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Jasons Flairup

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[11:39] Nanowan looks over. "I guess I am ready.." She looks over at Colleen. "Though not sure what you are asking me to do.."

[11:40] Jason took the book back in his arms and watched as trader left. Hed glance at her a while before turning to anna as he responds. "Its probably best i dont actually spar...like ive said...i dont have control over the other guy...and this is the sort of thing that draws him out..i dont want there to be an incident." Hed tilt his rub his forhead abit still contemplating what he had seen of trader.

[11:43] "Colleen" jolts a bit at Miss Trader's whisper. She turns to Miss Harper. "Nan's my partner but informal would be fine if no one else has theirs here." She eyes Jason warily as he mentions his the lack of control of his other side.

[11:45] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) nods to nanowan" today was supposed to be a team building assignment. pairs of students showing they could work together- communicate. " she rubs her brow " ok then. do we even have a single pair?"

[11:46] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) nods to colleen " its fine Jason. ah've seen your other side. maybe once we get to the badlands we can teach more. But the others arent ready

[11:46] Nanowan looks over to Colleen. "Uh..I guess we are one...not sure about the others..." She sighs softly as she thought a bit curious what she meant about ready.

[11:47] Cassandra Keneinan looks around at everyone else nervously since she's here alone.

[11:47] Jason uckoing the book away would respond seeming his please fell on deaf ears. He sure hoped anna knew what she was doing. "Im uh...i dont have a partner." Hed give a nervous smile.

[11:48] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): (tucking*)

[11:52] Moondance nods" once the students can handle the badlands you cin stretch your legs a little more. Cass! come on down. colleen, nano, want ta give an exhibition to show communication and teamwork?

[11:53] Nanowan looks over. "I suppose..we can try..if that is okay with you Colleen.." She smiles to her.

[11:54] "Colleen" look to Nan and gives a little shrug. "Uhm, sure. What should we do, Miss harper?"

[11:55] Jason blinked a few times as he thought to hmself. -holy shit this womans going to get me into trouble...ok Jason...just keep calm..your only watching your only watching your only watching- hed repeat that in his head as he steadied his breath abit doing his best to pay attention to the class and hoping to god that things stay tame enough not to draw any anwanted guest in the room.

[11:57] Cassandra Keneinan looks at the tall man in front of her, noticing that he seems a bit agitated. She looks back at the instructor quickly, not wanting to be caught not paying attention

[12:01] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) nods and slips into the ring" since its just the one pair- we can go longer. I want everyone to pay attention. their goal is to take down a villain. I will be giving them competition. Ther eis no shame in any of us failing- there is no losing here unless you are simply not learning anything"

[12:02] Nanowan blinks a bit and climbs into the ring turning to help Colleen into it. "Any rules we should be aware of..powers or no.." She tilts her head.

[12:03] "Colleen" looks to Nan and climbs into the ring with her help. Glancing back, she spots the other student in the room. the turns attention to Miss Harper for instruction.

[12:04] Jason made his way toward the ring while taking a deep breath crossing his arms as he watched, visibly nervous. he wouldnt take notice of the new figure given his preoccupation with his thoughts and concentraition on staying himself. He came here to learn. and by shit he wasnt going to let that get taken from him.

[12:06] Cassandra Keneinan moves over to stand next to the ring so she can get a closer view, every now and then glancing at the agitated man across the ring from her, beginning to wonder what's going on with him, but more curious as to how this class is going to go.

[12:10] Nanowan stretches a bit and looks over. "How good are you in a fight Colleen.." She tilts her head never once asking this question.

[12:10] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) nods " ok heres the scenario. the villain is a hand to hand style fighter, who needs to be stopped before she can get to a switch to make a bomb go off at say..the hospital. This isnt just a combat class, so the two of you work out a way to stop this villain. Creativity, communication, and teamwork is what I want to see."

[12:11] "Colleen" shrugs "been in a few throwdowns & tumbles..." She listens to Miss harper's instructions.

[12:13] Jason watched as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. he was abit excited to watch two superbeings fight. that was the kind of shit he liked to read in the comics. being apart of a real one was awsome. however he was still feeling a stirring inside. Was it nerves? or was it him? he couldnt tell. but he would do his best to keep himself contained.

