Derrik Anacin, Interview.

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Derrik Anacin, Interview.

Post by RickmanUK » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:36 pm

[2017/11/26 14:19] The Trader is reading a file oblivious to the goings on around her, Focused on the words "Ow... OW! Such a treat" she giggles
[2017/11/26 14:20] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin) whispers: The newly awakened, and still very much bleary Derrik, finally makes his way into the University's main hall. "Small kind of place..." he mutters, but sees... a woman with pink hair. Huh. "Uh, excuse me, miss?"
[2017/11/26 14:14] The Trader stirs from her amusement and turns to look towards the newcomer "Ow. Hello Dear... what is it you are seeking?" there is amusement in her voice
[2017/11/26 14:23] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin) whispers: And the glasses too. Jesus. Then again, he has apair of similar ones somewhere. He sighs and rubs at his face. "I, um. Was told to show up here pretty recently, for some kind of class or something? Had something to do with powers, and for people that just got up off the Ark or whatever it was called..."
[2017/11/26 14:25] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "...honestly, I'm bloody lost here, I just woke up in a completely unfamiliar city, and I keep hearing some kind of buzzing in my ears, I dunno. You got any kind of insight I could benefit from?"
[2017/11/26 14:25] The Trader: Ahh, yes newly awakened are we.. have you had afew days to adjust to the news? If not that's fine. I'm sure the rest of the Students can help you adjust. Who was it that suggested you head to the University?
[2017/11/26 14:26] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Some voice over the comms in the Ark.. didn't give its name." He scratches his head, frowning.
[2017/11/26 14:28] The Trader nods "It is much the same for many.... I take it your.. new to having Powers. I have seen many.. and people who use them on both sides of the Law"
[2017/11/26 14:29] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Very new. I don't even know what they are, yet, if anything. I know something's different, just...not sure what."
[2017/11/26 14:30] The Trader: Ahh, then that would need to be tested. I'm sure the Celestial University for Metahumans can help.
[2017/11/26 14:31] The Trader smiles towards Evie "Hello Dear.. How are you feeling..."
[2017/11/26 14:32] Evie: "I'm feeling pretty great, actually. It's still a bit strange. I feel free and at the same time like I need to brush my wig out."
[2017/11/26 14:34] The Trader Laughs "That is Good, I'm just dealing with a new Entry.. and Well If you need me, you know how to contact me" she turns Back to Derrik "Hmm. Ok, let's see if i can find the Paperwork and sort out getting it filed for you"
[2017/11/26 14:35] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): He's about to protest a bit, knowing that he's in the exact place she was referencing - given this was the univeristy, if the sign outside had anything to say. Bu-- wait, she was going to do the paperwork? "Um, okay. Sure, that's... you actually work here?"
[2017/11/26 14:35] EvieEvie nods and continues on her way to the lunch room.
[2017/11/26 14:38] The Trader smiles "Well I do and i Don't. I have yet to be given an Official Interview but that isn't a problem, the Students need to be taught, and It is my Pleasure to do so. Plus i can Easily deal with the paperwork.It's what i deal with regularily..."
[2017/11/26 14:39] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Um... okay, alright. I'll follow your lead, I guess."
[2017/11/26 14:39] The Trader: This way then my dear.
[2017/11/26 14:40] The Trader: Please take a Seat, now on to the Basics.. Your Name.
[2017/11/26 14:41] The Trader summons a small portal of shadow energy and pulls out a parchment and quill, before starting to write it down
[2017/11/26 14:43] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): Derrol
[2017/11/26 14:43] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): Derrik's rendered even more speechless than before... but he sighs. "That's gonna have to be something i get used to, isn't it?"
[2017/11/26 14:46] The Trader smiles "Ow.. yes. In my first two days in the city i had saw an invasion of Rubber dolls and a Kidnapping. I couldn't act to interfere...This.. is nearly Mundane compared to that.."
[2017/11/26 14:47] The Trader writes his name down and prepares to sign the next part down "And your Age? Only matters for the paperwork.
[2017/11/26 14:49] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Twenty."
[2017/11/26 14:52] The Trader notes down the Age "And what was your Level of education before the.. Event brought you here? You will get a full education regardless.. this is a School, but it is also a training ground for the Wardens of the City... Ahh the Wardens are.. for lack of a better word. 'Heroes'. We will also teach you how to use your Powers if that is possible.. and how best too see how to focus yourself"
