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Lee(ann) enrollment

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:04 pm

[13:12] Lee hops over the back wall of the school, as he had so many times. 'Wonder who'll be the babe of the night?' he thought, heading toward the dorms.
[13:14] Clarity makes her way through the back walkway to get a little quiet time in the back courtyard, arching a brow when she sees the figure leap the wall and start skulking, stepping a bit closer and clearing her throat loudly
[13:14] Claire is totally inside, in the shower
[13:16] Lee hears the noise and turns to see the green & purple colored woman there. He shrugs. 'Not what I had in mind, but why not?' he thinks. He moves a few steps toward her. "Hey Colors, what's shaking?"
[13:20] Clarity chuckles a little as you step over, connecting herself to the school security network and quickly scanning the footage, not taking long at all to find evidence that you've been around before "Hmm... seems that what's shaking is a non-student sneaking onto private property and entering the dorms on multiple occasions..."
[13:23] Lee gives you a look of 'so what' and tries to look around for the best escape route. "Yeah, well... I think you should be more concerned with THAT!" He points with exaggeration over your shoulder, ready to dash if you look.
[13:27] Clarity grins, splitting off a fraction of her vision to her rear just to make sure you don't have an accomplice, but there's no visible sign of her even budging her head, taking a few steps closer "So... been looking for some easy chances to rape students, hmm? Not the pinnacle of personality and value in that..."
[13:27] Mark Blake Frowns at her then looks down at himself " really? can you imagine any of the students doing dat kinda thing to me?its da head mistress and the teacher we gotta watch out for " he shrugs and looks away from her "not dat you'll believe me but what brings you here cpey?"
[13:30] Lee frowns that his distraction ploy failed and slowly begins walking backwards. "Hey whoa... rape is a strong charge. Everyone I've banged here has been willing..." He looks about ready to bolt.
[13:33] Snap: "Well, it's not that I don't believe you, I just know that men your age have certain.. hormonal things going on within them..." Evie feels herself start to blush but forces it back down. "Perhaps you are only imagining something that you want to happen." Snap totally ignores the question of what she's doing there and says, "Anyway, if you're supposed to write a research paper about Headshot, maybe I could help arrange an interview with her for you. If you think itwould fit in to your research paper that is."
[13:34] Clarity sees you getting ready to run, sending out a single tendril to loosely wrap around one ankle, not tight enough to be felt but intended to trip you if you keep moving "Uh huh... a likely story... and even if it's true you're still repeatedly violating private property... these grounds are only open to students. I could call the authorities and launch a full investigation into exactly what sort of mischief you've been up to around here..."
[13:36] Mark Blake Stares at her hard from under his shaded bandanna fire igniting his eyes " making it up... making it up! " he stands over and gets right in her face backing her to the railing his face inches from hers " on my first day here.. i saw a student forced to preform a sexual act on a teacher.. i saw a student flip out into an animalistic rage and attack some one ..only for a teacher to have her taken to the cages!
[13:37] Lee holds up his hands in mock fear, not realizing how deep he's in it. "Ooo, the cops! Gonna bust me for trespassing?" He turns to walk away and falls from the tendril. He
[13:39] Cade (colorkid): *looks to see what happened but doesn't see anything. "What the hell...?"
[13:39] Clarity steps forward "There's more than just trespassing... I've seen you on the security footage. I'm sure a full investigation would show up at least half a dozen criminal charges... but there is another option for you if you don't want to see a prison cell..."
[13:42] Lee stands again, this time looking visibly rattled. "Whoa now.... I don't need that kind of hassle right now. the band is taking off, and still trying to clear up that mess with the Protectorate..." He stares at you, trying to get some kind of read. "What exactly did you have in mind?"
[13:42] Lee "Like community service or somethin'?"
