Gym/Health 12.11.2017 ' The Secret Origin of Captain Underpants'

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Gym/Health 12.11.2017 ' The Secret Origin of Captain Underpants'

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:09 pm

[09:45:41] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) paces the gym, nervous about her first class. She knew the notices went out..
[09:52:31] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiles waiting to see who showed. She was stretching
[09:52:40] Cassandra Keneinan hurries down the stairs, hoping she's not late for Miss Harper's class, then slows down as she sees there's no other students here yet
[09:54:02] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): good ta see you. Cassandra right? ah'm new here really.
[09:55:03] Cassandra Keneinan smiles and nods "Y..yep.. It's only my third class so far, and my first one not in a.... " *looks around* "classroom type setting. It's nice to meet you, Miss Harper, right?"
[09:55:54] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods " I didnt think a classroomw as best for this. gym and health. ah'll be goin over gadgets anotha day.
[09:56:28] Cassandra Keneinan looks around, a bit of nervousness in her eyes "Okay, that sounds like fun... err.. is there something I.. I should be doing Miss Harper?"
[09:57:07] Evie breathes a sigh of relief as she comes down the stairs. "I tried coming here after there was no one in the class room."
[09:57:16] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): ya cins tretch fi ya like for now. ah'll be going over that in class too. Dont know who is gonna show, much less read the notice bout gym clothes
[09:57:42] Cassandra Keneinan stifles a little giggle as she watches the two others show up not in gym clothes
[09:59:38] Allock (allock123) tromps down the stairs hands in his pocket shaded eyes scanning the people int he gym, he nods to evie and turns a neutral expression to the rest of the people there
[10:00:38] Mark Blake tromps down the stairs hands in his pocket shaded eyes scanning the people int he gym, he nods to evie and turns a neutral expression to the rest of the people there
[10:01:49] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) looks to the pair " Evie, Mark. when its a gym class were is it usually held? and what do ya wear?"
[10:02:58] Cassandra Keneinan watches silently as the instructor questions the other two students
[10:03:25] Mark Blake Shrugs " in the gym and in gym clothes" he says calmly hands still in his pockets
[10:05:03] Evie: "Umm... here? And I brought my other shoes with me. I didn't think to bring a better shirt."
[10:05:30] Jun Sasaki (rickmanuk) wonders down the stairs and stands too one side, quietly
[10:06:37] Cassandra Keneinan watches the pink-haired woman walk down the stairs
[10:08:54] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): there should be a t shirt up there, but put betta shoes on. Mark. Did you bring gym clothes? ~she watches for others
[10:09:49] Cassandra Keneinan edges toward the wall a bit as she looks around and doesn't know anyone else in the room
[10:09:54] Mark Blake Glances aside at the woman who's been observing classes then dismisses her then turns back Ms Harper " i did not"
[10:10:02] Evie nods and goes to look, belatedly thinking maybe she should take her wig off too if there's gonna be heavy seating involved. "I'll be right back, Miss Harper."
[10:14:12] Mark Blake: ((brb need to walk the dogs))
[10:14:57] The Trader tilts her head "Hmm, should i change into somthing more.. fitting if i am too assist?"
[10:15:02] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods to evie. " mark. since you brough no gym clothes, you will strip. Your uniform here is gym clothes, or nothing. Keep the attitude in check or you will be doing double run. . Once evie is back, cassandra, lets introduce ourselves"
[10:15:37] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods " if taking part, yes. a dress doesnt really fit the class"
[10:16:23] The Trader clips her finger's and vanishes into shadow
[10:16:33] Korume would quietly try to sneak into the class running a bit late this morning.
[10:20:40] Cassandra Keneinan smiles as she sees someone she recognizes come down the stairs
[10:22:41] The Trader reforms from Shadow in more apt clothes
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[10:25:12] Mark Blake Blushes and crosses his arms " my uniform is what now?"
[10:25:21] Evie comes back down from the stairs. "I'm back, Miss Harper. Is this good enough?"
