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Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:30 pm

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This folder is for the catalogue of certain research projects approved by the current head of PAE Security. Access is only granted to the listed approved personnel.

Approved personnel:

PAE Black Site 551B-72664Σ "Crossroads" [DEFUNCT]

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:51 pm
Coordinates: [REDACTED]

Description: The "Crossroads" is large area within the wasteland that has shown anomalous properties since observation; the most notable of which is the random manifestation of objects and matter apparently from other realities. Investigation reveals that the location is a "nexus" of sorts for at least a dozen separate realities hence the code name "Crossroads." Other than their extra-universal origin, the objects typically do not exhibit any anomalous properties other than those that they possessed in their original universes. As of current, the transference is only "one way"; objects can manifest into our universe, but not into the others from ours. It is unknown if this is related to the nature of the crossroads, or of this universe as a whole.

As of current, only authorized PAE Personnel are allowed to be in this area; anyone unauthorized is to be confronted and forced to leave the area, with force if necessary, under the cover that the area has been contaminated by weaponry used by the entity previously known as "Shiva." Actual relationship, if any, between the Crossroads and Shiva is currently unknown at this time.

Any technology recovered from the Crossroads is to be evaluated on-site for any sort of hazardous effects, then transported a secure location for more comprehensive analysis.

The Crossroads is currently monitored by the "Lone Wanderer" observation post, currently disguised as a disused Civil Defense shelter. As with the Crossroads area, any unauthorized personnel approaching the Lone Wanderer outpost are to be forced away and told the area is contaminated.


Addendum 12.22.2XXX: Site 551B is hereby assumed to have been destroyed along with the rest of the planet. All research is to be halted and archived until further notice.

PAE Project 146R-19330δ "Megalith"

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 4:21 am
Description: "Megalith" is a personal project started by Zephyr, in the wake of the betrayal of PAE by the entity "Thrax." (See Expunged Agents Dossier File 746AA). Essentially an ultra-high power cannon using a mixture of technology and supernatural components designed for eliminating targets of excessive size and power, Megalith is mounted on a converted JOTUN-class agricultural vehicle chassis and designed to operate and fire from a separate control unit. The chassis itself can be manned, but activation and firing of the weapon requires the use of the remote unit, in order to reduce the risk of compromise by enemy agents.

Power to Megalith is supplied by a system of [REDACTED] transmitters linked directly to the [REDACTED] building's internal [REDACTED]. This also acts as an extra security measure, since it requires someone to physically be at [REDACTED] in order to verify the energy transfer remains stable. The chassis itself has its own independent power supply, allowing it to move without a direct connection to [REDACTED].

Megalith's firing mechanism consists of a beam of charged particles being fired through an array of [REDACTED]. As it passes through each [REDACTED], it changes the nature of the beam to that of [REDACTED] before it finally enters the barrel. In the barrel, a series of [REDACTED] further channel the beam into a hyper-concentrated pillar of [REDACTED] energy, which then leaves the barrel at [REDACTED] times the speed of light.

CURRENT STATUS: Large scale prototype constructing, undergoing low power tests using miniature portable generators. No live firing has been planned or achieved at this time. However, [REDACTED].