[12:15] Cassandra Keneinan watches closely, hoping she can pick up some good information or tactics here.... then she glances over and notices the tall man appears to be sweating?

[12:17] Nanowan looks over and nods a bit thinking it over. "Okay..." She glances over at Colleen. "We don't know what our opponent is capable of aside from being a close combat based fighter..this can go good or bad..." She looks over and then leans in. "We should test the water before we jump in right."

[12:19] "Colleen": me nods. "that sounds good. Split up to make her divide attention too?"

[12:20] Nanowan exhales looking over and nods. "Yeah..we can minimize the details for the time being since the simulated situation lacks all the details we would normally need to deal with..right.." She was racing through all the details as fast as possible but it wouldn't mean much till they engage.

[12:21] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) kept her face straight, not giving them any hints. she also watches the observers and listen to them, but began walking to the bod in the other corner. Just two steps

[12:22] Jason watched as the two began to discuss plans on how to deal with her. Despite the inter turmoil...this was pretty damn cool.

[12:24] Cassandra Keneinan smiles as she enjoys watching more hands-on classes like this one. Out of the corner of her eye she spots a pile of really cool water bottles and, hoping their for the students, grabs two of them. She brings one over to the tall man near the ring and smiles at him, whispering so as not to disrupt the class "Here, you look warm"

[12:24] "Colleen" tilts her head as Nan seemed to be concentrating on something. She sees Miss Harper start to move and takes a big step to the right. "Hey Crimetime! How 'bout pickin' on someone your own... uh, size?" She nods to Nan to begin flanking.

[12:27] Nanowan glances over and chuckles a bit before moving quickly in from the other side. Studying her target well and trying to keep a good eye on Colleen's location as she did. She was keeping things slow for the moment no need to get serious or burn herself out right away.

[12:29] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) took a braced stance and started a run, or at least faster walk mimicking the motions of a run The two were taking a good approach she wanted to see what they would do if things changed pace a little. They needed adaptability.

[12:30] Jason would continue to watch as the sweat continued to bead off his forhead. Watching closely as they began to make there move. He had no real idea of what they can do. just vague descriptions. He wanted to see what they can do. His focus would move from the ring to the woman nearby as she spoke. He would seem started at first not really noticing her before given his mind was elsewhere. hed give a smile as he reached for the bottle. whispering back. "Oh..thanks god..yes thanks..i appreciate it." He was abit thirsty. That and he felt the water would help. hed begine to drink the water immediately. the sounds of hissing would emit from his lips as the water made contact hot steam actually rising between his lips. He would finish the whole bottle in one sitting in a matter of ten seconds before lowering it. Exhaling letting more of the steam out hed smile. "Thanks again." his attention would snap back to the ring as he saw anna make a sudden approach to the two.

[12:32] "Colleen" seeing the "villain" making a move, would shout to Nan "Go high!" and then dive low at Miss Harper's legs, hoping the combined hit would knock her over.

[12:34] Nanowan blinked as she picked up her own pace and heard Colleen speak, she decided to go for a hick kick over her to try to hit Miss Harper her movement fast but she was holding back not sure she really needed to use her powers yet. "Right.."

[12:35] Cassandra Keneinan watches in a bit of surprise as she can actually see steam coming from the man's mouth as he drains the entire bottle of water. Finding this very curious, and maybe a bit concerning, she's about to whisper something to him about it when the action suddenly picks up on the mat and she turns quickly to watch.

[12:41] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) watches each motion and retraining herself 'Colleen' catches her legs, her arms coming up to catch Nanowans legs, and if successful, tilted the girls momentum to falling atop colleen. She wasnt going full boore, but she wasnt going to have students hold back when it was needed.

[12:44] Jason was fixated on the fight as he watched the three women go at it. He thought the high low approach was a good idea. atleast thats how he thought hed approach it...that is...if he could actually fight. Still as he was enjoying the scene he was also taking extra care not to get too excited. He learned that was one of the triggers. but then again it was not. it was too random, but he wasnt going to take any chances here.

[12:44] "Colleen" tumbles, peeking up in time to see Miss Harper trying to drop Nan on her. She'd try to redirect Nan back into the attack, then get to her own feet if possible.

[12:46] Claire walks down the stairs, being all smelly "wait there was a class today?"

