Impromptu Gym/training 18.11.2017"Hold on to your butts"

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Impromptu Gym/training 18.11.2017"Hold on to your butts"

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:53 pm

[11:50:02] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) steps down quietly
[11:50:57] Claire looks to anna-kate, herself being covered in a bit of water up to her neck "oh, hey there!"
[11:52:15] "Colleen" spins to see who Claire was talking to and turns white to see Anna standing there. "She" turns her head away but gives a nervous wave in Anna's direction. "h-hi"
[11:53:28] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): you think I am foolish? You should be in workout gear in here. Claire is. Good morning claire. Whats your name dear? ~ as she started setting up equipment for her class
[11:54:22] "Colleen" ducks a little behind Claire. "m-me? Col-Colleen... miss."
[11:55:00] Claire: ooh class eh? guess i should go get rid of this water then
[12:00:35] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): well we can start one for you two if you have a free period. Colleen- get in gym gear if you are going to be here. And dotn be shy, we have had several sissys here.
[12:01:45] Cade (colorkid): ((Lee is in disguise as a female student, and trying to keep it secret))
[12:02:24] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): I know. not seeing who it is exactly because of my ooc rule)
[12:04:06] "Colleen" turns bright red. "I... I just started. I don't have any yet." She shifts extremely nervous. "what do you mean, sissy?"
[12:04:18] Claire: no classes until later myself, anyway what will we be doing? if we're practicing with powers ill keep the water otherwise ill just drop it off upstairs
[12:08:04] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" I am intending to do a sparring. Studens will be in tough spots and may have to fight. Colleen, there are extra gymsets upstairs. You are new so didnt know. By sissy I means man dressing as a girl. I do not meant derogatively. You adams apple is prominent and someone born female usually doesnt have to shave. your face shows signs of a recent shave. You also smell like cigarettes, and such a way of life inside a new environment is prone to causing stress. Smoking is a known way of relieving stress. I would intend a practice using whatever you have at your disposal that isnt lethal
[12:09:30] Claire: well, thats gonna be rather unfair then, uh he doesnt have any powers
[12:10:34] "Colleen" goes wide eyed in horror. "y-you...know?" He looks at Claire, face red as a beet. "PLEASE don't tell anyone!" He pleads.
[12:10:39] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): neither do some of the villains. Or some of the registered wardens. Life is not fair. No one is born on purpose. No one belongs anywhere. Its what we do with wgat we have.
[12:12:45] Claire: uh, ok then, ill keep the water
[12:18:28] Claire: and i wont tell anyone, but now that i know about it, its kinda obvious
[12:19:13] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) shook her head" get dressed colleen"
[12:21:51] "Colleen" nods. "y-yes...Miss, uh... " He pauses realizing he doesn't even know her last name. Seeing the look, he keeps going to change. Passing Claire, he hears her comment. "t-thanks... oh! It is?" He looks panicked about the thought as he slowly makes his way upstairs.
[12:22:27] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): miss harper. Remember it, youll have it in ya nightmares
[12:24:40] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) cracks her neck" i dont want students to die. if they arent prepared, they will
[12:25:17] Claire: suppose so, but its our first class really
[12:28:52] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smirked" life waits for no one."
[12:29:17] Claire: tends to be easier to learn from the start tho
[12:32:03] "Colleen" returns, face still flush with embarrassment. The revealing workout clothing he found lets his tattoos peek out a bit, which Anna may recognize. "is this OK?"
[12:34:25] "Colleen" quickly adds in "... Miss Harper."
[12:35:37] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smirks, and did recognize those having had a close look at them. She doesnt let on otherwise " alright. lets see..both of you were stretching? did you get warmed up?"
[12:37:54] Evie runs down the stairs and tries to sneak in.
[12:38:09] Claire: well as warm as i get covered in water *nods* never was a problem in my case anyway
[12:39:55] "Colleen" misses the smirk so doesn't know she knows yet. "She" nods quietly, thinking 'eating chips was a warm-up, sure...' Out of the corner of "her" eye, she spots Evie and frowns. She looks to Miss Harper and Claire with a pleading look to stay mum.
[12:40:28] Claire: so how are we going to do this?
[12:40:58] Korume sneaks into the class doing her best to pretend like she was here the whole time.
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[12:45:56] Evie does some jumping jacks to look like she's really into it and hopefully making it look even more like she's been here already and didn't just come in ahead of Korume.
[12:46:51] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) watched the two" you didnt have to sneak this wasnt an official class. You two want to join this tutoruing session as well? Since you and colleen were here first claire, why dont you two get in the ring. Get yourselves ready. Korume, use a wooden sword for these. Evie, you and Korume can stretch and warm up
[12:47:30] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): you may use the guards and boxing gloves if you desire. do note they wont be s0 handy in the field and your enemies wont be using them
[12:48:10] Claire: well you said we could use powers too so i should be good as it is
[12:48:22] Korume nods softly, "Ah.. yeah I knew that." she would nod totally not knowing that, "If we don't have enough wooden swords to go around.. Ryujin will only cut if I tell him to."
