Miss Ermines Third Class - Proper Response and Pride

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Miss Ermines Third Class - Proper Response and Pride

Post by Hannah DuMont » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:24 pm

[08:09] Eira Ermine smiles as the students enter "Good morning class"

[08:09] Korume smiles coming into class always happy to come to this class, "Good morning Miss Ermine."

[08:10] Mark Blake strides into class and takes a seat in the back at a corner desk his shaded gaze moving to the blond teacher his expression neutral

[08:11] Vee (Talista Glas) walks in, heading for the back corner and then sees Mark sit there. She awkwardly transitions to back middle, acting like that was her intended place all along, and then awkwardly waves at the instructor

[08:11] The Trader knocks on the door, carefully

[08:12] Evie rolls her eyes seeing the masked cat walk in, figuring it must be Katherine even though she isn't as pink and fluffy. She fumes, thinking Miss Harlow must have put the mask on her and starts to fee lsorry for Katherine once again.

[08:13] MagicalKitten122 moves in casually before sitting down in her seat and gets out, acting calm as she does so and glances up a the teacher every few moments seeing if anything new is happening

[08:13] Korume arches a brow as someone sits next to her dressed like that... they clearly aren't a member of the school...

[08:13] MagicalKitten122 notices her hood up and pulls it down too not seem suspicious

[08:14] Eira Ermine smiles seeing 2 new students "I see we have some new faces among us "Welcome. I am Miss Ermine. Nice of you to join our class. You can get notes from your fellow classmates. We all work as a team in here"

[08:16] Evie is surprised as the hood is lowered.

[08:17] Korume nods softly this being her favorite class so she is quite attentive.

[08:20] Mark Blake Leans back in his chair watching the class his eyes drifting to the new students thoughtfully

[08:21] Vee (Talista Glas) after Mark's briefing on teachers, she was conceivably nervous, watching the teacher and slowly nodding at the team work part. She saw a few others moving around and being seated, looking at Korume's sword and wondering if she could've brought hers in. Hmmm.....

[08:22] The Trader opens the door and walks in, standing quietly at the back of the class, doing her best not too disturb the class

[08:23] Evie gets out her notebook and pencil.

[08:23] MagicalKitten122 focuses mainly on her work, not noticing the person walking inside.

[08:27] Eira Ermine smiles "Now then, last time I asked you each to think of what it was you wanted to do with your abilities. Be it a hero, sidekick, or even just a civilian who can control themselves. So We will go around the room and answer that question. If you feel it is to personal a question to share with your classmates then you can come and either tell me or wait til after class. It is something that must be answered to properly tailor your training"

[08:32] Korume takes in a a deep breath, "I want to be someone who uses my abilities to protect others... I am not going to say I'd necessarily be a hero... just someone who does what she feels is right." In truth her answer was partially inspired by Evie and the last training session.

[08:36] Mark Blake Looks up and frowns "i want to use my powers for what i was already doing before i came to dis place, Protecting those who can't protect them self from the strong and tyrannical, i want to drag evile out of the places it hides rip off its smiling mask and reveal it to da world.. then crush it utterly" he gets a bit passionate as he speaks his eyes glinting and when he finishes he looks around realizing how loud he'd gotten and sits down with a blush

[08:36] Vee (Talista Glas) smiles as she hears the question about intent. She sees The Trader with the pink hair, blinking and looking back up as others speak, saying what she did when it was her turn "I want to be a hero and defend the innocent, and work with all I have to keep the planet safe...just like my father was back home" the last bit she says with a good degree of sadness despite the first part being uncharacteristically confident

[08:36] The Trader listens to the students answer's noting them down mentally.

[08:37] Evie: "I think I want to be a team leader sort of hero, who can watch things rationally and calmly and monitor a situation from a safe vantage point and come up with a solution to guide the team in successfully tackling whatever the problem may be. In addition to radios and computer databases and stuff, I might have a sidekick who could go in with ninja like abilities maybe and shoot arrows and stuff, even special arrows that do stuff besides just pierce, able to get me more information."

