Thickening plots and blinding the truth

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Thickening plots and blinding the truth

Post by allock » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:58 am

[17:47] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) was scribbling away at the sketchbook, still sipping at some coffee and generally oblivious to everything going on around her.

[17:48] ReinheitReinheit Tromps up the stairs hands in his pocket, in his school uniform and pink shirt with his underwear out side his pants he looks up and scans around then blushes " oh umm hey dere vee.. didn't know any one was up here" he curses internally as he was hoping to hide away up here , not one to let embarrassment stop him he walks over to her table " how ya been?"

[17:48] Mark BlakeMark Blake Tromps up the stairs hands in his pocket, in his school uniform and pink shirt with his underwear out side his pants he looks up and scans around then blushes " oh umm hey dere vee.. didn't know any one was up here" he curses internally as he was hoping to hide away up here , not one to let embarrassment stop him he walks over to her table " how ya been?"

[17:51] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) as Mark speaks, she jumps and then is gone completely. No sign of her anywhere for a moment and then she appears back, sitting down and tilts her head as she sees him come up "you appear to have dressed in the wrong order this evening. Hopefully this evening." she says and shrugs "been...alright?"

[17:55] Mark BlakeMark Blake Looks down at him self and sigh " no..Dis is my modified uniform i didn't have my gym uniform so i had to go to that class naked .. and now i have to wear underwear on the out side because reasons" he chuckles "its had its ups and downs"

[17:56] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) slowly nods "alright, that's...alright, no clue, umm...did you want to sit down?" she asks and scratches her head "or, you know, if you're fine standing, that's cool too..." she trails off

[17:58] Mark BlakeMark Blake chuckles again still a bit in shock from her sudden vanishing "um yeah.. i can do dat" he slides into the booth and taps it lightly " so how are you likeing the school ?"

[18:00] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) shrugs "it's a school" she states "I've not run into anything distressing but I'm also not entirely sure what the purpose of this place is. Some...creepy areas...around if you go exploring"

[18:04] Mark BlakeMark Blake Nods and shifts " give it time.. i've seen things .. bad things.. i think the teachers here are more then just perverts.. some of the students have been acting weird.. and one flipped out and the head Mistress had her taken to a cage"

[18:05] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) raises her eyebrows "wait, seriously? That's...I mean, have you told anyone about this?" she asks, looking around a bit paranoid

[18:07] Mark BlakeMark Blake Nods slowly " another student was there.. and she heard it to.. but.. every one i tell about it just plays it off"

[18:10] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) licks her lips and looks down at her sketch pad. She flips a page and starts drawing feverishly. After a minute, she puts the pencil down and turns it around, showing it to Allock "cameras can be designed and easily concealed on clothing with a few simple parts found in most appliance stores. I may be able to rig together some such devices, but we'd need a centralized database server to collect as the device would need to be small enough to not be easily seen, thus wouldn't have internal storage and instead would broadcast. Could be useful for gathering proof"

[18:14] Mark BlakeMark Blake Blinks a bit shocked at her readiness to jump on board " wait.. ya.. ya don't think im crazy? .. like every one else just brushes me off , why ain't you doing dat?" he looks down at the sketch his eyes moving over it quickly not really understanding the whole thing

[18:17] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) twitches as she was questioned, not expecting that "I...I mean, maybe you are crazy, maybe not. That camera will prove it. Or you could make a different system to prove it, that's fine too. I mean, you know...if there's something sketchy going on...I'd like to know" she states and looks around nervously "because...there's a room up here that's not hard to access that's got some very VERY questionable stuff"

[18:21] Mark BlakeMark Blake Frowns thoughtfully " really?... what kinda stuff?" he says excitedly at the thought of getting proof " can you show me? it? he grins at her excitedly " this might be the proof i need to convince da others"!!