[12:48:31] "Colleen" glances back to see the small girl he'd spotted in her underwear that one time 'This just keeps getting better...' he thinks. "y-yes Miss Harper." She climbs into the ring with Claire.
[12:49:31] Evie shrugs and looks to Korume. She whispers, "Whew, I thought I had forgotten a class. So, you stayin'?"
[12:50:17] Evie looks around the room, trying to figure out who Ryujin is.
[12:50:50] Claire moves the water covering her off to in front of her hand, forming a beach ball sized sphere of water "so how do we do this?"
[12:51:27] Korume nods, "I'm planning to stay yes... if you stick around I'll teach you a few things..." she smiles softly.
[12:52:50] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): as long as he doesnt cut anyone . This is for sparring not hurting. If you get hurt we have a nurse though. The world wont care if you get hurt. You may choose to bow out and forfeit, but in real situations you need to perfect an escape plan. For today a tap out is good. Korume, you and evie will be sparring. I know you two and captain underpants hang around Eira a lot, and U suspect shes forming a student team- which is all good.
[12:53:02] Evie nods, slightly skeptical that Korume could teach her how to run up walls, but willing to give it a try. She tries to do some light stretches.
[12:56:08] "Colleen" stands nervously in the ring, purposely with back to the others. He waits for Miss Harper's instruction, barely able to look at Claire, flush still on his cheeks.
[12:57:04] Claire steps back, that sphere dripping a bit of water onto the mat between them before she moves it off to her side
[12:58:54] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) blinks as she makes her way down the steps
[12:58:56] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): Now.. are you two ready?
[12:59:22] Cade (colorkid): ((WB Lisa))
[12:59:32] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) waves to lisa " an impromtu class. You are welcome to join. Korume and Evie shall be sparring next
[12:59:46] Claire: yep, all set here *the dripped water is quietly spread out and turned into a nice patch of ice between the two, even before getting started*
[12:59:51] Evie looks at Korume, wondering how she could possibly even begin to look good compared to her. "Sure, I'm ready to get th esnot beat out of me."
[13:00:21] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) gulps 'i'll jsut uh watch..' (ty)
[13:00:55] "Colleen" peeks back to nod at Miss Harper and sees Lisa coming in. "She" whimpers a bit about the growing audience. "Yes, Miss Harper". She turns to face Claire, uncertain what was about to happen
[13:03:01] Claire moves the sphere of water a bit behind her and gets into some kind of stance, has she done this before?
[13:03:08] Korume attempts to give Evie a hug, "Relax... I'll go easy on you. I would rather teach you than to just try to beat you up."
[13:04:18] Cade (colorkid): ((Damn! Slight emergency - be back shortly))
[13:04:38] Evie grins and returns the hug, although somewhat nervously, waiting for the hug to suddenly turn in to some fancy karate, jin-jitsu, or ti-kwan-leap move at any moment. "Thanks."
[13:05:27] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) offers Evie and Korume a little wave.
[13:05:53] Korume smiles a bit not about to hurt Evie like that before giving a wave to Lisa.
[13:06:43] Evie smiles, seeing Lisa enter. "Oh, hey Lisa!" She wonders if Lisa will have to spar with Miss Harper or if it will be an I-play-winner type of thing.
[13:07:13] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng): 'H-hey' she squeaks out, flashing a sheepish smile
[13:07:26] Korume would go underneath the stairwell pulling out a rather intricate rosewood training sword offering it to Evie.
[13:08:14] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiles " alright this is going to be simple.. we arent trying to kill eachother. But think of your opponent as a villain Maybe they are holding a hostage. maybe they have the switch to a bomb..." she rings the bell
[13:08:32] Evie takes the sword, feeling its weight. "I don't really know how to use a sword. What if I hit you too hard?"
[13:09:02] Evie feels the sword some more, gripping the handle. "Well, I guess it isn't that different from a chair leg."
[13:09:59] Korume smiles, "I promise it will be fine come at me with all you have... remember the scar I showed you?" she pauses, "I've been slashed with a real sword so nothing you do with a wooden sword is going to leave a lasting impact."
[13:11:00] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) perks an eyebrow, watching the pair curiously
[13:12:36] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) turns, offering Pliix a shy, if finedly wave
[13:12:37] Riley Reed(Pilix) huffs a bit as she hurried into the gym, hearing something about a class, and if she kept missing them, big trouble would follow. She hurries down the stair, slowing as she gets near the bottom looking at the others and wondering what was up.
[13:18:20] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) frowns, adjusting her pants again. Yep,they were definitly too big.
[13:20:21] Claire keeps her stance, the ball of water hovering behind her, she waits for colleen to make her move, and hopefully slip on the patch of ice she set up between them
[13:23:55] Korume smiles looking to Evie, "So.. show me your stance."
[13:24:01] Allock (allock123) stalks down the steps to the gym hands in his pockets and glances around curiously
[13:24:44] "Colleen" inches forward, looking for an opening. She didn't want to be too aggressive against Claire. As she moved, her footing slipped forward, dropping her down halfway into a split. She groans slightly.