[10:26:46] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods to evie" yes that will work. Mark. there should be a set of gym shorts and a shirt in the locker room. You can change now or i will temporarilly change your uniform. Good morning Korume. I trust you have reason for being late?
[10:28:41] Korume would blush softly before speaking softly, "Rough night?" she would move a bit close before whispering to Anna not wanting to freak the other students out.
[10:29:18] Mark Blake Tromps up to the lockers and starts cheeking the lockers for a uniform
[10:32:11] The Trader pulls off her sunglasses and forms a blindfold to hide her eyes
[10:32:38] Mark Blake Comes back down the stairs " yeah if there was a uniform up there , its gone now " he shrugs
[10:35:55] Evie watches Mark, already knowing what Miss Harlow would be having him do. "Well it'd be a shame to get a rip in that nice shirt or pants from stretching," she coos.
[10:37:20] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): I heard what happened. I might have you help with mark. Now- when he gets back we will start with stretches ." hearing mark" Korume, remove marks clothing other than his underpants. Do not injure him, but he can replace his uniform after class. Your foolishness will not be disrupting my class. When I do gadgets, you will be watched like a hawk."
[10:41:11] Mark Blake Narrows his eyes at eive his face flushing a but " you think so pipsqueak?" he glances back at Ms harper then to korume his arms crossing and his shaded eyes Glaring over his blush "yeah Dats going to be a fun time for both of us ..."
[10:43:49] Korume blushes a bit as she is apparently being made to strip her fellow students looking paralyzed for a moment before he almost seemed to be challenging her... which she wasn't one to back down from a challenge, "Hey take it as a learning experience... you can see what I go through every day." She would move a bit closer, "You can either do it yourself or I can do it for you." In truth if it had been Ms Harlow she wouldn't be so inclined to help... but Miss Harper had earned a place in her heart for helping contact someone to help Miss Ermine.
[10:46:48] Evie: [10:41] Mark Blake Narrows his eyes at eive his face flushing a but " you think so pipsqueak?" he glances back at Ms harper then to korume his arms crossing and his shaded eyes Glaring over his blush "yeah Dats going to be a fun time for both of us ..."
[10:43] Korume blushes a bit as she is apparently being made to strip her fellow students looking paralyzed for a moment before he almost seemed to be challenging her... which she wasn't one to back down from a challenge, "Hey take it as a learning experience... you can see what I go through every day." She would move a bit closer, "You can either do it yourself or I can do it for you." In truth if it had been Ms Harlow she wouldn't be so inclined to help... but Miss Harper had earned a place in her heart for helping contact someone to help Miss Ermine.
[10:47:49] Evie tries to edge her way up the stairs. It sounds like Korume might be able to use some help holding Mark.
[10:49:59] Mark Blake Grunts and slams his fist into his palm " Dats how you want it.. and just cause you go through it every day don't make it right" he Glares at the Sword girl from the high ground on the stairs
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[10:51:05] Cassandra Keneinan edges slowly away from the group and plays with the buttons on the treadmill
[10:51:16] The Trader sighs at the defiance but is internally giggling at it, so feisty.
[10:54:24] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) looks to cassandra" make sure to stretch, watch me, and follow along" as she began basic stretches" you know. I planned to discuss helthy eating an exercise.. but you seem to be trying to be disruptive, Mark. Actively. Thats not something I am going to tolerate. You have chosen to not get in uniform for the class . If you will not allow Korume to change you, you can come closer and leave it to me"
[10:54:43] Korume would mouth be careful to Evie... granted if Mark hit her being stripped might be the least of his problems. She shrugs a bit, "Right... wrong... that's all a matter of perspective..." she would start to step up the stairs looking Mark dead in the eyes, "And... you came to a gym class with no gym clothes? Really?"
[10:55:59] Cassandra Keneinan stops pushing buttons on the machine as Miss Harper speaks, and turns to watch her stretch, following along as best she can
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[10:56:48] Evie ignores the warnings of Korume and seemed to either not hear Anna-Kate's words or to be choosing to ignore them as well. Something more mennassing was going on in her. She tries to grab Mark around his chest and pin him, trying to pull him back backwards on top of her. "Get 'em, now!"