[13:44] Clarity smiles slightly "I'm thinking something a little different... some service to yourself... enroll here and clean up your act... make yourself useful to the city, rather than just being a troublemaker"
[13:46] Snap feels Mark in her face and starts to feel intimated. Closing her eyes for just a moment, she goes back to her lesson with the Traveler, Calling her elemental chi to her. Suddenly, strong winds start blowing all around her, picking up and gathering speed, out of control as Snap struggles with her intimidation and fear, threatening to start blowing chairs and tables away, blowing Mark away as the wind speeds pick up faster and faster. Snap reaches out to the winds, Calling upon them, forcing them to bend to her will. The winds turn into a tornado, circling tightly around Snap, while she stands in the eye. Borrowing on the eye's calm, she steels herself to stand up to Mark. The wholly imagined wind storm only lasts an instant in Snap's mind, but it's effects on her nerves were lasting. Against Mark's rage she says, "Well, then, I believe you. But if you want to change that, you can't let your emotions influence you. Sit back down there. I said before that perhaps I can help you. But not until y
[13:46] Lee breaks out into laughter. "Are you serious? Colors, school ain't my thing. I'm a rocker, we're supposed to be bad boys!"
[13:46] Snap: "But not until you learn some self-control."
[13:48] Clarity shrugs a bit and grabs you by the shoulder, starting to push you along towards the front of the building, not using her strength unless you resist "Well then, we'll head to my office and go through all the security recordings, and see what the authorities have to say about your stunts"
[13:51] Lee allows you to shove him begrudgingly inside. "Ah, OK, OK... let's leave them out of this." He leans close, laying on the charm. "Maybe there's something I can, uh... *donate*... to help smooth this over?" He raises an eyebrow, suggestively.
[13:53] Clarity laughs a bit, continuing to march you towards one of the offices "No... I'm sure the Protectorate would be happy to accept your donation of fine costs for all the charges though"
[13:58] Lee curses under his breath. He didn't have that kind of money. And didn't care to be back up in their shit anytime soon... "Look, I won't bother anyone here again, I swear." He was starting to feel desperate. And confused 'How does this woman not want a piece of this?' he subtly looked himself over.
[13:59] Lee 'Must be a dyke. Has to be.' he thought.
[14:00] Clarity gives you a little push into the office, following in and locking the door behind us, moving to the seat "Might as well grab a chair for yourself... this'll take a few minutes, and then we'll have to wait for an officer to show up and do the paperwork too..." not even acknowledging your attempts at pleading your way out of it
[14:03] Lee staggers into the office. "Look, there's gotta be something I can do here. I mean, be a student here? That's crazy! I don't even have meta abilities!" He's starting to panic and sweat.
[14:05] Snap nods triumphantly. "Well, then. I will organize it for you. As soon as I find out the details of when she can meet, I'll let you know. Until then, you know where to find me."
[14:06] Snap begins to make her way down stairs.
[14:06] Clarity chuckles "It's not a specific requirement... while we do have many classes specific to metas, we also provide a standard education here. It's obvious you're lacking in refinement, and that's something that can be taught... you have your options, up to you which one you want to take" accessing the security feeds through the computer now, turning the monitor so you can see as she does a quick search using facial recognition to pull up the situations where you came onto campus
[14:07] Snap keeps going, pretending not to have heard.
[14:09] Claire comes through the side door, shes soaked as if she just got out of the shower, clothes and all
[14:10] Lee watches the feeds showing everything he's done on the campus in the past weeks. As the evidence mounts up, he gets weak in the legs and flops into the chair. She had him by the balls. "Fine. We'll play it your way. I'll... enroll." He makes a face of disgust. "But I'm not wearing that pink uniform that one kid wears. Or running around half-dressed like I've seen the teachers make them do!"
[14:13] Clarity chuckles softly and nods "Well, I'll make sure you're fully... dressed..." pulling out the enrollment paperwork from the desk and sliding it over along with a pen "First up is your personal information, you can just leave the power section blank if you don't have any, and your reason to enroll will be 'punitive recompense' "
[14:13] Snap notices the girl with green hair again, apparently freshly showered or maybe just hosed off, clothes and all. She considers how humiliating it must have been if she were forced to have been washed like that, as if she were an animal, how wrong it must be to treat students like that. Then Snap considers the state of the girl last time Snap saw her. She walks off, muttering to herself, "Hmm... maybe the teachers really are just trying to help."