[12:46] Nanowan braces her arms out to prevent her full body weight from falling on Colleen. She then gives a kick away from Moondance to give herself some room before pushing away. "I take it Ma'am...you want us to not hold back.." She looks over.

[12:47] Cassandra Keneinan glances over at the new girl just coming down the stairs and smiles, then looks back just in time to see one of the fighters in the ring take a fall

[12:51] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) slips out of Colleen's grasp and flips in a reverse motion. Once back to her feet" Correct. Your approach was good- use your numbers on a solitary opponent. But lets not hold back. ah cin heal bruises and sprains- on you as well. An we have medical for worse. The villain in the scenario is not gonna stop because ya hit him once, likely, and I cin take a bit " giving them just a moment before starting for the the 'switch' again' No warning to it, because in a real situation they would have none

[12:55] "Colleen" slowly rises to her feet. Out of the corner of her eye, she catches Claire's green hair. Distracted she is caught a little flat-footed as the villain breaks. Colleen lunges to grab whatever she can of Miss Harper and try to swing her toward Nan.

[12:55] Jason winced as he saw annas moves against there tactic. It was pretty bad ass. The feel of the vibrations on the ring floor would vibrait within him, the motions of there attacks burning into his head as his heart began to race. Annas words echoing in his head as the voice within began to whisper taunts about it. Jason would begin to sweat abit as he whispered to himself. "Shut up..." hed rub the sweat from his face once more unaware of the newcommer for now given his preoccupation. Once he was back in focus hed look to the fight once more.

[12:56] Nanowan blinks a bit and nods. "Alright...then I guess..I will try..harder.." She looks over. "Colleen...be careful.." She exhales and then looks over. She clenches her fists and tightens up before she darts forward. Her speed increasing past what a human can do. Looking to catch Miss Harper off guard with the sudden burst of speed. Her skin at her hands and feet darkening slightly in color.

[12:58] Cassandra Keneinan hears the man whisper to himself and feels a bit nervous toward him, hoping nothing bad comes of his agitation. She looks back quickly as one of the girls in the ring suddenly moves very fast toward the instructor.

[12:58] Claire just watches the people in the ring, hoping nobody will get hurt too badly

[13:02] Riley Reed(Pilix) walks down the steps into the gym where the class was already going. She stays back on the sidelines for now to watch.

[13:04] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) looks to Nan as her left arm was grabbed, the left hand trying to grab colleens arm. For her right arm, her hand comes up. not trying to punch the girl, or grab, but a flat palm strike aimed for her shoulder to use her own momentum and the force Colleen was swinging her with against her to knocked her her strike off target

[13:08] "Colleen" calls out to Nan "Incoming!" Colleen would then try to knee Miss Harper in the thigh, causing her to buckle on that leg.

[13:10] Jason continued to watch taking mental notes on how they were fighting. He doubted he could do all of that. he did tke a few boxing lessons but that was the extent. Hed wonder if theyd teach him how to fight too at some point. Either way his first focus was control. He felt like the other half was actually being contained. Usually after feeling these signs hed change already. hope was starting to build as he began to collect himself so far. Still he could still feel the thing within stirring as it spoke giving a few taunts at his expense, telling him to check out the teachers ass or telling him to simply ditch and hit the streets for some good ol fashion skull bashing. Jason would rub his eyes abit as he shook his head.

[13:10] Nanowan was knocked off balance by the palm strike and she rolled on her elbow wincing slightly from extending the limb past normal limits suddenly in that burst, but forced herself to stand and move fast towards Miss Harper hoping to take advantage of her distraction.

[13:16] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) grinned as the knee hit her, colleen would feel the impact on strong muscle. , but the placement of the blow made the knee bend - potentiall giving Nano that opening as The instructor tried lifting Colleen with the one arm- the leg buckling making it not possible, but the student would feel it enough to know she wasnt trying to make it easy on them

[13:20] Jason would sigh abit as he slowly and shakily made his way to the water keg nearby. Hed grab a single cup before filling it, drinking it then filling it again over and over again as the faint sound of hissing would escape as the water made contact with his tongue. hed keep his eyes from the fight for now activly avoiding it it seemed as he continued to drink one cup after another.

[13:20] "Colleen" grunted as the blow landed hard on the dense muscle. She felt the legs give a bit before being raised up onto her toes. She gulped a bit at the strength. Pulling on the arm holding her, she tried to kick both feet into her opponent.

