Emergency Meeting with the Protectorate

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Emergency Meeting with the Protectorate

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[20:29] Joan Harker makes her way into HQ, taking a look around, then smiling when she sees Mina, stepping over and giving her a little kiss on the cheek "Hey there dear" before giving everyone else present a wave "Good evening everyone"

[20:30] AmeriGal walks into the building a bit unsure as its her first meeting and firsttime meeting the rest of the team "Um hi" she waves

[20:32] Mina would grin a bit seeing Joan, "Well hello there... good sleep?" She would giggle.

[20:33] Emily Engel would be staring as she would see everyone coming on in and would snap out of it. "Oh! That's Seiken. He's my sword. ~Yo.~ We're kind of partners in this." Though she swould see newer faces both new and old coming on in as she would wiggle her fingers then would take a deep breath. "Uh.... So, you know, I think this is a bit of a bad place for us to talk about things. Why don't we move this upstairs? We have a lot of folk here and best to... process things."

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[20:35] Joan Harker chuckles at Mina "Sleep? I've been in the ruins again all day... was on my way in to do my evening reports" giving a small nod to Emily "Works for me"

[20:35] Mr. Might looked to the newcomer and gave a big wave. " Greetings! " he continued to smile on. " Large group here! " he stood near perfect posture, resting his hand son his waist. Eyes moving to Emily. " Is there going to be the exchange of sensitive information now? " when Emily mentioned her sword and it greeted him he looked to her then it and just gave her the thumbs up. " Nice! "

[20:36] Mina chuckles, "Sure sure... ruins whatever you say." She had a big grin on her face.

[20:37] Pyris looks up from his doughnut nibbling and chirps "Hey there, other new people!" anf offers a wave of his hand "Oh, if you all think upstairs is better, I'll follow wherever you want me to go." he said, floating a few inches above the ground as he finally finishes doughnut number two.

[20:38] Lodestar: "Well, in a sense but if you are a Protectorate, it's best we have a bit of a meeting set upstairs."

[20:38] AmeriGal remains silent standing in the background

[20:38] Evie nods. "Upstairs is good."

[20:40] Joan Harker shakes her head and grins back to Mina, giving her a pinch on the butt "Remind me to deal with you when we get home"

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[20:46] Lodestar would glance up and would gesture to the others. "Alright. Let's move on up! I think there's a big office up there we can relax, and cover the important things."

[20:46] Mina would stick her tongue out as her bottom is pinched, "Oh promises promises."

[20:47] Pyris floats over to follow Lodestar, his wings giving a soft hum as he does so..

[20:47] AmeriGal shrugs and walks back out the building not concerned with the meeting from what she saw

[20:48] Alevan Staheli: ((Good night!

[20:50] Joan Harker follows up into the briefing room, unhooking her crossbow and leaning it against the side of her chair, then stacking half a dozen blades next to it before sitting down

[20:50] Evie walks in to the briefing rom and stands beside Lodestar, still holding her phone until she finally puts it away.

[20:51] Mr. Might would follow the rest up to the second floor. Stepping intot he room and looked around then found his way to an empty seat and sat down.

[20:51] Evie: "Everyone here? I understand AmeriGal had other things to attend to."

[20:52] Lodestar: "This looks to be everyone..."

[20:52] Pyris seeing the options for chairs he looks around awkwardly before just settling on hovering in the back. His wings making the chairs uncomfortable at best and a tragic exercise in futility at worst. His wings not really meant to fold and all. "Err... I'll just be back here, Miss Evie."

[20:53] Evie nods to Pyris. "Wherever is comfortable, of course."

[20:57] Mina would sit next to Joan simply so her SO wouldn't try to kill her... again.

[20:58] Evie looks to Lodestar, smiling pleasantly and confidently, not at all how she felt inside at the moment.

[20:59] Lodestar would see everyone was here as she would glance around to everyone before taking a deep breath. "So, Protectorate... Evie and I--due to an unforeseen circumstances, Hell Guard had to seal away an ancient relic." Her hand rested along the podium with a bit of a solemn look on her face. "She went off on her own without any reinforcements. It was that dire..." She would lower her head before shaking it, glancing to the others. "--but Hell Guard is doing this for the people--the city. We don't know how long she will be gone but it will be up to us, in the meantime, to keep fulfilling our duties in the Protectorate. We ask that any reports, you file them with us or report things to us. I'm going to allow Evie to have full control of the warrants and filing them with either her signature or both of ours. While we await word of the Chief, or if... any word comes at all, we ask that you just report to us. We have to keep moving. The Belgrave Organization is still a threat as is many others. we have to support the

[20:59] Lodestar Co-Mayors and their transition. We don't even know what their decision will be on the manner. For now, we carry on as normal."

