Higher Education and Responsible Operations Academy - HERO

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Higher Education and Responsible Operations Academy - HERO

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Higher Education and Responsible Operations Academy or HERO is hiring.

Founded by Eira Ermine, the retired heroine Arctica. HERO Academy is aimed to help prepare younger less experienced Metas how to best utilize their powers and abilities to help the city. The goal is teach proper tactical response for each different possible scenario a hero may encounter in their field.. These can range from hostage situations to full on world takeovers. Eira has worked with Morningside Construction to build the best possible campus to train and guide the students who attend. Our campus is fully equipped for all your training needs.

Students will learn battle tactics, hostage negotiations, the importance of diplomacy, how to control their powers, as well as workout and learn how to go without powers for those times when you find yourself without them. Come on in and begin your path to be the next great Celestial Hero. All students are welcome.

OOC - Looking for all types of students. Rebels, bullys, fanboys/fangirls, undercover villains whatever else you can think of

Now recruiting for teachers and kinky naughty nurse as well. Teachers can also be kinky and naughty but better be careful not to get caught by Principal Ermine

Higher Education and Responsible Operations Academy

School Rules

1. Absolutely no fighting in school except for emergency situations where your life or others is in danger.

2. Students are forbidden from using their abilities, tech, weapons unless instructed to by a teacher for lessons or emergency

3. This is a drug free campus, unless powers are specifically alligned with drugs, in which case you will be asked to prove your claim. Drugs are not defined as Cigarettes or Alcohol.

4. Sexual activities on school campus is forbidden

5. Alcohol use or distribution is forbidden. There is a bar in the recreation room for after school hours under guidance provided for students use

6. The Hall of Heroes is for display only. Severe punishment will be handed out to any who try to steal, vandalize, or disfigure the displays or pieces. This includes analyzing them to try and replicate.

7. All students are required to adhere to the student dress code and uniform provided.

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Re: Higher Education and Responsible Operations Academy - HERO

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*male uniforms may be needed* I don't know but a few males went to C.U.M.
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