[13:25:00] Riley Reed(Pilix) looks to the girl that waved toward her and was adjusting her loose pants, giving a slight wave back. She looks over to watch Korume, moving closer to Lisa. "So, what's going on?"
[13:25:47] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) shrugs a bit 'Spur of the moment class... uh.. jsut kind watching..' She shrugs some
[13:26:06] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) watches " be aware of your surroundings at all times. Continue"
[13:26:40] Claire moves, shifting to the side and throwing her hand forward, a stream of water shoots off from the sphere towards the one on the ground, trying to get it around her and then hold the water in place as a restraint
[13:27:24] Aneila Hax: ((anyone who wants a wooden sword let me know))
[13:27:25] Evie tries to make a good stance, weighing the weight of the sword again, holding in front of her not like a katana, but like a saber or rapier, with one foot in front of the other pointed at Korume, and the other behind her pointed to the side, evie's shoulder i pointed at Korume and the sword is pointed at Korume's breast, about two feet away.
[13:28:42] Korume smiles a bit recognizing the stance, "Huh... have you trained with any swords before?" She looks quite impressed and curious all at the same time.
[13:29:12] "Colleen" recovers her footing. watching Claire work her water into a blockade of sorts. She frowns, not sure to to tackle the problem. She dances to the side, near the ring ropes.
[13:30:02] Evie: "No, not specifically swords. I used to watch a lot of pirate and three musketeers movies."
[13:30:18] Mark Blake Leans against a wall watching the others with a small groggy yawn
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[13:31:40] Nirrae moves back and to the side almost in a dancing motion, she moves her hands and the sphere moves down and behind her opponent before she makes a pulling motion with both arms, making the sphere flatten and sweep colleens feet, trying to knock her down again
[13:31:43] Claire
[13:31:47] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) rings the bell again " ok, I am calling this one. Can anyone tell us what we learned from this?
[13:32:20] Evie looks up to Miss Harper. "Oh, were we supposed to be watching them?"
[13:32:31] Riley Reed(Pilix) looks over to the ring a moment, seeing a couple people fighting.. or sparring there.. one using powers? She looks at Korume again with Evie, leaning in toward Lisa once more. "Soo.. like..... are we supposed to be practicing fighting?"
[13:32:33] Korume giggles and nods softly, "Well... some of that won't transfer over... but we will teach you in that way... your stance looks decent... but bring your feet just a little bit closer together too wide and you won't be quick enough on your feet to dodge my blows... too close together and you'll be unbalanced. In the end you have to find what is comfortable for you."
[13:33:55] "Colleen" falls back into the ropes, then moved to step up on them, preparing to leap. She halts when the bell rings. She turns to look at Miss Harper, suddenly aware of even more students in the room. She stands nervous, head down
[13:35:17] Claire pulls the water she used back into a sphere and looks over as well
[13:35:29] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) frowns slightly, looking back to Riley 'I uh, honestly dunno.. could go eithe way i uh suppose..'
[13:36:40] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): we should always be aware of our surroundings- You did fine Colleen. thats what this is for. We start from nothing. We train ourselves better. You learn more from failure than success. Besides Claire has had experience . Evie, Korume, you two want to be next? Or left Lisa and Riley go? Mark. You arent in uniform. again. Go change into gym clothes- you war enot late as this was not scheduled, but I do not see your underwear on the outside.
[13:37:50] Evie looks to Korume. "I dunno. Are you ready?" She frowns a bit, nervously.
[13:38:14] Claire climbs her way out of the ring
[13:38:17] Mark Blake Rolls his eyes and yawns and heads up the stairs with out saying any thing .
[13:38:19] Korume looks over at Miss Harper, "Sorry I was instructing my sparring partner some." she smiles, "Yes I'm ready... and don't be afraid of Ryujin... he is blunt unless I want him to be otherwise."
[13:38:33] Aneila Hax looks to Mark, "Afraid?"
[13:38:53] Korume looks to Mark, "Afraid?"
[13:39:08] Evie: "Let me get the feel for this sword a bit more before we go in," says Evie, stalling for time.
[13:39:14] "Colleen" listens to Miss Harper's evaluation & nods. "Yes, Miss Harper." She climbs out of the ring awkwardly.
[13:40:10] Korume laughs softly, "Well get a feel for it on me... I'll only defend at first i promise."
[13:40:54] Riley Reed(Pilix) looks over at the instructor, then to Lisa next to her, giving a little shrug. "Uh... guess.. I'm ready whenever...?"
[13:41:18] Korume looks to Miss Harper, "Why don't you have Riley and Lisa go first while I give Evie a few tips."
[13:41:31] Mark Blake Pauses on the satires and shakes his head " not of sparing no ..and not of anyone in dis room dats for sure" he grins lightly to show hes mostly teasing and continues on
[13:41:48] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" Riley, Lisa, step on up. "
[13:41:52] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng): (er.. my mistake, read that as you were elaving)
[13:42:07] Korume gives Mark a wink, "Good glad to hear it."
[13:42:08] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) guls, hesitently taking a few steps into the ring 'so uh..rules?'