[14:15] Claire looks at the one going past, seemingly not bothered by her wet clothes at all, she figures the other woman is leaving and continues up the stairs to have a look around the place, having only enrolled a few hours prior
[14:18] Lee snatches up the pen and begins filling out the form. "Lee... Dawkins..." He pauses at the age box, glancing at you briefly. "22" He continues with the form, skipping the power section as instructed. He squirms in the chair. "H... how do you... spell 'punitive recomp... recomp-whatever it was.?"
[14:20] Clarity chuckles and helps you spell it out "Definitely some language classes on your schedule... even if you want to be a musician, it's important to have a solid vocabulary." watching closely as you write all the info out
[14:21] Evie walks up the stairs after quickly changing her clothes. "Hi, Mark! Still eating?" She would smile at the green haired girl if she turned to look.
[14:22] Lee snorts derisively. "You at least have music classes here?" He finishes the form, dropping the pen on the desk. "And how long do I have to attend?"
[14:30] Clarity nods slightly "Yes, there is music history and performance available, so you can get some training on that front. I think a one year minimum should cover things for now, though perhaps by the end you'll come to value it. Second form is a medical release, in case you're injured in any way while you're here" taking the first form back, leaving it up on the desk
[14:32] Lee goes pale. "A year?! Are you kidding?" He looks ready to argue but stops seeing the look on your face. He shakes his head and mutters something nasty under his breath. He starts filling out the medical release.
[14:36] Clarity chuckles "Not in the least..." just continuing to watch for now as you fill out each bit of info, taking the second form once it's done "And the last form is the agreement to the campus rules... read through them all and initial each one, then sign at the bottom"
[14:40] Lee glowers at you as he's handed the last form. He races through, scribbling his initials down and signing, clearly not having read any of it. "Yeah, yeah - rules, whatever..." He mutters 'ya stupid bitch' softly, not believing you would hear it.
[14:41] Evie nods. "Okay."
[14:42] Claire: so... is it as he says?
[14:43] Clarity grins slightly as she takes the last form back, looking through everything to make sure it's in order, then picking up a pen "Now then, there's just one minor issue here... since you've been so concerned with being in the girls dorms during your visits, I think you must have made a little mistake on these forms..." changing Lee to Leeann and male to female on the documents
[14:44] Evie: "Well, I think Mark is exaggerating a little bit. I mean, I understand why he thinks what he thinks... but... I think if the teachers do decide you need that kind of corrective action, they really do have your best interest at heart... that's not to say that some of them aren't a little pervy."
[14:44] Evie: "The best thing to do is to just go with it until you decide you're not going to anymore and then don't."
[14:45] Lee looks on as you make changes. "Hey, what are you doin'?" You can't changed signed documents like that..." He turns red when he sees what you've put down. "What the fuck?"
[14:45] Evie: "They took my skirt away and forbid me from wearing it... but I've decided I'm not going to be treated like a child anymore. They can take it off again or shread it if they like, but the next day I'm gonna be back in a skirt again."
[14:46] Evie: "I'm here to learn, not play their games. And I'm not gonna waste time fighting them. Most of the teachers aren't that way anyway... though... before classes begin, they may feel the need to test you a little."
[14:46] Claire: well at least i wont have that problem, kinda doubt they could even get my clothes off at all *shrugs*
[14:46] Evie furrows her brow. "Why is that?"
[14:47] Clarity gives you a big smile as she slides the forms into the filing bin under the desk "Consider it a staff punishment for the actions that brought you here... you're going to wear a girls uniform, so you'll probably find things easier on yourself if you just play the role all the way"
[14:48] Claire: well, my uh underwear is kinda stuck, and i tried scissors and stuff, didnt work at all
[14:49] Lee jumps to his feet. "No fuckin' way! There is no way I'm going to go to this school dressed as a girl!" He tries to take the forms back from you to tear them up.