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[10:58:23] Mark Blake shrugs and spreads his hands " can't wear what ya ain't got sword-girl..."he ready's him self only to frown as he's suddenly grabbed from behind " hey what are you doing? let me go .... come on" he grunts and jerks trying to break her grip
[10:58:24] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[11:01:33] Korume would furrow her brow actually seeming to feel bad about this situation but she doesn't see what she can do so once Evie grabs him she moves quickly far quicker than an average human trying to unbuckle his pants and pull them off of him.
[11:01:41] Cassandra Keneinan tries to ignore the commotion on the stairs and focus on the instructor
[11:03:16] The Trader goes over and begins to copy Miss Harper
[11:03:25] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): Its important to get limbered up. but out in the field there will be distractions ~notably not scolding evie or korume while they wrangled mark~ once more on the back here. how high are you setting the treadmill Cassandra?
[11:04:12] Mark Blake frowns and jerks kicking at her slightly but ineffectually as she undoes his pants his face red with embarrassment"stop it!! get yer hands off me!!"
[11:04:35] Cassandra Keneinan is obviously out of breath already from just the stretching "J.. just on .. on the low setting Miss.. Miss Harper"
[11:04:59] Evie's grip is easily broken, but she tries again, this time with one hand trying to wrap around Mark's chest and the other trying to wrap around his face as she tries to grab him anywhere she can hold him. "Stop fighting it, fucktard!"
[11:07:33] The Trader is trying really hard too keep up but seems to lack alot of basic hand eye co-ordination required for Exercise
[11:07:58] Korume would be prepping to go for his shirt when she realized he wasn't wearing any underpants, "Aaahhh! You aren't wearing any underwear!?!" She would jump back totally taken off guard by this revelation.
[11:09:39] Cassandra Keneinan is straining to do the stretches as the instructor is. She can feel them pulling at muscles she hasn't used in ages. At Korume's yell she can't help but look at the stairs, then quickly looks away blushing
[11:13:10] Mark Blake Blushes and covers him self though he can't help but grin at her reaction though his head is being pulled back by the hand on his face "dat i aint smuptived?" he grunts and turns breaking eives grip again and pushing her back against the wall" gota problem with dat sword girl? eh?" he shakes his hips at her exposing him self" finally he sighs and starts unbuttoning his shirt " i don't think im geting out of this so might as well do it.. " he mumbles face blushing harder as he pulls his shirt off and tosses it aside " there lets get to class
[11:13:11] Mark Blake: "
[11:13:20] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): if he isnt, then its his fault. He wasnt in uniform.. this will be reported to Miss Harlow. ~She stands, then offer a hand up to Trader who seemed to be having trouble, and smiled to Cas~ Take a moment. catch your breath, Get some water if you need. You have to make sure you stay hydrated. I see you are winded there Cassandra- if you keep up and just stretch and exercise every day you will get more stamina at it. Both of you will improve..while you catch your body up- can we see what Korume could be doing to make this task easier?
[11:13:49] Evie hadn't realized Mark had no underpants as she continued to struggle with him. Hearing Korume she lets go of him, her eyes wide with surprise then turn almost gleeful and for a moment, malicious. "Ha! Fucktard goes commando!" She releases him and backs away to see more for herself, chuckling.
[11:14:55] Cassandra Keneinan slowly gets to her feet to rest for a moment and makes her way over to the water cooler for a drink, trying not to look at the stairs on the way past
[11:17:41] The Trader pants after standing up slowly "It's.. Fine... I... Don't... tend.. to exercise...." shaking her head to clear it abit "Korume could have helped herself but using her own speed and smaller size to dislodge Mark from his perch and disorient him....Giving her the advantage and letting her strip him easier..." She seems to have stopped breathing at all
[11:18:13] Korume would blush a bit turning away as Mark shakes his hips. She looks quite relieved as Mark gives in and just finishes the job himself, "Well I guess lets get to class." she would shake her head softly.