[08:39] MagicalKitten122 pauses and thinks to herself trying to think what she'd like to do and stands up simply "I'd like to be a neutral hero, who can come in times of need for others in case I need to help. But I'd still like to have free will while doing this and be able to do as I please." She says simply before sitting herself back down calmly.

[08:44] Eira Ermine smiles taking in the information. Making note of the parallels between herself when she was younger and Korume. She also takes special note of Evie and her desire "Very good. Though Evie, your path will be the hardest and take the most work. A leader does not simply stand aside and give direction. A leader must inspire their team to keep at it. Anyone can monitor and give directions to a group. Anyways, all good goals and with proper training all achievable here. Now before we begin the lesson I believe Mark had a presentation to give. It will allow our new students to catch up in a way. I will also be collecting your homework from the other day as we got so hectic. So please step up here Mr Blake" She steps aside and eyes the corner of the classroom, able to sense a lifeforce but not sensing any ill intent she merely looks over the class

[08:46] Korume would reach into her bag and pull out the homework from the other day glad she remembered to bring it with her today. A moment of quick thought made her decide she wanted to brush up on her bow skills. She considered herself okay with a bow but not great which is why she never was overly concerned about it.

[08:51] Mark Blake Grunts and looks up as hes called on again he tugs a lock of hair over his eyes and pushes him self to his feet he walks to the front of the class with a calm confident air and glances over them noting the observers carefully " yeah so.. My report is on the challenger incident, man took hostages and bunch a heros saved dem . right?" he shifts a bit in place " in order to do so they had to follow his rules and swallow der pride while being prepared for him to break his word on releasing the prisoners, so the heroes found his clues and solved a riddle while remaining calm and collected"

[08:52] Vee (Talista Glas) licks her lips and takes notes down as she listens to what Mark was saying. She wasn't sure about this particular incident, but was interested in the presentation for the moment. She licks her lips and takes notes.

[08:53] The Trader smiles noting Marks stiff manner and dislike of public speaking, Brooder in the begining.

[08:53] Evie panicks a bit when Miss Irmine mentions turning homework in, but manages to recover, hoping the panic was unnoticed. She sits still and listens to Mark.

[08:56] MagicalKitten122 She'd try to think of something but couldn't really grasp something to think about since she was a new student, so she just calmly tries to jot down some notes as the other students would speak, noting the experiences, here and what not.

[08:58] Takamachi Mikoto slips quietly into the class, observing from the back

[09:01] Eira Ermine nods to Mikoto with a smile as she listens to Mark "Yes I remember reading about that incident. One of the ones where the heroes responded perfectly. What made you choose that on over all the others Mr Blake?"

[09:02] Korume remembered reading about that incident and decided not to pick it as it seemed obvious to her. The incident she had chosen was instead a total disaster.

[09:05] Mark Blake Scratches his head thoughtfully and shifts again suddenly conscious of the eyes on him " well it was a success story and fairly recent, i like success story, plus it was more a thinker crime then a brawl .. i know brawls so i figured i'd learn more about a thinker . Right?" he rubs a spot on his head band

[09:06] Vee (Talista Glas) looks back at Mikoto as someone else new is now here. She blinks and looks back up at Mark, giving him a subtle thumbs up sign, or she thought it was subtle at least. She licks her lips and takes notes on it.

[09:06] The Trader listens intently, eager to hear the young hero's thoughts. Silently notes Mikoto's presence as a small smile stays plastered on her lips.

[09:07] Evie doddles a little in her notebook, but mostly listens.

