PAE Standard Weapons

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PAE Standard Weapons

Post by AINGELPROJECT667 » Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:50 pm

Heyos, this is just a copy of the notecard I hold onto to help security personnel find ideal weapons for them. This covers firearms, mostly. These aren't mandatory, but as "PAE Standard" they are compatible with PAE custom ammunition, and some other nice goodies.
See the updates below.

Change Log: V3.7.34
* The assault rifle's standard forms are now available from a free package from the marketplace. This makes it much more affordable and allows greater customization.
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Version 3.7.4

Post by AINGELPROJECT667 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:24 pm

**Note: Standard models are not mandatory, just encouraged and shows what the weapons are based on. Prices included for those who want to buy them.**

PAE Custom Ammunition:
All PAE weapons can accept standard (for their type) ammunition, but PAE also uses a wide range of specialized ammo as well, from cryo ammunition to flame, explosive, and even electric shock ammo.

PAE Plasma Pistol.
The PAE HP-26 ( Heavy Plasma 26 ) is the PAE standard sidearm. Using Proprietary technology the Hp-26 puts the firepower of a plasma rifle in a small package. In it's standard mode, the plasma pistol is a highly accurate semi-automatic plasma weapon. In it's alternate mode, the pistol discharges it's entire power cell in one large, powerful blast.

Standard Model: ... ol/1922046 (1000 Lindens)

PAE Stun Pistol.
A stun-only version of the PAE Plasma pistol. IT works by encasing a low temp high energy plasma within a hard light shell. When the shell impacts a something it hits with the force of a fastball thrown between 75-80 mph. The plasma inside then releases it's charge to overwhelm the nervous system. May not be effective on metahumans. Like the plasma pistol it has a shotgun mode which disperses it's energy over a much wider area reducing the need for accuracy, but expends the power

Standard Model: ... ol/1922046 (1000 Lindens)

The PAE- HSMG-28 is a weapon capable of rate of 600 rounds per minute with a magazine capacity of 30. In it's standard configuration it fires slugs surrounded with a plasma coating. The barrel can be extended to turn the weapon into an effective snipe , and the ammunition can be changed to specialty rounds, most notably explosive or cryogenic rounds. The weapon is highly modular configurable; some PAE agents have modified their HSMGs into carbines, further increasing the stopping power and range.

Standard Model: ... 28/2740130 (1000 Lindens)

PAE Assault Rifle VARC Mk, 4
The PAE-VARC (Variable Assault Rifle-Charged) is an assault rifle, firing 7.62mm plasma-charged projectiles at a faster rate and velocity than the HSMG, at the cost of some added weight and recoil. The rifle's best advantage is its modularity, which allows it to be used at almost any range, and the underslung grenade launcher allows for any soldier to bring a little firepower to the battlefield. In addition, the ammunition can be changed to specialty rounds, most notably explosive or cryogenics.

Standard Model: ... ab/2304809 (Either the Krylov FA-37 or the SCAR AR-11. The shotgun is not canonically standard but you may Icly "modify" it to have it if you want.)

PAE Officer's Pistol
The PAE Tk-Nd Kestrel Pistol: is, essentially, a PAE HSMG-28 that has been cut down and retooled o fire .45 caliber subsonic plasma-encased pistol rounds, much like its larger sibling. Also like the HSMG, it can be fitted to fire specialty rounds, depending on the job at hand, and is capable of both semi and full-auto firing. It is also customizable, able to take advanced sightings and barrel extensions.

Standard Model: ... ce/4506639 (550 Lindens)

PAE Riot Shotgun
The PAE V-4 G/8 PAS Shotgun is an advanced modular riot shotgun, most commonly utilized for security in enclosed areas, such as within PAE facilities or enclosed spaces. While it itself is fairly mundane, it can take a variety of ammunition types, from standard shots like buckshot and slugs, to explosive and even knockout gas shots.

Standard Model: ... 12/6239472 (950 Lindens)

PAE Marksman's Rifle SHG-38
The SHG-38 fires a 38 caliber (~9.5mm) finned tungsten dart, encased in a sheath of plasma which accelerates it up to hypersonic speed. In line with PAE's other weapons, it can be charged for a certain effect, though even by itself it is pretty much guaranteed to put anything on the wrong end of the barrel on the ground.

Standard Model: ... n/13826201 (400 Lindens)

PAE Auto Shotgun

The PAE V-5 G/M FAS Shotgun is the evolution of an infamous WU assault shotgun. The system is heavy and sturdy and comes with a high-capacity 50 round drum magazine. It can fire all PAE ammo subtypes and provides the necessary overwhelming close combat firepower to 'clear a path'.

Standard Model: ... n/12486576 (800 Lindens)

(typically) Nonlethal compact grenade launcher to be issued to Civil Unrest troops. (WIP)

PAE Missile Launcher
Modular Guided/Unguided rocket propelled projectile weapon for heavy assault/anti-vehicle duties (WIP)

PAE Squad Automatic Weapon
Heavy machine gun for squad suppression and covering fire (WIP)

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