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Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Ceri Quixote


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Hero

CIVILIAN/ALTER EGO NAME: Heliotrope (Sunny) Carter

AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 19


Heliotrope (called Sunny by almost everyone) was a high school student when she became one of many normal humans transported to Celestial City by "Him". Initially, she tried to pick up her life as best as possible - finishing school while working what odd jobs she could find to support herself; however, over time it became evident that she had been changed by her experience. She had gained superhuman physical strength and durability and never seemed to get hungry or tired. While she initially tried to keep a low profile, she felt guilty about staying on the sidelines as one crisis after another plagued the city. and eventually chose to join the ranks of meta-humans defending the city.


1. Cosmic Absorption Matrix : Phlox's body naturally absorbs and metabolizes cosmic radiation. In addition she has limited abilities to absorb other forms of energy and convert them to cosmic energy for storage. This radiation is stored in an absorption matrix that is interwoven with the cells of her body. She has limited ability to manipulate the energy she absorbs directly but most of her other powers are secondary effects granted by the absorbed energy.
a. Metabolization : Can partially sustain herself on cosmic radiation needing only token amounts of food, water and air and greatly reducing her need for normal sleep. She can survive on a glass of water and a multivitamin per day, needs roughly 15 minutes of sleep a night, and can hold her breath 30x longer than a normal human. Until her powers are depleted, she never experiences physical exhaustion - although sustained activity will reduce her power levels.
b. Enhanced Durability : The absorption matrix provides a form of molecular reinforcement that protects her from virtually all forms of damage. At her normal power levels she can withstand 30 tons of blunt force and equivalent damage from other sources.
c. Accelerated Healing : The absorption matrix maintains the integrity of Phlox's body while accelerating the repair of damaged tissue. This includes sealing wounds and even reattaching severed body parts, although she cannot actually regrow a body part that is completely destroyed. Even at depleted power levels, cuts will close within minutes and the mending of bruises and broken bones is augmented.
d. Enhanced Physical Attributes : The absorption matrix amplifies all muscular action. At her normal power levels, Phlox has super strength that hits with 30 tons maximum blunt force. In addition, she can run at over 200 mph and leap distances in excess of a quarter mile.
e. Field Repulsion : The absorption matrix can be polarized to attract or repel other energy fields. Phlox can use this to create a 'safe area' that will repel a specified energy type (but not physical objects) in a small radius around her (generally about 10' radius) but cannot react quickly enough to actively block an energy based attack. She can also cause her body to be attracted to or repelled from other energy fields (in theory she could use this to fly, but in practice her control is limited to changing directions in mid-leap).
f. Mass Increase : If Phlox absorbs more than her body's natural limit, then she will expand in size to contain the additional energy. Her physical strength and durability will increase in proportion to her size; however, this condition is extremely stressful to her body and will eventually result in unconsciousness. Generally she would either need to be attacked directly with cosmic radiation, or in an area with abnormally high radiation levels for her powers to reach these levels.

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):

Passive ability : Phlox's energy absorption is always on and works at a more or less constant level. Her absorption matrix acts an energy damper as it increases in strength, so she eventually reaches an equilibrium level where the absorption and metabolization of energy match. This is her normal power level. She can maintain this level in an environment like Celestial City indefinitely. She has not learned any way of manipulating her absorption matrix other than switching its polarity and utilizing the passive physical enhancements it grants her. Her exact power levels will fluctuate with how much energy she has stored - and extended usage can deplete her resources faster than she recharges, resulting in reduced power.

Normal human reflexes : While Phlox is reasonably well coordinated, her physical reflexes are well within the limits of human ability. While she can run at 200 mph, she has trouble maneuvering even at 30 mph. Similarly, while her field repulsion could in theory be used to deflect energy attacks, she can't react quickly enough to use it in such a manner.

Vulnerable to physical trauma : While the nature of her powers allow Phlox to survive virtually any attack, even those that breach her already formidable defenses, she is not immune to pain or trauma. She still feels attacks, even if at a much reduced level, and her defenses can be both overloaded and worn down through sustained assault (her absorption is not a defense - any attack will cause more trauma than she can reduce by absorbing part of the energy.) Should she suffer sufficient physical trauma to shock her body into unconsciousness, all absorbed energy will vent from her body (in a direction perpendicular to the gravitational plane). This will leave her comparatively powerless until she can reabsorb enough energy to sustain her powers. At relatively normal levels for Celestial City, she will regain 1/3 of her power level within a day, the next 1/3 over two days, and the final 1/3 over 3 days - requiring nearly a week to be at full power. Times may be faster or slower depending on the amount of ambient cosmic radiation and other energy sources that she can absorb. Normal sleep will not cause the energy she has absorbed to vent.

Day Job (Optional):
Currently Sunny works at various part-time jobs trying to make ends meet. She has issues missing appointments and being late for work (partially because she absorbs the charge from any battery powered device, like a watch or cellphone, without realizing).

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