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Email: Officer Sivitri KIA

Post by Lois » Mon May 08, 2017 10:44 pm

*Internal memo of a statement Released by the Protectorate after an assault on the hospital by a robot, tank, and drone army*

Today, Officer Lois Sivitri gave her life in the line of duty.

Officer responded to reports of an attack at the hospital. From video footage, it was gathered that upon arrival at the scene, Officer Sivitri engaged latex drone targets and found difficulty penetrating some sort of energy shielding. She made her way into the hospital where she was forced to use her alien powers to kill one of the drones (Officer Sivitri and her powers were registered properly), seemingly unaware they were hostages. As the battle waged on, the officer appears to have made the choice to continue lethal force in defense of the hospital and used proper escalation of force procedures. The officer appears to repel what could only be described as an army of assailants suffering grievous injuries in the process for nearly 20 minutes.

Officer Sivitri makes it to the second floor of the hospital and continues her engagement of the latex drones, now also forced to contend with a colossal 30ft tall robot. During this engagement, back up arrives on scene. As Protectorate soldiers and Wardens engaged the robot, she appears to have shouted at the machine to distract it so that a clear shot at it's vital parts could be made. The officer was crushed repeatedly by the gigantic fists of this machine, but the sacrifice worked, the machine ultimately being destroyed the hospital, and most of the lives inside being spared.

Officer Sivitri and her actions were in accordance with the highest standards of the Protectorate and she went above and beyond the call of duty. She is in recommendation to be awarded the Protectorate's highest honors posthumously. Though her exact powers and origins are classified, it is noted that these powers did not make her significantly more powerful than any human officer in the Protectorate.

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