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[11:19:54] Mark Blake Grunts and joins the others red faced his hands moving to cover him self" yeah fine" he mutters moving past evie and shooting her a look
[11:21:00] k.kanto - Ab Board Studio whispers: Sit on my to start...
[11:21:02] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" or using her sword to cut the clothing off. Work smarter, not harder. Mark, how about you tell us about the importanc eof a healthy diet?
[11:21:45] Cassandra Keneinan finishes the water and heads back over to rejoin the rest of the class, keeping her eyes away from the naked student
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[11:23:56] Mark Blake Sighs and keeps his hands in front of him " its good for keeping the body functioning " he says shortly " like proper fule with less non fule and stuff"
[11:24:49] The Trader coughs and begins breathing again
[11:25:52] Evie smirks, wanting to swat Mark's behind, but resisting the temptation, telling herself she will never call him fucktard again.
[11:30:41] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiles" good job Korume and Evie. and goos answer Mark. Perhaps you can tell us some good food suggestions. Lets say evie and cassandra share a pizza. A splurge not and then is fine, but should they eat this all the time?
[11:31:18] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): now*
[11:31:27] Cassandra Keneinan giggles a bit and nods as she loves pizza "Um... yes?"
[11:31:55] Evie: "As long as you eat healthy food too is should be okay, or vitamins. The bacon-wrapped hot dogs I had last night were wonderful."
[11:33:14] Mark Blake Looks about swearing he could feel some one staring at him , he keeps his mouth shoot a bit more nervous being exposed then he thought he would be
[11:33:33] Korume "Everything in balance... I mean obviously your balance *should* lean to the healthier foods, but that doesn't always happen in a world with back-wrapped hotdogs."
[11:33:47] Aneila Hax: *bacon
[11:34:24] Cassandra Keneinan makes a mental note to look into getting some vitamins so she can keep eating pizza
[11:38:39] The Trader smirks "Healthy Food and healthy Activity can help, but you also need to keep the Mind focused and clear too"
[11:40:02] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) snickers" you can also burn calories off with exercise. I am not a dietician but you could speak with a doctor about a health plan. Now. is the time when I want to hear from all of you. Please try to give an honest assessment of your own health, and what you believe of the others here- including me. I am not immune to criticism. Let start with Evie."
[11:44:02] Evie furrows her brow as she ponders. "Well, I'm really not as active as I could be. I do try to keep my mind clear and focused though," she adds as she looks back to the Traveler. "Korume is probably the most fit student here, maybe even more fit than Miss Harper." She looks around at the rest of the class. "And I honestly had no idea how fit Mark was until it was revealed to all of just now." She snickers.
[11:44:02] Alicia Frakture jumps off the bridge to the school yard, more bored than anything. If there is a security system she neither knows nor cares
[11:47:00] Korume blushes softly as Evie compliments her, "Thanks... even if I don't know about that."
[11:48:31] Mark Blake Nods " i agree with evies assessment, shes not like unfit but she could be fitter" he shrugs again " korumes pretty fit and i do ok.." he says taking his turn with out being asked still covering him self
[11:54:43] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) has literally zero idea of alicias presence " what about you, Korume, Cassandra? " Nonplussed by evies assessment..apparently honest. " after you give your assessments I will give a bit of homework- no groans. Its not even research, and will help you in the long run"
[11:56:45] Alicia Frakture looks around."Wait isn't this that club for that bitch Delphine? Ohh it is so quiet around here I could wreck this place... This could be fun."
[11:56:55] Alicia Frakture begins moving towards the school itself.
[11:56:56] Cassandra Keneinan purposely averts her eyes from the naked student "Well.. umm... I have a really high metabolism, I guess. I can eat whatever and always stay kinda in shape.. but, I have to admit that just those stretches you had us doing are going to make me sore tomorrow...." *she looks at a few others in the room "I can't really tell about anyone else really, but I know you weren't even breathing hard Miss Harper, so you must be in pretty good shape"
[11:58:21] Evie snickers again to herself for apparently no reason as she rolls over a short list of new nicknames in her head, deciding she liked "Captain Commando" the best.