[09:11] MagicalKitten122 listens to the discussion and intently scribbles down some more notes on her page slightly immersed in the class

[09:13] Takamachi Mikoto: more or less just watches from the back, seeming intrested in what the teacher is teaching the students

[09:16] Eira Ermine nods listening to Mark "Yes, but that wasnt the assignment. By you picking a hostage situation where the heros did everything correctly you left the other part of the assignment blank. Which was to explain what they did wrong in the scenario. This waqs important as the purpose was to analyze the situations. I'll give you half credit, but next time pay attention to the entire assignment Mr Blake." She smiles to Korume "Would you like to present yours perhaps? You seem quite prepared"

[09:22] Korume would nod softly, "I can present mine Miss Ermine." She would stand up with a few sheets of paper, "Granted I wasn't exactly to prepped to present so I may be a bit disorganized." She pauses, "I picked a situation where admitedly the reports aren't fully conclusive on what exactly happened, but one of the heroes was every bit as bad as the villians." She would pause slightly, "So people had been taken hostage in this restaurant and one of the people who responded is someone who I guess was a hero.. or an anti-hero.. or I don't know what she was in truth. I know at this point she is considered something of a criminal, but anyway... her name is Kitty... and she went in there like a loon... she killed the hostage takers... but started literally popping heads of the hostages from what I read." She would then go scarlet recognizing Mikoto from her research.

[09:22] Mark Blake Frowns and nods he moves back to his desk rubbing his head lightly he sits down his expression a bit embarrassed . he turns his attention back to the class listening carefully

[09:23] Vee (Talista Glas) looks at Mark and nods then looks back up as Korume begins her presentation. She is thankful she didn't have to do this right now, all she had was experiences of the wars on her homeworld and there was no way any of them were going to understand that, she thought.

[09:24] The Trader just listens to the tale.

[09:28] MagicalKitten122 watches as the other student steps up front and watches them curiously.

[09:43] Eira Ermine nods listening to Korume's report. "A very good example of a hostage situation gone wrong. But also not really what I had in mind to reach the two criteria I gave. Perhaps that is my fault for not clarifying, let me give you an example. Please take your seat Ms Ishi and thank you." SHe writes some things on the board "Now what I was hopping you would find was a standard hostage situation that went wrong due to something the hero or heroine could of clearly fixed. Korume's example was a situation gone wrong. But the hero going crazy isn't really something that can be fixed with a simple correction. The example I wrote on the board is one such example. A basic hostage situation that was escalated due to a heroes actions. The scenario is as so. Mercenaries took hostages in a pharmacy and rigged all the possible entrances with C4. They were well trained and well bunkered. The hostages also had C4 attached to them. The responding hero decided that using 100 tons of force was a good idea, you can imagine how well that went."

[09:45] Korume was going to add more but seeing Mikoto in the class totally threw her off as she actually had some of what was right and some of what was wrong. Granted she was now afraid Mikoto might want to meet her after class so she just went and quietly took her seat.

[09:48] Mark Blake Gives vee a little wave from his desk and a small nod a little non verbal thank you for her thumbs up he turns back to the teacher and korume frowning thoughtfully " what was da hero stupid or something? dats a lot of power for a finesse situation, Right?" his neutral expression turning angry

[09:49] Vee (Talista Glas) blinks and shakes her head, knowing at least what C4 was. She managed to watch a few movies here when she arrived. She tilts her head and adds her own question "did the hero know about the C4?" she asks, wondering if the hero just decided to faceroll it without a tactical analysis

[09:51] MagicalKitten122 watches her curiously wondering why she looked worried, but shrugs it off and patiently waits as she crosses her legs.

[09:55] Takamachi Mikoto: Comments "Doesn't matter if they knew or not, charging in blind is always a bad idea"

[10:00] Eira Ermine smiles and nods to Mikoto "Correct. This ties in with our previous lesson. Never charge in blind, always take your time and gather as much info and intel as you can. However in this scenario, yes it was known. Which makes the responding heroes actions even more bizarre. But this leads to todays lesson. Using only the force necessary. Now you saw what I could do yesterday, that was merely a small taste. I can be quite devestating if I am not holding myself back. You need to learn how to control yourself and your abilities to only allow the amount of power you need for the situation. Just because I can break through steel with a kick, doesn't mean every single kick should be that same level of power now does it?" She looks to Mark "Could you imagine that kick had I not held back perfectly Mr Blake?"