[13:42:21] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): youre just afraid you would be paired with me , captain underpants
[13:42:48] Riley Reed(Pilix) follows Lisa into the ring, looking a bit nervous. "So uhh.. yeah, what do we do?"
[13:43:21] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) glances to Miss Harper for insutrctions
[13:44:46] "Colleen" sees Mark enter and grimaces. 'Of course..." She turns to keep him from seeing her face too closely. She does chuckles softly hearing the Captain Underpants bit, finally getting the joke.
[13:47:05] Claire quietly watches the two in the ring, trying to see if they are preparing beforehand
[13:47:27] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): you have a few moments. Picute your fellow student as the villain. How will you stop them? Or will you run? Show me what kind of hero you will be, so I can help your path be lit.. Colleen showed she has courage but not the skill yet- courage cant be taught but skill can. Claire used the water to her advantage
[13:48:37] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): picture*
[13:49:04] Riley Reed(Pilix) looks between Lisa and the teacher. "Uhh... yeah... do we uhm.... use powers and stuff? I thought we were supposed to be all like... masked and costumed and stuff so we don't... give away powers and identities and stuff?"
[13:50:24] Mark Blake Strides back down the stairs in his gym shorts and crosses his arms " whats to fear.. teach... unless you ain't what you claim"he closes his mouth in a frown moving to stand near evie and korume
[13:51:30] Claire: wait were supposed to keep powers secret?
[13:51:55] Korume shakes her head, "No.. you can't train with them unless you use them."
[13:52:13] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): and we have a competitor Mark. Challenge accepted. and yes. show us what you would do. Powers. weapons. devices you have on hand
[13:52:22] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) nods slowly, taking a deep breath. She frowns, focusing on Riley before gulping. She was normally self-councious but this was too much. She'd just came to work out, not fight infrotn of a whole group an- and it happend again. She'd got herself so nervious again as her clothes slid to the rapidly appearing puddle around her now vanishing feet. The rest of her vanishes into that puddle, her glasses landing with a 'plomp'. After a few seconds the awkwardly reforms somewhat 'Wwell uh, so much for secrets..'
[13:53:34] "Colleen" peeks around from behind Miss Harper to watch.... She nods knowingly at the comments about hiding identities and secrets.
[13:55:31] Claire: good luck in there!
[13:58:12] Mark Blake rolls his shoulder and pops his knuckles doing a few stretches " dat suites me..."
[13:58:28] Riley Reed(Pilix) pouts a little as the teacher didn't address her question about masks and identities! Oh well, guess everything is going to be all out in the open in this school. No secrets. She blinks watching Lisa melt into a puddle before reforming into a very naked water person, blinking a bit, and blushing just slightly at the thought that she was nude. "Uhh.... right..." She gets into a.. very sloppy fighting stance, moving side to side a little bit like one would see in a fighting videogame.
[13:58:43] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) frowns " dont give up Lisa. You need to learn control in tough situations. How will you use that form? As for secrets- you are all students here. There are no prying eyes. You not only have to learn how to use the powers, but how to cooperate. I will be assigning pairs in the future. I want to see teamwork then. For now. What will you do? In the face of danger?"
[14:03:08] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) thinks for a moment squinting, the watter on her cheeks reddning slightly in her own blush. After a moment she suddenly moves foward, footprints leaving little puddles as she moves. She attempts to circle Riley, eyeing her curiously
[14:04:10] "Colleen" grins slightly and makes to shout out something, then remembers "her" place. 'Kick her ass, Sea Lass...' she says under her breath.
[14:04:51] Riley Reed(Pilix) watches water Lisa, turning to track her as she moves around in her circle. She keeps her fists up in a loose, sloppy defense as she watches, waiting for her to make a move.
[14:06:24] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) watches seeing hesitation
[14:06:26] Korume would look to Evie, "Getting a better hang on it?"
[14:07:59] Evie nods to Korume, waving the sword around a bit as if it were attached to a chair, not looking as good with her stance now as she did a little bit earlier.
[14:08:22] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) suddenly pushes foward in an awkward punch. If it connected it mostly just leave a large, wet spot on Riley's shirt, there wasn't much force behind it.
[14:10:25] Korume would speak softly, "Remember to keep your stance... and its not a blunt weapon... when you strike try to slice with it. Though thrusting attacks are effective too."
[14:10:52] Riley Reed(Pilix) holds up her fists as the punch comes at her... totally failing at actually holding them in the right position for a good block and letting the watery fist pass right between her arms to thump her in the chest, leaving that but of wet spot on her chest and making her gasp as she expected pain and staggering... but seemed like there wasn't much force so she just stands there a little surprised...
[14:11:57] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) watches, noting korume and eie in her peripheral vision
[14:13:13] Evie nods to Korume, trying to make a few lunges with the sword and then some sweeping cuts.
[14:13:43] Mark Blake unties his bandanna and tosses it into a corner blinking as his third eye glances around , tossing a light wave to something around korume before looking back to the fight " so .. class been interesting?" he addresses evie and korume in a whisper
[14:16:35] Korume would shrug whispering back, "Yeah sort of an unofficial class... but its an interesting concept if I a little lop-sided." she would continue try to coach Evie.