[14:49] Evie: "Umm..." Evie thinks to herself, "Way too much info," and then says aloud much more helpfully, "Umm..."
[14:50] Clarity chuckles, a hidden tendril flicking out, forming a little barrier to block your lunge "You signed an agreement to abide by any punishment the staff deems fitting for you..."
[14:51] Claire: what? its not /that/ bad, i just hope i wont get into trouble because of it
[14:53] Evie "Well... technically I don't think there is any inoform violation I can think of, unless the teachers choose to modify your uniform requirement to not allow you to wear underwear. They can modify you're uniform requirement however they want... but I don't think in your case that would be likely... you'd have to do something really stupid... Ummm... you know, maybe you should talk to the school nurse about this."
[14:55] Claire: well, not really normal underwear i guess, looks a bit like these clothes *shrugs* well ill find out i guess, so anything else you can think of? havent even seen everything around here yet
[14:56] Evie: "You're probably going to be staying in the school dorms, right?"
[14:57] Claire: well only if i have to, got an apartment not too far away
[14:57] Lee looks red faced, either from anger or embarrassment. He slumps down in the chair again. ' I can't go to jail.' he thinks. He stews for a while before making the call. (Exit)

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Re: Lee(ann) enrollment

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:36 pm

[12:25] Lee sits there pondering his options. He groans seeing no other choice than the trap she put him in... "Fine. I'll do it."
[12:27] Clarity watches the reactions play over your face, just waiting for you to make the inevitable decision, smiling and nodding when you finally accept it "Wonderful, then I suppose we should get you started. Wouldn't do for you to look like that in a skirt, we'll have to help clean you up a bit, make you presentable..."
[12:29] Lee look horrified. "Presentable?" He gulps. "And do I have to wear a skirt? Doesn't that leave me open to... exposure?"
[12:33] Clarity chuckles "The girls outfit requires a skirt... you'll have panties though, so as long as you're a little careful you should be quite fine. Things will go better for you if you make as much effort as possible to fit into your new role"
[12:36] Lee moans softly and shudders. "Panties?" Lee hangs his head, sentenced to dressing as a girl with no hope of escape. "Like what?"
[12:37] Clarity smiles slightly "Taking care of your body properly, learning to carry yourself in a more feminine manner, putting yourself in the proper mindset..."
[12:39] Lee: "Come on... really?" He shakes his head dejectedly. "You mean, like a real girl?"
[12:41] Clarity nods "Precisely... think about how you would react if it were someone else around you... wouldn't you be more inclined to accept someone that seemed to be making a genuine effort to fit the role? Perhaps even not notice it at all?"
[12:44] Lee grimaces. "I don't want to be noticed. I'd never live down the humiliation! 'Rockstar caught posing as schoolgirl'..." The worry dances across his face. "And I have to be... like that... all the time here?"
[12:45] Clarity nods "At all times on campus, yes, even in the dorms. Off the school grounds it's up to you, though trying to live a double life can be a very tricky thing"
[12:48] Lee grunts in frustration. "Yeah, well there ain't no way I'm gonna dress like a girl outside this place..." He kicks at the desk. "Ugh... so what am I supposed to wear?"
[12:50] Clarity chuckles "As I said, that's your decision... let's move to the nurses office to take care of this next part" standing up and moving to a cabinet, looking for a minute before grabbing one of the uniform boxes out, and then making her way to the door
[12:51] Lee slowly follows her, looking around as they exit to see if anyone's watching.
[12:53] Clarity moves into the nurse office, grabbing a chemical container from a cabinet and hooking it up to the emergency shower "Strip down, put on a haircap, and then wash off your body... your clothes are grungy, and you reek of smoke. Can't have that odor setting into your uniforms too"
[12:55] Lee gives her a look. As much as he was used to undressing in front of women, this was different. Very different. He pulled his clothes off in slow measures...
[12:57] Lee finds the shower cap and walks to the shower, wondering what she had hooked up.