[10:03] Korume nods softly, "Much like how the mark of a good swordsman is the ability to cut nothing." she would be calming down a little as Mikoto seemed to ignore what she brought up. She was here to learn how to control her abilities and those of her sword so she understood Miss Ermine's point very well.

[10:06] Mark Blake Shakes his head slowly " Not really i mean, I've never seen your full power so its a bit difficult to imagine , but i guess it would be pretty bad , right?" his pulls out a pencil and paper taking some notes as he listens to the teacher and korumes back and forth.. noting the strange looks being thrown to the back of the class

[10:07] Vee (Talista Glas) nods to Mikoto and looks back "a warrior should know better when not to attack than when to. I'm...yes, and should understand the equipment they carry and not go in without practice or intelligence." she says and sighs, licking her lips and looking at Mark as he speaks

[10:08] MagicalKitten122 nods in response seemingly agreeing with what they're saying, and continues on with jotting down notes tapping her pencil on the desk slightly as she tries to think to herself

[10:14] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) slips into the room, gaze meekly lowered. This was just getting riidicuilous, being late to her favorite subject was NOT fun..

[10:15] Takamachi Mikoto: Remember though. It is possible to make no mistakes and still loose. That is not a weakness. That is life. "

[10:21] Eira Ermine smiles at Lisa "Nice of you to join us hun." SHe nods to Korume "Yes a Sword that can cut anything is not a sword. A Sword that can cut nothing can cut anything. A true swordsman can cut without harm and fully controls their blade to cut only when told. Much like using your powers. We use only what we mean to, no more no less. This takes time and practice as well as years. It is clear from this scenario that the heroine did not posses any. They merely had powers and used them. Causing the deaths of the hostages. That is not a hero, that is a child with a toy. My job is to teach you how to use your powers while minimizing or even flat getting rid of such risks. Now given this scenario, what else do you feel the responding heroes could of done differently?"

[10:24] Korume would think about the scenario for a moment before speaking, "Well since gaining entry would be difficult if not impossible... perhaps negotiation. If you have trained mercenaries they are after something. Trained mercenaries don't usually take people just for the lulz." she pauses, "Even if by talking it only buys you time until you can figure something else out it still can be worth it."

[10:27] Vee (Talista Glas) licks her lips "at that moment, I think a tactical analysis would be best. Tech to scan so you can see if there's a way to protect the hostages without making them a target or causing them to become casualties. Then proceed with an attempt at dialog" she says, trying to ignore the fact that her own people typically loaded up a Drugan-class Battlecruiser and started dropping Hartar rounds everywhere. She didn't like that part about her people, they were only peaceful when no one was shooting at them.

[10:27] The Trader smiles having listened intently for the time, knowing the teacher cares for the students and knowing the students are willing to learn.

[10:33] Takamachi Mikoto keeps quiet for now not wanting to give anytthing away for the students

[10:41] Eira Ermine smiles and nods "Yes, trying to negotiate is a good tactic and also opens up more chance for gathering intel. Very good, and sadly something that isnt used much. You may notice by the headlines that most ourt heroes tend to just try and fly in blasting powers. The true top tier heroes of the city such as Railgun, Captain Strong and this new Galaxia one take all these lessons and apply them. Just because I have the ability to split steel with a kick doesnt mean I should. Sometimes talking can even cause the person to give in to reason and stop their attack. It is always worth it to try and talk a situation down. I am very glad it was mentioned as it shows it's not a dead tactic and at the forefront of your thoughts. Just recently we had a spider attack which I am told could of been prevented as the leader wished to speak"

[10:42] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng): me stays quiet as ever, reaching down to quickly scribble notes as she follows along...

[10:45] Korume would nod softly writing a few notes and smiling in the fact that she had been acknowledged. She really did try especially in this class.