[18:24] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) licks her lips and nods "I...I can...but we need to do a bit of illegal activity" she states "I made a cast mold of the key for it but...we shouldn't be in there, but if you're still game, lemme just..." she stands and packs things in her very large bag and smiles "alright"

[18:26] Mark BlakeMark Blake slams his fist into his palm " it aint illegal if your doing it for da right reason,Right?" he hops up and follows her his shaded eyes glinting " lead the day"

[18:31] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) licks her lips and moves through an open door into another area and pauses outside the main one "alright. there's an office to my right and this door goes through. I think there's a one way window in there but I'm not sure, might be a mirror. But I only have the key for this room." she states, putting the key in and it doesn't turn "shit, they changed the lock, one sec...I sec" she says, pulling out a lockpick set and starting the long arduous process of going about that

[18:35] Mark BlakeMark Blake Follows her and watches her work after the come to a stop " wait.. why don't you port to da other side and unlock it from dere? he looks behind them keeping a watch carefully

[18:36] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) shakes her head "locks from both sides. Probably so if anyone escapes from their...cage...they still can't get out. So..." there's a click and she unlocks the door, pulling it open "we can't lock it until we're out, so let's move quick" she was notably much more confident when doing something illegal as she carried her bag into the room, slinging it over her shoulder and nervously adjusting her watch

[18:39] Mark BlakeMark Blake Follows her in reaching up and removing his bandanna revealing a large crystal in the middle of his forehead theres a small point in the crystal that seems to gaze around interdependently of his own eyes , which at his moment are wide with shock and horror " what the hell.. this.. this is crazy.." he shoves a hand into his pockets fishing for any thing he can use" ya got any thing to record this with?"

[18:41] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) shakes her head "I have a phone, but...I have it off. I'm a bit paranoid it might be tracked just because...probably just crazy" she moves around the corner "two way window. I don't know, or mirror...hope no one's staring at us through there" she shivers as she powers her phone up

[18:44] Clarity Clarity makes her way through the cafeteria and
towards the upstairs office, muttering under her breath annoyed that she forgot one of the few drives she actually needed to physically keep. She's about to move through the room when she notes the normally locked door to Harlow's private area cracked open, and moves to the door to peer in and listen

[18:49] AllockAllock (allock123) Sighs as he pull lint from his pocket " sorry i was to pour where i came from for a phone.. and I've been confined here since i arrived , make sure ta get every thing you can " he looks nervously about his gaze fliting towards vee, frowning as he notices a strange energy around her, ' side effect of her tp ability maybe?"

[18:51] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) phone goes up and she takes a picture, moving about and taking a few. She looks over at him and sees the weird expression "you alright? see something I need to take a picture of?" she asks and looks around "who's place is this anyways?"

[18:54] Mark BlakeMark Blake Shakes his head a bit " no.. just .. dos ya tp use a lot of energy or have a side effect?" he looks at all the weird devices and sucks in a breath the reality of what they were seeing " this is crazy!"

[18:54] ClarityClarity sighs as she hears the familiar voice of the troublemaker and the snaps of the camera, slipping through the crack in the doorway and floating to the corner that leads into the main part of the room, starting to extend several of her tendrils towards the two students

[18:56] Vee (Talista Glas)Vee (Talista Glas) nods "yeah, it's...I mean, one hand there may be a perfectly normal explanation but I'm pretty sure that's all swamp gas" had her back to the doorway at this point and wouldn't see tendrils "what do you mean? I mean, it's natural. it's an inherent power of mine..."

[18:59] Mark Blake Nods thoughtfully his eyes looking her up and down" allright.. just.. well i'll tell ya later.. you get every thing? if so we should scram" he chuckles " swamp gas is right.. this whole mess stinks worse then Mr spiders shop on thursdays"

[19:01] Clarity lashes her tendrils out for both students' wrists, attempting to quickly wrap them and pull them behind their backs as she floats out around the corner "Not so fast... you're in a restricted area of the school, and it's after hours... you're both in quite a bit of trouble

[19:04] Vee (Talista Glas) feels the tendrils grab her and tries to teleport away. There's a weird moment where she and the tendrils are both there and not there before she is unable to pull them through with her and gets locked down, struggling with well beyond human strength to keep the tendrils from locking her arms back "Mark...get out!" she yells instinctively

[19:05] Mark Blake His eyes widen as his third eye spots the tendrils at the last moment " watch out!! he yells and moves to dodge the tendril but is a breath to slow his wrists snagged and over powered he jerks against them hearing her yell at the same time he try's to warn her he hangs his head cursing as Miss clarity floats around the conner " nice night for a strol, right?"

[19:09] Clarity smiles a bit as even her limited super strength is still enough for the tendrils to hold Vee with only slight shifts from the struggles, floating the rest of the way over to the pair with arms crossed "I would say nice try... but it really isn't. You know this is a prohibited area... what possessed you to even consider breaking in here?"

