn their trade in exchange for a four year employment commitment
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