Information on the Cities' power grid.

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Information on the Cities' power grid.

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When PAE took over operation of the Solar Farms one of the first things they did was to overhaul the power grid. The majority of the cabling is underground The mains are laid out in a grid system divided into sectors Each sector is roughly 4 blocks in size with it's own transformer and a battery bank that at full charge has the capability of powering it's sector for up to 8 hours depending on the power usage of the area. The interior of the sectors have a a smaller grid that carries power to the individual buildings. Buildings that are considered essential to city function each have an on site emergency generator. The amount of fuel for each site is decided by the site, but there is always at least enough for a week of continuous operation. The sites that currently have generators are the hospital, City Hall and the police station.
Each Sector has it's own sector grid control terminal that workers can use to shut down the sector or parts of the sector for repair. These use proprietary software as well as proprietary that is incompatible with standard systems and can only be operated when a PAE maintenance access key is inserted into the terminal. These terminals are in NO way connected to the Internet.

There are two sets of master controls for the Solar farms and distribution grid. One at the farms and one at PAE. Due to the recent problems with antanteans the controls at the PAE building are able to lock out the ones at the farm. The control units are on a PAE only network and are in NO way connected to the Internet. People authorized to access the control system must sign in with both a username and password as well as provide a one use authentication code given to them by an authenticator provided by a dedicated authentication dongle. 3 failed login attempts will disable the user account's ability to access the system until said acess is restored by either Rose Isley or Mikoto Takamchi
People able to access this network:
Rose Isley
Mikoto Takamchi
Head of Security

Presiding Mayor - Only during a council-declared state of emergency and alongside one of the above users unless all of the above users are declared missing or dead.

There is a cold fusion reactor underneath the PAE building, however it is not currently hooked to the main grid, and is still in it's testing phase. It's not something that is widely known, even in PAE. Only the scientists and engineers actively working on it and Mikoto herself are aware of it's existence.
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