[12:59] Clarity keeps watch, making sure the hair gets properly covered, giving a brief appraising glance over your body, more measuring than admiring, moving over as you step in and flipping on the water, the chemical hair remover mixing into the flow
[13:00] Lee turns to give her a full showing of his cock as he thinks she's checking him out. "This water feels weird... kinda tinglely?"
[13:02] Clarity nods slightly, her gaze not focusing anywhere particular, just watching to make sure you scrub down thoroughly "Well, best to make sure you're as thoroughly clean as possible... will save you some hassle later"
[13:06] Lee reluctantly cleans every surface. He spends far too much time on his cock trying to entice you. "Hassle? I know they call me Sleezy but I do wash, ya know..." Under his breath, he mutters "sometimes"
[13:07] Clarity deliberately pays as little attention as possible to it, knowing you take pride in it and seeing the chance to knock you down a peg, smiling slightly as she sees hair starting to break loose from your body and flow into the drain, slowly at first but picking up
[13:10] Lee is too busy making his play at you to notice at first. After getting no reaction, he turns his focus back to washing and panics seeing his body hair falling away. "What the fuck?!" He yells, voice a little shrill.
[13:11] Clarity grins "As I said, getting you entirely clean will save you hassle later... this is much easier than trying to shave yourself"
[13:14] Lee 's jaw falls open. "S-shaving?" He looks down at his nearly smooth legs & crotch by this point. He never had much chest hair but now it was gone. He reached up to his face and even his scruff was missing.
[13:16] Clarity nods slightly "I don't know too many girls with body hair all over... would have made it rather difficult to fit into your place here" reaching over and shutting off the chemical flow, leaving just plain water for rinsing off now "Make sure you rinse thoroughly, and then we'll get you into your uniform and see how it looks"
[13:19] Lee frowns nearly to pouting. With his body hair removed he felt truly exposed. He finishes rinsing off with hands covering himself nervously. He looks for a towel to dry off.
[13:21] Clarity shuts off the water and tosses you a towel, then moves over to open the box, pulling out the skimpy girls uniform and laying the pieces out on the desk where they can be seen
[13:24] Lee begins to dry off roughly, peeking over to get a look at what she was setting out. He turned pale at the sight of the short skirt of the uniform. But the white & pink bra & panties made him feel ill knowing he was about to be wearing them...
[13:25] Clarity looks up as she finishes, chuckling a little at the look on your face "Oh, don't worry, you'll get used to it soon enough... you really aren't that impressive as a boy anyways, shouldn't be hard at all for you to adjust"
[13:28] Lee flushes in embarrassment at the comment. He looks down at his cock then back to you visibly upset. "Hey, I never had any complaints!"
[13:29] Clarity laughs "They almost never complain to your face... let's just say I don't think you'll have too much trouble keeping yourself concealed... now, come try on your uniform, we need to make sure it'll fit you properly"
[13:32] Lee turns a deeper shade of red. He walks over with a sneer. From the pile he grabs the panties, sliding them up his legs. His cock bulges out the front of the thin garment.
[13:33] Clarity chuckles softly as she sees the bulge "You'll want to try to tuck it down a little bit... might give you a chance of people not noticing if they get a quick glimpse under your skirt"
[13:37] Lee gulps at the thought. He shoots another look at you then reaches down to tuck his penis back & under, leaving the panty to cover only a small bulge. He squirms a bit in discomfort which only wedges the tiny back covering further into his ass.
[13:38] Clarity smiles and nods "Yes, that'll work much better... let's see the rest of the outfit... it'll be up to you if you stuff the bra, though it'd definitely help you to keep up the image"
[13:40] Lee snorts as he snatches up the matching bra. Begrudgingly he slides his arms through the straps but struggles to connect it behind his back. He turns bright red as he is unable to fasten it. He turns his back to you, expectantly.
[13:42] Clarity chuckles and shakes her head, reaching up to help fasten the clasps "If you can't close it behind your back then you can clasp it first in front, then spin it and slip your arms into the straps..."
[13:44] Lee merely nods. Once hooked in, he spins to pick up the next piece. He hesitates before sighing deeply and picking up the main uniform's skirt & top. He slips the skirt up his legs, securing it in place. He looks wide-eyed at how short it sits on his thighs.
