Louise Lareau (character approved, just sharing!)

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Louise Lareau (character approved, just sharing!)

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NAME: Louise Lareau (MsPeril )


AGE: 60

BACKSTORY : Louise comes from a reality where advanced biotechnological knowledge is widely available and biologically enhanced criminals have become almost untouchable by conventional law enforcement. In an effort to combat this lawlessness, Louise volunteered to be 'augmented' by a highly experimental process which modified her breasts to permanently lactate milk containing a "super-soldier" serum. Now 60, Louise is more powerful than ever has never been defeated in her world. However, she now finds herself stranded in a different reality - one with stronger and stranger foes than she has encountered before.


Regenerative Healing:
- Minor to moderate wounds heal after a short period free from damage (repeated/continual attack will cause worsening damage.
- Possesses disease Immunity - but is potentially vulnerable to certain cross species sexually transmitted diseases via vaginal penetration
- near-completely unaffected by toxin or drugs.

Enhanced strength:
- able to lift up cars to trucks, buses, and large boulders (in normal form, but see miniaturization device info below). Hits with two tons maximum blunt force

Enhanced Reflexes: can avoid or deflect thrown projectiles, and most sub-bullet speed projectiles
Enhanced Speed: can run at a sustained speed of 30 mph
Enhanced Stamina: can sustain peak combat level of activity for hours

Enhanced willpower: near-completely unaffected by attempted mind-control (including hypnosis). However, intense female pheromones may cloud her thinking to some degree.

Enhanced Unarmed Combat: master of many forms of unarmed combat, with a similar proficiency in defending herself from attacks
Enhanced Durability: Body density able to prevent damage from conventional guns, knifes etc and attacks from physically weaker foes. Also able to survive falls from most tall buildings

Enhanced respiration: Can function normally without breathing for an hour. Can survive without oxygen for up to a day if static and in low energy consumption mode

Equipped items:

1.Micro grapple cables with huge tensile strength concealed in her gloves - can be propelled to attach to hard surfaces for climbing and used for aerial 'swinging attacks' Can also be used to immobilize foes.
2.Miniaturization device also concealed in gloves. Allows her to shrink self to 16cm height, with an accompanying 90% reduction in her strength
3.Boots and gloves highly resistant to most sharp weapons and corrosive environments. They are molecularly bound to her skin (and cannot be removed)


Emotional weaknesses: highly sensitive to degrading or disgusting attacks or traps - these can have a devastating effect on her moral and reduce her combat effectiveness. Physical contact with "disgusting" foes (especially grotesque woman and creatures) can also reduce her combat effectiveness.

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