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New PAE stuff

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It's come to my attention that there are alot of people who don't understand what exacly the role of PAE is. To clear things up, I'm going to explain.
Pae has three divisions. Resarch and Development, Operations, Security.
Research and Development is led by Sigrid and mostly deals in high tech research, Biology and medical research and agricultural research. R&D personnel wear blue name tags

Operations is led by Jaron. Operations is currently the largest division (mostly NPC) Members of Operations wear green nametags. They are the back bone of PAE. The farmers in the fields. The maintenance workers that keep the grid running and water flowing. The repair teams, ect. If there's someone from PAE that's repairing something, building something, growing something or cleaning something it's probably someone in operations.

Security / PAESec Pae Security is responsible for security operations. PAESec wear red name tags Their priorities are as Follows: Protecting PAE personnel > Protecting non PAE personal >Protecting PAE property >Protecting non pae property. The exception to this rule is PAE Tower itself, as the tower in itself is a tool that used to protect people both in and out of PAE. Members of PAESec have the distinction of also being wardens. This means they hold the authority from the city to arrest and detain suspects, however this is on a voluntary basis and they are not obligated to do so unless directed to by one of the directors. While acting in this capacity PAESec officers are expected to respect the commands of Protectorate agents unless otherwise ordered by the head of security or another director directly.

Other PAE tidbits:
Employees of PAE all have access to "newcomer's packs" Which are packs given to those new to the city. These backs contain a two week voucher at a local hotel and vouchers for local grocery and thrift stores and a map of the city. They are designed to help people who are new to the city get on their feet quickly These packets are NOT to be sold, and those who recieve them are under no obligitation to repay them
The PAE Directors are as follows:
Mikoto Takamachi - one of the co-founders of PAE, and the current owner/president/ceo
Katy - Mikoto's "right hand" has no offical title but is more or less Mikoto's "First Officer"
Sigrid - Director of Resarch and Development
Jaron - Director of Operations
Zephyr Dax - Director of Security

PAE Policies:
Pae's mission statement is fairly simple, to do the most good for the most number of people possible. PAE does not price gouge. The pricing for PAE services are tied to the cost for production of these services, NOT high demand, meaning the cost for PAE products and services only goes up when the cost to produce said good and services goes up.
PAE is an armed organization and as such they do produce weaponry for use by it's own security forces, However, no employee of PAE is ever required nor asked to design, build or produce weapons. These tasks are strictly volunteer based. PAE does not sell or distribute weapons or weapons technology and while they may loan a weapon to the protectorate for specific uses, such loans are rare and are tracked closely.
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