[14:17:00] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) pulls back. She squints again, trying to decide what to do. Maye if she could just... She grins to herself, suddenly diving foward in an attempt to knock Riley off her feet. Unfrountily she misjudged her aim. Instead of simply knocking the front of her chest again her aim was high enough that she ended up throwing herself down the front of Riley's shirt, body automaticly molding to match the form between her chest and shirt. With a squeak of alarm she realized what had happend and franticly pulls back, the water preassure ripping a extrmely large hole in that shirt as she tore herself out, ending up in a momentarily formless blob near the edge
[14:19:16] Cade (colorkid): ((Gelatinous Cube FTW))
[14:20:57] Mark Blake Blinks and looks a little closer at korume nodding slightly impressed " i see "
[14:23:41] Riley Reed(Pilix) holds her arms up again as the water girl comes at her, sputtering and turning her head away as all the water splashes over her head and chest, then feeling it soak inside her shirt... turning the white shirt all nice and see-through for those watching the fight... looks like Riley wasn't wearing a bra, as they could all now clearly see. She blinks, confused for a moment as she wondered where Lisa went... only a moment later the water bursting from the chest of her shirt like some kind of alien movie, ripping a large hole in the chest of the now soaking wet shirt. She yelps and crosses one arm over her chest now, frowning and blushing a bit... Seem this might actually be a good tactic for the water girl. She huffs and looks like she's trying to concentrate, staring at Lisa's temporarily formless shape as she tries to form a TK field around her...
[14:24:32] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) rings the bell " from this, give your opinions. Lisa seems to be more defensive. Perhaps she can find a way to secure the enemy. use that water pressure. . Drowning for lethality if needed, perhaps. Claire, you could work with her on this. I would work this angle before offensive but water is a powerful force given time. Riley, your hand to hand needs some work, clearly- but like Colleen we all starts somewhere. I would have liked to see you incorporate your abilities. But this can be worked on. " She looked to the students for their take on it, then she looked to Korume and Evie .
[14:24:48] Evie looks up from studying the sword, forst to Korume and then to Mark. "Sorry, were you talking to me? I didn't hear."
[14:25:06] Evie: "Mark, where's your shirt?"
[14:25:54] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) The blob would shudder , slowly wiggling as it melts then rises again, reforming into a fully flesh, fully nude, and fully soaked Lisa. She blinks, blushing as she squints again with her lack of glasses 'U-uh..sorry
[14:27:08] Claire: hmm, sure ill see what i can do, i know water at least *she looks as she reforms but doesnt really seem interested or anything*
[14:27:37] "Colleen": "maybe splashing some water into the eyes to distract or obscure their vision." Colleen quietly offers.
[14:28:41] Mark Blake shrugs and tilts his head " im a guy.. i don't need a shirt " he continues stretching tensing and relaxing his well formed muscles
[14:29:13] Mark Blake frowns and pipes up " dey could also stand to be a bit more aggressive"
[14:29:20] Korume would look over, "Huh? Oh yeah... water form.. very interesting... but not super effective unless you know how to use it right.."
[14:29:55] Riley Reed(Pilix) was just really getting her TK field formed around the water blob to try and control it... when the bell rang, breaking her concentration. She pouts as she looks at the teacher. "Well.. I was trying, but you ended it just now..." She sighs and looks over at Lisa. "It's fine don't wor....wo...... woah........" She blinks, staring at a very naked Lisa now, dropping her fighting stance, and consequently her covering arm to just stand and stare dumbly at the naked girl, squirming a little as she bites her lower lip...
[14:31:33] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) blushes softly, trying to keep herself modestly coverd as she glances this way and that, trying to hide a slightly lignering gaze on Riley 'S-so uh..class dimissed ma'am?' she eventually stammers out
[14:31:40] Evie thinks, remembering some of the powers used by some of the heroes she's watched fight before, namely Raigeki whom she now had a grudge against. "If Lisa's opponent would have had electrical powers, then Lisa could have maybe short-circuited them or worse."
[14:32:40] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) nods 'Yeah.. uh' she chimes up 'No idea what electircity would do to me but I don't think it's anything good..'
[14:32:41] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smirked" dont worry next tiem you will have more time. This is a preview. This is also a gender equal class. both men and women can go topless. What was your plan riley?
[14:33:40] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) shook her head " no, but take a moment and gret dressed Lisa. I have someone you should see"
[14:34:31] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) nods , stepping out to slip on her wet clothes. She'd shower and change for good after this 'R-right..' she says, awkwardly dressing
[14:37:42] Claire starts gathering up the leftover water from the floor into her sphere, just to get it out of the way
[14:38:43] Riley Reed(Pilix) just stares at Lisa a while longer, pouting slightly as she goes and gets dressed, seeming slightly disappointed for a moment. She idly tugs at her wet shirt, trying to squeeze some of the water out of it.. only inadvertently making the rip a bit bigger as she does. She frowns, then blinks and looks up as she hears the teacher say something about going topless before hearing her name, clearly too distracted as she puts them together. She blushes a bit. "W-what...? I.. I uh.. didn't really plan on... going topless..." She pouts, apparently having thought the teacher was saying that to her, maybe due to the ripped and soaked shirt, totally missing the question about what she was going to do in the fight.
