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Emily Kabal enrollment

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:14 pm
by DeuxBlackthorn
[15:50] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) knocked on the door, and peeked her head around it, keeping the rest of her body hidden, and blushing somewhat. "'t happen to have a uniform, would you?"
[15:52] Clarity glances up at the knock and smiles slightly, not immediately recognizing you from the quick look "You're fine, I'm having office hours right now, so you can come in... what happened to the uniform you were issued?"
[15:56] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) smiled, and stayed behind the door. "I wasn't. I am new here. be new here, I don't have a uniform yet"
[15:58] Clarity laughs softly, though starting to pick up on the voice now, trying to get a better look while you hide "I see, well, come have a seat then and I'll walk you through the paperwork to get registered. There are just a few forms to fill out"
[15:59] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) blushed as deep as her head, and eventually walked in, her latex shining in the light and some sort of...webbing? Sticking out from underneath. Certainly fit with the spider on her chest. "Soo.....yea...."
[16:04] Clarity leans forward and looks you over closely, arching a brow at some of the changes, but quickly recognizing you once again now that she has a full view "Well, fancy seeing you here... there's somebody who's very eager to speak with you... I can help you get settled in here if you'll agree to meet with them"
[16:07] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) cocked her eyebrow. That was usually very ominous. "O-oh? W-who's that? I don't generally meet with random strangers on a whim of a person at university...."
[16:10] Clarity chuckles "Not exactly a stranger... someone you were quite close with, in fact... though she seemed rather upset at the way things ended from what I heard"
[16:11] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal): "I don't even know what is gonig on, to be honest. I got some blurry fragmented memories, feeling like I lost something big. And memories of pain. Lots, and lots, of pain. I try not to remember them. And then also..........and these are my only clothes"
[16:13] Clarity nods slightly "Well, I don't have the details, she just put out notices to various people around the city to send you her way if you showed up. Perhaps she can help you figure out what happened as well. Sound fair enough?"
[16:15] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) nodded. "Well, it seems like she is rather vigerous about finding me. So, ok"
[16:17] Clarity smiles "Wonderful, let's get your paperwork taken care of then..." reaching into the desk drawer and pulling out a few forms, sliding them across the desk along with a pen "First form is personal information... name, address, known powers, that sort of thing... please fill it out as best you can"
[16:18] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) filled them out. Known adress was a bit of a laught, but the rest were easy. Shoots Lightning. Emily Kabal. It was all filled out with a couple of pen-strokes. "There"
[16:20] Clarity takes the form back and gives it a quick look over "Well, seems simple enough... the second form is the medical release, go ahead and sign that, just gives us permission to treat you if you're injured here... and what are you hoping to learn while you're here?"
[16:22] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) signed the medical release, and then sighed. "I'm a walking thunderstorm. I'm hoping to learn not to fry everything remotely electrical when I touch it"
[16:24] Clarity nods slightly as she takes that one "Yes, that does sound a little problematic... we do have classes to help teach control of powers, though students are expected to partake in basic education as well. We want our graduates to be well rounded. The third form there is the rules for students... read through each carefully and initial your acceptance, then sign at the bottom"
[16:26] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) read through the rules, and then signed at the bottom. Nothing terrible there. "I can do education"
[16:29] Clarity smiles slightly as you fill it out, taking the third form and giving one last check over them all before slipping them into the filing basket "Good to hear... let's see about finding you a uniform" standing up and moving to a cabinet for a moment, grabbing out a box and carrying it over
[16:32] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) nodded emphatically. This outfit was attricious. She'd need some sort of mask if she was going to wear it, so people couldn't see her. When the box came over, she started to dig through it for anything that would fit
[16:34] Clarity chuckles softly as you grab the box and pull out the uniform "You seem rather eager... not a fan of what you're wearing I guess. Seems kinda cute to me, though the spider motif might be a bit overdone. Go ahead and strip down so you can change though, need to make sure it all fits you right"
[16:40] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal): "It's a frigging latex slut-suit! Of course I am not a fan of it!" She exclaimed, before pulling it off, revealing a fair bit more of the webbing. But, she didn't even seem to notice it was there, and just started to pull on her uniform
[16:43] Clarity laughs a little "Nothing wrong with a bit of latex, or a lot of it... though suppose I might be biased there. What's with all the spider webs?" reaching over to try to hook one of them before you get them covered up again, making sure to insulate herself before touching you
[16:45] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) looked at the webbing, and shrugged. "It's always been there. Why?" She asked, pulling on her blouse as Clarity brought her hands near it. Not hyped with the idea of being touched by a stranger why she was naked, Emily scurried away a bit
[16:47] Clarity shakes her head as you pull away "I want to see it... that's not a normal thing, and might be a sign of some sort of additional powers. You don't have to be afraid here, but sometimes the professors will need physical contact, for lessons or for punishments"
[16:48] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal): "Yea, but I won't be naked then" she retorted, but, allowed the woman to play with the webbing around her waist while she finished with her blouse. It was tough, and smooth like silk, but other than that, didn't seem to be anything unique
[16:50] Clarity chuckles slightly "Well, that depends on the lesson or punishment at hand" shrugging a little as she finds little of note, unhooking the finger, letting it stroke along your hip softly before drawing away
[16:52] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) pulls on the rest of her stuff, and then fluffs her hair out. "Ahh, all latex free. It felt strange, and totally revealing..."
[16:55] Clarity laughs a little "Not that revealing really, but this fits you very well too." stepping away a little as you finish dressing "I'll assign you to dorm 318, you won't have a roommate yet, but that'll likely change before long"
[16:56] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) nodded. "Ok. I got a uniform, I got somewhere to stay. I don't look like some hooker from a bdsm bar. Life is good"
[16:59] Clarity grins widely at the last part of that "How ironic, since that's where you need to go for that meeting... before you do, though, do you have any questions for me about things here?"
[17:00] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) clenched her hand and electricity sparked from it. "You..what? If this is some sort of prank I can tell you now it is not funny in the slightest"
[17:02] Clarity arches a brow at the display "No use of powers on campus except during classes where it's specifically approved... and no, it's not a prank. The person looking for you goes by Lady N, and she spends a fair bit of her time overseeing the club in town"
[17:03] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) looked to her hand and sighed. Glaring at it until the electricity sparked out. "Fine. But I swear, if this is all just some ruse because I walked in, less dressed than I should have, you'll find lighting strikes a lot more than twice"
[17:05] Clarity shakes her head "Just go there and ask for her... I'll call ahead to let her know to expect you. As for matters here, we'll have your class schedule in the morning, and you'll be expected to start attending tomorrow."
[17:06] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) nodded and headed out of the arena, flicking back in to give her one last scowl before going for good, to this bar and whoever was looking for her