[10:46] Vee (Talista Glas) smiles and nods, taking notes and listening in. She'd occasionally look up but mostly at this point was interested in learning as much as she could and trying to stay generally not singled out. She licked her lips and sat there for it.

[10:47] The Trader nods and Speaks too the class "Talking is something you need to use judgment on, The situation as given means the Hostage takers want something. If you had heard on the other hand that they had Killed someone before then lives become much more important to look into saving. Straight up attacking though would be dangerous."

[10:53] Takamachi Mikoto leans against the back wall listening without comment, not wanting to cut in on Eira's gig

[10:59] Eira Ermine: me "So controlling oneself is not just limited to powers either." She directs her attention to Korume giving her a knowing look from their exercise the other day "Pride is something that can be just as dangerous, it can blind us to a situation and we lose track of the bigger picture." She smiles to Mikoto "Perhaps you have some real life scenarios to help teach such a lesson Mikoto? With your exploits I am sure you have run into such heroes or stories"

[10:59] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) continiues her notetaking without a word

[11:01] Korume would blush softly as she knows that comment is so directed at her. She looks down as she still held some guilt from her actions during that excise.

[11:01] The Trader looks towards Mikoto and smiles.

[11:02] Mark Blake blinks and jerks his head up blinking having drifted off a bit

[11:03] Takamachi Mikoto takes a breath and walks forward. " So This is something that has happened fairly recently. I suppose everyone here has heard of Shiva, and The Singularity? "

[11:08] Eira Ermine smiles and steps aside as Mikoto takes the floor. She watches over the class and notices Korume is still beating herself up over the exercise. Sighing softly she makes note to talk with her after class.

[11:09] Korume would nod to Mikoto's question having heard some of that stuff. She didn't really know all the details as she was relatively new to the city. She would concentrate on listening at this point as having someone with experience could be a huge benefit.

[11:11] Mark Blake shifts in his seat watching as one of the observers moves to the front of the class he starts taking notes again playing off his recent inattention

[11:12] The Trader looks interested and stays silent.

[11:21] Takamachi Mikoto: " So There was a mission sponsored by the city There were a few members of the protectorate, some civilian volenteers, a PAE squad and myself. At the time I was pretty much the expert on all things shiva related, So Hellguard deferred to me as we suspected there to be activity from the shivan cult. What we found was much worse. One of the protectorate members discovered piles and piles of burnt bodies, and before we could even ask what was going on, we were attacked by what we thought were ordinary people at a science outpost. "

[11:24] Eira Ermine nods listening to the story as she wasn't really herself during these events

[11:25] Korume would listen attentively thinking that was quite a group so it must have been a big operation.

[11:26] Mark Blake Looks up from his moving pencil as the black haired woman speaks "and they were more then ordinary scientists? " he taps his pencil " what were they?"

[11:26] The Trader listens taking note of the names, and thinking to research them later herself.

[11:28] Takamachi Mikoto looks to Mark "We discovered that the entire security force was turned into some sort of nanobot infested zombies, while the researchers and other civilian people were heavily brainwashed to the point where most of them took their own lives rather than be captured. We did our best to limit casualties, but it was exceptionally difficult. Those that we were able to take alive are still under heavy suicide watch to this day. Every now and then one of them just dies having lost the will to live. Most of those who were on that mission understand that this was done to them long before we ever got there, but It's still a hard thing to swallow. "

[11:31] Eira Ermine frowns learning the information as she continues to listen

[11:31] Korume would shudder hard at Mikoto's description. She had heard of some crazy things but she mostly dismissed that as insane rumors or people trying to play up the stories. This... was horrifying to think about. How people could be change that much.

[11:34] Mark Blake Nods taking more notes listening carefully gaze moving between the the blond teacher and the speaker taking a slightly deferent set of notes" so what was done to help them?"

[11:35] The Trader raises an eyebrow at the name Shiva and Shivan Cult, surely not the same from her world. Makes a note to research into local recent History.

