The Black Hellion

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The Black Hellion

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SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Kyrela Resident

HERO/VILLAIN NAME: The Black Hellion



AGE: 28

There is a little known tale of Madeleine and her love affair with Marquis De Sade. After the passing of her lover in that wreched asylum, Madeleine was psychologically destroyed. In her final days, she called upon dark powers, binding herself to a demon in her desire to avenge herself and her love upon those that had locked him away. She poured all of her malice and desire for revenge into a horned mask of her own crafting. What followed was a series of gruesome murders carried out against magistrates and asylum officials responsible for the Marquis' sentence. There were whispers of a horned menace, 'The Black Hellion', but no culprit was found. Madeleine did not survive the events of that time but the mask did; its sordid path through time unknown, it eventually became an acquisition of the Perez Museum after more than 200 years. Only a curiousity of minor folk legend, it was a fairly inexpensive artifact relegated to storage.

Kyra, a studious curator at the museum, found the item an interesting curiousity. Occasionally she would revisit it, re-reading passages about the mad Madaleine's thirst for vengeance. A source of bemusement, it would go on to take a much larger meaning in Kyra's life following the tragic events that would demolish her own dreams and set her down her own path of revenge. Only a year into her marriage, her husband and soulmate was murdered at his construction site--a victim of coincidence as he happened upon the scene of a deal between gangsters and corrupt cops. Without recourse from a corrupted justice system, her only solace was Madaleine's story...and her mask. Donning the mask and taking up her husband's sledgehammer, she became THE BLACK HELLION!

1. Superhuman Strength - Under normal circumstances Kyra can lift several times her body weight. Already superhuman, this does not tell the full strength of her ability. Through prolonged useage of her mask her strength grows. At the point of most extended use she has been able to lift approximately 50 tons. The true limits of her strength isn't known.
2. Invulnerable Skin - Her skin is impervious to all attempts at breaching. This does not confer any other forms of immunities to her (gases, poisons, etc).
3. Accelerated Healing - While her internal organs aren't immune to injury like her skin, Kyra does have a capacity to recover from internal injuries that is superhuman. This ability does also become more rapid with prolonged use of the mask.
4. Hand to Hand Expert - The knowledge of The Black Hellion is available to Kyra while she wears the mask. Consequently she exhibits a level of knowledge and practice with hand to hand combat that Kyra has not picked up in her ordinary, unmasked life.

1. Eroding Limits - Continued useage of the mask gives The Black Hellion's personality more of a hold over Kyra, overwhelming her more and more with it's manic wiles. As she continues to wear the mask and use her powers, she becomes more and more of an uncontrolled dervish with decreasing regard for ethics and collateral damage, and increased viciousness and sadism.

Day Job:
Kyra is a curator at the Perez Museum
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