[19:11] Vee (Talista Glas) groans as she's still struggling against the tendrils, once in awhile trying to teleport out but lacks the ability to not teleport what's attached to her without leaving her skin, muscle, and bones scattered around the room. She slowly stops struggling as she stares down the woman "well...for one, what the hell do you people even need a place like this for?"

[19:13] Mark Blake Tilts his head and stares at the teacher all three of his eyes looking her up and down , he licks his lips and smiles " the door was open when we walked by, and we were checking it to make sure no one else had snuck in and was trashing da place like they did before.. but um yea.. it is a strange room" he tugs at the tendril's with his human strength as he speaks

[19:17] Clarity shakes her head "First off, Miss Harlow isn't the type to leave her rooms unlocked, and secondly, she was out of the school over the weekend, which I know for a fact this room was closed and locked when I left the building a couple hours ago... so now you have punishments for lying as well as breaking in" looking around the room for a minute, taking in the equipment, then giving a little shrug "As for the room, it seems she has a taste for fetish play... far from a crime, even if bringing her toys onto school property is in slightly questionable taste"

[19:19] Vee (Talista Glas) licks her lips, staying silent for a moment as she tried to pull her phone over with her foot. She licked her lips, slowly sliding it over as she hoped Clarity wouldn't see it. It had pretty damning photos on it of the interior and wasn't password locked or anything. She was trying to get it under her foot so she could kick it under her bag by the room entry

[19:22] Mark Blake Grunts and mutters to him self "deres dat smell again "he trys his best innocent smile untill he notices vees movements and takes a deep breath and decides its time to do what hes best at.. open his big mouth " you calling me a liar ?,you pink haired floozy?... this whole situation stinks.. and i don't know who ya think your kidding but i ain't buying it...."

[19:25] Clarity chuckles "Insulting a teacher... keep digging, little boy, you're almost up to your neck. If you didn't want to follow the rules here then you shouldn't have signed up, they were all given to you up front" not noticing the small motions yet as Vee moves, though the tight grip making the process a little difficult

[19:28] Vee (Talista Glas) whimpers as she has to get in some painful angles to get the phone. She almost stumbles and then turns, sliding it towards her back, wincing as she sees it slam against her sketchbook inside, half sticking out from under the bag. She shudders and looks back at Mark, giving a nod as she tries to push towards it again, this time trying to drag the tendrils in that direction

[19:31] Mark Blake Licks his lips seeing the nod and her motions he narrows his eyes a bit " i didn't sign nothing .. ya super cops forced me to come here for using my powers.. and dats besides da point.. discipline is one thing.. but you perve teaches getting your kicks on the student body is just wrong.. .. and i aint even begun to insult you yet lady.. lets talk about des tentecals eh??

[19:32] Mark Blake: ( dang enter button)

[19:32] Mark Blake " ya coming across awully rapeY"

[19:36] Clarity does hear the scuff of the shoes and the skittering of the phone across the hardwood floor, peering over in the direction of the sound, and smiling as another tendril extends towards the partially visible phone, her voice sarcastic "Thank you for volunteering evidence" then she looks back towards Mark "And as I told you in class the other day, if we were here looking to torment you, we could do all sorts of things... but the punishments are kept to a minimum to keep order. You'd realize that if you ever spent a few minutes doing something besides causing trouble"

[19:39] Vee (Talista Glas) growls "that phone is broadcasting to a server in my dorm. The pictures are already there, there's no reason to destroy them" she says, it was a lie and her voice was shuddering, but she had to try, that was the only evidence they had beyond their word

[19:44] Mark Blake Looks around the room pointedly "yeah.. right sure" he licks his lips " its always "causing trouble" when ya trying to get people to think to see the wrongs around dem" he sighs and looks down " look. im sorry... i get scared.. and excited, ..i need guidance and i don't know what to do so i lash out" he pushes forward towards clarity a bit trying to move even an inch closer " will will you help me?"

