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With the change of government style in the new city, N's Vanguard agency needed to find a new identity and purpose, and so with N herself needing a way to secure her place in the council came the creation of the Vanguard Security Enterprises Corporation. Keeping on her staff from the old organization as well as bringing a fair portion of the CC Military on board, VSEC was able to immediately field an immense defense force for the developing city while it was constructed. After completing the majority of construction the new corporation opened up an office at the central square to hire out their services across the city in addition to securing the outer limits, and were granted the city contract to protect areas not covered by other corporations. Of course, being primarily a new incarnation of Vanguard, this new company still maintains secret areas of operation in addition to their visible presence, working towards her long-term goals.

Business Plan:

VSEC offers several security plans at various rates, depending on the hours per day, number of staff, and power level of staff requested. A basic plan providing 2 non-powered staff during 9-5 business hours can run as low as $125k per year, while premium plans providing 24/7 metahuman staff patrols can run as high as $10mil per year. Additionally, they hold a city contract to cover all infrastructure and public domain buildings, which provides a stable $25mil per year for maintaining non-powered staff, with additional charges for providing powered security when additional threats arrive.


VSEC maintains their own private servers, intranet, and comm relays. They also keep weapon and armor stockpiles using the proprietary SE and Vanguard gear that N had designed in the old world. Her basic operatives are plain humans, but have full-body suits of non-newtonian fabric and plasma assault/sniper rifles as well as sonic disruption and ranged tazer weaponry for non-lethal takedowns. Covert agents and operatives headed outside the city are given additional specialized gear. They also maintain a concealed bunker for N to store higher-security items and maintain her R&D division.


VSEC's public HQ on the square is a fairly heavily reinforced building, with the structural elements composed of synthetic adamant. There are no automated defenses, however there will generally be several dozen staff on duty that are heavily armed and armored, and a single call from their comms can call a much larger response force in a matter of a couple minutes. On the data side of things, Vanguard's intranet is administered and secured by Lilith, making any hacking attempt quite the project. Additionally, since Vanguard tech is user-keyed and self destructs when used by others, there's little of note to gain from an attack there beyond a moment in the spotlight.

VSEC's private underground facility is much more heavily defended, in addition to the location being kept hidden from all but staff members. Any assault there would most likely be a suicide mission unless extraordinarily prepared.


VSEC has a fairly stable non-powered contingent, due to the large amount of trained combat personnel without employment from the old CC military, however they are always looking to hire metahumans, providing exceptional pay and benefits, on the job training if needed, and advanced tech and resources. Recruitment is primarily done at the public HQ on the square, with a simple walk-in policy to schedule an interview with one of the command staff.
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