[13:20] Claire looks over as jason drinks and she hears the hissing "you ok over there?"

[13:21] Cassandra Keneinan winces a bit just watching the contact taking place inside the ring. She watches the man walk over to the water and hears more of that hissing sound from before, then turns her attention back to the ring as another thud sounds.

[13:22] Nanowan "Colleen..brace yourself." She calls out as she darts in wincing as her one arm was still to extended to strike. She clenches her teeth and brings her other to bare looking to gut shot Miss Harper with a blunt strike not needing to brace for defense now.

[13:30] Riley Reed(Pilix) just keeps watching silently for now, trying to learn whatever she can pick up just by watching them fight.

[13:31] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) smirked while getting kicked by Colleen, the gut punch coming in from Nanowan knockign the air out of her - a clean hit .She coughed " Good, good. You both.. used disabling techniques intended to stop the villain. Now lets get some air and water. Why dont..you two assess how the situation went?" At the moment Colleen still had her arm trapped and Nanowan had knocked the wind out of her well.

[13:32] Jason continued to drink as the fight raged on behind him. He wanted to stay in control. he didnt want to go anywhere as his other half. he didnt know exactly what he does or what he wants..but from what he was able to record when he changed...it isnt good. As claire spoke out to him hed turn his head in a slightly panted voice. "y-yeah...im fine im fine...just..gonna hang here a minute..." Hed take deep breaths as small spurts of flame would flicker between his teeth as he exhaled.

[13:34] Nanowan blinks a bit. "Oh yes.." She pulls her fist back and steps back letting her body return to a calm. She looks at her hand and tilts her head. "Well that felt..weird..." She grumbles. She then looks to her other arm and sighs. "I'll need a moment..while my arm..resets..itself.." She grumbles.

[13:35] "Colleen" panted heavily. She would work her arm free of Miss Harper before looking to Nan. "Uhm, the threat was occupied?" She'd look closer at Nan. "You OK?"

[13:36] Cassandra Keneinan watches the women end the fight and tend to their bumps and bruises, thinking that was a pretty effective way to try and stop the villain.

[13:37] Nanowan looks over and nods. "Yeah..when I landed wrong..my arm over extended from the way it bent.." She sighs. "To avoid completely breaking it..my body does this instead..effective if not annoying.." She smiles. "Thank you though..I guess that went well.." She looks over.

[13:41] Hammer walks down the stairs looking around seeing a few familiar faces, but 0otherwise staying quiet.

[13:45] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola): fuckign comp restarted. i miss anything?)

[13:46] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): (just waiting on you :P)

[13:49] "Colleen" walks over to Nan. "Anything I can do to help?"

[13:50] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): (been there done that XT computer troubles suck!)

[13:51] Nanowan looks over and blinks. "Oh..I don't know..just needs a moment or two.." She blinks looking over. "Oh..forgot everyone was watching." She looks over noticing Hammer too and tilts her head.

[13:51] Cassandra Keneinan recognizes Hammer out of the corner of her eye and gasps softly. At least Hammer won't recognize her out of her costume

[13:52] Jason shook his head abit as he began to snap out of it. the sound of fighting was over. It seemed they were done. a sigh of releif would escape his mouth as the flames would disappear completly from the gaps in his teeth. Hed drink one more cup of water for good measure before pushing himself from the cooler. He couldnt believe it...he actually did it. it wasnt pretty...but he avoided the change. Hed smile as he wiped the sweat from his face and began to turn to face the ring.

[13:53] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): ((welcome back!)

[13:53] "Colleen" looks up at Nan's comment and sees the crowd of students and others in the gym. She blushes red at all the attention in her direction. She turns back to Nan 'Hey, good job, roomie.'

[13:57] Riley Reed(Pilix) folds her arms some as she just watches the others in the room for now, since the fight was over..

[13:58] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) smiles " good good. You guys did well you know. . this is what teamwork can accomplish Are there any questions?

[13:58] Cassandra Keneinan shakes her head "No questions here", she whispers

[13:58] Claire: nothing here either

[13:58] Claire: was kinda hard to see anyway...