[19:49] Clarity has Lilith run a quick scan on the phone, easily able to verify that it only has the standard connections, and then she begins to wipe the photo gallery out of it as she looks at Vee "Adding lying too... you're off to a bad start. Since this is your first offense that I'm aware of, we'll keep the punishments fairly simple and fitting the crimes. Since you want to strip others of their privacy, your own will be taken instead. For the next week, your uniform is nothing. Let that remind you to respect everyone's right to their own space" then she looks back to Mark "The sorry act won't get you leniency tonight, you've caused too much trouble already... but if you take your punishments and clean up your act, then they can stop and you can begin to learn, instead of turning every class you're in into a discipline session"
[19:53] Vee (Talista Glas) blinks at the response and growls "you're serious?" her father's blood was burning her up a bit as she struggled to pull off her watch "tell you what, you walk around without your clothes and I might consider walking around without mine!" she shouts and struggles "give me my damn phone back!" she shouts, trying to pull free of the tendrils, phasing out for a moment again before she appeared back in her old position

[19:54] Mark Blake Looks up with a grin then looks towards vee " hey vee.. can you teleport in this room right now? like say a few steps maybe? he grunts and pulls hard on his bonds hoping to take clarity by surprise " i hope your smart as i think you are..." then he looks back to the teacher not caring that she heard ever word " that ain't ever my intent teach.. but seems This Guardians.. driven towards Rebellion" he blows her a kiss " can i get off light to?"

[19:59] Clarity nods to Vee "I'm quite serious, yes... and I'm not the one that went digging into other peoples' private areas hoping to stir up trouble for them. I'd advise you to end whatever friendship you have with Mark here until and unless he straightens up his act, or he'll drag you into an endless spiral of even harsher punishments" finishing the data wipe and setting the phone on top of the bag, then looking back to Mark, seeming to ignore his plotting as the tendrils hold with 2 tons of strength "You, on the other hand, have three punishments coming your way, and with your history I think a bit of escalation is in order..."

20:02] Vee (Talista Glas) growls "if i teleport, I lose my clothes and I can't lose my watch" she states and shudders as she struggles "and I'm sure as hell not going to walk everywhere without clothes on. Where in the rules does it say I have to follow such and absurd order as that?"
[20:05] Mark Blake Sighs and licks his lips paling a bit at escalation he was already in a pink shirt wearing underwear out side his pants how much worse could it get" well crap... der gos dat idea... " he looks back to Miss Clarity " how about some lenience for good behavior?"

[20:10] Clarity arches a brow at Vee "It clearly states in the rules that you accept ANY discipline the staff chooses to assign to you for breaches of conduct. Now, get yourself changed, gather your things, and you're dismissed to your dorm. I need to deal with the real troublemaker here" the tendrils unwinding from Vee as her gaze goes back to Mark, though she keeps split attention on Vee in case she acts up further "If you ever show any good behavior I might consider it... I don't punish for the sake of punishing, but to ensure that we keep some order around here" pondering for the moment on just what she needs to do to make the point to Mark

[20:15] Vee (Talista Glas) groans as she's released, staring down Clarity but not moving "Mark's right. you all are psychotic here." she looks around and then looks back at Clarity "give me my phone back." she orders, having no intent to follow the commands, but wanting to take some pictures of what was happening

[20:21] Mark Blake Licks his lips and smiles " its ok vee.. we've seen what we need .. just go,, and make sure to get all of your stuff when you do , don't forget a single bit of your stuff.." he licks his lips and smiles at the teacher " i try to be good really i do but i just can't help my self"

[20:26] Clarity brings the tendrils over to Mark's ankles and attempts to push him down to his knees on the floor before turning her gaze back to Vee "I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here, but you're starting to try my patience. If you aren't naked and on your way out the door by the time I count to 10, you're going to share every bit of Mark's punishment as his conspirator... 1... 2... 3..."

[20:29] Vee (Talista Glas) blinks and smirks, shaking and crouching and then trying to dash at Mark, wanting to rip the tentacles off of him. If she even managed to get to him, she'd be yelling "Brace, Mark. We're teleporting out!" as she tried to get hands on him to attempt to teleport the both of them out of there

[20:30] Mark Blake Trys to resist her straining with all his might but is pushed down inevitably , to his knees , the tendrils on his ankles pulling his legs into the proper position as hes guided down he looks up suddenly as she charges him his eyes wide his body tensing and bracing for impact.." here we go, i guess"

[20:34] Clarity sighs heavily as she sees Vee charge, one of the tendrils releasing off Mark's ankle and swinging up, aimed to backhand her in the gut, only using about 1 ton of force since she doesn't want to put the girl in the hospital
[20:36] Vee (Talista Glas) that force on the tentacle was too much and immediately knocked her unconscious, sending her flailing and collapsed against the floor.