[12:01:00] Mark Blake Glances at the other student realizing he left her out he frowns staring at her and giving her a quick assessment deciding she must be the type to play her self down . he glances over at evie as she snickers raising an eyebrow
[12:01:15] Korume pauses slightly, "Honestly I should probably work more resistance training into my regimen and I actually worry between school and work about not spending enough time keeping myself fit. Its a constant struggle." she pauses, "I honestly haven't seen enough out of everyone else to make a full assessment on where they stand I find appearances can be deceiving, but I think people undervalue a good run or swim for both its physical as well as mental health properties. Getting out and exerting yourself can not only make you physically more healthy but also it can help clear your mind and work on your problems."
[12:03:20] The Trader sighs "This body of mine is rather unfit, Healthy in a state, but.. not built for anything but Magic's..... and discussion" Glances around the room quickly "Mark is physically fit, but i fear he jumps into thing's with an unhealthy Zeal, Evie is healthy, but.. fitness could be improved, Korume Is heathy and fit, but might need to improve on certain area's.. just glancing at her.. i can't tell too well but the Battle she showed with Miss Ermine... Showed off her capacity. Cassandra... Looks Healthy"
[12:08:32] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods " good good. so 2 things. Homework. I want you all to log your activity, such as 'ran 2 miles' or lifted 25 lb weights, sat and wated tv. -and your diet. We can compare them and help work towards a healtheir balance. if you are going to be wardens, heros- you are going to have to be alert and in shape. You dont have to bodybuuild or swing a sword in one thousand styles, but you do need to be fit enough to run down a hall to get away . Second. Mark. Since you eschew your underpants, I am changing your uniform requirements to make sure we can see them. Much like Korume s uniform was thanged, and Evies. You are to wear your underpants -outside- of your slacks."
[12:09:59] Cassandra Keneinan listens and nods as Miss Harper speaks. It's going to be a struggle for her to remember what she does and eats for this homework, but she'll have to do it. She giggles at hearing what the naked student's punishment is going to be
[12:10:59] Mark Blake Frowns and raises his eyebrow
[12:12:41] Mark Blake shakes his head " what? i'll end up looking ridiculous!!" he shifts his face flushed and outraged
[12:13:36] Evie snickers at Mark. "So how will that have changed, Captain Commando?"
[12:16:08] Mark Blake Glances at evie tilting his head " really.. really?" he glances at Ms Harper " classes is over i take it?"
[12:17:42] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nodded" class is dismissed. Get dressed. Thank you all for coming. I hope to shape all of you into the best wardens you can be. And Mark- remember the change caprain underpants"
[12:17:47] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): captain*
[12:19:06] Cassandra Keneinan giggles at captain underpants and whispers to Miss Harper "Is.. is it okay if I stay and use the equipment a little?"
[12:19:24] Evie: "So, Cassandra and I are goin' for pizza! Who else is comin'?"
[12:19:35] Cassandra Keneinan laughs!
[12:19:42] The Trader whispers into Miss Harpers Ear "You know a Simple Curse can insure that he Complies.. "
[12:20:40] Mark Blake Scowls and turns scooping up his clothes and heading for the stairs , well toned ass flexing with each angry step muttering to him self " every one in dis place is freaking crazy "
[12:21:17] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods " yes, you can use the equipment. Consider it a free session, and I believe the gym is here for any student or staff to use. " then nodding to Trader after hearing the whisper " Perhaps if he shoes he cannot exercise self regimen" even with her punishment she was trying to teach
[12:21:40] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): shows*
[12:22:42] Korume would nod a bit to Miss Harper having already been keeping a workout log. She would shake her head at Evie's pizza proclamation
[12:22:57] Evie turns to Korume, grinning happily. "So, I heard you found a job." After a pause, she finishes, "Boss."
