Information for hacking PAE

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Information for hacking PAE

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PAE's network has multiple levels of security depending the level of secrecy. To attempt to breach the network, an intruder has to get past several obstacles.
Basic security level:
Two-step authentication [People authorized to connect to the PAE network must sign in with both a username and password as well as provide a one use authentication code given to them by an authenticator provided by either an authentication app or a dedicated authentication dongle. 3 failed login attempts will disable the user account's ability to connect from an external network until the user reactivates it from a terminal inside PAE. ]
Standard firewall that refuses inbound ping requests except from white-listed ip addresses. (meaning someone won't just stumble upon PAE's network. Someone would have to know it's there to access it)
Semi-sentient adaptive firewall. ( This firewall monitors authorized users usage patterns. If the firewall detects something out of the norm, IE a user connecting from an address they usually don't connect from, Or attempting to access data not normally accessed by that user will force a user to re enter their security credentials (IE: Personnel attempting to access data on prototype that isn't part of their department)

Systems on basic security network:
Phone network
Hard line Telephones in the building

Employee records
Payroll information
On file applications
Work Schedules

Utilities map
Maintenance schedule
Maintenance alerts (down lines, poor water pressure, blackout areas ect)
Building maintenance
Power grid monitoring
Water grid monitoring

City invoices
Commercial invoices
Residential invoices
Non-profit invoices
Charitable donation records.

"Public" Research Terminals / Library terminals
Research terminals used by R&D do not contain any proprietary data. These terminals are used to look up scientific information via the Internet.

Elevated Security Network
This network is second tier level of security It has the security features of the basic security, but is an intra-net only. ( this network is not connected to the outside of the building in any way. someone has to be physically in the building to access these.) All terminals on this network are connected via hard line and do not have wireless capability. Devices on this network are disabled during a building lock-down.

Building Security network.
Outer door control
Elevator access control
Building Lock-down systems.
Fire suppression system*
Intruder detection system*

Research and development terminals
Simulation terminals
Prototype design terminals
Engineering terminals
Proprietary data terminals

High Security Systems
These are systems that are not connected to any other terminal on the network. They contain all of the basic security features and are stand-alone systems that are air-gapped from other systems. They deliberately do not contain any networking hardware.

Mainframe Backup - This system contains the nightly backups for every system under basic and elevated security. Every night the networks back up then the backup drive has to be physically carried to the mainframe backup.

LAI archive -This archive contains all of the data, prototypes ect that was obtained in the Leviathan Industries buyout.
People Able to Acccess this system:
Rose Isley
Mikoto Takamchi
Head of Security

Out Of Scope archive.
PAE does not in any way research develop, or build weapons, that said from time to time discoveries are made that could be made into weapons in one way or another. This archive contains that type of data as well as any known countermeasures
People able to access this network:
Rose Isley
Mikoto Takamchi
Head of Security

Celestial City Power Grid Control System
This terminal is directly connected to the Solar Farms with no connection to to the Internet, Furthermore the units on this system all use proprietary software as well as proprietary that is incompatible with standard systems. It is located on the top floor of the PAE building and is the only system able to control the entire power grid. (more information on the grid control system system is in the power grid notecard.

*The Fire Suppression system and Intruder detection system IS able to a notification to the fire and police networks, but are output only and incapable of receiving incoming data.
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