[20:39] Mark Blake Watches her crumple and sighs " or not i what happens now" he looks up at her from the floor his third eyes staring at her tendrils

[20:44] Clarity grunts a bit as she sees Vee black out from the impact, quickly doing a scan over her to make sure there aren't any critical injuries, then forming a mattress on the floor and using the tendril to gently lay her onto it "She's just unconscious, must have swung a little faster than I intended... as for you... your shenanigans need to be stopped here and now. Your actions are now not only disrupting classes, but the entire institute, and you're dragging your classmates into the same disastrous behavior. Now someone has been injured by your hare-brained ideas"

[20:47] Mark Blake Tilts his head his eyes to her tendril then to the girl then back to Miss clarity's face he swallows and nods " terrible like that.. knocking my own friends out.." he cuts it off there and just looks at her a fire in his eyes
[20:50] Clarity chuckles softly "You may not have been the one that landed the hit, but it was your actions that triggered the chain of events that led to it. I don't wander the halls beating students for the fun of it, like you try to make out that the staff do."

[20:56] Mark Blake Jerks against her tendril suddenly just testing " i ain't never tell any one something i hadn't seen with my own eyes...." he was frightened .. he knew it and when he was frightened he got quite and snarky..he'd never had such little control of his life and now he was trapped at some one else whim, he couldn't even rely on his powers.. in fact if they did activate he would have to fight them down.. he needed to be in this school "so .. you trying to teach me a lesson or something?"

[20:59] Clarity nods "I always try to teach lessons... that's what I'm here for. I want you to learn to think about the consequences of your words and actions before you let them out... and to understand that sometimes in life there are battles that cost more to fight than they're worth. You have some potential, if you can learn self-control... not many can see how I manipulate objects around me
[21:04] Snap thinks to herself, "I know how she does it."
21:05] Mark Blake Smiles "I've always had an..clarity of vision" he shifts his knees slightly sore on the wood he sucks in a breath "well you're doing a fine job of instructing today " his face was sweating lightly " some battles yeah i agree.. but some wars those battles are part of.. must be fought at all costs"

[21:09] Clarity chuckles softly "And what war do you think you're fighting here that's so important? You claim that the teachers are perverts... but even if that's true, are they truly hurting anyone? As far as I'm aware, this little bump" gesturing to Vee "is the worst injury we've had on campus so far, so what exact danger are you protecting people from?"

[21:12] Mark Blake Tilts his head and shuts his mouth refusing to say more his burning eyes glaring at her he stayed in that position with a calm stillness that bespoke experience and a knuckle headed stubbornness , his breathing being forced into a steady even rhythm

[21:15] Clarity nods slightly "I thought as much... you haven't really thought this through, you just see something you don't like and charge in without another moment of consideration. That's the kind of behavior that will get people killed when you're out in the city"

[21:18] Mark Blake opens his mouth to refute her" oh i know exactly what im protecting them from i just don't have to tell to.." he closes his mouth with a snap shaking his head at him self for letting her goad him into responding

[21:20] Clarity arches a brow "Well, if you truly think your cause is so righteous, then what reason do you have to hide it? The honest person has no need to keep their motives secret"

[21:21] Snap considers that, while still standing behind the wall eaves dropping.

[21:25] Mark Blake Smiles " honesty is a strong weapon against injustice.. but only when applied at the right time and the right moment .." he Slumps in his forced kneel " but.. but your right .. i.. I've been a fool i can see that trying to fight a war where there is none .. what.. what should i do?"

[21:28] Clarity chuckles "You try to evade still... your motives aren't as pure as you pretend them to be. As for what to do... accept your punishment tonight with dignity, and when it ends, focus on your classes rather than on stirring up trouble for yourself and your classmates... if you would all focus on learning, there would barely be any punishments to complain about"

[21:32] Mark Blake Lips pull into a tight line and he reply's " Dignity eh... not sure i was born with much of that.. but I'll try" he makes no comment on the rest of her statement his eyes down he simply mutters " in a perfect world."