[12:23:04] The Trader nods "Very well, If you need me to do it i will be around. I'm actually hoping to join the Staff and assist in raising the youth"
[12:23:54] Korume blushes red, "Don't call me that... we are friends... Korume is fine. I'm not much of one for formalities." she then arches a brow, "And where did you hear about that?"
[12:24:11] Evie: "Lady N told me this morning."
[12:24:34] Evie: "Oh? Does that mean you're Miss Harper's boss too?"
[12:24:54] Korume shrugs a bit, "I uh... dunno about that..."
[12:25:20] Mark Blake Quickly Dresses and and stomps off to find some under wear
[12:26:15] Evie: "Miss Harper. Korume is the new manager of the club. Does that make her your boss too? Or as club security, do you still work directly for Lady N and no one else?"
[12:26:40] Korume "I'm *one* of the managers... the club has a few."
[12:27:18] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): I work directly for N, but with a few exceptions the managers make and can change rules. If she doesnt want me tossing anyone, I wont.
[12:27:19] Evie waves away Korume. "Psshhh. You'll be head manager in no time," she teases.
[12:28:03] Korume blushes red, "Okay lets not let this all go to our heads here."
[12:28:38] The Trader snaps her fingers and shifts clothing again
[12:36:45] Korume would give Miss Harper a big hug suddenly before speaking soft, "Thank you for calling your friend in yesterday."
[12:42:55] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) hugs back " youre welcome. I hope you wer eok? I need to be going to go tend to the records here,
[12:43:26] Korume nods, "I'm okay... and so is Miss Ermine thankfully."
[12:46:07] The Trader looks bemused and asks "Who would i need to see to get myself Signed up as a Teacher? I've been interested in helping.."
[12:47:06] Korume "Be well Miss Harper." she would look to Evie, "Wanna go catch lunch or something? As boy do I have a story for you."
[12:47:52] Cassandra Keneinan heads up the stairs "Thanks for the class Miss Harper"
[12:48:26] Evie calls up after Cassandra, "So yes or no on pizza?"
[12:48:51] Cassandra Keneinan stops on the stairs "Pizza? Sure thing! I'd love to!"
[12:49:29] Evie grins and says to Korume. "Pizza? You coming too?"
[12:49:53] Korume looks just a little jealous of Cassandra's form, "Yeah sure.."
[12:50:21] Evie looks over at the Traveler. "You can come too if you don't have other stuff you're doing for the school. I'm a little confused about your role here to be honest."
[12:51:15] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): You would need to speal to Miss Harlow. You are welcome Cassandra, have fun!~waving as she headed upstairs to change
[12:51:32] The Trader Nods at Evie "I'm not really a Member of staff here, i'm.. Interested in helping the Youth learn and grow. Somehint about.. my Nature makes it like that..."
[12:51:53] The Trader: And I don't.. Really need to Eat.
[12:52:19] The Trader: but i'm happy to spend time with people
[12:52:27] Evie: "I'm not sure where the nearest pizza place is. I think there is one in the mall."
[12:54:53] Korume was actually getting more comfortable about being bare with others granted she also had the advantage of being incredibly quick so it didn't take her long to change.
[12:54:54] Evie changes back into her off-campus clothes and carefully tucks her wig back in place.
[12:55:29] Cassandra Keneinan sees everyone else changing clothes and follows suit
[12:57:51] Evie: "Don't really need to eat huh? There's a lot of that goin' around. You're gonna have a slice of pizza though, whether you like it or not."
[12:58:39] The Trader shrugs "I Enjoy food.. If i can give myself a Stomach for long enough..."
[12:59:05] Korume laughs softly before grinning softly looking at Evie, "Mm you are hot when you are so forceful."
[12:59:19] Cassandra Keneinan watches the others and giggles
[12:59:20] Evie smiles happily at the Trader. "Well alright then." Addressing everyone she asks, "Are we ready?"
[12:59:51] Cassandra Keneinan nods "I'm ready"
[13:00:00] Korume "Sure I'm ready."
[13:00:27] The Trader: Much like I don't need to breath.. but I should still exercise this body...

to be continued!
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