[13:59] Riley Reed(Pilix) shakes her head

[13:59] Jason smiled as the sweating began to die down. Feeling more confident hed make his way abit closer to the ring. Despite all the internal stuff. that was a pretty cool show. he was starting to nerd out a little. Hed shake his head in respose not having a question himself

[14:00] "Colleen" smiles at Miss Harper's compliment. "No questions. Thank you, Miss Harper." She moves to climb out, making sure Nan was able to get out without issue.

[14:01] Hammer smirks as she hears anna called miss harper, as she nods to her and watches.

[14:02] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) grins then her beathing catching up : hey sweety. Everyone this is the most beautiful woman in this city, Mistress Lunar"

[14:02] Nanowan looks over and smiles. "Thank you ma'am..I wasn't sure..if I was going to work well..but I guess it worked well in the end." She looks at her other arm and tilts her head and then suddenly threw a jab with it. The arm seemed to shake a bit before she moved it. "See..there...hurts but..thats what pain receptors do..to you.." She walks over .to the ring edge and starts to climb up and over.

[14:03] Riley Reed(Pilix) raises a brow and looks over at the woman Miss Harper pointed out. "Mistress...?" She questions under her breath.

[14:05] Jason watched before looking to the others noticing that there was quite the crowed. As anna introduced Lunar. Hed freeze as he blinked a few times. His eyes turning yellow as he spoke out, his voice drastically differant. "Babycakes?"

[14:05] Hammer rolls her eyes at anna. "exaggerate much? so hows the training for the meat going?"

[14:06] "Colleen" climbs out, looking nervously at the woman identified as Mistress Lunar. She gave a shy nod to the woman before moving to the corner for a drink of water.

[14:09] Nanowan as she was climbing out she suddenly winces and falls off the rope and lands on her back on the mat below. "Crap..." She mutters hearing warning bells in her ears but not really audible to anyone else. She just sighs a bit as she laid there. "W..well I guess I will hand it to her...right again.." She sighs softly and just waits for things to quiet down in her head before she would do anything.

[14:09] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) snickered" well you did call her babycakes" stepping to Hammer and kissing her softly" sorry ah'm so sweaty" then heading nano fall" you ok Nano?"

[14:11] Hammer returns the kiss and smirks. "not like i havent seen you covered in worse." furrows her brows a sec. "babycakes?"

[14:12] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola): you do did really well, I would comment on the aggression but it was used to restrain

[14:12] "Colleen" hears Nan fall behind her and rushes over, bumping Jason in her haste. "Oh shit!" She moved to help her up when she appeared ready.

[14:13] Jason rubbed his eyes as his heart began to race. as hammer spoke, hed watch Anna as she spoke and began to kiss hammer as flashes from what his other half has seen in the club began to appear in his head. The nickname bone job anna dancing at the pole, the creepy lady in what looks like a latex dress. Hed begine to speak to himself. "Oh no, not now...i was doing good.." hed close his eyes as he tried to gain control. however necron wanted to say hello to the two cool cats from the bar. as soon as Colleen bumped him he would stumble on all fours as he opened his eyes. His eyes would appear to be melting away as fires began to form over them.

[14:14] Nanowan looks to the ceiling and sighs. "Low power...." She grumbles. "Yeah...I'll live...just uh..doubt ..I'll be moving till I get some more energy.." She grumbles a bit. "Guess I still have to worry about this..." She chuckles. "Snacks anyone.." She joked but was honestly hoping for a snack of some kind. She blinks a bit and looks over.

[14:16] Claire turns a bit and spots the fire "uh, whats happening?! thats supposed to happen right?"

[14:18] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) saw what was going on "Lunar, make sure the kids dont get killed! " amd fan towards Jason trying to grab him and if she did, they would both vanish as she tries to teleport the pair of them to the badlands where his alter ego wouldnt hurt students

[14:19] Cassandra Keneinan quickly moves toward the stairs after seeing the flames shooting from his eyes

[14:21] Hammer looks over at anna and hearing her words. "what what?" then seeing jason. "god dammit." she curses and moves forward to sorta block between jason and the rest of the room.

[14:22] "Colleen" pulls out a hidden bag of chips from under the gym and hands to Nan. "A secret stash..." She grinned then heard the commotion, turning back to see Jason's flareup. She tries to help Nan to her feet. "Can you move? We better get out of here!"