[13:46] Clarity steps back again, expecting you should be able to manage these parts on your own, nodding slightly when she sees the skirt set into position "Yes, that'll work quite nicely for you"
[13:50] Lee slips on the top. He looks confused as he tries to button only to find them on the opposite side than normal. He pulls on the short tie but doesn't feel any manliness from it. He looks to the counter to see the socks & maryjane shoes. He looks at you with a 'Really?' expression?
[13:51] Clarity nods slightly as she sees the look "The whole uniform... being out of uniform at all on campus can net you further disciplinary action"
[13:55] Lee sighs. He sits awkwardly to pull on the knee high thin socks before stepping into the maryjanes. Once on, he gives you a sloppily and sarcastic 'ta-da' sort of move to show off the outfit.
[13:58] Clarity smiles as she looks it over "Yes, a very good start... if you work to keep up this image you shouldn't run into any major problems..." stepping around behind you and pulling off the cap, forming a brush into her hand and starting to smooth out your hair for you
[14:00] Lee remains still as you work on his long hair. He seems to be fuming at this indignity. He is lost enough in his thoughts that you are able to as you wish to his hair.
[14:02] Clarity brushes it out until it's nice and smooth, then pins it up into little pigtails, grinning a bit to herself before fading away the brush and stepping back around you "Might want to look into some makeup as well, but I think you pull it off rather well"
[14:04] Lee looks up, eyes starting to glass over a bit. "M-makeup?" He looks completely crestfallen.
[14:05] Clarity nods "Yes, it'd help a bit to smooth out your features... I'm sure the other girls could help you learn how to do it if you let them know you were never taught"
[14:07] Lee goes white at the thought of asking for makeup help from the other girls. He nods briefly, bottom lip quivering slightly.
[14:09] Clarity smiles, pulling out a tablet for a moment and flipping through it "You'll have dorm room 317, I'll make sure your approval and class schedule get processed today, and you'll get a copy of the schedule tomorrow to begin your classes. Any other questions for me?"
[14:13] Lee: "317" he whispers in acknowledgment. "Oh? About my name..." He looks up at you nervously through what you now see are already thick dark lashes girls would die for. "Can it please be something other than Leeann? It's too close to my real name, people will know!" His eyes take on a pleading appearance.
[14:14] Clarity hums softly and ponders for a moment "Well, I suppose we could manage Colleen... is that a bit better for you?"
[14:16] Lee looks a little relieved & nods. "y-yes. thank you..."
[14:18] Clarity nods back slightly "I'm doing you a lot of favors though, letting you avoid trouble with the law and helping you keep your identity concealed... I expect you to be on your best behavior around here, or the consequences will be severe"
[14:19] Lee nods. "I will." It's obvious she is already humbled by the situation and acting much more reserved, even speaking with a soft voice.
[14:21] Clarity smiles softly "Good girl... now go get settled in and I'll see you in class later" moving to clean up the box and the shower area
[14:22] Lee finches at the 'good girl' remark but only replies with "yes... uh, Miss... uhm?" She sees a tube of lipstick fall out of the box onto the counter.
[14:23] Clarity chuckles softly "Miss Clarity... I teach law courses"
[14:24] Lee: "Miss Clarity" She gulps. 'No wonder she was all up on the legal shit...' Lee thinks.
[14:26] Clarity tosses out the garbage, giving one last look to make sure she got it all, noticing the lipstick and pointing to it "Your lucky day, not sure whose that was, so you can go ahead and use it"
[14:28] "Colleen" winces. She takes the lipstick and mortified slowly applies it rather poorly as you watch.
[14:29] Clarity chuckles softly as she watches "Yes, you'll definitely need some pointers from your classmates... hopefully you'll make some friends there quickly to teach you these things"
[14:30] "Colleen" nods nervously. "yes Miss Clarity. May I go now?"
[14:30] Clarity nods "Yes you may, see you in class"
[14:31] "Colleen" leaves quickly for somewhere to hide.

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