[14:41:08] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) shook her head' Go ahead, get that thing off and answer the question. What would you have done? Evie, Korume- are you two prepared or would you wish me to go against Mark here first.
[14:41:37] Korume shrugs a bit, "Up to either Evie or Mark..." she chuckles.
[14:41:39] Evie shrugs. "Either way..." She looks to Korume.
[14:42:47] Mark Blake Shrugs " let dem go first , they've been waiting after all
[14:43:01] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) hops down from the ring, once more tying to hide enother awkward look to Riley, curious about her anrew. She reaches up, trying to wring some water from her hair.
[14:43:17] Claire: you two need help drying off?
[14:43:23] Riley Reed(Pilix) pouts more, fiddling with the hem of her wet shirt.. not moving to take it off yet. "B-but... but I.... I didn't...." She whines softly, then as the question is asked again she sighs some. "Well... I was going to try to put a telekinetic field around her... and like.. control the water that way...?" She wanders to the edge of the ring to make way for the others, her shirt still dripping a bit as she climbs out.
[14:43:49] Korume shrugs before grabbing the ropes and hopping into the ring offering a hand to Evie to help her into the ring.
[14:44:18] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) blinks 'That..achtully kinda coulda works' she admits 'a uh far as i know..'
[14:45:07] Evie gives Korume a look as Korume reaches out to help her. "I can do it," she says. Shen she slips a bit on the rope though, she accepts Korume's hand and climbs in.
[14:45:28] Claire: well then, ill be right back, just going to dump this, its getting heavy
[14:45:52] Claire walks off with the blob of water in tow, heading up to the showers
[14:46:19] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) " good tactic. You want to be able to cotnrol the field of battle- and you could prevent civilian harm. Go ahead Evie, Korume. In the immortal words of a giant floating head. Show us what you got/I will give the next assignment before I spar mark as an exhibition
[14:46:50] Korume smiles helping Evie into the ring before getting some distance between them and drawing her sword, "Don't worry as I said Ryujin won't cut unless I instruct him too." She would take her stance waiting for Evie to come at her.
[14:46:53] Claire dumps the water with a rather loud splash and comes back down not long after
[14:47:21] Riley Reed(Pilix)'s nipples were poking out against the wet see through fabric of her shirt as Lisa looks at her, the cool water having an effect on them. Seems she still wasn't removing it yet though as the teacher had instructed... She moves away from the ring to watch for now...
[14:47:51] Evie moves in to a good fighting stance as she looks to Korume nervously... well, good for a one-legged stork, maybe. Her stance is way off now as her nerves are getting the best of her. She swings the sword a few times, to try to relax, then has to pick it back up from the floor.
[14:47:58] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng): a/me shrugs a bit, moving back to watch, staying a polite distance from others as not to drip on anyone.
[14:49:51] Korume gives Evie a soft comforting smile, "Don't worry so much... you will do fine. I promise I won't hurt you." she pauses, "Take a deep breath and calm down.... if it helps picture me as a villain... or whomever you might have a grudge against."
[14:53:58] Evie takes a deep breath and tries to relax again, correcting her stance a bit, making it almost perfect except for lacking confidence. She moves her sword into position in front of her and steps forward in a lunge, preparing to back up in retreat again, expecting Korume to easily dodge or parry her easily.
[14:54:06] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smirks " that outfit has holes in it.." reaching over and trying to yank rileys shirt off. Mostly to keep Marks attention " this city gives us a lot of flesh. you have to be able to work while naked" Her eyes going to the two sparring
[14:56:11] Claire: well, i doubt ill have that problem at least
[14:56:56] Korume would side-step the blow coming at her and though she has a perfect window to counter attack she doesn't instead attempting to let Evie come at her again wanting to let her come at her again trying to let her gain some confidence.
[14:57:22] "Colleen" tries to peek at Riley as Miss Harper attempts to take her shirt. She also can't help but smile at hearing Anna talking about lots of flesh & working naked...
[14:57:40] Mark Blake watches the two intently his third eye moving glancing between the pair , his head turning suddenly to the teacher and riley's as she pulls her shirt off, he frowns and nods" about what i expected.." he whispers to him self
[14:58:50] Evie lunges again, this time instead of moving backward afterward, taking a quick step to the left, preparing to block any counterattack or repost as she tries to continue stepping forward to move around Korume and flank her.
[14:59:55] Riley Reed(Pilix) was watching the start of the match between Korume and Evie, interested to see what her room mate could actually do. She'd never seen her actually fight yet. She blinks and glances over as the teacher speaks to her. "Huh?" Then her shirt was being yanked.. and as it was still wet and already had the tear, it easily ripped right off of her leaving her actually topless. She yelps lightly, her arms moving to cover her bare, modest chest. "H-hey! Hmph..." Not like she was totally wrong though.. plenty of heroes did end up loosing clothes on the battlefield... Riley had seen the pictures and video in the news...