[21:35] Clarity nods slightly "Now then, as to the details of your punishments... I think the discomfort of your position for the time being is sufficient for the insult to me, so that leaves your breaking into this area, and your lying. Since this is Miss Harlow's territory, it's only fitting that she be allowed to decide the punishment for intrusion, so I will pass word to her about the incident and allow her to do so"

[21:40] Mark Blake Watches her through narrowed eyes as she lists off his punishments, winching at the promise to tell Miss Harlow , he swallows again and shifts nervously he breaths a sigh of relief at the seeming absence of a more immediate punishment

[21:44] Clarity grins slightly at the sigh "So that leaves the punishment for lying... how can people rely on a protector that can't be trusted? When you lie, you try to blind everyone around you... so your punishment will be having your own vision limited... I do believe there was a fitting device in the toy collection here" keeping Mark held in place as she starts moving towards the entry alcove
[21:47] Snap panicks as she hears Clarity start coming and makes her way out as quickly as possible, hoping she wasn't seen as she slipped out one door and through another. "It's okay, she didn't see me. No one saw me," she tells herself as she stands herself fully upright with her back against a wall panting.

[21:48] Mark Blake eyes widen at her words jerking at the tendril's restraining him his body shivering and sweating..he'd never been blind to any thing since he was a child not since the poltergeist , he bites his lip to prevent him fromr betraying himself.

[21:51] Clarity circles the corner, arching a brow as she sees the door open enough to fit a person now, flitting a tendril out into the next room, but not seeing anyone, so she leaves it be for now, resolving to check the security cameras for the area after she finishes here. She moves to the toy rack and picks up a pony play head harness and a set of locks, then makes her way back over to Mark

[21:54] Snap let's out a deep breath she didn't know she had been holding for several moments and when there is no pursuit, quickly tries to make her way back out the school again unseen.
[21:55] Mark Blake stares up at her as she approaches his head shying away as best he can his eyes rolling with fear and his third eyes crystal pupil darting around, theres a small whimper before he bites his lip again

[21:57] Clarity holds up the harness so you can see it, letting you watch as she removes the bit gag, leaving just the horse blinders, which are large pads that will block off your peripheral vision, keeping you seeing only what's right in front of you "A week in this will help you to think about what it means to try blinding others with false words..."

[22:01] Mark Blake Jerks his head away slightly his eyes locked on the harness his chest heaving in terror , which lessens a bit as he notices its not total blindness, he his body still tenses in anticipation

[22:04] Clarity smiles slightly as she sees the reactions "I'm not actually blindfolding you... that would be rather counterproductive to you learning anything. I try to keep my punishments such that you can still function in your classes" starting to fit the web of straps into place over your head, then circling behind you to line up the buckles

[22:06] Mark Blake Grunts as she buckles on the harness powerless to stop her his body tense as his prefreial vision is removed from him

[22:10] Clarity secures the straps snugly, but not extremely tight, not wanting it to become painful with extended wear, and then she snaps a lock into each of the buckles, pocketing the matching keys for them "Now then, that takes care of tonight's offenses, apart from whatever Miss Harlow decides to do to you. For my part, if you can behave until I take this off, I'm still willing to give you a chance to start over fresh..."

[22:13] Mark Blake tilts his head trying to look back at her but the blinders prevent him from seeing her " a week like this? thats.. thats crazy!" he he grinds his teeth in frustration at his hampered vision.

[22:15] Clarity chuckles softly "I can think of much worse things that could have been done by this point... but it wouldn't be a punishment if it didn't bother you, that's the whole point"
[22:18] Mark Blake shifts and jostles in place " im sure.." he lets out his breath and breaths in another a bit of his bravado coming back " are we done?"

[22:20] Clarity laughs "Yes, for now... I do hope not to have to punish you again... though somehow I doubt you're going to clean up your act so swiftly..." releasing all her tendrils and drawing them back into herself, then moving over to Vee and scooping her up "I'll take her to her dorm for now... she just needs to rest"

[22:22] Mark Blake Nods his head moving trying to keep her in his limited field of vision as he rises to his feet rubbing his wrists to get the blood flowing again he heads for the exit having no choice but to leave vee with the teacher

[22:23] Clarity carries the unconscious girl out, scooping up the bag and phone on the way and locking the door again behind her once we're all outside, then taking Vee to her room with her things, making one last check on her health before leaving her to recover naturally

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