The Hound and Kit

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The Hound and Kit

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Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Aremusfireheart


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Hero


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 42

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY: In the upscale estates of Celestial City lives private millionaire Hugo Rocford and his young ward Jonas Brooks. The two live in relative comfort with their faithful butler Jasper. They are often seen in the highest of city society, attending upscale get togethers and board meetings and charitable events. Unknown to the general public, whenever a secret red phone line rings, the two don the mantle of the dynamic duo of crime fighters: THE HOUND and KIT!

Using keen deduction and the latest innovations in criminal science, the Hound and his faithful partner solve crimes, uphold honest fair justice and punish the wicked for their wrongs! Criminal wrongdoers beware!


1. Education – Experience Based Power, Exceptionally well educated. Has a working background in engineering, life sciences, chemistry, physics, computer programing, psychology, criminology, anthropology, linguistics and other more minor fields of study. The broad education instead of specialization means that the Hound is not at a master’s level on any of these subjects but has enough working knowledge and experience to be considered a credible professional.
2. Hand to Hand Combat Mastery – Training Based Power, Superb ability and training in hand to hand combat. A very exceptional understanding of martial arts, judo, wrestling and boxing. All of these styles are more practiced disciplines than something more improvised or entirely unconventional. Particular unique or creative fighting styles are more effective against this training.
3. Weapon Training – Training Based Power, proper understanding of a number of different melee weapons and types of firearms. Skill level with these weapons is moderate, perhaps enough to be considered competent in this field but nothing exceptional. Demolitions and explosives are also covered here in the field of disarming them as much as handling them.
4. Hound Vehicles – Equipment, The Hound possess a nuclear powered car dubbed the Houndmobile as well as a suited up motorcycle, speedboat and helicopter all in a secret dock, garage and hangar located across the city. All of these vehicles have a variety of features including a smokescreen, armored tired, oil slick and link to the HOUND computer in the Hound Sanctum.
5. The HOUND Computer and Crime Lab – Headquarters Equipment, a state of the art crime lab able to properly process clues and evidence and discern relevant details from them. Located in the same vicinity as the lab is the HOUND Computer. A large super computer with a large deposit of old world records and capable enough to process the work of an entire city worth of computers without overheating. Both of these systems are powered by an independent power source located beneath the Hound Sanctum, the hidden headquarters of the duo of crime fighters.
6. Utility Belt – Equipment, Standard Hero Utility Belt. Outfitted with grappling gun, smoke pellets, gasmask, first aid kit, animal repellent, power fists, throwing knives, tracking devices, listening devices, handcuffs, pepper spray, flashlight, sampler kit, radio communicator and stun gun.
7. Kit – Ally (Sidekick), Jonas Brooks. An acrobatic 18-year-old young adult that is the Hound Loyal partner in his crusade against crime and villainy. Hugo found Jonas when he was a young teen, having lost both of his parents in the end of the world. Though not as experienced or trained as the Hound, Kit is perfectly capable of handling himself in average heroic situations possessing a great ability at hand to hand and weapons training and a layman understanding of the various sciences. Kit main function is often to learn, training to perhaps one day take over the mantle of the Hound for the next generation.

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):

Day Job (Optional): Independently Wealthy, Board Member at a large foundation, Philanthropist

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