[11:38] Takamachi Mikoto looks sadly to mark. "At the time there wasn't anything we could do. We tried to contain them but binnding them wasn't enough. The ones we had restrained would bash their heads against something and if we didn't catch them in time they killed themselves. Everyone surviving had to be sedated. As for after the fact, Even the citie's best medical professionals have not been able to undo what shiva has done to them." she shakes her head sadly before continuing " Once we were able to end the fight, We quickly realized that the burnt corpses we found were all people who in some way or another had an active metagene, and in short order we were able to determine that Shiva had made these people murder anyone who even had the potential to be a meta-human. In fact this was the most Shivan activity we'd discovered since the heroes who originally defeated her. I will admit though, The knowledge that most of the combatants were reanimated corpses made it easier. It was at this point that Hellguard and I made a difficult decision. I'd determined that this was at the very least a shivan stronghold. "

[11:41] Eira Ermine stays silent listening to the lesson Mikoto is giving

[11:42] Korume would shiver wondering why Mikoto was telling them this particular story... was she trying to scare them?

[11:44] Mark Blake Tilts his head Listening thoughtfully his pencil scratching at his bandanna not saying any thing this time

[11:44] The Trader nods to herself considering the lesson that Mikoto may be teaching with this story. A Hard one to learn, but one needed.

[11:48] Takamachi Mikoto: " Glossing over some of the more grusome details, Hellguard and I had determined that for the sake of the city. We had to push through and find the source. That's exactly what we did. In fact, not only did we find the source, we found Shiva herself. Perhaps most shocking of all though Was that we destroyed her. The greatest threat to human kind since Celestial City was created, And We'd destroyed it without taking a single casuality. "

[11:51] Eira Ermine takes a seat and listens

[11:52] Korume shudders a bit still listening to the story... and well.. I guess at least... it has a happy ending. She bites her lower lip before raising her hand and assuming she was called on would speak, "So why are you telling us *this* story?"

[11:54] Mark Blake Nods taping his pencil slightly " Dats what im wondering here .. whats the lesson in this story" he shifts in his seat shaded eyes narrowing

[11:55] The Trader shifts uncomfortably while listening, a being this dangerous doesn't just die. It hides and plots, It is still out there, gone and not forgotten. "Excuse me.. i need to... look into things..." She walks out of the room slightly nervous.

[11:57] a strained sigh is heard from somewhere in the room, and then a quick silence... could have been anyone, right?

[11:57] Takamachi Mikoto looks out among the class. " This is the important part. I'd had a hunch at this point. A gut feeling telling me we should pull out, and as it turns out, That's exactly what we should have done. See, What made Shiva so hard to deal with is that destroying her body doesn't defeat her. She could always jump to a new one. Something had prevented that. There was a being that had sent what we thought of a near deity to die, For the sole purpose of proving that it could, But I had decided that We'd come this far, Surely we could handle whatever this thing could throw at us. That is when we met the singularity. We were face to face with a being that controled what we thought was the ultimate being and we were so full of ourselves that we didn't even consider retreat We were determined to put an end to things once and for all "

[12:00] Eira Ermine nods "She let pride blind her" SHe looks back at Korume

[12:01] Korume would listen to Mikoto's explanation still looking a bit uncomfortable before listeing to Miss Ermine's comment and looks away sheepishly, "I would know nothing about that." She was clearly being a bit self-depreciatingly sarcastic.

[12:03] Mark Blake Nods firmly " so ya got steam rolled and had to run with ya tail between your legs instead of retreating in an orderly fashion eh," he glanced between korume and the teacher thoughtfully and makes another note " so .. how bad were ya losses?"

[12:08] Takamachi Mikoto: We lost Chemicae. Worst of all though, It wasn't even a fight. She was killed simply as a demonstration of it's power. I had several chances to make the call to pull out but I didn't because I got overconfident.

[12:09] The bell rings signifying the end of class

[12:10] Eira Ermine ok thank you for the lesson Mikoto. Class no homework tonight but I do encourage you to research around the city. It is always helpful"

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