The Belgrave File

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The Belgrave File

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Who Are They   * The Belgrave Organization is a group of metahumans that made themselves known at the announcement of the mayor, Scarlett Morningside, and were responsible in her assassination both in body and soul. Since that day, they have made their goals very clear of metahuman superiority and viewing the common human being without meta abilities as inferior, canon fodder. They call their leader the true queen of the city and continue to be the current threat to Celestial City as of December of 2018.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  The Leader

The Countess
Information: Not much is currently available about her. She is a tall woman that appears to wear fine material in the color of red. She appears to be very skilled with a rapier and has shown to handle herself well with a sword. She is cruel, cunning, and aims for the weaknesses of the largest threats against her. Being the leader of the organization and the "Queen," She will never appear alone and if she is, it is most likely a trap. Do not approach her without back up.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Known Members  * * * * *  Alexandros 
Command Weather, Intangability, Teleportation

* A vampire with black hair, rounded glasses, a hat and a cruel smile. If they are screaming for pussy, that is Alexandros and it is advisable to not face him under any circumstances. Even with back up, it is difficult to face without proper help. He appears to be the Countess' favorite with her calling out to him the most.

CAUTION: The most unusual thing about Alexandros is abilities seem to grow with the unlocking of 'seals' or 'gates.' Upon observation, there is about 4 to 5 seals. In the many battles observed against the vampire, his power seems to change or grow with each seal/gate unlocked. It is unknown if they can be removed by Alexandros himself or if the Countess has a degree of control over them. It is advised in top priority to investigate the full potential to his abilities to work around. These seals could potentially be a key. If they can be unlocked, they can be locked. Maybe sealed up to force Alexandros in an vulnerable state? This is worth looking into.

Entity  KNOWN POWERS: Speed, Destructive Orbs

* A redheaded woman with cat girl ears and wielding a katana. One of the more vocal and active members of the Belgrave, they seem to nearly relish in the fight. They are very skilled in their fighting prowess and can move into break necking speeds.

CAUTION: The catgirl has claimed to be able to devour souls of people and has devoured the soul of Scarlett Morningside. Do not face her by yourself, if possible. Further information is mandatory as to find effective means to face her.

Yojimbo  KNOWN POWERS: Swordmanship and Speed

* This member of the Belgrave Organization revealed themselves in the assassination of a CEO as of 1/11/2018 and has been stated to only be loyal to the cause because he was paid a lot of money. Maybe they could be paid off to stop working for the organization? Has potential. They appear to be a man with a samurai sword and requires further information. This document will be updated accordingly.
Demonic Woman  KNOWN POWERS: Fireballs and Demon Chains

* This member of the Belgrave Organization that has revealed themselves not only during the assassination of the CEO on 1/11/2018, they have had a hand in the assassination of Scarlet and is clearly employed by them with some loyalty to the organization. A tall terrifying woman with chains that she can control with absolute cruelty. More information is required in order to update the document accordingly as well as their name.


* Rising in power with more metahumans flocking to them by the day. With the city divided and the successful assassination of a CEO as well as hundreds of people in a terrorist attack that caused the collapse of a building, civilians are frightened with cries to restrict meta humans further by the people.


* As of 01/11/2018, Hell Guard has not made an official order against the Belgrave. They are a fresh terror organization. Until further notice from Hell Guard herself, it is advised to investigate on the current known members of the organization, their powers, abilities and more to document and spread out to the group as precise as possible. If either of these members appear to be alone, it is heavily advised to call for back up and get more information out of them as best as possible.

While it will be difficult to bring justice for the innocent lives taken, this is going to take everyone's hard work to put an end to their terror.

Await from Hell Guard on further orders on the Belgrave Organization. Until then, let's get as much information as we can.



Re: The Belgrave File

Post by yuritakashi » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:32 pm

Belgrave is currently considered to have been dissolved, Files have been placed into Archives for future reference. Any return of the organization will require a new updated file.

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