[2017/11/26 14:52] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Uhh, I was in med school, I think."
[2017/11/26 14:55] The Trader tilts her head "Ow? Your not sure? Very well, I'll put that down then. This is where I'd put your Powers but if your not sure about them.. then I'll leave it blank for now."
[2017/11/26 14:56] Anna-Kate Harper is Offline
[2017/11/26 14:58] The Trader smiles "Ok, that's really all that should be needed. Since your completely new, I can't really put down any Sponsor or anything like that..." she turns to the computer and grimaces at it "Errgh... So annoying..."
[2017/11/26 14:58] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "A sponsor? People get those? What is this, Tiger and Bunny?"
[2017/11/26 15:00] The Trader: Well more someone like the Protectrate.. they are the Police as it stands. Or PAE.. they are those that deal with with Power and feeding of the City.
[2017/11/26 15:01] The Trader she frowns "Less private Companies... Although i won't say they don't help people get in.."
[2017/11/26 15:02] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Ah, okay, so... hmm. Thjis is gonna take some getting used to."
[2017/11/26 15:04] The Trader smiles "Don't worry, Life will get into a simple flow soon.. Humans are remarkably Adaptable.."
[2017/11/26 15:05] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "I mean, we could get into the whole 'is a super a human' kind of argument another time. But... you're saying it's pretty simple?"
[2017/11/26 15:06] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): This again, he notes silently, coming from the girl with bright pink twintails and round sunglasses. Where he was frim, this was out of the ordinary
[2017/11/26 15:09] The Trader laughs "Well in my case it is somewhat different.. But that your'll learn if you attend my Classes. Ow do get ready to deal with the Occult... Yes. Magic is Real...." she drops the sunglasses and lets Derrik see her Pure black eyes "Human's can have Powers. This Makes them Metahuman.. It does not matter the Origin of the powers. they stand apart.. Many use this as Justification as too why they should be in charge or atleast they should get what they want..."
[2017/11/26 15:10] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "As I can imagine."
[2017/11/26 15:12] The Trader: This is why the City needs people who are willing to be the Law... but not Above it. Law is necessary for humanity to Grow.. regardless of what people think that is their nature.
[2017/11/26 15:12] The Trader: Those of the Law follow the will of the People..
[2017/11/26 15:15] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "...I hate to cut this short, miss, but is there anything else we need to take care of for this paperwork?"
[2017/11/26 15:15] The Trader she shakes her head "Listen too me ramble on.. Sorry, sorry." The paperwork is Done.. I just need to find a room for you. I take it your'll be on Campus for staying
[2017/11/26 15:16] The Trader: Nothing else beyond that...You can go if you wish. I'll be happy to sort this out for you while you explore the Campus.
[2017/11/26 15:17] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Understood. Thank you miss.." He stood and offered his hand to her, aasking for a name.
[2017/11/26 15:19] The Trader she stands and takes the offered hand, he hand cold to the touch "I am called the Trader.. i have another Name, but my nature.. well It is better to just leave it be."
[2017/11/26 15:19] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Interesting. Well then, miss Trader, thanks for all your help today."
[2017/11/26 15:19] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): " where the hell I'm gonna sleep..." mostly to himself.
[2017/11/26 15:20] The Trader: Thank you for understanding.
[2017/11/26 15:20] The Trader: Ow.. I was sorting you a Dorm room.. It should be sorted by the time you need to sleep again..
[2017/11/26 15:21] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): ">..well hey then."
[2017/11/26 15:21] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Are they co-ed?"
[2017/11/26 15:22] The Trader frowns "Not from what i am aware of, although the proportion of Female students to the Male... it would not surprise me.."
[2017/11/26 15:23] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): "Good to know. Again, thank you..."
[2017/11/26 15:23] Derrik Amacin (derrikamacin): He moves to leave, still a bit out of it..
[2017/11/26 15:24] The Trader: Do be well, Now to get this infernal computer working...
[2017/11/26 15:25] The Trader leaves the parchment on the Desk and slowly taps at the computer

((Hopefully this is Fine, If needed anything else.. I'll Hunt them down and Get it...))

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