Info on raiding PAE

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Info on raiding PAE

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It seems that breaking into the PAE building to steal stuff, hack stuff, or cause general mischief is becoming a cool thing to do, and I'm 100% on board with it, however, PAE isn't a doormat, so there are some things you have to know.

1. Logs or it didn't happen
I know this seems a bit picky, but to be honest, if there isn't a log of you rping what you did, then really, it didn't happen.

2. PAE building is never completely empty. During the day there is a receptionist at the desk who has to buzz you in, and there's security. At night the desk is manned by a Security officer and there are security guards on every floor.

3. PAE is a hardened building,. Because of repeated attacks on the old tower the new tower is upgraded. Even the windows are designed to withstand a beating from metas. That said it's not invulnerable and as long as you rp obtaining the proper gear to cut/break your way in I'm okay with it.

4. Any PAE group member can run the receptionist NPCs and security forces.

SO with these three rules, you can't just say "I broke into PAE " In order to break into PAE you have to contact someone in the group and roleplay out the break in.As long as the break in takes into account the above and below conditions I'm all for it

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