[15:01:11] Korume smiles a bit not counterattacking yet side stepping to her left keeping herself facing Evie the two almost looking like they were doing some kind of dance as opposed to fighting.
[15:03:29] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) gave these two a little more time, knowing they were on a team of sorts
[15:03:59] Evie takes a few steps backward, watching Korume, possibly trying to get her to attack, but then thinking about it, Evie really didn't like the idea of Korume attacking so she steps forward again, this time stepping to the right of Korume to try and get at her from the other side.
[15:08:38] Mark Blake grins watching the pair go at it a bit surprised at evies aggression and skilll wooo dats right go wild you to!!"
[15:09:52] Korume would step with Evie moving in the same direction getting in incredibly close from Evie's perspective looking almost like Korume intended to kiss her or maybe Korume was just trying to throw her off balance and gage reaction.
[15:10:43] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): good, good. Korume is using evies body language against her and showing her skill. I like the aggression from Evie. what are your opinions?
[15:12:30] Mark Blake grins " dat you shouldn't be so handsy with the students"
[15:13:16] Riley Reed(Pilix) fidgets a bit, still blushing and keeping her arms crossed over her bare breasts to cover them from the eyes of the class. She watches the match. As the teacher speaks she hmms a bit. Korume seems to know how to move to deal with any attacks coming at her..."
[15:14:27] Evie tries to fake a dart to the left but then turns and darts to the right, but keeping her sword between her and coume in a parrying position as she tries to get past Korume and spin, intending to move her sword from a parrying position to holding it sideways ready to slice Korume's throat (if it were a real sword) with Evie behind Korume.

[15:16:07] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) watched, staying mousily quiet

[15:16:20] "Colleen" nods "Evie should change the fight to suit her abilities better?" Colleen says softly before watching Evie making her feint maneuver.
[15:21:25] Korume smiles watching Evie and seeming to fall hook line and sinker for the feint maneuver as Evie spins around her in throat slicing position now however Korume's sword was in between Korume and Evie's sword and Korume would use her sword to try to bat the opposing sword forward spinning away from Evie and aiming to make a slash across Evie's belly which if it hit would simply leave a black line across it.
[15:22:27] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng): and brb,phone))
[15:23:57] Evie yelps as her sword suddenly flies out of her hand and then yelps again as she is struck by Korume's sword, but she quickly runs after it and picks it up, turning to Korume again ready to attack, as if that was something she'd be able to do in a real fight. She squints her eyes, but shakes nervously, contemplating another attack.
[15:24:05] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): Evie is not as skilled yet. But as before this can be trained. It would be wise to change tactics. Calling for help was also an option that no one used. You are going to be in a team. And have other heroes. If you are having trouble, ther eis no shame in getting help. Escape is also an option, if you have no other option between it and death. ~she stepped over, and rang the bell~ Now for those of you who were here last class. I want you to look at your activity, and intake. Find a balance. Small ways to change over time. Your homework will be to find a dance partner. Train with them, and you will be able to spar against me like mark is about to, or another teacher if they agree. See who you can convince.. Teamwork is key. in this. This university is training you to be the next generation of wardens.
[15:28:41] Mark Blake Yawns groggily and blinks " huh?"
[15:28:42] Korume would sheath her sword as the bell rang and bow to her opponent a sign of respect where she is from before looking to Anna with a grin, "So I suppose I shouldn't go around looking for random people to... dance with?"
[15:29:38] Riley Reed(Pilix) watches the fight, then looks to the teacher as she speaks at the end, nodding a little, looking around some... A dance partner? She looks up at Korume, thinking she would be the obvious choice, since they're already room mates... She glances at Lisa though, since she did just spar a little with her... and someone with water powers would be a challenge for her since she was better with physical objects and opponents...
[15:29:52] Claire: hmm, i can already kinda see two teams based on uh what people use
[15:30:21] Evie starts to lunge again for Korume, not hearing the bell and thinking the stowing of her sword some kind of ruse, but then hearing Korume speak, suddenly realizes the fight was over. "Huh?" she says.
[15:32:18] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): picking your dance partner isnt so simple. How you pick them will matter. You will want powers than work with eachother. Tactics you can use as a pair" ~she herself got into the ring~
[15:32:44] Evie holds her sword behind her, deciding she was gonna keep it rather than putting it back under the stairwell.
[15:33:03] Claire: yep, well rather simple from my perspective, only one other that use water here
[15:35:02] Korume would approach Riley with a grin, "Been doing okay?" her voice came out causal and sofft as she watched Riley desperately trying to keep herself covered.
[15:35:04] Mark Blake Nods and moves to climb into the ring , he awkwardly lifts his leg over a rope but some how ends up tangled in the rope, he bounces and thrashes a bit suddenly tumbling out in a little roll and ending up on his but looking around dizzily " oh,.. dat was unexpected"
[15:36:50] Riley Reed(Pilix) glances at Korume again, wondering if they would make a good pair, and what they could come up with. She glances at Lisa.. she might be a good sparring opponent but she had no idea what she could do to pair their abilities at all... and there was the other water user that likely would match her better. She hmms softly, then blinks as Korume speaks to her. "H-huh? Oh.. yeah, I uh... I guess so. Just glad it's kinda warm in here..."