[21:00] Lodestar: "Does anyone have any questions or comments?"

[21:02] Pyris bits his lower lip, a look of concern crossing his features and he nervously rotates his helmet in his hands, remaining silent however.

[21:04] Joan Harker shrugs slightly "If the only change for now is who to send reports to, then no questions here. You know I'm not around HQ much anyways"

[21:05] Evie nods to Joan Harker's comment. She adds to Lodestar's address. "Note that nothing has changed. The Protectorate is still strong and will remain strong. Stronger, in fact. With al of us here to see to that."

[21:05] Mina shakes her head, "It doesn't surprise me Hellguard went off on her own in such a case... she always was a doer and not one to sit around. I respected that about her." She would pause for a moment, "So then who is planning to take charge of directing field operations and focusing our efforts?"

[21:06] Evie says to Mina, "As deputy chiefs, Lodestar and I will share that responsibility."

[21:07] Lodestar: "Yeah. Right now, consider it an interim role until some time goes by and we can speak with the mayors."

[21:09] Evie: "We are both counting on all of you though to aid us with any comments and insights you may have. One of the ways we are very strong is in how different we all are. Just look around you. So even those of you who have just joined the force, may have some view on things at times in certain situations that Lodestar and I might not have thought of yet. Our ears will be open to you always."

[21:10] Pyris nods in affirmation of what he heard and otherwise stays quiet, thinking over what he heard and just sort of bobbing in place in the background. Trying to think of any questions that wouldn't make him look the fool and not finding any. realizing he had zoned out in his internal musings he blinked several times and focused back in. Having caught the last part he offers a smile and a simple "Understood"

[21:13] Evie: "In other news, we've finally figured out the problem with the coffee maker that often but not always made the coffee taste so bad and you will all no longer have to put up with the mud we've been brewing here."

[21:13] Lodestar couldn't help but snerk a little to that with a bit of a brighter smile. "So see? Things will settle down. Everything will be alright."

[21:16] Joan Harker smiles "Have faith in Hell... she's tough. I bet she'll be back in a week or two with a tale to tell us all at the bar"

[21:22] Alevan Staheli: (( But for onw, nothing is changing. Maybe after my IRL move and things settle but we like to give ir a two or two before even considering it. and probably with what the co mayors wish to do

[21:22] Evie: "So is there anything anyone thinks we should go over, especially from you new officers?"

[21:23] Evie: "Oh, one thiing to note... as I understand, there's been a recent software change. So please let me know if you see something that seems buggy or doesn't work right. I'm not sure of the specifics, but you know there's always bugs when we completely change operating systems. I haven't noticed any changes yet, however."

[21:24] Joan Harker raises a hand "For the newcomers... the Belgrave group has a vampire member, Alexandros. If you get information on him, please bring it to me... and if you encounter him, don't attempt to fight him without heavy backup"

[21:26] Pyris raises his hand as he thinks of something "Err... the other day, I noticed someone that was made of some sort of..goo... and I've seen enough hent-er... I mean heard enough news articles to know where that could lead.." he said, trying to balance the blush with a poker face "Is there a say.. I'm about to get flattened, please help signal?" hearing talk of a vampire he looks between the one who spoke and those up front "And...that kinda is also a good concern."

[21:26] Evie: "Yes, HEAVY backup."

[21:26] Evie: "Don't try and fight anyone from the Belgrave group without heavy and EXPERIENCED backup."

[21:26] Mina would grin a bit, "Yes with that one... I recommend reaching out to Joan or myself. We have... special knowledge in that area."

[21:27] Lodestar: "Exactly. I can't cement that enough either. The Belgrave Organizaton WILL try to step up efforts if they smell any blood in the water with Hell Guard's absence."

[21:28] Evie: "I guess that's about it, unless anyone else has anything to add or ask."

[21:30] Pyris looks around and shakes his head, blush from his almost slip-up receding. Having no further questions he just floats there without a word.

[21:33] Evie: "I don't know exactly what you mean by goo, Pyris. I haven't seen anyone like that, but if you see something that makes you suspicious or worried, the best thing to do is always use caution and stay alert. Try and investigate without getting too close, and like I said earlier, call for backup if still in doubt."

[21:35] Pyris nods and rotates the helmet in his hands to keep them busy "Understood." The though of seeing that creature bash a dude against the wall had freaked him out as little.
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