[14:23] Jason began to let out a loud cry of pain as his skin began to burn, Flames begining to peek out of his head as the black flesh began to char even more and ash away revealing a skull underneath. His hands doing the same as fire began to peek out from the skin. As he screamed a laugh would begin to emit through it. it was not jason. Hammer and anna would be able to recognize it however. As he changed he wouldnt have full control yet as Anna grabbed him. As she picked him up jasons face would have burned away revealing a skull that seemed to actually move. Just before he gained full control he would find himself teleported away. the room going quiet, the only thing left by jason were two deep scorch marks shaped like hands on the floor where he had them.

[14:23] Claire reaches out to the water bottles when she sees everyone else expecting massive trouble, the contents come flying out before long and form into a sphere in front of her hand, just something in case she needs it

[14:26] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) aimed roughly , in that hurry. The pair would appear in a rough section of the badlands, the chill of air air extending here

[14:29] Jason 's screams of pain would be cut short as the last of the remaining flesh would burn away. the fire now receding back into the skull. Chuckling necron would speak. "Well...if it isnt the pole dancer..." Hed chuckle as he pushed himself away from anna. Looking down at himself hed add. "Now what in the fuck do you have jason wearing? Hed rub his hand over his shirt as the cloths caught fire. as it smoldered it would reform into the classic outfit he wore earlier. As it formed a chain would appear as it wrapped itself around his torso as well as the baseball bat. "Now thats better......you had quite the adorable class there.....abit...pathetic...but adorable..." Hed chuckle yet again

[14:30] Mystara HUD (Top Right): Switching to Character Slot: B

[14:30] Mystara HUD (Top Right): Switching to Character Slot: C

[14:30] L&B (Athletic) "Drift Mesh" Biker Jacket - Mens: Configuration Loaded

[14:30] L&B (Athletic) "Drift Mesh" Biker Jacket - Mens: Ready, Memory Free: 9460KiB

[14:30] L&B ( MED) "Drift Mesh" AddOn - Tucked T-shirt: Configuration Loaded

[14:30] L&B ( MED) "Drift Mesh" AddOn - Tucked T-shirt: Ready, Memory Free: 9460KiB

[14:30] L&B ( RT) Swear "Drift Mesh" Boot - Mens v2: Configuration Loaded

[14:30] L&B ( RT) Swear "Drift Mesh" Boot - Mens v2: Ready, Memory Free: 9460KiB

[14:30] L&B ( LT) Swear "Drift Mesh" Boot - Mens v2: Configuration Loaded

[14:30] L&B ( LT) Swear "Drift Mesh" Boot - Mens v2: Ready, Memory Free: 9460KiB

[14:30] L&B (Athletic) "Drift Mesh" Leather Pants - Mens: Configuration Loaded

[14:30] L&B (Athletic) "Drift Mesh" Leather Pants - Mens: Ready, Memory Free: 9448KiB

[14:39] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) smirked" they are startin. Rome werent built in a day" every curve visible. thankfully mostly girls at the school

[14:43] Necron chuckled as he clenched his fists. "Yeah...so ive noticed.." Hed chuckle as he looked about a moment. "Curious....the school smells of sin." hed inhale. "It seems there may be something to the school that people are hiding...." hed chuckle. "Hope jason isnt over his head in attending that silly place." hed tilt his head. "You know..if you want to give those kiddos real combat training...just put jason in the ring and tell them to punch....hard..." hed cross his arms. "Ill be sure to give them a little challenge...So...as you can guess...jasons not going back to school tonight....but ill be sure to drop him off somewhere there when im ready to take a break." hed chuckle yet again

[14:50] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) crossed her arms, but no real tit to push up" maybe. ah've seen some weird stuff. ah'm just trying to toughten the kids up. an that training would get them killed. stop by tha club later if ya want. But ah'm not wantin the kids dead, thats all "

[14:53] Necron chuckled as he shook his head. "i kill people...those who deserve it....and kill those that get in my way...i have no reason to hurt any of them...dont let them give me a reason..." hed chuckle yet again as he reached for his bat and slung it over his shoulder. "Ill probably stop by later...but i have a few souls to burn tonight....if i dont see you or babycakes....then ill see you in class...so to speak." hed shake his head.

[14:54] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): /draw

[14:54] ::RZW:: Baseball Bat v.2.0: ..:: Draw ::..

[14:56] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) smirks " sure thing" and vanishes------------------------------------------

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