[15:38:22] "Colleen" frowns hearing the partnering instructions.... she scanned the other students and frowned more. 'Who?' she pondered. Her eyes settled briefly on Riley. 'Don't know her, but she's also never met "me"...' she thought.
[15:38:33] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): water can be paired with electricity for a field attack, to shock an area. Your thinking should not be so linear.
[15:38:58] Claire: didnt see anyone with electrical powers tho
[15:43:45] Mark Blake pulls him self to his feet and shakes his head taking up a stance one hand extended fingers spread and curved like claws his third eye on the teacher " ok ok im ready now"
[15:44:02] Aneila Hax: ((Afk for a few mins))
[15:44:38] Riley Reed(Pilix) listens to the teacher for a moment.. and nods in agreement with Claire.. she certainly didn't have electrical powers... She didn't notice the other student looking her way, just fidgeting as she glances at the ring to see the fight. She moves off to the side for now, going silent for a bit as she tries to think about how to pick a good partner, and who would fit with her...
[15:44:55] Pilix Nagy: ((and with that post, I need to afk for a bit.. may not be back before the class is done, so don't mind me))
[15:46:16] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiles" be creative. the greatest strategies are the unexpected one" then she rolls her neck and takes a fighting stance, one leg more forward" Mark since you were so keen.."
[15:47:41] Evie whispers to Korume very quietly, "Mark's actually got a nice chest, don't he?"
[15:47:58] Mark Blake Shakes his nead and says firmly " no.. you were the keen one.. i simply stated i was unafraid"
[15:56:09] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smirked" well then" and she kicked off the ground, moving in fast- not her max obviously, Her her fists coming up in a pair of punches at the speed a supersoldier could delive and the thirs part of the combo bringing a knee towards his abdomen- she held back but shouldnt have seemed to
[15:59:57] Mark Blake Grunts and takes a step forward to meet her then seems to trips the punches clipping his shoulder and spinning him out of the path of the knee , he face plants hard to the mat and groans " frik dat hurt like a bitch!"
[16:02:39] "Colleen" smiles a bit to herself watching the instructor giving it to Mark.
[16:06:29] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) stays up but alert . She offered a hand to him" It was supposed to. Come on up"
[16:07:54] Korume giggles softly at Evies comment before whispering back, "I'll be sure to tell him you admire his pecs."
[16:11:05] Mark Blake smiles and takes her hand then pulls hard down and towards him once again seeming to stumble as his free arm swings forward in what seems a wild flail aimed right at her stomach " oh whoooaha sorry sorry!"
[16:18:49] Riley Reed(Pilix) blinks out of her thoughts as she looks up to the ring again to see the fight, glancing at the other students again for a moment.
[16:18:56] Evie whispers to Korume, "So is he doing that on purpose, or is he just back to just being a fucktard again?"
[16:19:03] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) shuffles her feet uncertainly,staying quiet.
[16:19:48] Korume shrugs, "Probably a little of both." She whispers back.
[16:23:41] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) was pulled down as gravity helped, but her free hand came up and caught the arm, or at least he hit the palm. Stopping it from hitting her stomach " not to worry. You gave a perfect example" Then she stands up right" class. there are some of you who will fight with honor. There are some who won't. You have to stay alert for surprises like he tried. With that said, class dismissed. i hope you take all of todays lessons to heart"
[16:25:26] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) sighs softly in realif as class was dismissed. Time to get out of these wet clothes,shower, and warm up. She hesitates 'Ah..thank you ma'am..' she squeaks before glancing to Riley again, flashing a timid smile.
[16:27:08] Mark Blake Grins and rolls to his feet skillfully and hops over the top rope with a chuckle satisfied that he'd show off exactly what he wanted seen, he stalks over to a corner and gets his bandanna tying it into place joining eivie and korume again with a smile "you guys hungry?
[16:27:36] Riley Reed(Pilix) sighs a bit as the class was dismissed. Time to get to the dorm and find a shirt. She glanced at Lisa as she smiled her way and giving a slight smile back to her, moving over toward her. "Uh.. good fight. I certainly had no idea what to expect next."
[16:29:20] "Colleen" was relieved to hear class was over. She would be slow to leave to avoid as much attention as possible.
[16:29:30] Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda (lisa.feng) nods 'T-trust me.. I didn't expect that either..' she giggles 'my vision isn't the bed..wtaer or flesh...' She shrugs a little 'Ah..any plans for later?'
[16:31:44] Claire: well, guess ill have to change *sighs
[16:31:48] Nirrae: *
[16:31:51] Riley Reed(Pilix) nods a little. "I can understand that.." She glances over to the other little group with Korume for a second, then looks back, hearing the question. "Uh, not that I know of.... well.. grab a new shirt... but other than that..."
[16:32:10] Evie: "I could go for a bite."
[16:32:25] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiles " oh, on the desk in the locker room will be a gift card to the restaurant sin town managed by Durden. I hope you all have a good evening" Then she hopped out and headed to the locker room
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